sam's tavern


Characters/Pairings:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: You are a sexually frustrated hunter.

Word Count:  3339

Warnings:  Some violence/blood, swearing, SMUT

This is my second story, it was a fun one, hope you all enjoy!  I’m tagging @spnfanficpond, I’m a guppy.  *not my gif*

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Adrenaline pumped through your veins.  

You heart thumped loudly in your ears, the pounding a steady drum beat.

This was your element, here, in the middle of battle, as you hacked through skin and bone.  Everything slowed, like a dream sequence.  Your focus narrowed.  You instinctively carved your way through the monsters surrounding you, cleaving their heads from their spines with a satisfying crack.

You’d read about this feeling, the bloodlust, the thrill of battle.  Soldiers described it, the heightened senses, the tunnel vision, the enhanced sounds of battle, the focus.

You were trained for this. You were a hunter.

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King Slayer (Omega Dean/Alpha Sam)

Sitting in the tavern, Sam Winchester, the foremost hunter-knight of the kingdoms, finished up his meal.  He was headed for Kansas, where he would claim his Omega.  Never mind that his Omega was Prince Dean, who had thus far rejected his advances.  Dean would see that Sam was the only one for him, Sam vowed, wiping the sauce on his plate off with a piece of bread.

Dean would ascend to his father’s throne as soon as he selected a suitable Alpha to mate him.  The Omega’s time was running out.  He’d been given one year from his father, Michael’s death, and nine months had passed.  Sam didn’t want to think about all of the Alphas Dean had probably inspected and been out with.  They didn’t matter, he told himself.

As he took a drink of his beer, he remembered his last trip to the Kingdom of Kansas.  He’d brought King Michael’s body back, and then had been subtly asked not to attend the state funeral.  Out of respect for prince Dean’s wishes, he’d stayed out of sight and watched from the shadows.

The moment he’d laid eyes on the Omega, he’d felt as if the ground was cut out from under his feet.  He’d watched the pale young man, eyes glistening with tears, bravely holding them back as a nation watched.  He knew father and son had been close.  And he’d wanted so badly to push through the crowd and close his arms around the Omega, but he wasn’t so arrogant or stupid.  He needed to bide his time, because Dean would never listen to him in that state.

After a few weeks, he’d gone to speak with one of Dean’s advisors, Gabriel.   The man knew, he knew that Michael’s wishes had been for Samuel to mate with Dean, but he told Sam that since nothing had been written or sealed, Dean was a free Omega.  To stay on the throne, he would need to mate within twelve months, but until then, he would read written requests for meetings and go out with those he selected.  Both men knew that because Michael died at Samuel’s hands, there wasn’t a chance in hell Dean would see him.

“I’ll be back in nine months,” Sam told Gabriel.  In the last three months of a search for an Alpha-King, warriors could battle for the chance to meet with the Prince. 

“If he’s still free,” Gabriel agreed.

“If he’s still free,” Sam gave a nod.

Once a week, since then, he’d used his knowledge of spells and rituals, and entered Dean’s dreams.  Seduced him there.  His hope was that Dean’s soul would recognize his own, and that he’d reject all other Alphas.  So far, he’d succeeded.  Or so he thought, since there had been no announcement of a royal mating.

He started to pay his bill, with the tavern keep came over and told him it was on the house.  It wasn’t every day that they served a champion.  Giving a nod of thanks, Sam rose.  He was a full head taller than most in the tavern, and cut a path as he walked out.

The room he’d rented was upstairs.  Once inside, he tossed his leather jacket off.  Then he lit the candles and placed them in the right places on the large chalk circle he’d drawn on the floor before going down to eat. He took his place in the center, then laid back and chanted his way into Dean’s dreams.