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okay guys so here’s a new version bc for some reason I can’t edit the OG version sorry!! 

As always, please ask before translating/posting my work anywhere!!

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Everything should be linked, there is no specific order that the characters/celebrities are listed in!  HMU with your questions! (Please let me know if you notice any writing missing from the list).

Requests are open still, by the way!! Please keep my inbox from going dry!

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The Fundamentals of Sciurine Linguistics

A Sam story for the Sam Wilson Birthday Bang @samwilsonbirthdaybang!

words: @whatthefoucault

art: @silentwalrus1

pairings: Sam Wilson/Doreen Green

fic rating: T

art rating: G

warnings: None

characters: Sam Wilson, Doreen Green, Steve Rogers, Nancy Whitehead, Tippy-Toe, Redwing, Original Characters

other tags: Blind Date, Past Riley/Sam Wilson, Sam Wilson Can Talk to Birds, Food, New York City, Briefly Mentioned Stucky

word count: 4426

summary: Sam Wilson was sure about three things: the words Captain America were enough to nab a table for two at the most popular noodle bar in the East Village on short notice, everyone loved a good noodle bar, and ramen was up there with corn on the cob and chicken wings as the worst possible food choice for a first date.