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How to Explain Supernatural:  An Illustrated Guide

1. These are Sam and Dean, the main characters.  

They cause the apocalypse a lot.

You will be sexually attracted to them. 

2.  This is Castiel. 

He’s the show’s most powerful and dangerous main character.

No, seriously, I mean it.

3.  They all love each other.  So, naturally, they spend the next eleven years subjecting one another to the worst forms of pain imaginable. 

Like heartbreak and betrayal. 

And, of course, endless sexual frustration.

4.   You will also become incredibly emotionally attached to these characters. Then, the writers will proceed to brutally torture and kill them before your eyes.

Over and over again. 

But seriously, it’s a really fun show.

5.  They also have some great secondary characters for you to fall in love with!

Then, of course, you’ll have to watch them all die horribly.  But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

6. There are a few exceptions, of course.  Like God. 

(As you can see, they’re extremely conservative in their portrayal of omnipotent theistic beings.)

7.  Or the king of hell.

8.  And who can forget the longest surviving characters of all?

9.  And finally, once you watch it, all these GIFs will make perfect sense to you.

No, seriously, I swear.


Gift From God

Dean x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Well there’s talk of God if someone people don’t like that. Guess that could be a warning.

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Today was a perfect day, at least how you drew it on paper. A bright yellow sky in the corner. Beautiful green grass flowing in the little swirlies you called the wind. A stick figure of you holding your dad Dean’s hand with Sam on the other side smiling. Only the weather outside in the real world was much different.

The sky was a dark and depressing grey. Throwing around sticks and branches in the violent wind which only whipped the rain sideways in an even harsher tone than it already was. With a sigh you hopped down from the chair you sat in, plopping your feet to the ground as you pouted on the path to Dean.

“Why are the angels crying, Daddy?” You asked, hopping up and into the counter. “Cas use to tell me that when it’s raining, that the angels in heaven are crying because they miss God. But I don’t understand…why did they have to cry today?”

“Well, the angels do whatever they want. Nobody can control them.” He replied as he set down his cup of coffee. His third to be exact.

“Nobody but God. But he’s gone, and I don’t understand it.” Your eyebrows furrowed. Shaking your head in a confused manner. “Doesn’t God love his kids?”

“Not every father wants there kids, sweetheart. And God ain’t right for leaving them, and all of us to deal with his many messes.” The tone Dean gave off showed his irritation in the subject. But you were an eight year old curious girl, who loved to ask questions and learn things.

“The messes like all the monsters? Even the demons and some of the bad angels that aren’t like Cas?” As you spoke and asked your questions, your feet swung. Only pausing when Dean needed to access a drawer they were covering.

“Yeah, exactly like that.” Reaching in the fridge he picked up a Gogurt. Shaking it around a little. “Want one?” He asked, only getting a nod in response to his question.

“Daddy?” You didn’t speak again until you managed to get the small seal off your drink. “Will you leave me like God did to his kids?” Your question made him stop dead in his actions. “Will you always want me?”

Everything Dean had in his hands was set down. It was as if every word you spoke struck a chord with him on a whole new level.

“Why are you crying, Daddy?” Though he tried to hide his tears, his muffled sniffling caught your attention.

Without hesitation, you hopped down and rushed over to him. Wrapping your tiny arms around his waste and hugging him tightly.

“I’ll never leave you, Daddy. Don’t cry. I promise I’ll never leave you.” While you tried to help him feel better, you only made his tears fall harder.

He finally moved his face from its hiding spot turned away from you. Bending down and picking you up. Allowing your legs to wrap around him like a small monkey.

“Winchesters stick together. And I’ll always stick with you, always and forever. I pinky promise.” With a hand you innocently held out your pinky, smiling and placing a kiss on the top of his nose.

“How’d I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?” He asked, grabbing onto your pinky with his own.

“Because God knew you needed me more than he did. So he sent me down to you.” You skilled before cuddling your head into the crook of his neck.

In that moment, that one simple moment. Dean Winchester, the man who’d been to Hell, Heaven, and Purgatory, felt utter and complete peace.

Dean Winchester (and his girlfriend) hunting ghosts who turn out to be Lisa and Ben

Word count: 578


A/N: I haven’t read through this, please tell me if there are any mistakes aha. Also, sorry to the anon for the long wait, and sorry how bad it is aha. 

You bust open the door to the old abandoned warehouse and allowed Sam and Dean to both run in first, your salted shotgun lifted proudly in your arms as you ran through the creaky hallways looking for any sign of what could be movement. Suddenly, a loud, woman’s screech came from behind one of the doors and it sounded as if a small boy was also screaming.

All three of you paused and shared a quick look as if to say ‘why do we do this?’ before running straight into the room.

Shock ran across all of your faces as you bust open the door and in the centre of the room stood Lisa and Ben yet they didn’t seem like they did whilst they were alive. Blood ran down both Lisa and Ben’s faces, their bodies were all crooked and managed as if they had fought hard against whatever had killed them but inevitably failed.

A gasp escaped your mouth as you looked over to Dean to see if he was okay, although he had spent most of his life with this woman and child, his face was completely blank (as his girlfriend you could tell that blanked face Dean was the worse as it meant his feelings were so utterly terrible that he didn’t want anyone else to know).

“It’s not them anymore Dean,” Sam spoke referring to how they had lost their minds due to long time they had been in the veil.

Just before you could turn your attention back to the ghosts in front of you, you felt a strong force punch you in the stomach which sent you flying across the length of the room and slamming harshly against the wall.

“Y/N!” both Sam and Dean shouted

You felt as blood trickled down, your eyes slowly beginning to shut. The last thing you saw was Sam fighting off the ghosts and Dean running closely towards you, screaming ‘keep your eyes open for me baby’ before blacking out.

You jumped awake, your head pounding due to how quickly you had sat up.

“Hey, calm down, it’s okay baby,” Dean spoke from the chair next to you, his hand reaching over your shoulders and guiding you to lay back down.

“Lisa… Ben…” You spoke out trying to remember what had happened, “Oh my gosh Dean, are you okay?” concern laced your voice.

“I should be the one asking you that,” he spoke with a chuckle, placing a light kiss on your forehead, “Like Sam said, it wasn’t them anymore, as soon as they died it wasn’t them, yes its going to take a while getting used to the idea that they’re gone as I spent so much time with them, but now I have you.”

A smile made its way onto Deans face before infecting it’s way onto yours too. You both leaned in, his hands tangled in your hair and your arms snaked their way around his shoulders as you locked lips.

After what seemed like a few seconds you both pulled away, completely out of breath from the passionate kiss.

“God, I love you,” Dean spoke, his hands cupping your cheeks as he stared lovingly into your eyes.

“I know,” you joked, “I love you too.”

And in that moment of time, whilst staring deeply into your gorgeous galaxy eyes, Dean knew that he could never feel sad or worthless when he had such a beautiful, perfect girlfriend wrapped in his arms.

Mind Reader - Dean x reader

Imagine: Dean, your crush, takes a potion to read minds in order to solve the case you’re working on. However, your thoughts are too loud and dirty for him to ignore.

Characters: Dean, Sam and reader.

Warnings: A few dirty thoughts and a bit of fluff, I’m sure you can handle it.

Word count: 2,934

A/N: Yes, I interrupted the Sam spam for this but I couldn’t help myself. I was watching TV with my brothers and I saw this guy who could read minds (on a cartoon) and thought “this one could work” and I couldn’t imagine it with anyone else but Dean. 

Requests are open! 

**The dialogs written in italics are thoughts.

None of you were sure the spell would work, but Dean took it anyways. You were hunting down a vengeful spirit, even had a few guesses on whose bones to burn, but no one in that goddamn town dared to say anything; they covered each other up. Therefore, when Sam suggested that one of them took a mind-reading spell to see if that worked, Dean didn’t thought twice.

“Feel anything?” Sam asked. Dean shook his head.

“It tastes like crap.” Dean complaint.

“Maybe because it does have crap.” You muttered and Dean almost fainted at the thought. Sam chuckled and palmed his brother’s back.

“Easy there, Dean. Don’t throw it up, maybe it ends up working.” Sam said and his brother nodded.

After a few hours of waiting, Dean was positive that the spell hadn’t worked at all. Sam and you groaned and went back to doing research, looking for something else to make the natives speak. Dean walked toward the mini bar at the hotel room and kneeled down to grab a beer, everything was fine until he heard a voice on his head.

Is it bad that I like his ass so much? I mean, just look at it, he fills his jeans perfectly.” It was your voice, “And oh my God, his eyes are so pretty, like how can someone have that colour of green… ugh… You’re wandering again (Y/N). Maybe if he wasn’t that handsome I could focus on the research, poor Sam is doing the whole work again… Fuck Dean Winchester and his fucking perfect ass and eyes and… Oh yes, fuck him, I want to…” Dean blushed fifty shades of red and snapped his head at you. “Oh fuck, he’s looking over. Act normal, (Y/N).” You looked down at you laptop and started reading the text in front of you.

Ugh, they’re doing it again.” Now it was Sam’s voice, “Their eye sex thing is killing me. Next time I’ll get my own room… I’m sick of those two, why don’t they kiss already? They’re both stubborn asses, maybe I should find a way of getting them together.” Dean stood up and drank his beer completely before speaking.

“Um… My head aches, I’m going to sleep early… Er… (Y/N), are you sharing bed with me or with Sam?” The hunter asked, barely looking into your eyes.

YOU, PLEASE, YOU OH MY GOD. I don’t know, Dean. Whatever you guys want. I don’t mind sleeping on the couch especially if you’re by my side… For God’s sake, control yourself (Y/N)!” You replied calmly, although your thoughts were beginning to become dirty.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d rather have you share bed with her maybe the proximity will convince you to stop being an ass and confess your feelings for her” Sam gave Dean his best puppy eyes.

YES! YES! Good job, moose! That’s why you’re the smart one!” Dean furrowed at your thoughts.

“Hey!” He bursted offended and you and Sam gave him a curios look. “Sorry, the spell is playing with my brain… I thought I heard (Y/N) say I… I smell like… Never mind.” Dean stuttered.

If only! You smell like whiskey and leather and… Okay, calm down, breathe. Oh wow, well I was actually thinking that we could search for a truth potion… Like the one in Harry Potter?” You explained.

Liar. Oh yeah, sure… You look for that, I’m off to bed.” Dean excused himself and left. His head ached so much he fell asleep almost instantly, and didn’t wake up until two hours later when you joined him.

Oh my God, he looks so cute when he sleeps. Fuck, you woke him up! Shhh Dean, it’s me. Sorry I woke you, go back to sleep.” Dean nodded and relaxed again, unconsciously pulling an arm around you. “Yeah, I can definitely get used to this… Hell, I would kill to have this daily! Good night, Dean.”

The next morning, Dean woke up first. He was glad to be able to breath without your thoughts smashing inside his brain. He took a quick shower and, by the time he came out, you and Sam were already awake.

Hottie! Morning, Dean.” You said, brushing your hair in front of a mirror close to the bathroom door.

“Morning, sweetheart.” He replied, walking past you to leave a small kiss on your cheek.

OMG Dead, I’m so dead… He can call me sweetheart any time he wants… Although he already does that, but yeah.” You smiled at him like that was the most normal thing to do in the world and kept brushing your hair until it looked like you wanted.

Great, they’re doing it again. You might as well just have kissed her on the lips, jackass! Moring, Dean. Like, you’re so comfortable flirting with girls, why don’t you ask her out already?” Sam said with his usual morning voice.

“Hey, lil bro.” Dean cheered.

You big goofball, I can’t believe I took advice from you! That’s why I never got a decent girlfriend. You suck at girls, did you know that? You’re acting weird, are you okay? Or did you have a wet dream of (Y/N) again? It would be a lot better to do it in real life you know?” Sam inquired, frowning at his brother’s strange behaviour. Dean was smiling like an idiot.

“I’m great, Sam! Except…” Dean leaned closer to his brother, “I don’t like to be called a big goofball, I think asshole describes me better.” Dean whispered, winking his eye at his brother. Sam’s eyes opened widely.

Oh, crap.” Dean chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought when the spell started working.” Sam started opening his mouth to ask questions, except that Dean could read his mind and answered before Sam could even finish formulating the question. “I got it yesterday… Yes, I heard everything… No, I won’t tell you what I heard… I didn’t hear anything while you two slept, why are you so worried about that? Oh, that’s disgusting, bro.” Before Sam could ask more, you joined them.

“Hey, boys! Is everything okay? Sam looks weird, what’s up with him… Maybe Dean, oh Dean, told him a dirty joke and… dirty…” Both brothers looked at you. Dean had a dirty smirk on his lips while Sam was looking as pale as a ghost.

“The spell worked.” Sam simply said and your mind stopped thinking. Your cheeks blushed red for a split second and you had to shake your head in order to dissimulate.

“Really? Fuck!” You asked, trying to act as normal as possible.

“Really, sweetheart.” Dean replied, dragging the last word seductively. This time, the blush on your cheeks appeared redder, there was no way in hell you could cover it.

Fuck, fuck, fuck… Since when?” You asked, moving your head so that your hair fell and dissimulated your redness.

“Last night.” Dean had a very cheeky smile on his face, which only made it a hundred times worse because you knew very well what you had been thinking about.

I’m screwed, like super screwed. Oh crap; shut up, he can hear us… you… me… whatever, shut up. That’s great! We can now interrogate the locals and finish this case.” Dean chuckled and licked his lips.

“Oh for God’s sake, would you stop? It’s making me uncomfortable. Dean just buckle up and tell her…” Sam rolled his eyes and Dean snapped his head towards his brother.

“Shut up, Sam.” Dean said, “I’m going to get suited up and then we can go back to interrogate.” Dean winked at you and walked over to his duffel bag, grabbing his suit and locking himself in the bathroom. Your mind had been silent until then.

“What the actual fuck, Sam?” You whispered and Sam shrunk his shoulders.

“I don’t know… He won’t tell me what he heard and… I don’t know; just try not to think much until the effect is over.” He advised and you gave him a death glare.

“Oh yeah, sure. I’ll just turn my mind off, no big deal!” You replied sarcastically.

“Just, try to.” Sam insisted and you nodded. Dean came out of the bathroom, with his suit on and his hair fixed in place.

How ho… How excited I am for finishing this case! Really, (Y/N)? Omg shut up!” You thought and Dean laughed, he obviously heard you.

“Ready, Sam? Sweetheart?” Dean asked, again dragging the word on purpose.

“Sure!” Sam and you both said, stiffening and giving Dean a forced smile.

You were now on the car, listening to The Doors play swiftly on the radio.

Don’t you love her ways? Tell me what you say. Don’t you love her madly? Wanna be her daddy?You sang in your head, “Why doesn’t anyone love me like that? Is it because I’m weird? Maybe that’s why I’m such a perverted… If I had had a few more boyfriends in high school… Nah, Dean had a lot of hook ups and girlfriends and he’s still a dirty bastard.”

“I heard that!” Dean spoke and you let your head fall on the edge of the window, hitting your forehead.

Sam had chosen to read during the whole trip, that way his mind would be focused on images, which Dean couldn’t see, instead of thinking.

Yup, Sam is very smart… I wish I had brought a book… Ugh, stop thinking!” You groaned. Dean laugh filled the car. “What are you laughing at?” You asked Dean, leaning over to be closer to him.

“Oh nothing, just you trying to stop your loud mind to stop thinking.” Dean mocked.

“It’s not funny!” You argued in a childish tone.

“Yes it is! We can never get you to stop talking; I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to shut up your own mind.” Dean laughed again.

Do I speak a lot? Is that why nobody likes… SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, (Y/N)” Dean laughed again. “Stop it, Dean!” You pouted and Dean turned to look at you, his green eyes hypnotizing you for a second.

“I don’t think so… Sweetheart.” You blushed heavily and pressed you back to the seat, looking out to the window in order to let your blush fade. Dean chuckled and focused back on the road.

The interrogations were so easy for Dean, he ended up doing them alone. Sam and you just stood behind him while he and the suspect sat at the metal table to talk.

“So, Mr. Collins, where were you the night the murders took place?” Dean asked in his FBI agent voice.

“I was at home Queen’s crown pub, with Phyllis.” The last suspect was a lot dumber than the first three Dean had interrogated already.

“Right, and what did you order to drink.” Sam smirked, knowing his brother was about to close the case.

“A pint of… wait what? He discovered you, he know you and Phyllis were lovers” Dean leaned back on his chair.

“Sir, we know you and the victim were lovers, also that you too were at the Queen’s crown pub. What I don’t know is who killed Mr. Winston, any ideas?” Dean had his eyebrow lifted, you swore the suspect was about to pee himself.

“I know nothing! Phyllis did I swear! I’m innocent because Phyllis killed his husband! Please let me go!” Dean chuckled.

“Thank you for your time, sir. You’re free to go.” Dean got up and guided the man out of the room, closing the door quickly. “So, Collins and Phyllis are lovers, Phyllis kills his husband and then the dead husband comes back and kills Phyllis; afterwards, he goes to slaughter Jon, Phyllis best friend who also happens to be the one who introduced Collins to Phyllis. Then the ghost attacks Collins but he manages to escape… Now, I calculate we have like three hours before it attacks again.” Dean sounded like the cops on TV, so smart and so hot.

Fuck me. Good, we already know where the husband is, so let’s go. He is so hot while he’s suited up and acting like a real life cop… SHUT THE FUCK UP” The brothers nodded and the three of you walked towards the door, Sam walked out first and Dean kept the door open for you to cross it.

“Before I forget: thanks.” Dean winked and you furrowed your eyebrows. “I never liked being suit up but I guess I do, in fact, look hot.” You blushed instantly and walked out of the door, looking down to the floor not daring to meet those green eyes ever again.

After the easiest salt and burn on Earth, the Winchesters and you came back to the motel to spend the night before driving to the bunker the next morning.

“Um… I’m hungry, I’ll go get something to eat.” Sam said and both Dean and you nodded. “Make your move now or I swear I will tell her when I come back.” Dean pulled his middle finger out for Sam before he left.

“So, you’ve been quiet. Managed to control your mind, already?” Dean asked, walking over to your shared bed, where you were laying playing on your phone.

“Yeah, I guess I found a way of shutting me up.” You chuckled.

“That’s a shame; I really liked hearing all those dirty thoughts about me.” Dean laughed and, once again, your cheeks turned bright red. “You’re pretty when you blush, you know that?” You grabbed a pillow and covered your face with it, your mind started talking again.

Fuck, fuck, fuck did he really just say that?”

“Yes, babe, I really did.”

Babe? Fuck! Shut up, okay shut up, you can do it.”

“Please don’t.” Dean whispered, pulling the pillow away from your red face. He moved your chin forward as he scooted closer.

He’s getting close; omg is he really going to….”

“Yes.” He said and captured your lips with his.

Oh my…” Your mind stopped talking; every thought was shaken and thrown again by Dean’s lips.

You grabbed his shirt between your fists and pulled him even closer. He was literally above you, kissing you like no one else had ever kissed you before. His tongue didn’t let a single inch of your mouth unexplored, and his lips moved in perfect sync with yours. You were in heaven. Suddenly, a terrible idea invaded your mind.

Maybe he just wants a one night thing… Do you really want that? You would never feel the same around him and maybe it’ll screw up everything… Just…” Dean broke the kiss and stared into your just opened eyes.

“Don’t think that, (Y/N). Don’t ever think that, ever again.” His voice sounded somehow sad.

“Dean, I…” You started but he interrupted.

“I’ve had feelings for you from the second I laid eyes on you. Sam has been ranting about how much of an ass I am for not telling you and he even left us alone for me to make a move. You’re not a one night thing, you’re not even a two month thing… I want everything with you.” You shivered at his confession. His eyes were watery and he looked so vulnerable.

“Dean…” You whispered and pulled him closer to kiss him again. This time, the kiss was sweeter, more romantic and it lasted hours. You would only break it to get air and then immediately get back at it.

I will definitely get my own room next time. Although, I’m glad the old man finally got her.” Dean broke the kiss and snapped his head to the door where Sam was standing awkwardly.

“Who are you calling old man, bitch?” Dean asked, acting like he was offended.

“You, jerk.” Sam chuckled and the three of you laughed.

Dean helped you up from bed and led you to the table, where Sam had placed the food he had bought in. You all sat down and had dinner before going to bed. It was the best night ever; you could finally cuddle Dean without worrying if you were being too obvious and the fact that you could now kiss him anytime just took a big frustration of your shoulders.

The next morning, you were packing up our stuff. Dean and you sharing glances from across the room; you were thinking loudly on purpose, trying to tease Dean.

You know, when I pushed you to confess your feelings to her, I was thinking this whole eye fucking thing would stop, but now it’s worse.” Sam complained loudly.

“Shut up, Sam. I’m trying to listen to my girl.” Dean punched his brother’s shoulder and looked back at you. A smile formed on your lips at the sound of him calling you his girl.

You know, when we get to the bunker we should do that thing where…” You started, but suddenly Dean stopped listening. It took him five seconds to notice that the effect of the spell had passed.

“No! No! God, no!” He shouted and you immediately changed your flirty smirk to an embarrassed one, thinking that the thing you suggested was way past Dean’s limits. “I can’t hear you anymore!” Dean pouted and you relaxed. Sam laughed loudly and his brother gave him a death glare.

“Poor thing.” You mocked, “You’ll have to guess what I’m thinking from now on.” You winked and grabbed your bag, walking out of the room sassily.

“Good luck with that, man.” Sam chuckled and he too left the room.

“Son of a bitch…” Dean mouthed.

What a fun ride that was going to be.

Never hate on someone’s ship
Like bro, you’re not fucking sailing it so why do you give a shit? I don’t care if you don’t ‘ride those waves’ it’s fucking stupid so stop attacking their ship and sail your own in peace
—  God of shipping

@chrisevansthedoritobastard submitted this for a nervous Sam drabble… and I couldn’t resist carrying on a previous one… Thanks so much!!

“Are you sure you’re ok?” you reached across the table, resting your hand on Sam’s as he fidgeted. He seemed distracted and he’d been acting strange all day.

“Huh?” he looked back at you, and you narrowed your eyes at him. “Oh, I’m fine, seriously…” he leaned forwards, the soft candlelight flickering on his features.

“Really? Because you’ve been weird all day, and since the plates were taken you’ve kicked it up a notch. You’re freaking me out,” you laughed, a warm smile on your face as you looked at him with concern.

Sam leaned back, lifting his hand to nervously scratch at the hair at the back of his head.

He let out a dry laugh, clearing his throat, and looked back at you.

“Ok, I can do this,” he smiled at you and you were still confused as to what the hell he was doing. Even more so when he stood up. “Sam, where are you going, what’s going-“

Your eyes were wide, your mouth hanging open as you watched him lower himself to one knee beside you, in the middle of the restaurant.

“Sam?” you barely whispered, your heart pounding in your chest.

“Y/N,” he started, his voice shaking a little at first but growing more confident, “I love you, I will always love you, and even though we don’t live the most normal of lives, it feels normal because you’re here, and honestly there’s no-one on this planet I’d rather live this normal life with than you.” He frowned as he spoke, “OK that sounded better in my head,” he shook his head, “Dammit” he started getting flustered and you placed the hand that wasn’t held between Sam’s on his face, slowly stroking his cheek with the pad of your thumb. He sighed, looking up at you and you nodded, urging him on.

“I guess, what I’m trying to say is, will you marry me?” You pulled his face up to meet you kissing him passionately, tears rolling down your cheeks.

“Yes,” you choked out between kisses, and Sam closed his eyes, a euphoric smile on his face.

“Thank God,” he grinned, leaving a soft kiss on your lips as he pushed the engagement ring onto your finger.

You knew that having a normal life was all Sam wanted, and if he could feel that with you, that was perfect for you both.

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Black Sea: A Sam Winchester Imagine

So this is my first Supernatural imagine, and it’s a Sam one based on the song Black Sea by Natasha Blume. I got the idea from a Youtube video I found a while back, and I just fancied writing a Supernatural imagine, so I thought why not? I’m planning on writing SPN imagines for the other characters as well, and when I’ve got my plate clear, I’ll open up requests. Hope you guys like this, and don’t judge it on the terrible author’s note I just wrote. I’m rambling now, so enjoy x

Come down to the black sea swimming with me
Go down with me, fall with me, let’s make it worth it

The day you met Sam Winchester was the day your life changed. 

You had studied the man across the room from you, the way he’d run his hand through his hair, the way his eyes gleamed with interest at the book he was reading. 

That was at the library. You hadn’t expected to see him at the bar that evening. 

You most definitely hadn’t expected him to come over and talk to you. 


God, even his voice was perfect. He’d only spoken a single word and you’d decided that you could listen to him for ever. 

“Hi,” you responded, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. You were nervous around him, you were never nervous. 

“I’m Sam.”

Sam. The name suited him. But then again, anything could have suited him in your opinion. 

“Y/N. Is there something I can help you with?” you asked, still intrigued as to why he was talking to you.

Sam ran his hand through his hair, a sign of his own nervousness. 

“I was wondering if I could buy you a drink, if that’s okay?”

Yes. It was most definitely okay. 

“Um, sure. Thanks.”

Sam smiled as he sat down next to you.

But that was just the beginning. 

That was the moment you began to drown in the world of Sam Winchester. 

A thousand nights have passed
Change doesn’t happen overnight
Not visible at first, it’s important to hold on, hold on

Lying in bed now, it seemed like that night was a century ago. 

They say change doesn’t happen overnight, but clearly that rule did not apply to you and Sam. 

You’d never forget stumbling into Sam’s motel room in the early hours of the morning, never forget the way he’d pushed you against the wall as his lips devoured yours. 

You’d never forget tracing the anti-possession tattoo on his chest, and the look on his face as he found a similar one on your thigh. 

”You’re a hunter?”

”Yeah, I’m guessing you are too.”

You then remembered the black Impala you’d seen parked outside the motel, and then it hit you who you were really about to get into bed with. 

”You’re Sam Winchester, aren’t you?”

You knew the stories of the Winchester brothers, of Dean, the brother in love with his car, and of Sam, the boy with the demon blood, Lucifer’s vessel. 

He nodded slowly. 

”You know me?”

”What hunter doesn’t?”

Looking into his eyes, you’d made a decision. You’d pushed all the bad stories about him out of your mind, and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. 

You held onto Sam that night, not caring that it could get you killed.

Inject your advice to me
Incinerate our shackles

The next morning, you awoke to your head on the chest of the younger Winchester brother. 

Remembering who you were in bed with, and attempting to blame last night’s events on how drunk you had been, you moved away from his sleeping form, climbing out of bed, and pulling on your clothes which were in a pile on the floor. 

”Where are you going?”


You turned to face the man you had left in bed, and as you looked at him, the sheet only going up to his waist, flashes of the previous night found their way into your mind. 

Sam’s hands on your body, his hands in your hair, the feeling of his lips on your neck, his lips on your own. 

“I’ve got a case to go figure out.”

“If you’re on about the kidnappings, it was vampires. Dean and I sorted it out yesterday.”

“Oh. Right. Well that’s, um, great.”

An awkward silence ensued, giving you the opportunity to study the Winchester boy more. 

There was something about him. Something dark, something dangerous, something unpredictable. Something that you wanted to be a part of. 

You were about to speak, when Sam got out of bed, tying the sheet around his waist. 

He moved towards you.

“Sam, I-”

Your words were silenced when he kissed you once again, his tongue battling with yours. 

His lips moved to your neck. 

“Stay with me, Y/N.”

And so you did, letting the hunter hold you captive in his kiss.

You rise I fall, I stand you crawl
You twist I turn, who’s the first to burn?
You sit and stay, I don’t obey
Where do we land in the black sea?

Now, here you were, two years later, still not quite sure how you had ended up as the love interest of Sam fucking Winchester. 

The man was practically a god, and you were just you. 

Apparently, he didn’t seem to think so. 

Following round two all those years ago, you and Sam had talked. You heard the truth about his adventures with his brother, and with the devil. He heard the truth about you, about how you were by yourself. 

After much convincing, Dean had let you tag along, your relationship with Sam building into something much more complex than it had started as. 

But being with Sam had its complications. For one, there was a more than likely chance of dying. Secondly, you two were very stubborn, and arguments seemed to become a weekly occurrence, especially when neither of you did what the other one told them to.

But things were always resolved, either with a spoken apology or one of a more physical nature. 

You looked over at Sam now, watching his chest rise and fall as he slept. 

“You know, I can feel you watching me, Y/N. Which means you’re awake. Which means you’re thinking.”

“And thinking’s a bad thing?”

“Depends on what you’re thinking about. Care to share?”

He laced his fingers through yours, and pulled your head down onto his chest. You listened to his heartbeat, sighing as he used his other hand to stroke your hair. 

“I was thinking about us.”


“In a good way.”

He chuckled slightly, the sound sending shivers down your spine. 

“I’m glad about that.”

You looked up at him, moving to kiss him lightly.

“I love you, Sam Winchester.”

“Love you too, Y/N Y/L/N.”

Then, as he tipped your head up so his lips could meet yours, you found yourself once again drowning in the world of Sam Winchester. 


Sleep With Him

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 1229

Warnings: None

Summary: You and the Winchester brothers have to share one hotel room. (I suck at these, sorry)

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Ah, the infamous Samuel Winchester. Oh how you would love to run your hands down his broad chest and into his Saxx Boxers he’s always wearing. How you would love to kiss his perfect pink lips and run your fingertips down his chiseled, defined jaw.

Stare into his beautiful, shining hazel eyes with love and knowing you could call him yours. But that’s never going to happen because he doesn’t like you back. Why would he? Why would a God, much like himself, go for an average girl like you when he could have much prettier ones?

You didn’t think of yourself as ugly or anything like that but compared to Sam or even Dean, you were pretty average. You loved Sam in every waking moment that you knew him but he didn’t know it. Dean always knew about your feelings for his younger brother but you made him promise not to tell.

With a couple of threats to harm Baby, he was wrapped around your finger. But he never stopped trying to encourage you to confess.

You didn’t want to wreck what you had with Sam so you always kept your mouth shut and watched him be happy, hooking up with other woman. Sam was the reason you were in this life but you wouldn’t want it any other way because then you wouldn’t spend your life with him.

You didn’t like being on the road all the time but being with Sam and Dean, made it worth the while. You always had a great time and they never failed to make time for you.

Like when you were sick with a cold, they never left your side until you were better. Another time, you had just gotten rejected harshly by a really cute guy in a bar and the Winchester beat him up, saying how he will never find a girl like you ever again. There are so many times where they put you first and you told yourself that you wanted to spend the rest of your life trying to pay them back.

You looked over at Dean as he pulled into the nearest motel parking lot. The ghost you were hunting was located in the town a mile or so away from the motel.

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Summary:You and Sam spend an interesting day not touching, followed by an even more interesting night…

Word Count: 2900ish

Warning: smut, masturbation, use of a vibrator, praise!kink, voyeurism (sort of?)

A/N: Why is the idea of Sam praising me so hot? Hope you enjoy!

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  • Cas: Hello Dean
  • Deans Brain: "Hello my beautiful angel that is so lovely and adorable in every way, I just want to fuck you on this table right now and touch your dark hair, I love you so god damn much that I can hardly contain myself half the time, YOU'RE FUCKING PERFECT! DAMMIT CAS I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ADORABLE EYES AND HEAD TILT!"
  • Dean: H-Hey Cas
Sam Winchester-Imperfections

Title: Imperfections

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1088

Summary: Moments where the reader has done something that would be counted as a imperfection or embarrassing, but Sam finds it adorable. 

Being Sam Winchester’s girlfriend was not as easy as everyone would think. Not because he was a hunter, or because he had a bad past of his girlfriends staying alive… but because he was damn near perfect. 

Sam Winchester was a god. He was made in a lab you’re sure of it. He was perfect. Tall, hot, cute, sweet, strong, brave…. what was wrong with him? Nothing. 

Monsters; now them you could handle. Gore; easy. Downing pints; gimme! Being perfect and girly? Nope. 

You had so many imperfections, well at least to you, you did. You were always so nervous around Sam, not even wanting to sneeze in case it looked ugly. 


You glanced around, making sure none of the brothers were here as you carefully slipped on your glasses. You began to continue to read, now seeing the words clearly. 

‘’hey, babe, I thi-’’Sam stopped half way, you almost having a heart attack as you fumbled to get your glasses off but failed. You blushed, cheeks flaming up as you looked anywhere but him. 

‘’Are you wearing glasses?’’He chuckled, a small smile on his face as he squinted his eyes at you. 

‘’Y-yeah’’You coughed, placing your elbow on the table and hiding your face. 

‘’They suit you’’He smiled kindly, tilting your head and kissing your lips He walked back off, flicking through a book as you stared at him in shock, no jokes or frowns came from him, he said nothing bad about your imperfection. 


‘’Mmm…’’Sam hummed, kissing all the way up your neck. You groaned, elbowing him playfully as he chuckled against your skin, his hot breath fanning down your neck. You turned over, still not over how perfect Sam looked in the morning. You caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, shrieking as you pulled the covers up to your face. 

‘’what are you doing?’’Sam chuckled, large hand pulling it down. You tried to hide but you were unable to. 

‘’I look so horrible! My hair is sticking up everywhere, I have sleep all in my eyelashes and drool on my pillow!’’You groaned, covering your flushed face. Sam laughed, pulling your hands away from your face. 

He kissed you sweetly, hand smoothing down your hair. 

‘’I think you look perfect’’He whispered, nuzzling his nose against yours before clambering out of bed. 


‘’Awesome!’’You and Dean grinned in sync. You had both ordered the big sized burger, Sam sticking with his salad. 

You bit down into it, too much meat in the burger to handle as it spilled onto the table, some mayo smearing on your chin. You tried to cover your mouth, tried to quickly swallow down the messy food but it didn’t work out well. 

Sam was watching you with a smile, your face blushing as you turned your head. Sam shook his head, swiping his thumb across your chin and collecting up the mayo. 

‘’Ew, nice, (y/n)’’Dean cringed at your mess. How did Sam put up with all this, how did it not bother him? Instead he simply laughed it off and smiled at you as if you had just done something cute instead of ugly. 


You sat on the edge of your shared bed, a frown plastered on your face as you stared down at ‘it’. 

You thought about all the girls Sam had dated, how perfect and flawless they were. Then there was you, covered in scars from hunts, and not small cute ones either. 

Sam came into the room, watching you for a moment before he he settled between your legs and crouched down. He braced his hands on your hips, lowering his head and kissing your scarred thigh. 

You sighed, running your fingers through his hair as he delicately kissed each one. 


If it was something you didn’t have… it was a flat stomach. Your stomach was slightly round, still pudgy with a slight bump. It was basically anything but paper flat and full of abs. 

You always felt nervous whenever Sam would rub your stomach, whenever he would trace his fingertips over the smooth skin. It didn’t seem to bother him, but you knew if he saw a girl with a flat stomach then it would.

Today was just that. A girl you were interviewing was wearing a crop top, she happened to be a dancer, flexible, flat stomach that showed her abs. 

You felt insanely insecure especially since Dean kept commenting on it. Sam simply laughed at his brother, standing behind your and rubbing your stomach. You tried to suck in but you still felt like he could feel all the lumps and bumps. 

You glanced up at Sam who seemed quite happy and content, not even looking at the girl. You didn’t understand why he wasn’t bothered by it. 


You were a hunter, yes. But clumsy was your middle name. You tripped all the time. You were hunting with a partner, a girl who was steady on her feet and graceful. 

You were all sneaking into the warehouse, trying to be quiet until you had tripped on some wire and did a full gambol forwards and landed on your bum. You sat slightly shocked, looking flustered and embarrassed.  

The three of them turned back to you, the girl rolling her eyes as Dean rose his brows at you. Sam simply walked over, chuckling as he walked up to you and let the other two walk off. 

‘’What have you done?’’He laughed, trying to untangle you. You didn’t know it, to you you looked like an idiot who was tangled up in wires. But, to Sam? To Sam you looked like an adorable puppy who had been caught being naughty and tried to act innocent. 

You red cheeks only made him coo over you even more, smiling widely as he unravelled you and helped you up. 


‘’Sam, can I talk to you’’You whispered, your cheek wet with tears. Sam frowned, standing up as he grasped your hand. 

‘’Baby, what’s wrong?’’he whispered, caressing your cheek. Then you spilled it all, telling him how you felt like you didn’t deserve him and how clumsy and stupid you were. 

Sam chuckled shaking his head before wiping your tears. 

‘’Baby, I think all those things you do are adoable. You looked so cute the other day when I had to untangle you, I don’t want a girl that is perfect and never screws up. I like that you eat messily, I like that you have scars. It proves that you’re human and it’s what makes you, you.’’


// supernatural first dates aesthetic (2/12)

// dean winchester | sam winchester | castiel | adam milligan | charlie bradbury | kevin tran | chuck shurley | gabriel | balthazar | lucifer | crowley | rowena |

// library

// You looked up briefly from your book to look ahead at Sam who was sitting across from you at the table. With a soft smile, you tucked your hair behind your ear. “You know,” You began. “Out of all the first I’ve ever had, I don’t think a guy’s ever taken me to the library.” Sam suddenly looked up at that, a somewhat worried look in his eyes. “Do you want to go somewhere else? We can, if you want to.” You laughed, shaking your head. “No, it’s fine. This is perfect.”

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Best Vegas Week Ever

Summary: It’s Dean’s favorite week of the year; Vegas Week! After being crammed with the boys for three weeks straight the reader is longing for some alone time. When Sam and Dean leave for a fun filled day on the strip Y/N breaks out a bath bomb and her vibrator. What she doesn’t know is that she’s about to learn a valuable lesson on locking the door…even when she assumes she’s alone. 

 Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader 

 Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader 

 Warning: NSFW, masturbation, language, smut 

Tagging: @supernatural-jackles, @but-deans-back-tho

A/N: Let’s pray this uploads, I’ve tried about six times so far! I hope y'all enjoy!

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Nina’s Fic Recs

Week 4 - Ok, so this is super, super late, (just under the gun, actually…) but I was actually a little busy today…. Aside from it being Dean Winchester’s birthday today, it was also my mom’s! That’s why I haven’t quite had the time to sit down at a computer and finish it up.  Anyways, here’s this week’s list!

She Was It by @impala-dreamer - Sam x Reader, fluff, romance. Sam Winchester is the absolute biggest romantic ever and my heart caN’T FREAKING TAKE IT

Sweater Weather by @writingbeautifulmen - Dean x Reader, fluff. Giving a girl your jacket is like, THE ultimate romantic move…. and then taking her to a hot spring to warm her up??? Like damn boy u got GAME - signed, sealed, delivered i am YOURS

A Tongue For Atonement by @scorpiongirl1 - Dean x Reader, slight angst, smut of epic proportions.  

Oh, OUCH. Dean’s harsh words at the beginning just hit me like a punch to the gut… and while I personally would have preferred to get the talking and verbal apologies out of the way first, I am most definitely NOT complaining about Dean’s idea of a more….physical apology. I’d like me some of that….

I’ll Do It by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, cotton-candy level fluff. Like the kind of fluff I lose time day-dreaming about… 

Oh fuck… ohfuckohfuckohfuck i can’t handle this i can’t THE FLUFF IS TOO GOOD MAYDAY MAYDAY

Lights Out by @daydreamingintheimpala - Dean x Reader, angst, smut, fluff, the whole smorgasbord. This is a wonderful series - Dean’s part of an underground boxing ring at college trying to win you over despite your obvious disdain for him and dislike of violent sports… Part of me loves the cheeky, cocky, confident Dean we all know and love, but I also love love LOVE when dean lets out his softer, more romantic side in efforts to woo his lady…That shit steals my heart every freaking time, man.

Reciprocation by @samsexualdeancurious - Sam x Reader, slight angst, fluff. This might be a little TMI, but I’m on my period and I can’t handle these “I love you’s” I’m literally crying this isNT FAIR YOU GUYS YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME

Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You by @melonshino - Dean x Reader, Mermaid AU.

This is a really, really interesting take on an AU about mermaids - a lot of the basics are the same, but there’s a few differences. This is a series, and it looks to be incomplete for now, but definitely GO GIVE THIS A READ I need other people as sucked in as I am I can’t WAIT to find out what happens 

Originally posted by jadehydra

This Imagine by @teamfreewill-imagine - Sam x Reader, but Dean-centric. Fluffiest cutest fluff to ever fluff oh my god. That’s it. I’d done. Finished. Killed by the fluff. What a way to go. 

Welcome Home Baby by @samslittlespoon - Sam x Reader, smut. 

Well. That…. Happened.


The Babysitter by @revwinchester - Sam x Reader, fluff.  Ya know Sam…. if you reaaaaallly want me to be your wife, all ya had to do was ask….

Gold Star Membership by @winchester-with-wings - Sam x Reader, fluff n’ smut. 

Sam Winchester. Lion cubs. Do I have to say anymore?

you dont even know how much i love this its so adorably perfect and sexy and sam is so cute and theres cute baby animals and its basically everything i have ever wanted in this life wrapped up in a pretty bow thank you jesus

Where It Counts by @blushingsamgirl - Sam x Reader, smut. 

I am honestly so desperate for this man that I don’t think I’d stop long enough to be worried about little things like leg hair… Hi, my name is Nina, and I am slut for Sam Winchester 

She Is Love by @idreamofhazel - Sam x Reader, fluff, romance. 

This is it. The ultimate. This is the kind of love I would die for.  I honestly would love nothing more than to be there with Sam, every step of the way,  holding his hand when going gets tough and being a shoulder for him to lean on…. because Sam Winchester more than deserves someone like that in his life and I honestly cry because I know he’ll probably never get that.  Here’s hoping someone at least gets him a dog, goddammit. 

Hope everyone enjoys reading this week’s list!!!

The Bet

Summary: You should go out with the guy you dislike most they said. It’s just an innocent bet they said. You won’t fall in love they say. Pfft. 

Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Words: 2.6k+

Warnings: Fluff. 

A/N: This is my entry for @teamfreewill-imagine & @latinenglishfandomblog SSJJ, my job was American Football Player. This was a really challenge for me that’s the reason I’m a bit late. Anyway… Really hope y’all like this. ♥

Beta: @sis-tafics thank you bby!!! ♥


“Shit. Shit. Shit.”

You murmured running through the halls, bumping into shoulders and getting weird stares. Of all days you could choose to be late, you choose the day of your final exam. Slamming the door open all eyes fell to you. Taking a deep breath in,  you strolled in, taking a piece of paper from Mr. Brooks. Fixing your hair and ignoring the stares, you took the only empty seat. After taking the test you grabbed your things and shuffled outside of the classroom.

“Y/N!” You heard a recognizable voice shout your name.

Shaking your head, you kept walking forward, ignoring the source calling you. He kept calling a couple times, you wanted to walk faster but you had no chance of outrunning him.

“Y/N,” His tall figure blocked your way.

You let out a loud sigh, slowly your glance roaming from his feet upwards his eyes.

“What,” you spoke.

He frowned, yet his smirk staying intact, “Why so hostile?”

“It’s none of your business,” you replied trying to walk but he stepped in your way once again. “What do you want Sam?”

“You know what do I want.”

You squint, “The answer is still no.”

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Virgin Territory

Summary: firoru requested a Sam x reader where the virgin reader hides from Sam at first, but eventually decides to go for it.

Word Count: 2146

Warnings: Smut, loss of virginity (not sure if that’s a warning, but just in case…)

A/N: I haven’t gotten a request for Sam in a while, so I was super excited to write this one. Thanks so much, and I hope you love it!

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Drunk Confessions (SamxReader)

Request: Hi, firstly, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! :D secondly, I was wondering if you could write a Sam Imagine where the reader is in love with Sam and adores him more than anything or anyone else in the world so one night, when she sees Sam hitting on another girl, she begins to drink and ends up super drunk. She accidently confesses her love for Sam and they end up sleeping together (alittle roughly I might add xD) and the next morning shes afraid that SAm wont feel the same? Thank You so much

Warning(s): rough smut, jealousy, spanking, cussing duh

Words: 2300

Note: thank you!! finally a Sam fic!!

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Calling all Sabriel fans!

Okay guys, if you haven’t read this fanfiction right here you are seriously missing out. This is by far the best thing I have ever read, and a lot of things that happen actually make sense. It’s not just Gabriel magically poofing back from the grave and getting with Sam in .2 seconds no it explains how he’s back and theirs a build, they explain Gabe and Sam’s feelings towards each other and how they change and (in my opinion) have a more logical take on how to handle *season 10 thingys* than the show itself did. So yeah, really if you love these two goofballs 

And you want a ton of fluffy hurt/comfort, dicking around with Dean, realistic(for the show), adorable perfection 

Click right frickin’ here you will soooooo not be sorry

So goodbye

and happy reading

Imagine bumping into the last two people you never thought you would see again, your long lost brothers.

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*google searched pic*


“Sam? Dean?” The names rolled off your tongue with such twisted emotions the two men froze before slowly turning around.

Sam’s confusion slipped away as awe flickered across his face. “Y/n?”

“What the hell are you doing here?” Dean’s voice was flat, a quality you remembered well. Dad always was a fan of the emotionless hunting. Something you never believed was truly possible for an actual human being. What the hell was the point if you made yourself just like them?

“To be a good hunter, you have to get into the mindset of your target. Sometimes that means putting yourself into a mindset that doesn’t feel comfortable but is the only way to survive.” John Winchester kneeled down in front of you, trying to get on eye level with you. Something he always did when a ‘talk’ was coming or had already begun.  

“What you are saying is that we have to give up our humanity to hunt!” Your small voice rose and that squeak that drove you crazy because there was absolutely no way to control it at your age. You could not wait to grow out of it. 

“No, sweetheart.” He grimaced as he searched for the best way to explain so you could understand but really, you sarcastically thought, dumb it down to your level. “You just have to put it aside sometimes. It’s the only way to keep you and yours protected.”

“Funny because it sounds like a crash course in how to become the thing you’re hunting.”

His jaw tightened, “sometimes that’s the only way to make it through the night.” You fumed as he grasped your hands gently with a small smile and a quiet exhale.

“Then you’re no better than them!” You ripped your hands from his and stormed out of the room as hard as your six year old feet could.



“On a case obviously.” You scoffed.

A frown marred Dean’s stoic disposition. “Why the fuck are you hunting?”

“Did you seriously think you could just rub the Winchester off me by dropping me into fucking suburbia?” You barked then pulled yourself back, clenching your jaw as you stared at them.

Sam’s old pathetic puppy dog look appeared as he glanced between you and your oldest brother. “They only wanted what was best for you.” He quickly corrected himself, “we all did.” As if he could still pull off the collective decision that you knew just as well as he did that he never agreed to Dad and Dean’s decision.

You cackled, “what was best for me? Are you fucking serious?” You pulled out your gun and aimed it directly at Dean’s chest. “Do you even have any idea what foster care is like?” You choked on the words and ground your teeth together.

“Foster..?” Dean shook his head, “no dad put you up with a nice family! They were going to give you a better life than we could!” Sam nodded enthusiastically along but his small ticks you knew so well so many years ago still remained.

You laughed again only this time you couldn’t keep out the edge of fury. “You have no idea, do you? They had their throats ripped out in the middle of the night. I saw the signs and tried warning them that something was stalking us but who the hell listens to a seven year old about crazy stories she must’ve read in a book! I spent the next ten years bouncing around in the fucking system! While you boys..” You forced a smile, “well, he may not have been around much but you were still with FAMILY! I had NOTHING!” You spat and squeezed the gun, your trigger finger flexing away from the tiny piece of metal that could do so much damage.

“Jesus, y/n.” Sam took a step towards you and you swung the gun towards him.

“Don’t even think about it, Sammy. Not this time. This isn’t something you can just hug and talk it out. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Not since you all decided to kick me out and left me to rot.” Suddenly, tears began choking you and that little voice inside your head screamed, LOCK IT UP!

“We just didn’t want you growing up in this life. You deserved so much better.” There was a sadness in Dean’s eyes even though his face still wore that military stance that dad had taught him so well.

“What was it, huh? Because I was born with ovaries instead of a dick? I couldn’t be helpful to the cause?”

Dean strode forward a step and froze, staring down the barrel of your gun for a second before meeting your gaze. “God damn it, Y/n! It had nothing to do with you! We just wanted you to have the apple pie life! Something better than us!”

You faltered a bit, a memory of Dean and his twisted self-worth coming to mind. “When were you guys never enough? I may have just been a little kid but I knew where I fit in and I knew what I wanted! You were always there for me, making the best of every shit situation. Why couldn’t you just get that through your god damn skulls! I wanted my family! Not some lame excuse for YOUR idea of perfection! FUCK!” You spun around and ran from the house, leaving your long lost brothers staring at your retreating figure.