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"There was this guy in this town that i passed by, i think he was singing a song about you. It went something like... dun dum dun dum they call me the wanderer, oh the wanderer, i go around and round and... something something~. Are you ever afraid you will leave a unwanted legacy in your path rather than achieving the redemption you seek... Also would you mind signing my autograph booklet?"

“Never heard about this song… but it seems rather hasty to claim a song is about somebody merely for a condition they share with many. You should know I am not the only one who wanders Runeterra. That aside - I believe you ask an obvious question. Everyone is afraid of something. Failure… loss… and I am no exception. I remember how much I was afraid of having to face my brother once I ran away… I killed many people… friends - faces that once smiled at me lied on the ground expressionless and covered in blood… my heart ached and my chest tightened at the sight… but I knew that was not even the worst part. I wondered - ‘how long would it take him to find me’? Fear consumed me just by the mere thought of that day… I knew it would arrive - be it sooner or later. And so it did. As soon as Yone drew his sword… I knew what I had to do. Despite my fears… I knew if I hesitated I would be the one to die and all I had sacrificed would be for naught. I stood true to my resolve and to my path. That is the difference - bravery is not immunity to fear. Bravery is its conquest. Fear is not bad as long as it does not subvert your resolve. Fear does not kill… hesitation does.

…And for your last one, sure. I guess that can be arranged…”

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Whoa... you have like... a really professional aura about you... oh gosh you are like... a diamond ranked summoner aren't you, i should not even be talking to you should i... oh boy... oh man...

Tybresa blinked her eyes at the blonde-haired, sea-green eyed summoner, obviously a little … surprised by her sudden fawning. She glanced left, then right, then back at the summoner, chuckling softly and smiling amiably.

“At ease, little mouse.” She spoke softly, using a term of endearment she often used for the small-ranking summoners. “I indeed have a professional aura around me, for I am the Senior Steward of the Institute of War … Diamond ranked, however? That is … something quite a bit out of my reach still, though I suppose my Platinum-trimmed title of High Summoner is no small feat, nevertheless.”

She then crossed her arms to her chest, a shrewd expression on her eyes. “And why should you not talk to me, hmm? Have you done something that was not quite according to the rules?”

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