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Lay With Me

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! A little smutty something for you guys. I didn’t put a specific character for this so I’m letting your imagination run wild with this smutty fic. Enjoy as always and happy reading!

Warnings: Smut (unsafe smut), swearing

Word Count: 1273

(gifs not mine, credits to the owners)

You laid on your stomach, scrolling on your phone as you waited for him to get home, wanting the feel of his skin against you, his lips, his embrace, everything. You sighed. You weren’t a fan really of him going home at late hours even though you don’t really sleep early as well but you wanted to just cuddle for a longer time until you fall asleep. You were starting to fall asleep but you fought it in hopes he might come home any time now. You looked over to your nightstand, the clock flashing 8:30 pm. You considered to take a few minutes of nap just because you were tired and your eyes felt too heavy for some reason.

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Imagine: Sam and Dean are amazed by your hunting skills.

So I found those GIFS and I really wanted to use them, so here they are. I liked this actually, do you want a FULL STORY??





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  1. Do I wanna know ?
  2. Bite Me
  3. Cherry Pie
  4. I’m A Sucker For Pain
  5. I’m A Sucker For Pain part 2
  6. I’m A Sucker For Pain part 3
  7. Are you mine?
  8. I’m A Sucker For Pain part 4
  9. I Need You
  10. Forbidden Fruit
  11. Past Loves
  12. Truth or Dare, Princess (with Castiel)
  13. Man Of Your Word
  14. Curse of Desire
  15. Fooled Around and Fell in Love
  16. Next time


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  1. Private Thoughts
  2. The Devil Within
  3. Leaving Tonight
  4. Not So Innocent
  5. Let Me Show You


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1. Liquid Luck and Dancing Shoes

2. Don’t Poke the Bear

3. Small Spaces and a Not So Small Sam

4. Winchester Luck

5. Whiskey Dreams


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1. All Figured out (Damon and Dean)

2. Past Loves (Dean and Damon)

3. Recovery Plan (Stefan and Dean)

4. Essential Moments (Damon)

5. Essential Moments Part 2 ( Damon)

6. Teasing (Damon and Dean)

The Vampire Diaries: 

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1. Let Me Show You

Riverdale :


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  1. Not So Vanilla
  2. Only You


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  1.   Talk to me Baby
  2. When Words Aren’t Enough
  3.  The Dark Side


Buck Barnes:

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1. Dream a Little Dream of Me

2.  Language

3. Can’t Wait Anymore

4. Just the Beginning

5. Just acting, right?

Steve Rogers: 

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1. Until My Last Moment

2. Undercover Love:

3. Sunday Morning Rain is Falling:

4.Too Damn Long

Loki Laufeyson:

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1. True Self

2. That Mouth of Yours

3. The Perfect Time

4. The First Time in a Long Time

5. Second Chances

Peter Quill:

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1. Can’t Lose You :

Peter  Parker: 

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1. Spider- Man

Stranger things: 

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Steve Harrington: 

1. The King of Hawkins Goes Soft

2. Getting Jealous

3. Next Time