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i literally can’t imagine not having ocs 

like i think about mine constantly in different scenarios and universes and listen to music i apply to them and make them mixes and draw them and think about them together and oh lord

i fucking DREAM about them

i live and breathe ocs


Neither of them had meant to make their feelings so transparent, but somehow these Amestrians knew (Edward, Greed, Mr. Hohenheim, Alphonse, Dr. Knox… they all had a way of seeing straight through them)

maybe it was something in the way they spoke of each other, or perhaps in the way they protected each other, or in the way they each admired and valued the other

Perhaps the people of this country just have a way of recognizing l o v e when they see it.

Lingfan Week - Making it Public

(repost, because for some reason this never posted in any of the tags, and done a month later because i did not notice at first)

I’m out of practice for tablet use, so thought I’d sketch a little Sammy! 

I’m hoping to draw something every couple of days, minimum of once a week, to try and focus on improving my capabilities.

Because, honestly, I really want to make a comic one day, but I don’t really have the skills to draw bodies proportionately, and I don’t even really have a style yet so…

Onwards and Upwards!!!