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ACOTAR and ACOMAF Dream Cast

So I finished ACOMAF over the summer, but OMG these books are amazing and so I’m still basically hungover 3 months on. I’ve kinda been obsessing over the possibility of a film, so here are the people I’d love to see in the roles (plus alternatives):

Feyre - So I know loads of people want Lily James to play Feyre, but to be honest I just don’t see it. She’s described as having golden-brown hair, which to me means auburn. Thus, I choose Sophie Turner. She is currently KILLING IT in GoT, and I can definitely imagine her pulling off the role perfectly. My alternative is Eleanor Tomlinson. This is a weird one because I randomly remembered her, and something about her features just spoke to me and said Feyre. IDK.

Rhysand - Ugh, BAE! This was a real toughie, because the way I imagine Rhys is so unique and perfect that I just can’t find anyone who’s features fit the way he looks and acts in my head. But, I can’t help feeling that Max Irons is a pretty decent match. He’s gorgeous, got that arrogant, brooding thing going on but also a vulnerability about him which absolutely screams Rhys. The other options I had were Sean O’Pry, Adam Gregory and Florian Neuville. It seems that at least half the fandom are dying for Ian Somerhalder to play Rhys, but I just can’t picture him in the role. 

Tamlin - I am restraining myself from commenting on this one, so let’s just get straight to it: William Mosely. Hold it, hold it, I know. Bit of a curveball there. However, I think he’s grown out of his baby-faced features from Narnia, and could definitely make a good Tamlin. He’s tall, broad, and again gorgeous. Although, two actors that were not far behind at all were Alex Pettyfer and Scott Eastwood. 

Lucien - Oh, Lucien. You held my heart until Rhys was shown to be the little cinnamon roll that he is. Eddie Redmayne, you still hold my heart. As do you, Sam Claflin. These were one of a few options I had, but when I looked back at them I realised that these were the two that I REALLY wanted there. Although Ken Bek looks pretty good too. 

Amarantha - Carice van Houten or Eva Green. Need I say more? 

Amren - Unlike Rhysand, who I think is impossible to get spot on, with Amren it’s more of a “keep searching for faces until you just suddenly see the look” kinda thing, if that makes any sense. I can totally imagine Vanessa Hudgens as Amren, or maybe even Zoe Kravitz. 

Morrigan - This was quite an easy one for me since Margot Robbie has always been Mor in my head. I saw Diana Agron as another suggestion and totally think that she’d be awesome as well. 

Cassian - Please don’t hate me for this one: Ben Barnes. I get it, Cassian is supposed to be this huge, Illyrian warrior, but it looks like bulk is going to have to be sacrificed for looks. This guy EXUDES Cassian, from his face at least. However, for you guys who like to stay a little truer to the description, I also had Brant Daugherty or Kellan Lutz. 

Azriel - Hands down, Matthew Daddario. I do have a little soft spot for Richard Madden though, so I thought I’d add him in here too. 

Nesta - Natalie Dormer. No surprise there, she seems to be EVERYONE’S choice.

Elain - Sarah Bolger.

Ianthe - This was a bit tricky, but I whittled it down to Julianne Hough or Lucy Fry. I feel like Ianthe needs to be able to look sickly sweet and innocent, whilst also maintaining a calculating coldness about her.

King of Hybern - Donald Sutherland. Loads of people had actors like Christian Bale, but IDK, I always imagined the King being much older. 

Jurian - Tom Hiddleston.

Triumph in the Skies 2

I am not dislike Fala Chen in Triumph in the Skies 2, but I really don’t like her role….

To me, Triumph in the Skies 2 is a bit non-sense…

The story puts too many focus on secondary cast… 

I don’t understand why Sam and Jayden like Holiday…I don’t feel any romance between both pairs.

I don’t see how Sam all in a sudden loves Holiday…

Yes, Holiday helps Sam relieving his regret to Zoe, but this doesn’t mean  Sam’s love to Zoe would become weak following by his relief!! 

I don’t get how Sam is attracted by Holiday!!

How Holiday beats Zoe in Sam’s heart???

I just don’t get the process from loving Zoe to loving Holiday!!!

I don’t know why TVB have to kill the people that Sam loves…

First, they took away his best friend Vincent. Now, they took Zoe….

Well, Triumph in the Skies 2 production crew is quite different from Triumph in the Skies 1…

All I can say is the production crew of 2 is really suck….

I probably can’t accept 2 as the sequel of 1….

Sigh….I miss Sam x Zoe……