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“And where are the two of you off to?” Dean asked, doing his best to pretend that it wasn’t Crowley who was standing at your side.

“Daddy’s been bugging me that he hasn’t met ‘the man who’s been courting his daughter’ yet” you shrugged with a smirk, both nervous and excited that you were bringing home a demon to show off to your hunter father.

“You’re taking Crowley… to meet…” Sam interjected, surprise on his face before Dean elbowed him.

Crowley’s gaze flicked back and forth between the boys, eyes narrowing suspiciously before he turned to you looking for clarification, though you were just as lost as he was.

“You know, that’s actually a really good idea. Why don’t we all go?” Dean piped in, glancing at Sam as he tried to hide the smirk from his face.

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Imagine being Bobby's daughter and falling in love with Sam

Prompt lent to me from @hiddenwritingsintheworld because she’s my wing woman and I need the practice!  Took a slightly different turn as what she suggested I do, but I figured throwing Bobby in more would be awesome.

You drove up to your father’s old salvage yard, passed the Help Wanted sign that had been up before you were born, and the rusted sign signaling you were home. Getting out of your refurbished 1976 charger, that you and your dad rebuilt together, you noticed another beauty; the 1967 Chevy Impala.

Your heart began to beat a bit faster, you hadn’t seen Sam Winchester in over a year. Unlike Dean who was more of an older brother to you, there was something about the younger Winchester that you were drawn to; yet never acted upon.

The last time you saw him, you both fought alongside one another in a salt and burn that went sideways. Emerging victorious but bruised and beaten, you each took turns stitching one another up, the whiskey calming your nerves, but amplifying something in your deepest core.

You couldn’t help but be aware of the way his calloused hands gently washed over your hip, gently attending to the wound where the coffin you both dug, had splintered and landed in your side. The way he bit his lower lip in concentration, goddamn how you wanted to bite that lip!
It was your turn to stitch up his shoulder and your fingers grazed his skin, the goosebumps rising as quickly as his breath hitched at your touch. You took your time; Sam had removed his bloody t shirt, his tanned chest amplified his anti possession tattoo. When you finished your impeccable stitching, you reached in with your mouth, gently biting the thread; your lips barely grazing his skin. You felt him tense and locked your eyes with his. He began to lower his lips to yours when the door to the motel opened,

“I’ve got beer, pie, and…,” Dean smirked at the two of you, sitting closely to one another, shirts removed.

“Am I interrupting something, Sammy?” Dean raised an eyebrow suggestively.

Jumping back from Sam, you quickly stammered that he wasn’t interrupting anything, grabbed a few things from your duffel, and called dibs on the shower.

Sam sighed, looked at his brother, sharing an understandable silent conversation, and when Dean pointed to the bathroom door, Sam just shook his head,

“No, Dean,” he sunk into the pillows, “not Y/N.”

“Seriously, little brother, you could cut the sexual tension with a switchblade,” Dean alluded.

“She’s Bobby’s daughter, Dean,” Sam grumbled.

“She’s hot, smart, can one up you in research and lore, and can kick both our asses,” Dean shook his head at his brother, “if she didn’t see me as a brother I would’ve made a move year’s ago…but you, Sam, what’s taking you so long?”

“What’s your excuse?”

“She’s. Bobby’s. Daughter.” Sam emphasized each word.

“Like I said,” Dean quipped, “what’s your excuse, man?”

You emerged from the shower and walked in on both Winchesters staring each other down.

“What’d I miss?”

Sam quickly looked over to you and back to Dean.

“Uh, nothing,” he said unconvincingly, “I’m going to grab a shower,” Sam hefted himself up from the bed and shot his brother another look before closing the bathroom door over.

“Dean?” You looked up to him with those dark brown eyes of yours, working your bottom lip.

“Don’t worry, kiddo,” Dean ruffled your towel dried hair, “Must be his time of the month, you know how Sam is.”

Chucking, you just nodded, but something had almost happened between you and Sam. Worrying your lip again, you pushed it aside, maybe you had just imagined it.

Remembering that night like it was just yesterday, you slammed your driver’s side door and made for your father’s house. Not bothering to knock, you swung open the rickety door and called out, “Dad?”

Bobby emerged from his crowded study and lifted you into a grizzly bear of a hug, “Damn good to see you, Y/N!” Patting his back and pecking a kiss to his scruffy cheek, you hadn’t noticed Dean and Sam standing to the side, until

Dean let out a not so subtle cough, “Where’s my little bit of sugar, Y/N?” He opened his arms to hug you and welcomed you back. “Looking good, old man,” you teased and heard Sam guffaw at Dean’s look of feigned hurt.

“Sam,” your eyes locked on one another and a huge smile graced your features, “aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” your tone flirtatious. It didn’t go unnoticed by your father or Dean, and Sam’s cheeks turned crimson. “

Y/N,” Sam took two steps toward you and enveloped you into his massive frame, “I’ve missed you,” he all but whispered, however, you heard him loud and clear. You held onto him longer than a friendly hug should last for and heard your dad mumble under his breath,

“Idjits.” You and Sam broke free and looked at Bobby with surprised faces.

“Sam, it’s about time you just man up and tell my daughter how you feel, because I swear if I have to hear her talk about you anymore, I’ll kill ya, just for a bit of peace and quiet!”

“Dad!” You gasped as he threw you under the proverbial bus. Dean threw back his head and laughed, smacking his brother in the back, “told you the same thing last year, Sammy.”

“Wait, hold up,” you looked from your father to Dean, “you told him?”

“Y/N, I love ya, but Sam here, well maybe you two should just grow a set and I dunno, talk?”

“Eloquent as usual,” you mumble, pulling on Sam’s jacket and up the stairs.

Dean and your father looked up at your retreating backs, clinked their beer bottles, and sighed, like the proud men they were.

“‘Bout damn time,” Dean winked and Bobby seemed to stop in his tracks. “Y/N!” He hollered after the two of you, “not in this house, you hear me?”

You couldn’t really care less what he just shouted, because you and Sam looked at one another and it was as if you were back in that motel room a year ago.

“Now,” you sat on the bed, “I believe we have some talkin’ to do.” Sam stalked toward you on the bed, tossing his jacket to the floor, along with his flannel. He then pulled his tight gray fitted tee over his head and you instinctively reached for the scar on his shoulder, that you had stitched up. “Y/N,” Sam chuckled, running a nervous hand through his hair, you’d never seen him so shy, “there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Sam, if it’s alright with you, I rather just show you,” you removed your shirt as well, “I think we’ve covered the talking part for years,” you pulled him into a deep kiss, “I’ve been in love with you since that salt and burn,” he kissed you back, you could feel his soul. He broke from the kiss, a mischievous grin grew on his lips, as he searched your face, ran his calloused hands down your exposed skin, “I love you too, Y/N.”

Downstairs, hours later, Bobby just poured himself another glass of bourbon, immersed himself into some lore, while Dean nursed another beer. “You think they told each other yet,” Bobby looked over at Dean who had a shit eating grin on his face, “Oh yeah, Bobby, they told one another a few times now.


Wands and Angel Grace: Chapter Five

Summary: When Lucifer leaves our reality for the Wizarding World, Sam and Dean follow him to stop him before he causes too much damage.  Will they be able to blend in at Hogwarts without raising suspicion?  Will they be able to stop Lucifer and Voldemort?  And will the Golden Trio trust the Winchesters, these strangers suddenly thrust into their lives?

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warnings: none

word count: ~1700

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Cas: You threatened my humans. That’s the last thing you’ll ever do.

Dean: Cas, babe, we’re fine. You don’t need to be shot just to prove a point.

Cas: Seriously, Dean? Fine. We’ll do this your way.

*Awkward standoff*

#1 & #3 (Sammy Wilk)

There’s actually a really interesting plot twist, sorry if you didn’t liked it.

Requested:“Fuck, I love you” “It hurts knowing you’re sleeping next to someone else”

“Y/n, I’m glad you are here” Nate said while hugging me. I haven’t seen him in almost a year. Mostly because I was Sammy’s ex. When we were dating we were almost all the time hanging out with Nate and the Jack’s but one day I went to college and we broke up. Nate was the only one who actually found my new number. They knew that I was dating someone and they thought that I made a life without living with the Sammy ghost, well… They were completely wrong. I missed Sammy so much. But with time, I found a boyfriend but he was such an idiot.

“I’m glad to see you too” I answered and smiled. It was the last show of his “Skaterade tour”. He invited me to come plenty times but I couldn’t because of work or money. This time he paid everything. “ I missed your pretty face, Fuck I love you ” He said and hugged me again. “I missed you too” I said not realizing how comfortable I was in Nate’s arms until I heard familiar steps behind us.

“Y/n, is that you?” Sam said with a surprise face. He looked different. Now he had a brunette quiff and the rest was blonde. “Hi Sammy…” I whispered, he continued observing me. “I’ll be back on a second so you can meet Derek” Nate said smiling. “It’s almost a year, right?” Sam asked and I nodded. “ It hurts knowing you’re sleeping next to someone else ” He said pointing where Nate was. “Uh? Nate? No. He just-” I started saying when a blonde girl came and hold his hand and kissed him, he smiled. “Babe, Emily said that-” She stopped when she saw me. “Oh, hey I’m Stass, Sammy’s girlfriend and you are?” She asked me. I looked at Sam and he just looked down.

“Y/n, I’m still-” Sam started but Nate came. “Let’s go, everything is ready now” Nate said and I nodded. “You are Nate’s girlfriend?” Stass asked smiling. “Yes, and sorry but we’re a little busy” I answered. Nate looked weird at me but agreed and Sam was really confused. I hold Nate’s hand and we started walking. Sam hold my wrist and shouted “Really? Nate you’re the one fucking with my girlfriend?” And I answered “Ex-girlfriend. Because at least I didn’t said how much it hurt to see you sleeping with someone else and then kissed my girlfriend” I said and Nate took me away from him. It was true, Sam changed and so am I.

We were different now.

you know, it’s actually hella tragic that dean didn’t get to see cas this episode

dean, who’s going to be out of his mind with worry for the foreseeable future about losing yet another friend

dean, who always wants to think the best of cas and won’t let himself believe he actually said yes

dean, who is going to wonder every day if there was something he could have noticed or said or done to keep this from happening, because of course he’ll think it’s his fault

dean, who is going to feel crushed when he finds out just what cas did and why he did it, but won’t even get to hear it from the source because the source is gone and his support system is broken and basically this is me tonight