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♫ Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake! ♫

Supernatural parody by The Hillywood Show AKA SPN season 10 in 7 minutes.


At first I was like…no…but then…

You have to watch the Season 10 Parody especially the end and omg it grows on you and is addicting…#Shake it off



“God, what’s with your brother?” you scoffed angrily, running a hand through your hair as you stomped into the kitchen. Sam looked away from his salad in surprise, frowning as he watched you open the doors of the cabinets and then slamming them close. 

“First he ignores me all day, then he says that I’m not going on this hunt, and then – and then,” you growled, turning to an amused Sam, “even after I finally agreed to stay – he doesn’t let me borrow Baby because I could apparently lose control of her in the rain! It’s just a little sprinkling, but no, the great Dean Winchester has to make sure that his Baby is alright, doesn’t he?”

“He wants to make sure both of his babies are alright,” Sam chuckled, shaking his head slightly and turning back to his salad. However, his head shot up again a second later, his eyes wide and containing the same surprise as yours.

“Both?” The snap in your voice was gone, instead replaced by a softer tone. But Sam couldn’t answer you, as his mouth was closing and opening without out making any sounds.

“Uh…I don’t–”

“Hey, guys,” Dean grinned, waltzing into the kitchen calmly. “Whatcha talkin’ about?”