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Sam can't win. Everybody was critical that he didn't tweet anything last night and when he finally does, he receives a snarky response from you. Why the need to respond to him if you can't be nice? "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Why are shippers always super critical of his actions but when Cait does something similar, nothing? He simply will never win with you lot.

Anon I was just being snarky. I highly doubt Sam saw my reply or even gives a shit about what I think of him. Relax. 

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Okay guys, enjoy!

Jensen Ackles

Famous Love series - 1 2 3 4 5 -(Reader is part of Sherlock cast and meet Jensen in a Comic Con)

Mentions of Love -(Jensen always blush when the fans ask about the reader)

She’s (not) confident. -  2 -(Reader is part of Supernatural cast and have a low self esteem and a huge crush on Jensen) 

Finding Jensen -(Reader and Jensen talk about their future)

Daddy Issues- 1 2 -(Reader is a teenager actress that works in Supernatural, with some trouble with her dad)

You’re my home series - 1 2 3 -(Reader is a young single mom and meet Jensen in a Supernatural convention)

Dean Winchester

Who’s in control? -(Demon!Dean try to kill his pregnant girlfriend)

Don’t leave me -(Dean and the reader are having huge fights and she almost die.)  

Just the way you are -(Reader tries to tell her boyfriend, Dean, that she is bisexual)


69 - (Reader and Cas have just begun a relationship and everything the reader says Dean turns it to sexual)

Winchester brothers

You’re safe now -(Reader has a abusive boyfriend and she ask the brothers for help)

She was 17 and never learn to smile -(Charlie Bradbury discover a huge secret about the Winchester family)

Winchester Sister

I won’t lose you- 1 2 -(The little Winchester tries to kill herself)

Speak to big brother -(Dean finds out that his little sister is not a virgin anymore)


Dean - My costume came two sizes smaller. Is it too revealing?

Sam -You’re the one who wanted to put his complicated costume, now you take it off by yourself. I don’t even care if i have to enjoy myself with own hand.

Sam - I’m too drunk to go back home. You mind if I crash on your couch? Or your bed…?

Balthazar - 1 2

Hiatus Writing Challenge

1- x - Sam winchester x reader, Sam winchester x ruby

3- x - Winchester sister

13 - x - Jensen x Reader 

17- x - Dean x Reader

18 - x - Winchester sister (Charlie’s POV)

Imagine watching the Super Bowl with Sam and Dean

same ‘verse as last year

“Who are we rooting for this year?” Dean asked, handing you a beer as he sat down next to you, throwing his arm around your shoulder.

Sam followed behind, putting the snacks down on the table before sitting beside his brother.

You looked at Sam, silently communicating before you both agreed.


Dean looked at you, repeating his words from last year. “Want to make a bet?”

“Same stakes as last time?” you clarified. “Massage for massage?”

Dean nodded, and Sam cleared his throat.

Dean turned to his brother, raising his eyebrows.

“Got a problem, Sammy?”

“Falcons win, I get a dog,” he clarified. “Those were the rules last year.”

“Yeah, that’s the deal, Dean,” you agreed.

There was a pause, you and Sam practically holding your breath in anticipation.

“Sure,” Dean agreed. “Falcons win, Sam gets a dog, Y/N gets a massage.”

You both nodded in agreement before Dean continued.

“But if Patriots win, Y/N gives me the massage, and Sam gives us the bunker to ourselves for a whole weekend.”

“Deal,” you nodded instantly, not bothering to wait for Sam to confirm.