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I finally got around to painting these guys! :D I’m really happy with how they turned out! They’re too fragile to actually use, though, I’m going to have to look into how to make non-brittle polymer clay stuff.

School = Hell (Sam x reader)

So basically, I like avoiding things and this happened. I just failed a math test and I needed to unwind with these boys and my tumblr baes. Enjoy this lil thing.

Summary: Your parents were killed when you were 15 and John Winchester took you in. You and Sam had feelings for each other but to Dean you were just like a sister. You three get a case at a school you went to for a week and things sorta get out of hand.

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Title: Looking

Characters/Pairings: Dean x Reader, Reader and Dean’s daughter (4 years old), Sam

Tags: @winchester11, @illshakeyouallnightlong-dean, @mamaimpala, @theerinpage

Author’s Note: Part 5 of my “Hamilinspired” drabble series. Mostly crossing my fingers that people are still reading these and enjoying them… heh. Any kind of feedback means the world.

Warnings: This is pretty much pure Dean-as-a-dad fluff. Pointless, plotless fluff

“She’s looking for me.” ­–Schuyler Sisters, Hamilton.

Sam Winchester hears the small feet of his niece running down the hallway of the bunker, announcing her arrival moments before she turns the corner into the kitchen. Charlotte Winchester looks around, her bright green eyes wide and excited. She has your hair color, pulled back into a thin and short ponytail.

“Uncle Sam!” she exclaims excitedly, bounding up to him. Sam smiles and sets the plate he was holding down on the counter before hoisting the little girl—equal parts her mom and dad—onto his hip. She wraps her small arms around his neck. “Have you seen daddy?”

Sam frowns, pretending to look around the kitchen as if he didn’t see Dean run in here a few moments ago and close himself in the pantry. “I don’t see him, do you?”

She pouts. “No… and I’ve looked everywhere!”

“Everywhere?” Sam asks, feigning astonishment. “Well, then he’s gotta be here somewhere, doesn’t he?”

Charlotte nods vigorously. “We’ll never find him, Uncle Sam. Daddy’s so good at this.”

Sam bites back a smile. “Is he?”

“Yeah. We’ve played this game, like, a hundred times, and I only got him twice!”

“Only twice?” Sam takes her hand, smiling as Charlotte babbles excitedly on, bragging to her uncle about how amazing his brother had gotten at hide-and-seek in the bunker.

He herds his niece out of the room, seeing Dean quietly slip out of the pantry and hold a finger up to his lips. There’s a distinct glint to his eyes, one that Sam has only seen in his brother since Charlotte’s birth.

Sam smiles to himself and shakes his head as Dean runs out another entrance. The eldest Winchester catches up to them around the corner. Charlotte shrieks with laughter when Dean jumps out, diving to be behind Sam’s legs.

“Whoa, don’t drag me into this!” Sam says.

“Save me, Uncle Sam!” she yells, running away as Dean takes a dramatic step closer.

Dean flashes his brother a bright grin before he takes off after his daughter. He catches up to her in a few seconds, scooping her up in his arms while she giggles. “I found you, Daddy!”

Dean laughs and kisses the top of her head. “That you did, sweetheart.”

“My turn to hide?” she asks, wrapping her arms around his neck much like she had with Sam.

Dean bounces her on his hip slightly. “I think it’s about your nap time, isn’t it?”

She sticks her bottom lip out in a pout. Dean mirrors her teasingly.

“I don’t wanna nap, I wanna play hide and seek,” she says, leaning her head against Dean’s shoulder and pinching the fabric of his flannel shirt.

“If you’re good during naptime, maybe we’ll play again,” Dean offers as he carries her to her room. He turns the handle, nudging the door open with his hip. He lays her down in the bed, pulling her off of him when she doesn’t let go of his neck.

“Promise?” Charlotte asks, her voice already betraying how sleepy she suddenly is.

“Promise,” Dean whispers, kissing her forehead.


Sam huffed as he blew his long hair out of his face and you rolled your eyes. “You really should get that cut or tie it back” you said from behind your book. 

“I am not getting a ponytail” Sam grimaced not looking up from his laptop. 

“It would be cute, like a little girly” you teased and Dean snorted his beer, causing it to go up his nose and make you laugh as he coughed and spluttered. “No ponytail” Sam threatened finally looking up and he grinned putting the book down. “Let me cut it then” you argued and stood up to run your hands through it. “Get off” he batted your hands away and you chuckled before skipping off to the door. Sam shared a sacred look with his brother as they both looked in your direction. “Where are you going?” Sam asked and your eyes widened with delight. “To get the kitchen scissors” you grinned and winked. Sam mouthed for help at Dean who continued to grin and drink his beer. 

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