sam winchester's bad day

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher

Flowers for my sister

A/N: So when I was in Jr/Sr high they had fundraisers where for a dollar someone could buy you a rose & have it sent to on Valentine’s day. Throughout the day people would go into the classroom & pass out the flowers. They had notes on it with who it was from & whatever message they wanted. So I’m sitting here going “what fic should I write for Valentine’s day & this popped into my head.” Reader is Dean’s twin. The ending is kinda rushed but that’s because it’s bedtime but I wanted to post this on actual Valentine’s Day. Enjoy my loves.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You nearly collapsed as you set your lunch tray down at the same table that Dean was already sitting at. Dean quirked an eyebrow at you, “What’s up with you?” He questioned. You ignored him by pretending to be very interested in the disgusting lunch that was in front of you. “Aye,” Dean said while kicking your leg under the table.

“What?” You hissed at him.

“What’s going on? Why are you all, moody?” He asked.

“Nothing. Just drop it, okay?” You replied before taking a bite out of the lunch the school provided for you.

“It’s not nothing if you’re acting like a-” Dean began but was interrupted by Sam rushing over to the table.

“Y/N are you okay?” Sam asked, out of breath from running, “I heard what happened and ran ove-”

“I’m fine Sam. Just drop it. Both of you. Okay?” You told them.

“Sam. Spill. Now.” Dean demanded.

“Sam, you open your mouth and you’re gonna regret it.” You replied.

Sam looked between you and Dean; you were both his older siblings, both of you were his heroes, normally he did what you asked, but this time he couldn’t.

“It’s Valentine’s day right? So these guys-” Sam started.

“Seriously Sam. Drop. It.” You hissed at him.

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Bad Day?

Title: Bad Day?

Imagine: Sam and Dean cheering you up after a bad day.

Request: Hi girly can you please do an imagine where the reader is having a really bad day and her brothers cheer her up? Sorry I’m just having an awful day and I need something to cheer me up.

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader. Sam x sister!reader.

Warnings: A really, really bad day.

Note: Hope this is what you wanted! Tumblr’s being aggravating right now.

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged!

Hope you enjoy it!

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“Wake up!” A voice yelled in your ear.

You groaned and opened your tired eyes. Your brothers stood on both sides of your bed, both of them fully clothed.

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This is my entry for @justanothersaltandburn ‘s 50 Toys in 50 Days challenge I’m so so sorry if it’s bad, It’s probably about my sixth try. My toy was the Lover’s Remote Control Bullet.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Kinda smut (by kinda I mean not really and by not really I mean I can’t write smut but kinda)

Disclaimer: There are many stories of Medusa, I just know the one. If it’s not the one you know, please don’t spam my inbox or messages.

(gif not mine, I found it on google)

You nearly dropped the towel that you held against your body when you walked out of the bathroom from your shower. You had forgotten that Sam didn’t go to that bar with Dean. 

And there he was, shirtless and all, sitting on the bed you shared, doing research on the Medusa case you had been working on for a day. 

You didn’t feel like going back to the bathroom, so you snuck over to his bag as quietly as possible and got one of his t-shirts out and slid it over your head before climbing into the bed next to him. 

“Damn,” he groaned and shut his laptop. 

You had to bite your lip to keep from moaning out loud. His voice was really hot. It was making you all kinds of turned on. 

And you couldn’t stop the adrenaline from making you push his hair back and kiss his neck. “What’s the matter?” You asked against his skin.

He stiffened,” I can’t find the right story. There are so many different ones on here.”

You pulled away, clearly disappointing Sam, but something wasn’t right. “I’m sure I can help you find it in the morning.”

You turned off the lamp next to you and fell asleep. Hearing Sam’s sigh of discontent in the background.

You woke up in the middle of the night thinking about earlier. “Why the hell did I stop?” You thought and turned on your other side to get closer to him, throwing your arm over his bare chest, wanting to redeem yourself from earlier.

He groaned, sorta waking up but not completely. You threw your leg over him to try to get him more up. 

“Hm?” He mumbled, catching your hint of trying to wake him up. 

“I just realized, I know the story of Medusa. I learned it in high school,” you returned to pressing your lips against the soft skin on his neck.

“Well, why don’t you tell me about it?” He groaned, fully awake by arousal by now.

You looked over to Deans bed. He still hadn’t gotten back yet, and if he was still out at this time, it would probably be a while before he got back. You had time, and you began by grinding your hips against his erection.

Finding your way back to his neck, you whispered, “before Medusa was Medusa, she was a muse of Athena. Meaning she had to take a vow of purity.”

“Mhm,” he groaned, making his throat vibrate against your lips.

“And one night when she was on her own in Athena’s presence, she was raped by Poseidon. Athena was furious and punished her by making her so hideous that her look turned people to stone.”

He shot up in the bed and held you aginst his chest so that you didn’t fall. You pouted and went back to laying next to him. You should have never said anything.

“It all goes together perfectly. If the victims were raped and then murdered, and a woman who “looks like Medusa” was seen at each crime scene, she wants revenge.”

You rolled your eyes, you had already put that part together, and went to sleep.

“So, how was it?” Dean leaned over on his bed so you could hear his whisper better.

“I’m sure it was just the same as whatever you did with whatever blonde last night?” You scoffed, still annoyed by what happened the night before.

“Actually, she had red hair. But really, how was it?”

“Well, Sam is in the shower. I’m sure if you go in there and ask him he’ll show you.”

He laughed. “You didn’t do it, did you?” You blushed and looked down, the possibility of being more obvious at an all time low. “Well, that’s a damn shame. He’s been looking forward to it since the last time. He even bought something new for you.”

Now that caught you off guard. “I’m sorry, excuse me?” 

Sam just so happened to be walking in from the bathroom as you said that.

“What’d I miss?” He sat down at the table and opened his laptop.

“I was just about to tell Y/N about the new toy you bought her. Why don’t you get it out?” Dean couldn’t keep his smile from growing when he said it.

Sam was speechless and didn’t move an inch when Dean got up and walked to the other side of the room, stopping at Sam’s bag to pull a box out.

Sam opened him mouth to protest when you hopped up off of the bed and threw on your light jacket. “It’s still early. I think it’s a good time for a walk.” You grinned. Bouncing out of the door, you subtly waited for Sam to come after you.

“Right, um about that…”

“It’s whatever. It’s fine.” You laughed, grabbing his hand. “But I wouldn’t mind hearing more about it.” You smirked. He shook his head.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, squeezing your hand.

“Or,” you stopped, “you can show me later?”

This one was fun to write though so I might do a similar one soon?

When you've had a bad day (preference)

Preference: when you’ve had a bad day
A/N: this is diffident to what I usually write but it was a lot less time consuming. Hey little sis or 3 will also be up tomorrow!! Till the Always Keep Fighting

He does puts on a crappy comedywith cheep jokes that you can’t help but laugh at. He gives you his best chocolate from his hidden stash. All the while he makes references to your favourite TVs shows.

He reads to you. Keeping your favourite book by his bed side table for emergencies. He would grab the book along with a hot chocolate, bring you into his arms and start reading.

He takes you anywhere, however your particular favourite is to see sun sets at any part of the world. While watching he lies down and takes you with him. You spend the rest of the night in each other’s brace.

He gives you all the sweets he can give. Making sure you have plenty of your favourites. While you eat the sweets you plan a months worth of pranks you could pull on the Winchesters.