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Must Be Love On The Brain

Summary: Based on 12x11 where Dean gets hexed with a memory spell. The reader is his wife who leaves everything she’s doing in the bunker help Sam get her husband back. 

Autor: @sleepywinchester | prev. deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 2.5k+

Beta: @latinenglishfandomblog

Warnings: Humor. Feelings. Fluff. Bit of Angst. Spoilers. 

A/N: This piece is kind of a episode, re-write honestly. Also this is my entry for @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge! My prompt is:  Black Label Scotch - “Wow, well don’t you look hot as hell.” Also, another Valentine’s themed fic <3 Yep, I’m on a roll. | gifs are not mine | 

Feedback is always appreciated it <3

“Call me if you need anything. Dean broke his phone.”

The hunch of worry Sam’s text message gave you drifted away quickly. Dean damaging his phone wasn’t something new. The man changed cell phone continually, and usually after hunts. Dean always ended up dropping over his device. It wouldn’t surprise you if he started to carry spares again.

For this hunt you decided to stay back and for once act like a full housewife. The laundry, cleaning or grocery shopping wasn’t going to do itself. You also have been planning yours and Dean’s Valentine’s evening. Tonight was going to be eventful.  You were a big fan of multitasking. Everything was running perfectly, you had laundry and cleaning checked off your ‘To Do List’ when Sam called saying Dean had amnesia.

In less than twenty minutes you were packed up and already on your way to them.

Knock knock knock.

You could heard steps reaching the door and Sam babbling some words. A part of you already knew it was your husband walking towards the door. In that moment the door got wide open, Dean standing in front of you. But the man standing in front of you didn’t looked back at you like your husband Dean would’ve have. This man glanced at your body up and down, his eyes not recognizing you but liking what they see.  

“Wow!” Dean exclaimed, his grin flirtatious. “Well don’t you look hot as hell.”

That was something your husband would tell you but not with those eyes. Dean looked at you like he saw a hot stranger. In other circumstances you would gave him a chuckle and blow him a kiss. Tonight your heart felt like it was being slowly crushed.  

Your frowned, “Dean?”

He nodded once with wide eyebrows, “Do I know you?”’

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Sam: I didn’t end bad when I was the “freak,” when I was drinking demon blood.

Me: Okay Sam. You got yourself addicted to demon blood against everyone’s warnings and started the freaking apocalypse. You were pretty unstable and miserable and a danger to everyone around you. You beat the shit out of your own brother, nearly killed him in your uncontrollable rage. You trusted a demon more than you did your own brother and killed and drank blood from a woman. The God had to intervene to keep you human. Your eyes turned black, you attempted fratricide, you murdered a woman for her blood. You became practically a monster and if it wasn’t for Chuck detoxing you, you wouldn’t even be here today. But hey, tell me how you turned out alright? Tell me how drinking demon blood and using your powers worked out for you?

For the bittersamgirlclub top 5 prompt, top 5 episodes that highlight Sam. Which, by the way, is SUPER RUDE because how am I supposed to pick just five?!? But I did my best anyway.

  1. Houses of the Holy: This fucking episode. The episode where we find out Sam prays every day. Where we find out Sam wanted, needed to think that there was “some higher power. Some greater good. And that maybe … maybe I could be saved.” And then I’m not OK until the end of time. (Also I have this headcanon that Jess was Quaker or Anglican or maybe Catholic, and she didn’t push Sam about religion at all, but they talked about it, and he liked her meeting/church and went with her sometimes, and she taught him to pray. And then I’m even more not OK until the end of time.)
  2. Metamorphosis: Where we find out how much Sam hates that he had demon blood in him, how tainted it makes him feel. Where we find out he’s using his powers because if he can at least use the taint for good, then maybe he can live with himself. And yet, because Dean asks him to, he agrees to stop (please, tell me again that Sam doesn’t love and respect Dean; go ahead, tell me). Where we get the Sam Winchester Core Philosophy: “It doesn’t matter what you are. It only matters what you do. It’s your choice.” (Huge shout-out to “The Girl Next Door,” “Alex Annie Alexis Anne,” “Reichenbach,” and “Paper Moon” for showing that Sam still believes this, whole-heartedly.)
  3. Free to be You and Me: In which we find out that Sam still loves and misses Jess enough that Lucifer picked up on the fact that pretending to be her would be the quickest way to slip past Sam’s defenses, and my little shipper heart is destroyed forever. In which Sam is arguably the most physically beautiful he has ever, ever been. In which we see that Sam knows how to convey the emotional impact of his experiences to non-hunters without telling them about monsters and hunting (so everyone who wants to tell me his relationships with Jess and Amelia were unhealthy because he didn’t tell them about hunting can officially stfu forever). In which he lets fellow hunters think poorly of him for the sake of doing what he knows he has to do. In which he only hurts them as much as he has to in order to get away from them, even after they threatened to kill an innocent woman and forced demon blood into his mouth to try to turn him into a weapon. In which Sam, despite being newly sober, did not swallow even though the blood was in his mouth. (Huge shout-out to “My Bloody Valentine” for reminding us of that strength when, after giving in because not doing so was literally impossible, Sam resisted Famine’s invitation to gorge himself and instead used his power take down famine and then volunteered for another painful detox.) In which I am eternally ruined by Sam’s face in the final moments of the episode, after Lucifer reveals that Sam is meant to be his vessel.
  4. Swan Song: In which we see, explicitly, the extent of Sam’s strength and selflessness. That he will leap open-eyed into hell, with no hope of ever getting out, for the sake of the world, for the sake of his brother. That he thought (per “Two Minutes to Midnight”) that he was the “least” of any of their ragtag family. That, before he goes, he does everything he can to ensure that Dean will have a good life after he’s gone. That he is stronger than Lucifer, an archangel. That the first thing he does after regaining control of his body from Lucifer is try to comfort Dean. In which I will never ever be OK until the end of time.
  5. The Born-Again Identity: In which Sam is more beautiful than anyone dying of sleep deprivation has a right to be. In which we see Sam’s willingness to accept the consequences of his choices, to go peacefully into that good night, since doing so will hurt no one but Dean. In which, even while injured from being hit by a car and dying of sleep deprivation, Sam pulls himself together enough to spend what he’s sure are his final days helping Marin put her brother to rest so that she can move on with her life, thus choosing to make his final act that of saving someone else. And if that’s not just the most Sam thing ever, I don’t know what is. And, as always, I will never, ever be over it.
How Charming

Request: no

Warnings: alcohol, language, violence, sex (allusions) 

Summary: The Sons were meant to keep Charming safe, so naturally shit happens when the Winchesters arrive but maybe they’re best friend is more useful than they thought. 

Tags: @arian5a @sassysupernaturalsweetheart @mishaohmygod @lightthischickup @lupine-princess @coffeebooksandfandomsohmy

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Charming was far from being accurately named, there was a dark side far worse than the cozy name implied. For all that went bump in the night, there were the Sons. Big, burly, and brave they rode together, died together under Jax’s command. 

For the Winchesters and Company, Charming was merely another notch in a belt full of "just passing through.” All the towns blended into one: each had a jail, police station, and nosy neighbors who just wanted to haunt progress for the sake of gossip. The Winchester brothers never saw much of the latter, often only seeing victims and their families. The domestic side of hunting was delegated to Y/N. 

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Like Son, Like Father Timestamp

A/N: This is the first of three fics I’ll be writing for my 2000 followers celebration! I’m so sorry for how long these fics are taking. This one fought me. I wanted it to be a little funny, but the characters told me that there is nothing funny about this. Major thanks go to @littlegreenplasticsoldier and @manawhaat who both helped me fight with this monster, even though neither had read the original fic. (Seriously, so much fighting. They deserve so many medals.) I hope I managed to keep the reader at least somewhat in character!

Summary: This is a timestamp following the events of Like Son, Like Father, which is set primarily in the beginning of season 11. (”The present” is around episode 11.04 Baby.)  You don’t have to have read LSLF to get this, but it would help. In LSLF, the reader is sent back to May, 1984 to protect John from the demon traveling back in time to kill him. While there, she has a fling with John, even though she’s in love with Dean, who has never indicated she’s anything more to him than a sister. When she comes back, angst ensues, and she and Dean finally get together. This timestamp is set in the beginning of season 12. Mary is back, and everything is just awkward.

Pairing: Past John x Reader, Dean x Reader

Warnings: ANGST. Some Dean fluff. Mostly angst, though.

Word count: 10,357

Disclaimer: Several scenes from the show are essentially relived here. I do not own those scenes nor have I written any part of them. The characters are not mine and those scenes are not mine, I’m just borrowing them.

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When Mary first arrived on the scene, saving you and the brothers from Her Majesty’s She-Devil, Toni Bevell, you were nervous. The anxiety was partly due to the fact that you were meeting your boyfriend’s mother, your apprehension only amplified by the fact that she’d been dead for over thirty years.

Mostly, though, it was the whole “I slept with your husband” thing.

Your nerves frayed as you dealt with the Brits, hoping they didn’t know about you and John. They’d known so much, but hopefully your trip was long before the Winchesters were ever on their radar. After what seemed to be far longer than necessary, the Brits were gone and formal introductions were made. Hopefully, Mary would think your shaking was due to the torture. When it was time, Dean held you close, introduced you as his girl, and no mention was made of your little trip to 1984. After the house was cleaned thoroughly, you all piled into your vehicles and headed to the bunker.

The drive back to the bunker was more than a little nerve-wracking, since you spent it in the truck with Cas instead of in the Impala with the Winchesters. It took a toll on you, not knowing what was being said between Mary and her sons, but Dean and Sam reassured you they wouldn’t say a word about it. Mary didn’t need to know. And not only did she not need to know about your two-and-a-half-night stand with her husband, it was probably better if she didn’t.

Back at the bunker, everyone tried to pretend that everything was normal. A shower schedule was created, take-out menus were shuffled through and evaluated, dinner was eaten around a table (a glowing map table, but still a table), and Dean ate pie like a one year-old on their birthday (it got everywhere). If there had been a studio audience, they might have believed that everything was fine, but you didn’t think any of you did. There were too many landmines lying around and all of you were becoming experts at sidestepping the the triggers. To make matters worse, Mary continually disproved Dean’s preconceptions about his mother, while Sam spent the whole night staring at her like she would disappear if he blinked.

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One Year Blog Anniversary!

To celebrate my blog’s one year mark I decided to host a challenge! Below are all of the amazing fics that the awesome writers submitted for the challenge. A huge thank you to all of my followers for keeping me motivated and supporting me this past year and an even bigger thank you to everyone who participated! I loved reading all of the submissions.

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Unpopular opinion?

I see a lot of complaints how Dean “caved too easily” to work w the BMOL. I get where you’re coming from, for sure. I wasn’t happy he agreed to it either, but am I the only one who saw it more as him being resigned than caving? Maybe semantics here but I looked at it as him being struck by Sam’s admission. Like oh shit, everyone is hiding things from me this season & Sam was just honest with me…I better just ride the wave on this one & see how things pan out. I mean, he still said how he def didn’t like them nor trust them & was going to bail the second he didn’t like smth so we shall see if they allow him to stick to his guns on that.

Okay, so you know what drives me nuts?  When people (particularly the haters) use Sam’s and Castiel’s first meeting as proof that Castiel is a dick who hates Sam.

I mean…that is either a deliberate misinterpretation of that scene, or people are for some reason not getting it.

Most importantly, it establishes Castiel’s rebellious/too-much-heart nature before his character was even planned to be on the show for more than a few episodes.

You see…Sam greets him in full on puppy-mode:

And Castiel does look a little Uriel-ish:

And then he takes Sam’s hand:

And looks up and calls him the “boy with the demon blood:”

Which, yeah, if it was left at that, total dick.


Then Castiel does this:

Castiel acknowledges that he knows everything about Sam.  That he’s “corrupted” and an “abomination,” a nasty mud monkey that Uriel doesn’t even want to be in the same room with.  And what does he do?

He puts his hand on top of Sam’s, an intimate gesture, showing that he is not afraid or unwilling to touch him.  That he thinks Sam is still a good person and that he deserves God’s (and all angels’) love.

I mean, Sam’s own father suggested Dean might have to kill him, and Castiel accepts him and lets him know that not everyone thinks he’s beyond saving.


He’s better than a cinnamon roll.

He’s a made from scratch Christmas morning orange roll.


1,000 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “If I turn around and see you staring at my girlfriend’s ass one more time…“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @its-my-perky-nipples

“Well, look at you Dr. Winchester…” You purr walking up to your boyfriend.

“Nurse L/N…don’t you look sexy as fuck.”

“Sam…I know that look. We have plans!” You lightly smack his cheek trying to snap him out of his sex crazed gaze. 

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Underage Drinking (Sam/Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader)

Word Count: 2,996

Sam & Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader

Request: Hi! Id like to request a Sister Winchester imagine where the reader is a teenager, and she sneaks out to a party. She gets really drunk and she comes home and Sam and Dean are just waiting for her in the kitchen and they just go all big brotherly on her? Lots of fluff but I’m not opposed to some angst either.

Warnings: Language, fluff, underage drinking, angst

*gif not mine*

You coming tonight?’ The text from your boyfriend, Jack, reads on your phone.

The high school that you’re currently attending for the new few weeks has proven to be extremely better than the last few you’ve gone to. You clicked with everyone immediately, being accepted into the ‘in’ crowd without any complications, meaning you got a boyfriend pretty quickly. You know that it’s not going to last forever, only for a month at the longest, but you’re determined to enjoy yourself while you can. Meaning that there was no way in hell you’re going to miss that party tonight.

Yeah. Tell everyone I’ll be late, though. Gotta wait until both of my brother’s go to sleep.’ You text back quickly.

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Request by @supernaturalymarvel: I just found your blog and omg *-* i was wondering if you could write me a reader x dean winchester (seriously love him) where the reader grew up with Sam and Dean and when she turns 21 they take her out drinking and lets slip of a little secret (shes a werewolf or something you can decide :*) and he flips out and so does sam and they get all mad and shout but they realise hey! I still love her and dean gets all fluffy and says he loves her and things XD

Word Count: 4213

Warnings: None

Version en Español: Veintiuno

“Hurry up, Y/N!” Dean called through the bathroom door. “If you’re not ready in five minutes, we’re leaving your ass.”

“You wouldn’t,” you responded with confidence, applying your mascara carefully. “It’s my birthday and not even you’re mean enough to leave someone behind on their birthday.”

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Not A French Mistake After All Part 2

Read Part 1 Here

Prompt: Imagine Sam and Dean existing on the same dimension as Jared and Jensen. They are sent to protect you. However, you work on the Supernatural set, which can lead to certain trouble considering the Winchesters and Jensen and Jared look the same.

Word count: 2,258

A/N: As I said, it’s impossible for me to write short stuff so this will to be divided in parts. I wanted to make a French Mistake kinda thing but there are far too many of those out there, so I thought: what if they were all in the same dimension? And this happened. I hope you enjoy it.

Pairings: None (yet!)**

Characters: Sam, Dean, Charlie, Crowley, Kevin, Cas, Jared, Jensen, Misha, Mark, Felicia, Osric… For now.

Warnings: I think none.

You opened your eyes, your vision was blurry but you recognized a person sitting by your side. The person by your side was pressing a cold towel, probably with ice, on your left temple. You moved a little.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Dean spoke, still pressing the towel.


“You fainted, hit your head, and got unconscious. You got a really big bruise in there.” He said with a chuckle. Your vision cleared out a bit more; you were now able to see Dean better, and he looked tired.

“It was a lot to take in.” You sighed.  Dean helped you sit, he handed you the towel as well.

“I have things to do but um… I’m sorry for being a douche, I was tired and you know…” Dean apologized, struggling to find the right words. You smiled and nodded.

“It’s okay, I forgive you.” Dean smiled back and excused himself, leaving you alone.

You looked around the room you were in. The walls were grey and it had no windows; the wooden floor matched with a small table with a chair near the big metal door Dean had just used to leave; a devil’s trap was drawn right in front of it. The night tables and the bed were also wood, but lighter. There was a flask with water – holy water, you guessed– and a bag of salt in one of the tables; the other one was empty. You waited until your headache ceased to leave the room.

You walked out to a hallway, it was dark and it had 7 other metal doors. At the end of the hallway, there was a staircase. You went up the stairs and found yourself at the kitchen, aka the same place from last night. Sam and Dean were at the table, reading something on Sam’s laptop; Charlie and Kevin were cooking something on a stove you hadn’t seen the night before; Castiel was also at the table, staring into the space. Everyone but the angel looked at you when you walked in.

“(Y/N)!” Charlie cheered, Dean focused back on Sam’s laptop. Kevin and Sam walked over to you.

“How are you?” Sam asked concerned. He cupped your face with his left hand and pushed it so he had a better view of your bruise. “It’s not as bad as we expected. That’s good.” He whispered more to himself than to you.

“I’m fine, Sam.” You assured, Sam nodded and went back to his brother. Kevin stood there staring at you. “Everything all right?” you asked and Kevin shared a quick glance with the Winchesters.

“Yes but no.” He said.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Everyone stood quiet for a few seconds. Charlie stopped what she was doing and turned to look at you.

“Well, nothing… It’s just that everyone is looking for you.” She explained.

“You mean…”

“Yes, (Y/N). You were report missing this morning…” Your eyes widened. You looked back at the brothers and Sam turned his laptop around, Jensen’s twitter was on the screen. You walked closer, reading the headline tweet:

“This lady here went home early last Friday’s night, she didn’t come to work this morning and she’s not answering her phone. Please, if you see her or if you know where she is, let us know. This is not like her. #SPNFamily” It had a picture of you next to Jensen, wearing Supernatural tees.

Sam got up and opened another tab, now it showed Jared’s twitter.

“You know her, you’ve seen our live streams with her and the backstage videos, everything… Please, help us find her. #SPNFamily”

It also had a retweet from Misha’s twitter:

“I would like to make an eloquent, funny comment about this, but this is serious. Please, wherever you are, know that we will find you. And if anyone knows something about her, let us know.”

Sam showed you every tweet from every cast and crew member, as well as everything the fans had been tweeting and blogging. Some people even hung posters of you on their towns and even some online newsletters had opened a mailbox for people to send information about your whereabouts.

“By the look on your face, I see you understand how screwed up we are.” Dean spoke, breaking the silence in the room.

“Yeah I know but… I don’t get it, I’ve only been gone for the night, and I didn’t even have to work today.” You replied, and then everybody got quiet again until Sam cleared his throat and turned you to face him. He had his puppy eyes on, which only meant one thing: he had bad news.

“Actually… You were unconscious the whole weekend. Today is Monday, already afternoon…” Your knees weakened. ‘How hard did you hit your head to be unconscious for days?’ Sam held you, scared that you’d fall again; Charlie pulled a chair for you to sit.

“Nothing on the angel radio.”  Cas finally spoke, but no one except for Dean heard him. The angel stood from his chair and walked towards you, he kneeled in front of you, and his baby blue eyes somehow calmed you down a little. “I made you sleep; your soul needed some time to recover from the shock.” The angel explained and you were able to breath out the air you had unconsciously kept in.

“I need to call them.” You whispered, almost like a plead. Castiel and Sam gave you an empathetic look, understanding your feelings; Charlie and Kevin turned to look somewhere else and Dean rolled his eyes angrily.

“No.” The older Winchester said, your head snapped his way.

“Dean, I need to… They have to know I’m fine, or else they won’t stop looking for me.” Dean got up from his seat, he looked very intimidating.

“I said no. Those jerks will eventually give up. Besides, you’re not going anywhere, why would we worry if someone sees you? You stay here and we wait for them to surrender. Done.” Your eyes watered at his words, how could he be so cold hearted with you. This was definitely not the Dean you knew, so different from the one on the show…

“You can’t lock me in here.” You said, trying with all your might not to let the tears spill.

“Watch me, princess.” Dean replied in the most cruel voice tone you had ever heard.

Nobody, not even Sam, convinced Dean otherwise. You were locked inside the strange looking cabin, and there was nothing to do about it. Dean even took your phone and blocked it so you couldn’t call anyone; the only thing it worked for was to listen to music and play those stupid mini games Misha had installed a few months ago, otherwise it was useless.

You missed your boys with all your heart. You missed Jensen and his overprotectiveness, and Jared sensibility, Misha’s weirdness; Pulling pranks on Mark, going to the spa with Ruth and Sam, the karaoke nights with Briana, Rob and Rich… You felt like you could cry your heart out, and even so that wouldn’t ease the pain. In spite of being locked down in your room, you still felt like Dean Winchester didn’t deserve a single tear, you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of watching you cry.

Kevin knocked the door and then he entered through it.

“Still a ghost, huh?” You said mockingly, trying to play off your sadness. Kevin chuckled.

“Not so much of a ghost, really. Chuck let me come down here for a while, to help Sam and Dean… I guess you could say I’m alive, except that I got to keep certain ghost abilities.” He explained.

“If I weren’t here, I would think this is some of the worst fanfiction ever!” You laughed and Kevin followed you. Once the laughter died, Kevin’s face turned more serious.

“I know you miss them, and I know it’s not fair to keep you here.” He started, holding your hand in his icy cold ones, “Dean doesn’t like it, and neither does Sam. Charlie won’t even talk about it, and Cas… The point is that we’re doing it for your own good. I don’t know what kinds of friends you are with those actors, but if you need someone to talk to, or just to spend some time, you can count me in.” He gave you a warm smile and you nodded.

“Thanks, Kevin. I’ll keep that in mind.” Before you two could say anything else, a loud noise called your attention.

Dean and Sam had just gotten back from a supply run and, by the sound of it, Dean was ranting furiously about something. Kevin and you walked out to the kitchen, only to find the brothers discussing.

“Dean, CALM DOWN!” Sam insisted, Dean throwing his arms in the air over and over again, the younger trying to dodge them.

“I can’t believe it! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” Dean shouted, his face was red in anger.

“Dean, we’ve been through this before, no one will notice.” Sam grabbed his brother by the shoulders and tried to calm him down.

“Yeah, but this time those assholes are all over social media! We’re not used to have this much attention on us… Them… Whatever.” Dean argued.

“Calm down, Dean.” Charlie spoke behind you. “What happened?” She walked past you to face Dean.

“Some kids at the store confused us with them again!” Dean explained angrily, Charlie shook her head.

“It’s not the first time, you’re used to it. What’s the real problem?” She asked. Dean opened his mouth and shut it again, not knowing how to put his feelings into words. Sam palmed his brother’s shoulder, a sign that he was going to take charge.

“They weren’t the usual fans that just want a picture. They interrogated us about when was the last time we saw (Y/N) and stuff like that.” Sam began explaining.

“They even had notepads…” Dean observed, interrupting his brother who looked back at him. “Sorry, keep going.” Sam sighed before continuing.

“They followed us out of the store, still asking questions when a notification rung in one of their phones.”

“It was a ‘tweet’ from Jenson.” Dean interrupted once more, marking the quotation marks with his fingers. Sam groaned and Dean apologized again.

“Jensen.” Now it was you who interrupted. Dean rolled his eyes and Sam nodded.

“Right, a tweet from Jensen so the girls started asking more questions about who we are and why were we pretending to be them and all of that.” Sam continued. Charlie, Kevin and you immediately understood what that meant.

“Basically, we have to move.” Finished Dean, and everyone nodded. “I hope you don’t mind, we snuck into your apartment and got you some… things for the trip.” The Winchester gave you a fake smile and showed you your travel bag, which seemed to be full. “Sammy did the packing, so if a piece of underwear is missing, you know who to blame.” Sam blushed and punched Dean in the arm.

“I didn’t steal any piece of your underwear.” The younger Winchester assured you. Dean muttered a “yet” and Sam punched him again.

“It’s okay, Sam. I know you didn’t. Thanks for bringing me my stuff.” You said, taking your bag in your hands.

“The trip to Kansas is two days long… It’s too dangerous. What if someone sees her?” Charlie observed and, by the look on their face, you could tell the brothers hadn’t thought of it.

“We can get her on the trunk.” Dean suggested, and everyone including you gave him a death glare. “I was just joking.” He defended himself.

“She can wear a wig.” Sam said and everyone considered that. Castiel rolled his eyes.

“I can teleport her to the bunker.” He said.

“Cas, you’re too weak.” Kevin spoke, but Cas shook his head.

“I’m too weak to teleport all of you.” Castiel had faced a few demons, followers of the new leader, and had lost some strength during the fight. However, the angel was strong and he was now recovered enough to take you with him. No matter how the rest of the group argued, Cas didn’t change his mind and everyone ended up agreeing with him teleporting you. “Ready?” the angel asked after you giving you some time to pick up all of your stuff (your jacket, phone and bag).

“Ready.” You said, excited for finally knowing what it felt like to teleport.

“Be careful sweetheart, it’s not as cool as on TV.” Dean mocked with a sassy smirk.

“We’ll see you in two days.” Sam continued, he held your hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

“Hold your breath.” Charlie advised, and before you could do it Castiel teleported you all the way to the bunker.

It was a millisecond trip, but as soon as you landed you fell on your knees, trying to recover the air you had lost. You felt like you were dying. Castiel helped you stand up; all you could focus on was his blue eyes.

“You need to recover; the first teleportation can be painful. I will put you to sleep until they get here.” You barely nodded your head. Cas pressed to fingers against your forehead, making you fall into a dream where none of this was real.

Meanwhile, every single member of the SPN fandom spread the word about the fake Jared and Jensen, which gave the Winchesters no other choice but to use a costume in other to travel from Vancouver to Kansas without being arrested or worse.


** So I asked you to choose whether I should make this a paring fanfic or not, and if yes with who. So far I’ve only received two answers: one asking for Dean and another one asking for Sam. Until this is settled, I will somehow juggle between the brothers. The reason why I asked you to choose was because I had already done a Dean Fanfic, however during the day I’ve been doing a Sam Spam (1, 2, 3, 4) which will continue up to tomorrow.

If this doesn’t get settled (and because I’m a Dean girl) I will make this a Dean x reader thing.

Feel free to send me an ask telling me what you think. Requests are always open!

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++Dean x Reader

Request!: Hi! Long request, but: could you maybe do one where the reader’s anti-possession tat gets damaged and she gets possessed? And she had made Dean promise to kill her/the demon if that ever happened to keep the demon from hurting him or Sam, but Dean just can’t bring himself to stab her? And then he and/or Sam almost gets killed by her, but they manage to exorcise her just in time? And then reader is mad but Dean is just worried about the reader? please and thank you!!

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After the Battle

Title: After the Battle

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 857

Warnings: angst, brief mention of injuries

Summary: After an old friend of Sam’s gets injured on a hunt, the reader goes to the hospital to comfort her boyfriend. 

A/N: Hi, savvy!sam here! This is my first one shot for this blog, and I’m really excited to share this with all of you! Please, leave some feedback and request a fic through our ask box!

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Your shoes squeak on the blinding white tile as you hurry down the hospital hallway. You can feel questioning eyes follow your heaving form, but you hardly pay attention to them. You round a corner and slow when you see Dean.

He glances over his shoulder and nods when he sees you.

“Hey,” he says as you come to stop outside the hospital room. “Thanks for coming.” His voice sounds about the same as he looks: worn, weary. Blood has dried on his left cheekbone and his temples. There’s a smattering of scratches along his jaw. His lip is split. You can’t imagine Sam looks much better.

You peer inside the room and see him sitting at the edge of a bed, his head in his hands. “How’s he doing? Sam?”

“Feels guilty,” Dean says quietly. “Nothing he could have done, but still-you know Sam.”

Yes, you do know Sam. He’ll go out of his way to help anyone. And this time it had been an old friend from college. The pack of werewolves-that’s what had given them the fight of a lifetime-was just something that Sam had to get through to live up to that expectation. Unfortunately, according to Dean’s call, it hadn’t been as easy as once hoped. 

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Everyone and their moms are getting on Dean’s ass for treating Jack like shit and it’s pissing me off because all of this has a logical explanation.

1. Dean lost basically everyone he’s ever cared about, meaning that he’s afraid of Sam and Jack’s ever growing bond because he’s afraid jack will take away the last thing in life that he Dean truly loves

2. He’s mourning Cas who’s been better family than Mary, Dean loved Cas, this isn’t even Destiel, Dean felt genuine love for Castiel because he was his best friend

3. He I STILL tainted by the mark of Cain, not as much as Cain himself and certaintly not as much as Lucifer but he can’t think and act straight

4. Dean trusted Gadreel, and gadreel killed Kevin, Sam trusted Ruby, Ruby set lucifer free. Dean does not want to trust anymore

Also let’s not forget; sure, Jacks energy isn’t evil or toxic but he was just born, Lucifer wasn’t born evil, it was the mark, this means that if Lucifer really did reach out to him whilst jack was inside Kelly then He really might become evil sooner or later

So please… they’ve known him for 4 days.. let’s wait this out

But can we seriously talk one more time about how Death, the most powerful entity in the world, the one thing that outlasts everything else, respects Sam more than anyone else does?

Death held Sam’s soul, and so he knows better than anyone just how remarkable Sam Winchester really is. His soul after centuries of torture, a soul somehow still recognizably Sam’s.

That scene is actually amazing to me, in that tiny room in Sam’s head, because it was so quiet, so calm, so gentle. Death, all the other times we’ve seen him, has projected a certain arrogance, one that can only by a being that will outlast everyone and everything. But here - Death addressed Sam as something close to an equal. They sat together like old friends. To quote Harry Potter, “And then he greeted Death as an old friend, and went with him gladly, and, equals, they departed this life”. So much of this scene brings to mind that quote.

Sam wanted answers and Death provided them. He had one final wish, and Death promised that it would be granted. No one else has ever respected Sam’s wishes like that. Death respected Sam and respected his choices. He didn’t pressure him one way or the other.