sam winchester in disguise

Catch a Falling Star

Characters: CastielXReader ft. Sam and Dean Winchester

Word Count: 1936 (Epilogue)

A/N: The epilogue to a Soulmate AU mini-series. I live and breathe for fluffy happy endings.

Summary: What if angels didn’t end up just anywhere when they are banished by sigils…what if sometimes they end up exactly where they need to be? Turns out you are Castiel’s grounding stone, and it’s more complicated than either of you realizes. Happily, the universe and Dean Winchester are as fond of second chances as they are of a long-suffering blue-eyed seraph.

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Sam blinked strained eyes over the screen of his laptop to fire a consternate gaze at his brother seated opposite. Dean wasn’t doing anything annoying per say. In the past hour, he’d uttered no weird observations, embarked on no pointless tirades, lobbed no undeserved fraternal insults, and engaged in no repetitive irritating clicking, tapping, or drumming noises. He hadn’t even mentioned being hungry, and Sam was fairly certain he heard the distinct rumble of an empty stomach once or twice in the eerie silence. This unusual well-mannered behavior on Dean’s part, was, in and of itself, exquisitely maddening and Sam had reached the breaking point of brotherly tolerance. “Stop it!” he breathily commanded.

“What?” Dean abruptly ceased his pursuit of doing nothing at all to respond, startled, to Sam’s unprovoked demand.

“That!” Sam answered. “Thinking. Stop it.”

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Double Trouble

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Summary: Relentlessly pranking the Winchesters had become a normal excuse to hang with your favourite Trickster, but both of you were so lost in the excuse that neither of you dared to admit the real reason behind the disguise.

Tags: Trickster, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Fluff

Warnings: Language

Relationship: Gabriel x Reader

Author’s Notes: This was super fun to write, most of my writing lately has been on the smut side, so it’s nice to finally produce some fluff. Let me know what you think!

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Way Down We Go

Summay: The reader is a Winchester and is tired of their brothers getting all of the attention in bars.  But when a hunt goes off the rails and they get some attention, is it really what it seems?

Characters/Pairings: Sibling!Reader x Original Character (non gender specific for both), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Word Count: 831

Warnings: Angst disguised as Fluff/Pre-Smut, Manipulation, Almost dub-con (but it doesn’t get that far), Hunt gone wrong, I’m not sure how to warn for this one, really, and I’m sorry…

A/N: This is for the Haitus Writing Challenge being hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and it’s kind of dark.  The prompts this week were “Tell me something I don’t know about you” and the song “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo.  I don’t use the lyrics of the song but it definitely inspired this fic as it made me think of this particular type of baddie and how it influences people.

Way Down We Go - 

It was going to be another one of those nights.  You were with your brothers in a bar, supposedly trying to get information on the case you were working but Dean had gotten a little too tipsy and had started hitting on a bachelorette party.  When you and Sam realized that no more work was going to get done, Sam joined your brother with the mostly single women celebrating their friend’s pending wedding and you realized you’d likely be going back to the motel by yourself.

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Request for: @depressedandoverexpressed

Pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Sam

Word count: 486


The tight ropes left marks on your skin as you thrashed around, trying desperately to break free. Blood trickled down the side of your face, and one eye was nearly swelled shut. You felt sick to your stomach. Watching shapeshifters disguised as Sam and Dean Winchester inflict pain on you for the past few days destroyed your sanity.

“Y/N.” Dean’s green eyes glistened with mischief as he picked up the knife on the table. “Did you miss me, sweetheart?”

The tears fell down your face as the fake Dean began walking towards you, each step echoing throughout the abandoned sewer. He bent down, pressing the knife to your already cut cheek and applying pressure ever so slightly. You whimpered as you looked into the forest green eyes that once brought you so much happiness.

The shapeshifter jerked up at the sound of Sam’s screams. Dean’s face contorted into a scowl as he stood up and walked off, leaving you sitting alone in the dimly lit corner.

“Y/N!” You heard Sam scream, though you couldn’t tell if it was your Sam or the shapeshifter.

“Sammy?” Your voice cracked.

“We’re here!” Sam yelled back as his footsteps grew closer. Within a few seconds, he saw you cowering in the corner with Dean right behind him.


You involuntarily shrunk back farther into the wall. Every time you closed your eyes you saw his menacing grin and heard his malicious laugh as he inflicted pain on you.

“You’re okay now.” Dean pulled you into his embrace. “I’ve got you.”

Tears clouded your sight as you flinched in his arms, attempting to move away.

“Y/N?” Dean’s voice cracked as he stared down at the girl he’s loved for years flinching away at his touch.

“How do I know you aren’t him?” You sobbed, “How do I know this isn’t a trap?”

Dean quickly pulled out a silver blade and cut his palm. “See? It’s me, Y/N. I promise, it’s me.” He cut off the ropes binding your wrists together and placed the cool blade in your hand. “If you don’t think that it’s really me then kill me. I’m not going to hurt you- I would never hurt you.”

You set the knife on the floor and jumped into Dean’s arms. His cologne engulfed your senses as his arms wound tightly around your waist, holding you as close to him as he possibly could. Dean dug his face in the crook of your neck, hiding the few tears that fell.

“Dean.” You whispered.

“I’m here, baby.” Dean told you, pressing a kiss on your forehead. “It’s me.”

Sam cleared his throat and held his arms open. “I’m here too, you know.”

You grinned, untangling yourself from Dean and giving Sam a hug. “Hey, Sammy.”

Dean grabbed your hand, pulling you back to his side. “Let’s go home.”

Leaning into Dean’s side you grinned. Home sounded good.


Sam & Dean Pics  (Shadow 1x16)

my endless∞spn caps   #so damn hot #their shirts actually say Sam & Dean on them…but they did use their real names for awhile in Season 1 until they were like wanted by the FBI so many times and shit #but they are just so damn adorable and hot and omg 


Sam v. Dean in prison

“Dean, does it … bother you at all, how easily you seem to fit in here?”

Sam & Dean Pics   my endless∞spn caps   (Folsom Prison Blues 2x19)

Can I just say how freaking proud I was of Sam during that episode?  I mean, I am always proud of Sam of course.  But damn, the way he stood strong again Lucifer even though he was vibrating with fear, the way he didn’t let himself be manipulated or bullied or shamed or diminished by Lucifer’ and his manipulative ghost of Christmas past tour.  His faith in God had just been brutally shattered, but he picked up the broken pieces and shored up his reserves and this beautiful man STILL has faith - in himself, his family and his friends.  And to top it all off - he’s willing to sacrifice himself again, if this is what he needs to do to save the world, even knowing Billie the reaper is waiting for him.  

I just love this man.