Done is done. At least I declare it so for now - there’s nothing more I could do with it at the moment. And even if there is (for sure!) - it’s beyond my skills. The hair is as it is since it’s not physically possible to reproduce every single hair of this mess with a pencil (at least I couldn’t;p).

All yours;) And thank you so much for support and lots of nice words<3<3

Tools of trade: acid free 120g/m2 paper, automatic HB pencil, 4B and 5B pencils, 9B graphite, pencil shaped eraser for hair highlights.


5x02 “Good God, Y’All”
“We’re us.”

I’m sorry I just love their annoyed expressions when sprayed with holy water. ;) Like… they can be flung across the room, be held at gunpoint and they keep a straight face, but if someone sprays them with water or holy water all of that goes right out the window. I mean… one could see it as them being so very disappointed in someone even considering them being not themselves and therefore looking as bothered, but still… These expressions of utter annoyance due to a little bit of water… I’m sorry, but I just like it. ;) I think it’s cute somehow.