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There’s a lot of demand for astronerd Danny so here ya go. 

Poor Danny still gets beat up in this AU but he doesn’t have any ghost powers to back him up. At least bullies don’t bother him when Sam, Tuck, or Jazz are around.


Request: I would love a bucky x reader fic where bucky and reader have to go under cover and things get steamy. Maybe reader has to be a stripper or something like that

Summary: You and Bucky have to go undercover at a strip club that’s a cover for a Hydra facility. 

Warnings: Smut.

A/N: I really like this idea and I’m kinda tempted to do a part 2.

(Part 2)

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THE BET (Sam&Cait story)

Here it is. I’m a bit afraid actually… My first S&C story. After al that has been going on the last few days, I was hesitating to post it.
But as @wanderingsummerbreeze pointed out, it is just fanfiction.

Hopefully some of you still enjoy reading about S&C and give my story a chance.
Not sure how many chapters there will be, but I’m currently working on the second chapter.

A BIG thanks to the lovely @wanderingsummerbreeze for the help and support! Thanks dear!

So this story takes place during the rugby game; Scotland vesus Ireland, and the twitterfun we had between our lovely couple.

For anyone who doesn’t like to read about real people; stop here. If you’re under age, this story contains Sexscenes.
This story is pure fictional and not to be taken (too) serious. Although I do think this is how it happened. ;)

Let me know what you think.

The bet

Chapter  1. Going Down

Sam opened the door to their home, and while taking of his parka, he heard laughter coming from the living room. Eddy came to greet him; she gave him a low meow and walked across his leg. Sam petted Eddy’s back before she could walk away. Walking towards the noise, he saw his brother talking with his hands, trying to express his feelings.

His brother almost shouted, “You know the Scots will win this. Our defense is wayyy better!”

From the other side of the room, he heard people making their opinion clear by countering him. Sam entered the room laughing, “Need some help Bro?” he patted his brother on the back.

“There you are. You left me alone for 2 hours with these Irish supporters,” Cirdan joked.

“Someone needs to earn money, and it isn’t a nine-to-five-job,” Sam shook his brother’s hand and gave him a man-hug, “Is it that bad?” Sam asked while he walked toward his sister-in-law and gave her a hug. He repeated the same with the rest of the crowd.

Two sisters, with their husbands, and one of Cait’s brothers, came to visit them this weekend before they were leaving for South Africa this week. Sam’s brother and wife had arranged tickets for the match  tomorrow, they would all be going together.

“You know, the better team is in blue,” Sam started the conversation again.

They began to make their points clear of why each team would win.

“I knew you would wind this crowd up again once you’d be home.” Caitriona walked in the room

Sam saw his wife coming from the kitchen with two beers in one hand and another bottle of wine in the other. He walked toward her, taking the bottles of beer from her and gave one to his brother.

“Hello,” Sam nuzzled Caitriona’s ear with a small kiss, whispering something in her ear. She stood on her toes and gave him a deep kiss.

Cait’s brother walked passed them, “Come on you two, it’s not as if you haven’t seen each other all day.”

“It has been over two hours,” Caitriona giggled.

She knew they worked together for 14 hours, but when Sam or she must work longer than the other, they DO miss each other.

Sam kissed her again leaving, her a bit flustered.  To distract her from his lips wandering along her body, she asked her husband if he was hungry.  

“Not in food,” he answered, whispering in her ear while his hand traveled down her back, lingering on her bottom, giving it a small squeeze.

Caitriona cuddled in to his body, her hip pressed against his front. Looking up in his eyes she didn’t only saw love, but also lust. Looking around the room, she saw their family talking, ignoring their hosts for a moment.

Caitriona’s brother returned, brushing beside the couple. He grabbed his beer from the table and walked back to Sam and Cait, tapping the tip of the bottle with his brother in law.   

“You okay?” he asked his sister.

“Just a bit tired, but I love having you all around.” Caitriona hugged her husband closer. They had both lived a life full of travel, before, but were happier now, settled, with friends and family visiting, now and then.   

“You’re happy,” he said, “and you make my new bro over here happy also. I can see it in his eyes. Like I said at your wedding; we all knew you were meant for each other before you both finally acknowledged it.”

The men both took a sip of their beer. Caitriona took the glass of water beside her wineglass, also taking a sip.

“Speaking of professing, where is your Irish game shirt, hun? I’m sure you’re going to wear it soon.” Caitriona teased Sam.

They  had had a banter on twitter about the forfeit, if the Scots or the Irish would win.  Cirdan had joined them to support Sam before Cait ganged up with them, with her brother.

 Cirdan recalled how Sam gotten the shirt at his bachelor party.

Caitriona’s father and brothers had a gift for Sam. After the round of cards had finished, they sat Sam down on a chair in the middle of the room blindfolding the lad. Sam struggled while they took off his shirt, all the while saying; he had told them he didn’t want a stripper.

Caitriona’s father had assured him it wouldn’t be something that would hurt, and it wouldn’t be something physical.  

The anthem of Scotland started to play and all of Sam’s friends started singing along, but after a minute, the notes from the pipes became quiet and transported into the flutes of the Irish anthem. Sam laughed but he couldn’t see what was happening around him. He knew his brother had orders to keep the blindfold on until someone gave him a signal, which apparently was now.

The blindfold came off and Sam saw all the Balfe men; Cait’s father, brothers, and brothers-in-law singing, while walking toward him all in the Irish green shirts. Sam stood and sang along with the men, which brought a smile to his brother’s face. Sam knew the words to the Irish anthem which confirmed to Cirdan that he does have it bad for his Irish lass. Caitriona’s father stood proud beside his soon to be son-in-law. The rest of the party took their place beside them. Sam knew the last verse was about to start before the last chorus. Cait’s father held out something for him. It was an Irish rugby shirt with the number 13 and S. Balfe on the back. Sam put it on quickly while the chorus began and stood proud between the rest singing; Together standing tall, shoulder to shoulder we’ll answer Ireland’s call.  

When the song had ended Cait’s father hugged him and welcomed him in the family. Sam knew Cait and her siblings all had their own shirt. Caitriona had once told him it had become a tradition; with every 16th birthday that would be celebrated at the Balfe’s house they would get their own shirt. Her father had no. 1, her mother no. 2, and so on. Being the middle child Cait had no. 6 and every spouse that would enter the family, would get their own shirt in time. This was Sam’s time and it had made him feel loved and welcomed into a wonderful family.

“You know it’s in our closet, I´ve worn it many times before when we saw the Shamrocks. Do you know where yours is?” Sam nudges his wife.

“I think it’s near yours. But I’m not going to be wearing it again soon.” She teased him.

“We’ll see about that.” Sam was convinced the Scot’s would win tomorrow.

Caitriona walked away smiling, sitting down with her sisters and joined them in their conversation about the women’s walk, feeling Sam’s eyes on her while he sat down across them. After an hour, Cait started yawning and Sam knew they both had a hard day of work behind them.  Cirdan had left about half an hour ago but Caitriona’s siblings were staying in the guestrooms.  Sam had gotten the men another round of beer but hadn’t gotten one for himself. Excusing himself he told them he needed a shower and had two emails he promised to answer today. They all said goodnight while Caitriona told him she would clean up a bit and join him soon.  


Caitriona walked in the bedroom with only her robe on, tying her hair in a ponytail. Sam had his laptop on his lap, sitting upright in bed. Looking up from the screen he smiled, “Hey beautiful.” He watched her putting on the night cream for her hands. “I’m just sending the last email.”  He waited until the ‘sent message’ appeared and he closed the laptop. Getting up from the bed, he put the device back in the bag, setting it down beside the vanity.

Caitriona let out a big sigh when she felt the warmth of her naked husband behind her. His hands went to massage her neck, slowly working down toward her shoulders, he saw her opening the robe to give him more access to all of her body.

“Shall we go to bed?” Caitriona suggested while turning around and letting her robe fall onto the chair. Sam kissed her softly on the lips and took her by the hand, leading them toward their bed. Crawling in, he pulled her toward him while Caitriona took her favorite place in the crook of his arm and neck, she fit perfectly there. Her hand went to one of her other favorite spots; his chest. There, she could feel his heartbeat which gave her a sense of calmness. Sam felt the breaths she took on his chest hair, they were both enjoying the serene silence which surrounded them in their bedroom.

Caitriona’s hands started traveling along his upper body, which had changed a bit over the last few weeks.

At the beginning of season 3 he lost some weight to make it more believable that his character, Jamie, stayed in prison for all those years. Cait knew how much work he puts in his job, just like she was, but she admitted to herself and later to him, that she liked it better when there was a bit ‘more’ of him. The feel of his muscles under her fingers gave her a sensation which ran through her whole body.

It amazed her everyday  how they couldn’t get enough of each other. Not only physically, but also mentally; they loved challenging the other.

The banter on twitter was fun. It was as if Sam could read her mind.

“You know they expect a picture or a video of the ‘loser’ on Monday.” Sam smirked.

“I’m sure you don’t mind getting your picture taken, just make sure they don’t see the back of your shirt or we’re caught.” Cait bit his chest lightly.

“Oh really, you want to play it like that?” Sam rolled on top of Caitriona, pinning her arms above them. “What about a personal bet. Just one for the two of us?” Sam suggested.

Smiling at his smirked face, Caitriona saw his mind going down a road she would gladly follow. “Do tell, Hugeone.” Cait lifted her right leg brushing it to his growing member. He did have her hands pinned down, but that didn’t stop her from teasing him in other ways.

Sam let out a low groan at his personal nickname and the feel of her smooth leg against his penis. He kissed her deep with their tongues doing the dance of love, but he needed more, so his mouth travelled south, to her erect nipple. Swirling his tongue around one, he let go of her arms to let his hand pay attention to the other breast.

He felt her hands on his head, guiding his mouth to where she liked it, urging him on. Her hands roamed over his back, making small circles, slowly making her way down to his cheeks, here she repeated the movements like on his back.

Her leg was still pressed against his growing cock, trying make as much friction as possible. Sam’s tongue had made her nipples stand out even more when he blew his breath on them, her body reacted with goose bumps all over. He licked his way up to her mouth again while his hand brushed her side going towards its goal. Opening her legs, he felt her leg slip from his member and he let out a low groan at the loss of contact, but he knew what he wanted and it would be even better.

Caitriona willingly opened her legs for him, their kiss seemed to last forever until she felt his thumb on her clitoris. “Mmmmm.” She let out in pleasure.

“About that bet.” Sam pulled his head back a bit, but all the while still stimulating her nub.

“Yesss.” Caitriona tried to answer him, but Sam wasn’t sure if she was aware of his question or spurring him on to give more pressure, because he felt her grab his buttocks a little stronger.

Smiling down at her, he told her to look at him. “The bet,” he reminded her, while his fingers grazed het wet lips.

“I’ll wear that damn shirt Sam, just take me!” Caitriona couldn’t wait any longer for him to fill her completely.

“No, we’re dealing with it now, what about; the loser has to give the winner an orgasm the way the winner wants it?” Sam suggested.

“Really? Don’t you think we’ve done it all? Sam please, I need you.”  Caitriona wasn’t thinking straight. All she wanted was him inside her, now.

“Isn’t there anything you would want me to do to you, Cait? Something you maybe dreamed about but haven’t expressed yet?”

Caitriona saw in his eyes that he was thinking of his own dreams. “If I say yes to the bet, will you please fuck me?!”

Sam gave her a wicked smile “Yes, so the bet is on?” He pushed his long fingers inside her wet folds making her squirm even more.

“Yes! The bet is on.” Cait was racked with an eagerness as she rolled him on his back, pushing herself on him, her body shivering.

His hands held on to her hips, he loved looking at her face when he entered her, the shape of her mouth made the perfect O. He knew what he wanted to do to her, hopefully the Scots would win tomorrow. Looking down at their joined hips he not only saw but felt her push up and back down again with a force of pleasure on her face.

Caitriona looked down at him, giving him a blissful smile which turned into a euphoric cry of satisfaction when she pushed up and down again.

Sam sat up pushing his hard one deeper inside her. Caitriona started to moan louder as he filled her even more. “Ssshh they will hear us.” He silenced her with a kiss and rolled them back over. Thrusting deeper and deeper while she tilted her hips for a different angle, his hipbone was brushing her in all the right places. Their orgasms came as a wave, crashing together, becoming one big wave.

His forehead touched hers as they both tried to slow down their panting. He let his weight fall upon her as she held him close, their hearts beating as one. Sam slowly pulled out of her when he felt her breathing slow down. Rolling on his side, he took her in his arms.

Caitriona murmured, “I love you, but you’re going down tomorrow.”

Sam chuckled at her comment, “I’ll remind you of our little bet when the Scots win.” he pulled up the white sheet over their cooling bodies, kissed her forehead and whispered, “I love you,” also.



I finally got around to painting these guys! :D I’m really happy with how they turned out! They’re too fragile to actually use, though, I’m going to have to look into how to make non-brittle polymer clay stuff.

The Bet and the Assistant

Request: can you plz write a fic where the reader is Tony’s assistant & bucky can’t help but notice her( Sam does too) so they strike up a bet to see who can woo her & go on 1 date….She clearly ignore sams attempts & so Bucky wins; they go on a date( actually a couple) One day she hears sam & Buckys convo about the bet & thinks Bucky asked her on that date & many others just for sex(which happened on 1 of the dates) she explodes at Bucky; he tries to explain hisself


    Tony leaned back haphazardly his chair, texting and paying little attention to the meeting happening around him. Steve was currently trying to talk about certain concerns that were arising in eastern countries and proposing to help the people there… or something along those lines. Tony was otherwise disposed.

    -You are the love of my life, and I want you to know that you’ll always be the best thing life has given me.- he texted with a grin plastered on his face.

    -Tony, cut the shit. Life didn’t give me to you, the paycheck you give me every week did- he looked down to read the text and just barely contained his laughter.

    “Is something funny, Stark?” Steve questioned.

    “Yeah, but I don’t think you’d laugh at it. I don’t think you’d laugh at anything but that’s a different story,” Tony shrugged.

    “So how are we going to get in there to help?” Sam questioned to redirect Steve’s thoughts. These meetings always ended with Tony and Steve fighting. Since there had already been a meeting earlier this week Sam preferred not to have to sit through another argument. Steve looked away from Tony and continued giving information. The door to the conference room opened and the woman who opened the door was engaged in a conversation with Director Fury.

    “He did what?!” you asked, “oh I’ll take care of that. Thanks, Nick,” you gave him a kind smile and continued into the room. You set Tony’s lunch down in front of him, then put two boxes of doughnuts in the middle of the table.

“Ah, finally! I was starving!” Tony exclaimed.

“Well maybe if you read even one of your emails, I wouldn’t have been caught up

answering them. Feel free to have a doughnut, guys. I used Tony’s credit card to pay for em’.” you sat in an empty chair beside Tony and whipped out your phone so you could get back to answering emails and texting important people.

    “I don’t mean to be rude, ma’am, but who are you?” Steve questioned.

    “I’m Y/N, Tony’s new live in nanny. You’re welcome,” you smirked, eyes going back down to your phone.

    “I’m not sure you have clearance to-” Steve began. You pulled off your badge and slid it across the table without looking up and without pausing in your text. While working with Tony, you learned how to multitask. The meeting seemed to continue as normal. You continued your work, which meant texting Tony sassy remarks and important dates, and also updating Tony’s calendar so FRIDAY would also yell at him about the important dates. You never looked up to see the Avengers. Natasha already knew about you, you were her knew favorite person, mostly because you kept Tony alive and out of trouble, but you were also hilarious. Clint knew, because Natasha knew. Sam and Bucky however, barely paid attention after you were in the room. Their eyes wandered over your frame taking in every line and curve that built your form.

    To Bucky you were some other worldly piece of art, and Bucky was familiar with women. However, in his days of skirt chasing, his women had been one color, because any other option would have gotten both him and the girl killed. Looking at you now, seeing how beautiful you were with your tight curls framing your face and your lips still pulled into a slight smirk, he was acutely aware of the possibilities. Of course he was caught up on modern history, and he knew he was free to date just about anyone, without any harsh ramifications. He hadn’t capitalized on this knowledge, because frankly he had other matters to focus on.

    Sam was well versed in black women, obviously, but that didn’t make you any less magnificent in his eyes. Plus any woman that could deal with Tony Stark on a daily basis was basically a goddess. Sam couldn’t even deal with him a full 24 hours before he felt like bashing his head through a wall. Of course,  because you worked for Tony Stark you were obviously well off and he loved nothing more than a woman who was in control of her life. Sam happened to look over at Buck and saw him staring at you with longing. Bucky felt eyes on him so he turned to see Sam glaring at him. Bucky glared back. That relationship hadn’t improved in the slightest.

    Once the meeting was over you stood up and collected Stark, “Come on, genius. You’ve got work to do.”

    “Yeah yeah, you’re so pushy.”

    Bucky was getting up to follow Steve out. He figured it was for the best that he let you be. After all, you probably had your hands full anyway.

    “Hey ponytail,” Sam addressed. Bucky knew he was referring to him, but he really didn’t want to acknowledge the name. His hair hadn’t been cut in a long time. He didn’t exactly have the time to go get a haircut. Plus some people were still wary of him. Sam came up next to him with a determined look in his eyes.

    “Dibs on the girl,” Sam announced.


    “Dibs, she’s mine, don’t talk to her.”

    “Who the hell died and made you king? I’ll talk to her all I want,” Bucky would have loved to believe this was about the principle and not the girl, but to be honest it was a bit of both.

    “Sam, that’s ridiculously. She’s a human being. You call dibs on objects,” Steve chided. Both Buck and Sam rolled their eyes, Steve was missing the point.

    “Fine. If you can get her to go on one date with you, I’ll  call my dibs back.” Sam wagered.

    “You can’t call dibs on a person!” Steve exclaimed.

    “Okay, okay. 100 bucks says you can’t get her to go on a date before I do.”

    “Oh you’re on,” Bucky laughed.

    “You guys,” Steve sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Sam’s Attempt:

    You were sitting in the Avengers tower watching over Tony while he worked on his latest project, your fingers ghosted over the keys of your laptop as you set up more appointments for Tony Stark to cancel, and drafted the corresponding apology letters.

    “Cute brunette, reporter wants to ask you about Iron man.”

    “How cute?”

    “Well he’s about 6 feet tall, beautiful green eyes-”

    “Ha. Ha.” Tony rolled his eyes.

    “You could use the good PR.”

    “Fine,” he sighed.

    “Pretending like you’re fully straight, when I’ve seen your snaps,” you grumbled under your breath.

    “I heard that. I was drunk!”

    “Okay,” you agreed sarcastically. While you laughed at little at yourself, you noticed Sam walk into the room. He seemed to be going somewhere that warranted him being better dressed than his usual athletic wear. You glanced up then went back to work.

    “Oh here you go, you could get a consultation with a guru, to help you realize your inner potential.”

    “I don’t pay you to be funny.”

    “Then what do you pay me for, Mr. Stark,” you asked, continuing the light hearted banter.

    “I pay you to get me coffee, keep me alive, and be pretty.”

    “Well shit. Can I get a raise, because I wasn’t aware of the pretty thing? That costs a lot more.”

    “You seem to be doing well for yourself. You’ve got Birdboy number 2 over here gawking at you. What do you want?”

    “A moment with your assistant,” Sam answered smoothly.

    “Unless you’re gonna pay her checks-”

    “Tony we still don’t know what exactly you’re paying me for. He can have a moment of my time. Not like I get paid by the hour anyway,” you rebutted. You got a kick out of giving Tony a hard time. You learned quickly that the only way to assist Tony Stark is to match his wit, and snark. Once you’ve done that you’re in for the long haul. The few assistants before you hadn’t figured that out, and wound up losing out on a six-figure salary. You didn’t know how they managed not to figure it out, even the damn AI’s talked back to him. One time FRIDAY refused to let him into his workshop until he apologized to her for calling her a dumb computer. You smiled at the memory.

    “I deserve an apology, Master Stark. I am not a dumb computer. I am a very intelligent computer.”

    “You better do as she says before she goes 2001 A Space Odyssey on your ass,” you goaded. The funniest part is, that Tony had to have programmed that into her, the ability to be offended and retaliate.

    “So what do you think?” Sam asked. You came back to the present moment and realized you were not listening to a word this man had said. He seemed like he’d just said something smart, or cocky, from the grin he was giving you. Men who approached you like they were some kind of Godsend disgusted you.

    “About what?” you questioned in an aloof voice.

    “Damn,” Tony chimed in.

    “About lunch later on, with me?” he elaborated.

    “Oh no thanks,” you answered and turned your head to look at Tony. He was leaning over his workbench eating chocolate covered blueberries, “That strawberry blonde woman from the 15th floor is looking for a second date. Should I tell her to hit the ole dusty trail, or are you not done with her yet.”

    “Send her packing.”

    “You fucking suck, she was nice.” you grumbled. When you turned your head back to your laptop you realized Sam was still there, staring at you like you had grown a second head. Maybe he didn’t hear you? That seemed unlikely, but it’s better just to be sure.

    “That was a no on lunch, Sam,” you reiterated. He was good looking, sure. Sam Wilson was a handsome man, and you were sure he was great. He just didn’t get the blood pumping. There was no fire in you belly… there wasn’t even a lone butterfly. You were entirely uninterested.

Bucky’s Attempt:

    You were trying to juggle a lot of things all at once. You often wished you had a second set of arms, but as your foot caught on something you wished for those extra arms now more than ever. Before you could fully accept your fate, someone caught you and kept you from hitting the floor.

    “Whoa, careful there miss. Do you need a hand?”

    Once your were upright and steady you looked at your savior to see Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s best friend. You learned about him in your history classes. The pictures in the textbooks were dreamy but they hardly did him justice. He was astonishing.

    “Yeah, thanks,” you grinned giving him your brief case so you could hold on to Tony’s lunch without risking your physical well being. He followed you into the elevator and you were racking your mind for something to say.

“You’re Y/N, right? Tony’s assistant.”

“That’s me, and you’re Bucky Barnes. Captain America’s right hand man.”  

“I always see you around, always in passing though. Stark keeps you pretty busy.”

“It’s like having a child.” you sighed a little.

“Hopefully not too, busy. I’ll start a union for your working rights. Don’t think I won’t,” he

assured. It made you genuinely laugh. He smiled back at you and you felt your heart stop for a little bit. Your eyes scanned over his body for a little while. Bucky Barnes always dressed nice. You had never seen him look like a thrown together mess. He wore dress pants and button ups, with sleeves neatly rolled up to his elbow.

    “Are you going to get out the elevator? I mean, I’m fine with staying and talking to you… but I’m afraid your boss’s lunch is getting cold.”

    You realized that your were standing there, like an idiot, just staring at him. You cleared your throat and stepped out, walking towards your office, “He’s not gonna eat it anyway,” you grumbled, fishing your key out of your purse. You set Tony’s lunch on your desk, then grabbed your things from Bucky.

    “But you eat lunch right?” Bucky asked, he seemed a little apprehensive. He tucked a strand of hair behind his ear and for some reason that just sealed the deal.

    “Yeah, I do.”

    “How about we have lunch… tomorrow?”

    You grabbed a sticky note and a pen from your desk and wrote down your number, “How about you call me tonight with the details?”

    “Really? I mean, yeah,” he was grinning like a kid on christmas morning, and you wanted to pinch his cheeks and kiss him. Your phone rang and it was Tony’s ringtone.

    “The overlord is calling,” you joked, leaving your office with the lunch, before you stopped and backed up a few steps to see him doing a little dance through the window of your office. You laughed quietly and continued down the hall.

Two Months later:

    “One of these days I’m just gonna poison his coffee,” you groaned as you flopped into your office chair. Bucky sat on your desk, giving you a soft sympathetic smile. He sat on the same side of the desk as you so you leaned over and rested your head on his lap.

    “Hard day?”

    “Yeah,” you pouted turning your head to the side on his thigh. His fingers went to stroke your baby hairs, and you closed your eyes.

    “Well, I got Tony to give you tomorrow off. And I was thinking, we could have a road trip, you’ll have a three day weekend, and maybe we can head down to Beacon.”

    “Ugh, you are such a hipster,” you laughed.

    “I am not,” he argued.

    “You’re wearing a beanie!”

    He leaned over you and grabbed your face to press kisses all over, “Does that sound good or not, you brat?”

    “It sounds beautiful.”

    By the end of the week you were packing to leave for Beacon with Bucky. The two of you were taking your car because it had better gas mileage than his. When you pulled up to the little house upstate that Steve and Bucky lived in, you smiled a little, thinking about the days to come. It had been so long since you had a proper vacation, and you were having one with the man you might love. Steve was leaving the house, he smiled and help open the door for you. You made your way through the house only to hear talking.

    “I can’t believe this started with a bet,” Sam sighed, “Listen I know you’re determined to prove me wrong but all you needed was one.”

    “Then you bet that I couldn’t get a second one, double or nothing.”

    “I didn’t think Y/N would pass up this sexiness for you.”

    You rounded the corner into the front room, a little shocked. You weren’t sure you were hearing them right. They betted on your date… your entire relationship was just some bet. So what was the bet now? Could he get you to go on a weekend with him? Make you say you loved him?

    “Hey, doll,” Bucky greeted.

    “Don’t hey doll me. What bet is he talking about?”

    “Oooo, I’m out. Good luck man.” Sam bolted off the couch and to the door. You were frozen in the doorway, trying to wrap your head around the information.

    “I know this sounds bad but I promise it’s not like that.”

    “Did you or did you not make a bet on whether or not we’d date?”

    “Yes,” he sighed.

    “How many?”

    “Two, then I told Sam to keep his money-”

    “How much were they worth.”


    “No, I want to know how much someone had to pay to make you pretend you loved me.”

    “I didn’t take the mon-”

    “How much?!” you screamed at him.

    “100… for the first one… then he doubled on the second.”

    “Two Hundred dollars huh?” you pulled your wallet out of your jacket pocket, “that’s how much every date, every kiss, every night costed?!” You pulled two hundred dollar bills out and threw them in his face, “Well here, if that’s all it was running me.” You turned to leave and Bucky grabbed your wrist.

    “Fucking Christ, babe. If you would just shut up and listen for one goddamn moment,” he growled at you, pulling you close.

    You set your mouth into a stubborn pout, “What?”

    “Yes, the first two dates were a bet. Guilty as charged. But no one bet me to adore you the moment I first saw you. No one bet me to continue for another two months. No one paid me to love you, like I do.”

    “How am I supposed to believe anything you say?” you were tearing up, and you hated it.

    “Y/N, if this was all just some elaborate bet… do you think I would put up with all your shit,” he smirked a little. And you smiled a little despite.

    “I dunno, two hundred dollar hookers do a lot of questionable things.”

    “Ouch,” he laughed, “give me this weekend to prove it then. To prove that I love you.”

    “…. Fine.” you sighed, “but if you’re lying, I’ll tell Cap, and he’ll ground you.”

~Mod Lillian