sam winchester marathon


‘‘Oh come on!”‘ You yelled, pointing at the tv.

‘‘That is not how you kill a werewolf! Everybody knows that. And seriously, even a werewolf would be ashamed of the way this shows portays werewolfs…’‘

Sam chuckled slightely at your commends and Dean nodded in agreement. It became silent for a few minutes.

‘‘Oh really!’‘ Dean suddenly bursted out as the main character walked into the kitchen where she had just heared a creepy sound.

‘‘Sure! Walk into the direction of the thing that is going to kill you, very clever. And what do you think is going to happen when you say ‘Hello’? Do you think he’s going to answer: ‘‘Yes, hi. I’m in the kitchen making a sandwich. You want one?’‘

You snorted and nearly spilled you drink over your lap. It was pretty clear you and the Winchesters couldn’t watch a horror movie without commends about, wel, everything…

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