Supernatural neon Party

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Imagine Sam and Dean go to a neon party but its all for supernatural

Warnings: Dean swears once. One little scene with blood. 

     Sam and Dean were on their way to this party. It was a neon party, Dean practically dragged Sam to go with him. Dean said they needed a break from all their drama and needed a little fun. So Sam eventually agreed. 

     “ This is gonna be awesome, “ Dean says pulling into the parking lot. They could already hear the loud music from there. “ You owe me if this party sucks, “ Sam mumbles getting out of the impala. Dean rolled his eyes and hurriedly walked into the bar where the party was being held. All different people were wearing bright colors. Black lights were flashing. Music blasting. Neon was drawn all over people’s body’s. “ I dare you to get neon face paint. “ Dean says smirking. “ No way! “ Sam says laughing. “ Rock, paper, scissors?! “ Dean encourages. Sam hesitates but gives in. 

     “ Look, now the both of us have to do it, “ Sam says looking at both of their hands. They both had rock. Dean shrugged and quickly walked over to the bar, taking a few shots of whiskey and threw his shirt off. “ Really? “ Sam asks. “ Yup, “ Dean answers bluntly walking over to the paint table. “ Can I get this one? “ Dean asks pointing to a tribal design. “ What color would you like? “ She asks. “ Green! “ Dean answers. Sam watched his older brother with amusement. “ And my brother here would like pink all over his face, the flower design please, “ Dean says smirking. Sams face fell. But before he could say no, another lady already started painting on him. “ Thanks Dean, “ Sam says sarcastically. “ No problem Sammy. “

     When they were done Dean stood up from his chair. “ Thanks, “ Dean says to the lady. “ No problem, and its free, “ She says smiling and taking the next person in line. Dean smiled and walked to the dance floor with Sam. “ Dean… “ Sam says freezing. “ What? “ Dean asks looking at his younger brother in confusion. “ I just saw someones eyes flash red. Don’t tell me it’s the lights Dean. I know what I saw. “ Sam said. “ Sam, come on. We are in a room full of neon people and disco balls. “ Dean says in a duh voice. Sam sighed, “ Alright, but if we see something else we are leaving. “ Sam says. “ Whatever you say Sammy. “ Dean says dancing around. Sam knew something was different. He just had that uneasy feeling in his stomach. His eyes roamed over everyone in the crowed. But something made his face grow pale. He didn’t know if they were kissing, or if the guy was biting a girls neck. His question was answered when he pulled away with blood all over his mouth with hungry eyes. “ Okay Dean, this place is packed with vampires! “ Sam whisper yelled at Dean. Dean looked around seeing a bunch of Vampires feeding on people. “ Son of a bitch! Do we never get a break?! “ Dean asks. “ Not with this life, “ Sam says. “ So what are we gonna do? “ Dean says. “ Well we can’t kill them all at once. That would be a suicide run, “ Sam says. Dean nodded in agreement. “ So I guess we are gonna leave before we become a midnight snack, “ Dean says. 

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