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So Flirty - Derek Luh, Sammy Wilk, Jack Gilinsky Imagine


Being the only girl in a squad can be fun, but it surely isn’t always easy especially if you have very flirtatious best friends like I do. 

I just turned 19 and I’ve been friends with Derek Luh, Sammy Wilkinson and Jack Gilinsky since I was 13 years old. I’ve always been more comfortable being in guys’ company than girls and there’s a reason for that. 

When I was 12, I had a best friend named Ashley. We were inseparable. We were literally every single day together hanging out and doing fun stuff. Everything was perfect for about a year and then, my “bestie” started to hang out with the girl that we used to hate to death and blew me off. I was devastated, I couldn’t believe that Ashley would ever do that to me. I had thought that our friendship was going to last “forever”, but she ruined everything. But that’s not all, there was one boy that I was so in love with, his name was Adam. He was really cute and we would’ve always made and eye contact when our eyes would met and it was really cute. But then, this bitch started dating him as soon as we stopped hanging out. I was so hurt and mad. I wanted to rip her hair off. She knew I liked him and she did something like that. 

As I was deeply disappointed in girls’ friendships, I didn’t want to have friends anymore at all, especially not female friends. But then, I met these three; Luh, Wilk and Gilinsky. When we just started to hang out, I was really scared to get too close to them just because I didn’t want to be hurt by them like I was by Ashley so I didn’t taker our friendship seriously at all. But as the years were passing, I realized that they’re nothing like Ashley. After 3 years of non stop hanging out with my new 3 best friends, I knew they were here to stay. 

‘Sammy,’ I whined ‘Let me go.’ 

‘Noo’ He protested tightly holding his arms wrapped around my waist. We were watching a movie for 2 hours in his and G’s house and we were cuddled into each other and I really had to pee, but he didn’t want to let me go. 

G didn’t want to watch the movie with us because we’ve all seen in a million times, but Sammy got sick a few days ago and the cold was still holding him so I had to please him and watch the movie again. I always treat him like a baby when he’s sick. Well, not just him, all three of them.

‘I’m gonna pee in my pants,you idiot’ I chuckled. 

‘But your boobs were so comfy and I was just about to fall asleep.’ He said and I rolled my eyes. 

‘I’ll come back in a minute.’ I said managing to pull out of his tight grip. ‘Gosh, Sammy’  

I was literally running upstairs to the bathroom and when I finally reached it, I just rushed in without even checking if someone was already in there and what happened? 

‘Jack, oh my God!’ I screamed as I saw naked Gilinsky stepping out of the shower. I quickly covered my eyes and turned around. ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were in there and I have to pee really really bad.’ I started apologizing. 

‘It’s okay, y/n.’ He said. ‘I don’t mind really.’ 

‘I’m gonna to..get dressed’ I said reaching for the door knob, but when I tired to open the door, it didn’t want. ‘Why-? Jack, why this doesn’t want to open?’ I asked. 

‘Fuck, did you slammed the door?’ He asked. 

‘I didn’t, they slammed itself.’ 

‘Shit, now we’re stuck.’ 

‘What? Why??’ 

‘These doors are broken and you need to close them really slowly or else they’ll get stuck.’ He said. 

‘Great, G, you’re telling me this now?!’ I said frustrated squeezing my thighs and still trying to open the door. 

‘Wait, let me try’ He said. 

As he stood behind me, I felt his bulge poking my butt and he purposely thrusted himself a little into me. ‘Jack!’ I said slapping his arm and moving away from him noticing that he had a towel around his waist now.

‘What, baby?’ He laughed. 

‘Fuck off’ I chuckled rolling my eyes. ‘And hurry up with opening the door. My bladder can’t hold on anymore.’ I said and he laughed again. 

‘Well pee, I’m not gonna watch you while you’re peeing.’ 

‘But you’ll hear me’ 

‘Y/n, just fucking pee’ He said. 

At this point, I didn’t have choice and I just had to do it. 

‘Don’t you dare to peep at me’ I said taking ma yoga pants off. I sat down on the toilet and finally let the piss out of me. ‘Fuck’ I breathed out as I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief. I saw Jack turning his head a little to peep and I threw a roll of toilet paper at him hitting him in the head. ‘Jack!’ 

‘Now I’m not gonna give you back the toilet paper because you hit me with it’ He said. 

‘Jaack, c’mon’ I whined. ‘I’m done, I need it’ 


‘C’mon, don’t be an asshole.’

‘If you kiss me, I’ll give you the toilet paper’ 

‘Okay, just give me fucking toilet paper!’ I said and he threw it back to me.

I mean, only my friends can blackmail me with the toilet paper. 

I flushed the toilet and came over to the sink to wash my hands. after I dried them, Jack turned me around lifting me up, sitting me down on the sink and standing between my legs. 

‘You promised’ He smirked. 

I rolled my eyes and kissed his cheek. I pulled back and he raised his eyebrow at me. ‘What?’ I chuckled shrugging my shoulders. 

‘Seriously? I didn’t mean kiss on the cheek’ 

‘I know, but I’m not gonna kiss you, you’re my best friend, you idiot.’ 

‘I know you want it as much as I do’ He said trying to seduce me by pushing his head into my neck and leaving a kiss there. 

‘Jack, stop’ I laughed pushing him back and then he laughed with me too. ‘Open the door, I’m not planning to be stuck with you here forever’ 

‘Oh, but I do’ He smirked and I rolled my eyes at his constant flirting with me. ‘Sammy!’ He yelled. ‘Samuel, come upstairs and rescue us!’ 

It was around 2 a.m. and I was laying in my bed and watching some youtube videos since I couldn’t sleep for some reason. Just when I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep again, I got a call from Derek. 

‘Y/n…’ He whined. By the sound of his voice, I immediately knew that he was not sober.

‘Derek..’ I sighed. ‘Why are you drunk again?’ 

‘I was feeling like shit and now I feel even worse. I need you to come and pick me up’ 

‘I’m really tired, call Jack.’ 

‘Noo, I want you, please, I’m sad.’ 

‘Uh, okay, I’m coming. Just tell me where you are’ 

I sat in the car and started driving toward the club that Derek was in. 


‘Let’s get you upstairs’ I said struggling to take him into his room. 

‘You know, I’m really happy to have you’ He mumbled. 

‘I know you are’ 

‘If there wasn’t for you now, I’d have to drive by myself and who knows, maybe I’d get into a car accident’ 

‘Oh my God, Derek. Don’t even think about things like that.’ I said shaking my head. I don’t know what I’d do without three of them and I don’t even wanna imagine a life without them. 

‘I love you. So so much.’ He said taking my face between his hands as we reached his bedroom. 

‘I love you too. Now go lay down on the bed while I go get you some water, okay?’ I said and he nodded. 

As I came back into his bedroom, I almost dropped the glass filled with water when I saw Derek naked laying on the bed. 

‘Oh my God, seriously?’ I asked turning my head. ‘What is wrong with everyone today? Why do I have to see everyone naked?’ 

‘I sleep naked.’ He said. 

‘Nice to know.’ I said sarcastically. ‘First Gilinsky, now you.’ 

‘Gilinsky? Why did you see him naked? Did you cheat on me?’ 

‘It was accidentaly, of course.’ I said. ‘And I did not cheat on you because we’re not even together’ I rolled my eyes. 

‘I know, why do you have to rub it in my face?’ He asked almost starting to cry. 

‘Oh my God, you’re so drunk, Derek.’ I sighed. I covered him with a white quilt cover and moved his hair out of his face. ‘Sleep now, okay? I’ll come to check on you tomorrow.’ I said. 

‘Won’t you stay here with me like you always do?’ He asked pouting. 

‘I can’t tonight. I have something important to do tomorrow.’ I said. ‘I’m going. Goodnight.’ I kissed his cheek and he kissed mine before I left. 

‘Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?!’ I was going crazy cause I couldn’t find my other nude heel that I needed. I was about to start crying cause I couldn’t find it when I remembered where could it be. 

I quickly sat in my car and drove to Gilinsky and Sammy’s place. Waiting impatiently for one of them to open the door, I texted my date to come and pick me up on this address. 

When Jack finally opened the door his eyes went wide ‘Damn, baby’

‘Get out of the way’ I quickly walked past him running upstairs into my room. Yes, I have a room at theirs place. 

‘Whoa, she’s so hot’ I heard Samy and Derek comment.

‘Here you are!’ I felt such a huge relief when I found the heel laying next the bed. 

‘Why are you so dressed up?’ Derek asked me when I entered the living room. 

‘Because I’m going on a date.’ I said smiling as I sprayed my favourite perfume all over myself. 

‘What?’ All three of them said at once. ‘Why?’ They asked and I laughed. 

‘I don’t know really. I mean what kind of question is that?’ 

‘With who?’ Just when I was about to answer the question, the doorbell rang. 

I hurried to open the door and all three of them followed me. 

‘Seriously, guys?’ I asked quietly before I opened the door. 


‘Hey, Kian!’ I smiled as I kissed his cheek and he pulled me into a hug. 

‘You ready?’ He asked. 

‘Yeah, let’s go.’ I said and then I heard G, Sammy and Derek clearing their throats. I rolled my eyes smiling as I turned to them. 

‘Who are they?’ Kian asked me whispering. 

‘They’ brothers.’ 

‘Listen, we want her back by 11, understood?’ G said. 

‘P.M.’ Derek and Sammy added. 

‘I’m scared’ Kian whispered in my ear.

‘Oh my God, please ignore them.’ I chuckled. ‘Let’s go.’ I said pulling him outside.

‘Y/n, we’re serious! We’ll come looking for you if you’re not here by 11.’ Derek yelled. I turned to them and blew them kiss before sitting in the car with Kian and driving away. 


Sam Wilkinson or Lucky Blue Smith? We’ll never know

Masterlist I

Storyline: *=smuts

1) “Fuck I love you”

2) “Babe, is everything okay?”

3) “It hurts knowing you’re sleeping next to someone else”

4) “Do you miss me?” 

5) “Out of anyone, I had to be stuck with you”

6) “You should smile more”

7) “Leave me alone please”

8) “Don’t forget about me”

9) “Look at you being a cute little rockstar”

10) “She’s mine” 
/ 11) “Back off”

12) “You’ve done enough, just leave”

13) “How can you love something so broken?”

14) “If you’re reading this it’s too late”

15) “Please stop, you’re scaring me”

16) “Stop hiding yourself”

17) “You kept it all this time?”

18) “Admit it, you like him”

19) “You’re in love with me?”

20) “Go fuck one of your skanks”

21) “You could choose anyone but you chose me”

22) “I’m not going to be your toy”

23) “I just miss you”

24) “I was kidding chill”

25) “Well I don’t want to talk to you”

26) “I’ve never liked someone this much”

27) “Look at us being rebellious and free”
 / 28) “Wipe that smug grin off your face”

29) “It’s not what it looks like”
 / 30) “Don’t lie to me”
 / 31) “I’m with the boys”
 / 32) “Have you been drinking again”

33) “You’re beautiful”
 / 34) “I just wanna impress you”

35) “Eyes on the face”

36) “Never talk about her like that again”

37) “Mine and only mine”
 / 38) “You’re hot when you’re jealous”
 / 39) “I’ve always liked badboys” 

40) “You’re so cheesy its cute”

41) “Bubble bath?”

42) “I could really use a cuddle”

*43) “Clothes, off now.”

44) “The things you do to me”

45) “I’ll never let you go”

46) “Fine, whatever” pt 1

47) “Why?”  pt 2

48) “I’ll do anything to make you happy.”  pt 3

49) “Wait a minute, are you jealous?” 

50) “Have you lost your damn mind?” / 51) “I thought I lost you.” 

52) “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” / 53) “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…” 

54) “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” 

55) “And I’m terrified” 

*56) “No one needs to know.” 

57) “Please don’t do this.” pt 1

58) “Boo.”  pt 2

59) “Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me.” 

60) “Man cave.” 

Non-storyline AUs 

“Just some girl”

*“Be quiet, baby.”

“Goodbye” pt 1 - “She’s gone” pt 2

“Did you even study?”

“You’ve changed.” pt 1 - “Come back home.” pt 2

“She’s going to love you, I just know it.”

“Do you think she will forget me?”

“I ruined her.” Pt 1 - “I got you.”  Pt 2 - “Keep it, it’s yours anyways.” Pt 3

“Back into bed.” 

“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.” 

“Do my thighs look too big?”

“It’ll be fun.”  Pt 1 - *“Come over here and make me” Pt 2 - “You’re going to regret that” Pt 3

“Get her out of here, she doesn’t need to see this.” Pt 1 - “I’m drunk and in love with you.” Pt 2


*“Put them to good use.”

“You don’t mean that.” 

“Kiss me”

“Please, don’t leave..”

“YOU DID WHAT?!”  Part 1 - “I’m never good enough” Part 2

“You’re being a douche.”

“Do you trust me?”

“I think we need to talk.”


“Tell me a secret.”

“Talk to me.”

“I will always support you.” 

“Low-key” Part 1 - “High-key” Part 2

“It’s Papa Wilk”

“Power Couple” Part 1 - “Dream” Part 2

“No funny Business”



“Let go of me.” 



“Is there something on my face?” 

“Look at me”

“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you..” pt 1 - “Trust” Pt 2 - “Just Once.” pt 3 - “Nothing hurts more than when you shut me out.” Pt 4


“Her eyes aren’t on her chest.”


“Reasons why”

*“Just Friends.”

“Poke poke.”

“What’s going on here?”

“You lied to me.” Pt 1 - “Good to know where we stand.” Pt 2 - “Is that my shirt?” Pt 3

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“You look like shit.”

“Tired of 2nd place.” Pt 1 - “Live your life without her..” Pt 2

“I’m home.”

“Happy 1 year….”

“You’re on!”

*“In the Morning.”

“You betta get the fuck outta my face before I punch you in yours.”

“Isn’t this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”

“Fuck, I think I caught feelings.”

“Can you guys just fuck already?” 

“Do you believe in destiny?”

“You did not wake me up at 2am just because you were in the mood.”

Text AUs 

Birthday text 



Can Anyone Recommend Some Good Vine Edit accounts that I should follow???


-“jack, stop paying attention to your fans and let’s make disgusting snaps again.”

-when jack likes his fans more than Madison

-but who’s really jack paying more attention to?

-“I’m just gonna stand her bc they didnt include me in the picture, so later on I’ll tell them to kill themselves.”

-when u care too much about ur looks and act hella fake on twitter

-when ya boy don’t love u


Mr. Right - Soulmate!Sam Wilkinson

“Ugh I hate this damn tattoo” you groan loudly looking over your shoulder into the mirror. “It ruins every outfit”

“Don’t be so mellow dramatic” you friend Allie says tossing a jacket your way. “Says the girl who had a complete tattoo before she hit puberty” you sass slipping your arm through the sleeves hiding the splotchy mess of color on your back.

“We can’t all be so lucky” she winks. “Now come on we’re going to be late”

The two of you walk up to the club bypassing the obnoxiously long line of partygoers waiting to get in. “Thanks babe” Allie says kissing her boyfriend on the cheek. “Evening Y/n” he acknowledges you nodding “Sup Kyle” you return his gesture heading into the dark club. 

Less than an hour ago Kyle called Allie to tell her that Skate was doing a popup performance at the club. He had barely hung up the phone with her before she was rushing over to your place dragging you with her, not that you really minded. Any outing was a chance to meet Mr. Right. 

Over the years you had tried to ditch the fairy tale dream but still a small part of you longed for a chance encounter with your one true love where your eyes would meet and you’d just know. Such a moment remains to be seen.  

The club floor vibrates beneath your feet and the DJ hands over the mic as Skate takes the turntable. The vibe is hype as you raise your hands in the air bouncing gently to the beat trying not to break an ankle.

It’s not even halfway through his second song when you feel a spark bursting in your back. You shake it off but it intensifies.

“Aggg” you cry clutching your shoulder, the pain jolting through your body. “Shit Y/n are you all right?” Allie asks you supporting your weight. “I’ll be fine I’m just going to run to the bathroom” you brush her off not wanting her to miss Skate’s performance.

You weave through the crowd when the pain suddenly intensifies as if someone just lit your back on fire. Fuck there like a million people here. Squinting into the darkness and throng on people you search for any sign that someone in as much pain as you but no one catches your eye. 

With the crippling pain the only thing you’re able to focus on you make your way to the bathroom to collect yourself.

No one warns you that it’s going to hurt like a bitch. You think gritting your teeth. After what feels like forever you escape the sea of people yanking the bathroom door open nearly knocking over a couple making out. Just as you are about to slip between the small opening a flash of distinct colors catch your eye, the same colors you’d been staring at on your back for years were now on this stranger’s arm.

A cough from the stranger pulls you out of your fog.

“Can I help you with something?” he asks clearly annoyed. Well this is how it’s supposed to go. You look from him to the girl in his arms and back again a lump forming in your throat. “Do you have a problem” he demands snapping his fingers in front of my face. “No sorry thought you were someone else” you grumble pushing into the bathroom. Of fucking course. You dumbass, fairytales only exist in stories. You tug off your jacket revealing your new tattoo. It was beautiful. But did he really have to be making out with someone else? Bitch get it together you’re not even anything to him. You’re right and I’m not going to be, plenty of people are perfectly happy without their soulmate. 

Pushing open the door slowly you brace yourself to run into the couple again but they’re no where to be found unlike your friend who yanks your arm the moment you step out. 

“Skate invited us up to his hotel suite let’s go”

If there was the ability to bottle up a vibe and release it then that’s exactly what happened in Skate’s hotel suite because it felt like you hadn’t even left the club at all. You tell Allie to go have a good time just don’t leave without you, not that you couldn’t fend for yourself. 

You stand to the window overlooking the city when a strong firm hands lands on your shoulder patting the sensitive area. Hissing you recoil under the touch moving hastily out of reach. “Sorry new tattoo” you point having taken off your jacket “Holy shit wait right here” Skate hastens and before you have a chance to stop him he’s gone. You shrug off his response turning back to the window sipping your drink. 

“I think you two should meet” Nate says pushing forward a newly familiar blond “Bathroom girl?” he questions “Sloppy makeout guy” you say raising an eyebrow. “Umm..” Nate says confused. “Sam look” he turns your around exposing your back to Sam.

“Holy fuck, you’re her” He exclaims. The color drains from his face like he’s just seen a ghost staring at your back.

“Well this is underwhelming” you say looking him up and down. Fuckboy.

“I’m Sam” he says extending his hand. “I’m… not interested” you reply looking down at his hand. He awkwardly retracts it shoving it deep in his pockets turning his gaze to the ground.  

“Whatever I just thought you should meet” Skate says leaving the two of you alone

“Can we sit and talk” he offers shyly. “Why don’t you go talk to your girlfriend” you sneer.

“I don’t have one” he almost whispers “Of course you don’t” you glare your voice dripping with judgement “What is that supposed to mean?” he questions offended

“Well I saw you making out with that girl is that just what you do?” you accuse pissed that’s he the one you’re supposed to be with. 

“And you’re being super judgy is that just what you do?” he throws back feeling over your attitude.

You take a sip from your cup down the rest of the liquid. “I get it I’m not what you expected” he sympathizes his expression softening

Slouching down against the window you sit to the floor. “This is such a mess” laying your head in your hands.

“Come on at least give a chance, I mean someone thought we were perfect for each other. You have to be a little curious” he says sitting against the window.

He was right the nosy part of you wanted to know everything about your supposed Mr. Right even if you were pretty sure you knew his type.

“Okay” “You drink?” “Obviously” “Perfect” He gets up just as quickly as he sat dashing across the room.

“Trying to get me drunk?” eyeing the bottle of Smirnoff in his hand. “Only if it makes you nicer” he teases.

“Since you think you’ve got me got pegged let’s play a game. For every fact you can guess about me I’ll take a drink and vice versa” This is like taking candy from a baby.

“Fine. I’ll let you go first” you reply smugly.

“Your friend brought you here” rolling your eyes you take a sip

“You’re not a natural blond.” you smirk starting with the obvious “No shit Sherlock” he says pointing to his roots.

He looks at you in silence figuring out what to guess next.

“You prefer drinking to dancing” your jaw drops slightly at the accurate comment. “You’re still wearing your shoes and it’s almost 2” He was right looking around you see various high heels strewn around. 

“Our tattoo isn’t your first, because while I was about to pass the fuck out from the pain you didn’t even flinch” you laugh. He pulls up his sleeve exposing the colorful ink. “Damn it looks good on you” you whisper without thinking. “So would you” Sam husks gazing at you. Your heart pounds in your chest at his flirtatious words.

Guess after guess you find yourself opening up to him and learn that there’s more to him than meets the eye.  

“I’m sorry I really do wish we met differently” he sighs wrapping his arm around your shoulder “Me too” you sigh resting your head on his. “Sorry for earlier the judgy bitch thing”

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you” he mocks “I said I’m sorry for judging you when I saw you sucking face with someone”

“Ooh that cut me right here” he jokes putting an X over his heart. 

“Y/n it’s time to go” Allie shouts standing by the door. “I’ll be there in a sec” you return not ready to leave Sam

Glancing around the hotel room your realize that the party has thinned out, the music has been shut off and there are only a few people left most of whom were heading for the door. Sam stands up helping you to your feet. 

Sam hugs you setting his forehead against yours peering into your eyes. “I’m glad I met you tonight” His hand trails your ear brushing a strand of hair behind it. 

“I really do have to go Sam” you rasp “Then you should go ma” he whispers, your mouths almost touching. You can feel his breathe on your face the intensity of having him so close. Closing your eyes you let the feeling overtake you, everything about this moment you wanted to remember. 

“Y/n now!” He reluctantly lets you go kissing your cheek watching as you leave.

“You were stuck to that guy back there like glue” Allie says as you wait for the elevator “Shut up I don’t say anything about you and Kyle”

“That’s different he’s my- was that your soulmate” you smile at her figuring it out. “When are you getting together again?” “I don’t know…” “No worries he can text you later” you stop stunned. You dash back across the lobby mashing the elevator buttons praying it to go faster. Sprinting down the hall you come to a halt at the open hotel room door.

It’s empty as if the party never happened and he’s… gone. 

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Mondays aren’t bad after all. ~Sammy Wilk Imagine.



Monday. Oh, how I hate Monday’s. Why can’t the week just not have a Monday? or why can’t Monday’s just not suck? argh! Monday’s stress me out. You know what makes it worse? Prom is this Saturday and no-one has even asked me yet. My friends said I could just go with them but it’s not the same…

I walked over to my locker to grab my books for the long boring day of class. I was deep in my locker when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I got a fright and jumped, banging my head off the top of it.

“oh sorry, Y/N!” Sam apologized. I looked at him confused as to why he was talking to me we are on both opposite ends of the Social spectrum. Him being the athletic Jock type and me being the geeky nerd type.

“uh, it’s okay, sam” I smiled nervously. He smiled back.

“Just call me Sammy” He stated.

“Okay, Sammy so what’s up?” I asked. He scratched the back of his head nervously.

“uh, nothing I was just wondering if I could walk you to class?” He asked

“Of course” He smiled and grabbed my books out my hands and started walking in the opposite direction. I laughed.

“Sammy?” I called after him.

“My Regi is this way,” I said pointing the in the opposite direction. A red flush crept onto his cheeks.

“Oh,” he said, turning in the right direction.

Sammy walked me to regi and pretty much every class till lunch, at the beginning of 4th period Sammy asked me to meet him at his table for lunch. Okay, today has been quite weird, first the whole walking to class now he asked me to sit with him at lunch. Even my friends were confused.

At the end of the 4th period, I walked out of class and headed down to the lunch hall and walked over to Sammy’s table where he was sitting with a bunch of guys and a box right in front of him.

“Hey, Y/N!” He waved to me and introduced me to his friends.

“Hey,” I gave a shy wave. “What did you want to talk to me about Sammy?” I asked shyly. He smiled at me and grabbed a large piece of card, and held it up.

The card read: “I know you want a piece of me so” With an arrow pointing down, I looked at the box on the table and one of the Jack’s opened it revealing a cake with the word “Prom?” on it.

I Smiled and looked at Sammy who was smiling too. He looked at me a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

“So, how about it, Y/N?” He asked

“I’d love to go to Prom with you, Sammy!” I smiled from ear to ear. He dropped the card to the ground and I ran into his arms for a hug. I leaned away from the hug to look at his face, he was intently staring back at me. He began to lean down, my heart raced when his soft lips met mine for a sweet kiss. When we pulled away he looked at me and said:

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that"I smiled

"Me too, Sammy, Me too.” I sighed resting my head on his chest, his arms still wrapped tightly around my waist. I could hear Sammy’s friends cheering in the background.

Okay, maybe this Monday wasn’t so bad after all…

Change- Sam Wilkinson Fanfic

So… this is a post where i’ll put all the links to each chapter as I write them. It’s more organized and i guess its easier to find the chapters and everything. so yeah, byee

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Sam Wilkinson - Napping and cuddling

Request: Cute Sammy image where u guys cuddle but could u include that ur not dating and that u guys like each other and everyone knows but you guys plzzzzx ?????


Being a student and having a part time job is not the most relaxing thing. From school to work, from work to home to do homework, research, my choirs, and then go back to school, and the whole thing starts from the beginning again. I was exhausted and all I wanted is just to get some more sleep. But my best friends were in town and they wanted to spend the evening with me. Fortunately I wasn’t working that day, and I was planning on staying in bed and get some sleep for the next few weeks, but then Nate called me and I couldn’t say no. So it didn’t matter how tired I was, I wanted to be with them.

“Here is our favorite girl!” Nate greeted me as I stepped into his apartment.

“Hey,” I smiled at him giving him a hug. The Jacks, Nash, Hayes and Sammy was already there, of course I was the last one to arrive. “Hey boys!” I greeted all of them crushing down to the couch.

“Leave us some space!” Nash whined as I occupied the whole couch lying down comfortably.

“Nah, I’m half asleep, I need the whole couch,” I said grinning up at him, but then I made some space to them.

I watched as Sam smiled down at me and then went to the kitchen. I sighed taking a look at his back. Sam was always my secret crush, but hey, who didn’t have a crush on him? He was perfect in all ways, and I guess he knew it too, this is why he could get any girl so easily, while I was just dreaming that someday I will be the one he will have eyes for. I always had a feeling that he may like me, but then he went on and I saw him with another girl, and he always made me confused with his actions.

Hayes switched the TV on and we started to watch a series when all the guys came back in to the room. At first we were just talking about things that happened lately to us, and I swear I was interested in their stories, but I was just so sleepy I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

“I think our stories are too boring for Y/N,” Nate laughed poking me to wake me up. I groaned shaking my head.

“No, I’m just really tired.”

“Then take a nap,” Hayes suggested.

“No, I won’t spend our quality time sleeping,” I protested shaking my head but I already felt my eyes closing again. From that moment I only woke up for a few minutes several times. At first when I opened my eyes again the boys were watching dumb videos, so I just closed my eyes and fell back asleep. The next time Nash and Nate were out of the room, I was still crawled up on the couch and Sam was sitting at my leg.

“Did I miss something important?” I asked still half asleep. He gave me a warm smile and shook his head.

“Just sleep,” he told me and he put his hand to my feet massaging them. It just only made me fall asleep faster, his hands were magical.

The third time my legs were in his lap, he was holding them and he was just casually talking with the boys while caressing my legs. I didn’t move, he didn’t notice that I woke up. I wanted him to continue it, so I just closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

The fourth and last time when I woke up it was dark in the room, but some light was crawling in from the kitchen where the boys probably were, I heard their voices as they were laughing on something. But I wasn’t alone lying on the couch. Two arms were around my waist and someone was calmly sleeping behind my back spooning with me. I looked down and saw the armband Sammy was wearing that night realizing that it was him behind me. We were literally cuddling on Nate’s couch and the guys left us alone.

I didn’t want to wake him up so I didn’t even move, but a few moments later he woke up. I guess he was surprised by our position just as much as I was. I turned around facing him.

“Hey, did I wake you up?” I asked quietly, but I already knew his answer.

“No,” he shook his head smiling and I couldn’t not notice that his arms were still around me. “Your sleepiness was so catchy, I fell asleep too,” he chuckled closing his eyes for a minute.

“Sorry. But to be honest, I still can sleep some more,” I admitted smiling widely.

“Then just sleep. I could use some more time too,” he replied. I thought that he would at least let go of me, but he didn’t. It encouraged me to make myself more comfortable, so I just did what I always wanted to do. I lay my head to his chest and hugged his body. I guess it surprised him at first, but then his arms were around me once again and he even kissed the top of my head.

I was still so damn sleepy, but in that position I just couldn’t fall asleep. I was listening to his breathing and heart beating, but I couldn’t drift back to sleep.

“Sam?” I whispered after a while hoping he couldn’t sleep as well.


“I can’t sleep,” I admitted.

“Am I uncomfortable?” he asked lightly laughing. I giggled looking up at him.

“No, I just…” I didn’t know what to say. I almost told him that I was just too nervous that we were literally cuddling.

“I can’t sleep either,” he admitted looking down at me with a small smile. “I’m not used to the feeling of your body next to mine.” I cracked a smile hearing his words. “Do you know why?” It was a bit stupid question, but I was sure he asked it for a reason. I shook my head no. “Because I imagined this plenty of times before.”

I raised my eyebrows at him slowly processing his words.

“You did?” I whispered and his answer was a nod. “Because I did too.”

He stared at me for a moment trying to decide if I really meant it, and when he knew that I did, he leaned down and just pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t like I imagined it to be, we weren’t on the most romantic place. We were lying on Nate’s couch and I could hear the guys talk in the kitchen while Sam and I were kissing like little teenagers.

I don’t know how much time we spent like this, but then the light went on and we almost jumped away from each other.

“Look at the little love birds!” Gilinsky sang as they walked in from the kitchen. I felt myself blush and I just hid my face in Sammy’s chest.

“Did you wake up the sleeping beauty with a kiss?” Nash laughed sitting down to the floor.

“Okay, that’s enough, guys,” Sam told them putting his arms around me.

So, this is how my first and definitely not last kiss happened with Sam. It wasn’t a kiss you would write about in a book or put into a movie, but it was perfect for me.


Dating Nate would involve:

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Sam Wilkinson - Loving girlfriend


I read his tweets all over and over again with my lips pressed together into a thin line. I furrowed my eyebrows as I scrolled down and read the reactions. Everyone was going crazy since Sam kind of asked Andrea Russett out, which would have been a cute gesture of him… if I wasn’t his girlfriend.

I know that we agreed on keeping it a secret, but that didn’t mean he could act like a single guy. It was disrespectful and I was hurt that he flirted with another girl on Twitter, where everyone could see it.

I locked my phone as I heard his car pull over in front of the house. Sam jumped out of the car and then waved at the driver as he walked up to the front door. Opening the door he immediately leaned closer to kiss me, but I turned away.

“Woah, what’s up baby?” he asked walking inside. I shut the door behind him and walked back to the kitchen not even caring if he followed me. But of course he did. He sat down next to me looking at me with furrowed eyebrows. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “Ask the girl you asked out on Twitter,” I calmly said as I kept my eyes focused on my phone’s screen.

“What? That was just a joke, Andrea knows that I wouldn’t ask her out for real.”

“It may be a joke for you and her, but no one else thinks the same.”

“Come on, you know that I didn’t mean it.” He tried to grab my hand, but I pulled them away so he couldn’t reach me.

“Sam, you know how rude it was? I know that we are not public but it feels awful to see you flirt with other girls.” I stared at him as I felt my anger getting to me, even though I promised myself I would stay cool. I didn’t want to bitch about it, but it really hurt.

“Baby, I’m sorry, now I feel bad, okay?”

“Now? I don’t know what hurts more. The fact that my boyfriend asked someone else out or that he didn’t even think that it was a bad thing to do. I think you should go now.”

“Are you telling me to leave?” he asked with wide eyes.

“I assume yes. Think about how you should act when you are not single.”

I didn’t like fighting with Sammy, but this time he hurt me big time and the fact that he didn’t even realize was even worse. I could tell that he wanted to say something but then just sighed and standing up he left. I didn’t even know what I with sending him away, but I just didn’t want to hear his excuses.

I spent the evening with trying to get my mind away from Sam and what was going on on Twitter. Sam didn’t text or call me, which was also a bit hurtful, I thought he would fight a bit harder. I took a relaxing bath and I was ready to go bed, I jumped under my covers and I thought I would quickly check my social media accounts when I saw that I was tagged on a photo on Instagram. By Sammy.

I quickly opened the app and when the photo appeared on the screen I was shocked. It was a photo of us, we took it a few weeks ago, when I was sleeping over at his place. We were lying in his bed with our heads turned to each other, I had my eyes closed, but my smile was so wide. Sammy was looking at me grinning as my messy hair was everywhere around my head on the pillow.

It was one of my favourite photos of us and scrolling down I saw the caption:

“Hey guys, I’m here to make a kind of announcement. I love this girl on the photo. She is my girlfriend and I want you to know that we are dating. When I was fooling around with Andrea on Twitter earlier I didn’t mean it, because I have a loving girlfriend who I’m thankful for and I adore her more than anything. I love Andrea, but we are only friends. This girl is the only one in my life right now. I’m happy with her.”

I read it all over and over again feeling my heart starting to beat faster and faster, then I saw all the positive comments about us and how his fans shipped us. My grin was wider than ever and then he was calling me.

“You are so crazy,” I giggled answering the call.

“I’m sorry for being a dick earlier. It won’t happen again, okay?”

“Okay,” I sighed smiling to myself.

“Am I welcomed at your place?”

“Of course you are, silly.”

“Good, because I’ll be there in five.”