Scrolling through Tumblr and realizing that I can’t draw for shit,make edits,make gifs or be funny.I’m the supporter in the fandom.I support people who make awesome edits,gifs and drawings.


2/? favourite characters  → sam tyler (life on mars)

My name is Sam Tyler. I had an accident and I woke up in 1973. I had no idea if I was mad, or if I was in a coma, or if I’d gone back in time. It was like I’d woken up on a different planet. But I knew that if I could find out the reason, that I could get home.

today i had some time to think about why tyler and josh say ‘stay alive’. many people, when you are going through something hard, say 'stay strong’ but twenty one pilots says 'stay alive’ because its hard to be strong when you are hurting. all they are asking you is to keep living. they are saying that it is okay to be hurting and its okay to be upset and you don’t always have to be strong, they just want you to stay alive. they don’t want you to give up, and i think that’s pretty cool.

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For my 1000 post I decided to make a Reblog-able Master List Post

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