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imagine bucky going on vacation

“Cheer up,” Bucky says. “You’re always talking about wanting a vacation. Now look - tropics! Hard to beat.”

Sam considers this a minute, then also seriously considers kicking sand at him just for being glib, and also for looking so entirely at ease, spread out in the sun.

“There is a difference,” he says, giving in to his better nature and sitting down without theatrics, “between taking a vacation and being stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. While on a secret mission. Where no one has your coordinates or any real idea of your destination.”

“Mrph,” Bucky mumbles, and lifts one hand, waving it as if to say not a problem; he is remarkably and frustratingly unperturbed. Well, Sam thinks, peeling off his sweat and salt-crusted shirt with a grimace, Bucky’s been through worse.

And actually, if he ignores the smoking remnants of their plane and focuses on the quiet lapping of the water against the shore, it’s not too bad at all.

“Tell you what,” Bucky murmurs. His eyes are closed contentedly, flesh arm resting on his chest, metal one stretched above his head, and he’s stripped down to his shorts. It is distracting how comfortable he looks, toes burrowed in the sand.


“If you get hungry I’ll crack open a coconut for you. That’s vacation-y, right?”

“You’re gonna find me a little umbrella straw to go with that?”

Bucky waves his hand again - sure, sure - and doesn’t reply except to sigh happily and roll on to his stomach; after a minute, Sam gives up and settles down next to him. It’s not every day you get a free vacation, after all.

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Every Avenger has a charity they donate to, Natasha and Clint both to a children’s hospital, Thor to an animal shelter, Tony to an abuse centre, Bruce to a homeless shelter, Steve (and later Bucky) to LGBTQ stuff, Wanda pours all her money into an orphanage and both Sam and Rhodey put what they can towards PTSD research/treatment, partly because of their own experience and partly because of Steve/Tony.

Imagine James just asking all his uncles how they met his mom..

James: How’d you guys meet my mom?

Tony: well she was my secretary until I found out she was a undercover agent

Bruce: she tried to recruit me and when I got angry she pointed her gun at me

Clint: I was ordered to take her down

Sam: she was picking up Cap and asked if I knew where the Smithsonian Museum was

Thor: ah yes, it was right after I took back my brother Loki from your father

Bucky: uhhhhhh *tries not to mention his previous relationship with Nat or anything about the Red Room* I shot her?

Tony: LIAR!


MCU + Gryffindors:

The brave at heart, courageous and daring. Despite a reputation for being short-tempered and even recklessly heroic, Gryffindors are also known for their sense of justice, nerve, and for their sheer force of will. Thanks to their dedication to what they think is right, members of Gryffindor House are known as some of the finest warriors across the galaxy. 

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