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Sam: Why don’t you check your list?

Bucky: My list?

Sam: Come on, man. Don’t pretend you’re not the kind of guy who keeps a list of all the people he’s slept with.

Steve: I have one. It’s called my marriage license.

[Steve and Tony high-five]

My Tree (Part 5/?)

Summary -After getting the trigger words that were implemented from Hydra out of his head, Bucky tries to continue on his life as normal as possible. One day while clearing his head on a walk, he stumbles into a quiet girl that leaves him baffled.

Pairing- platonic!Bucky x reader, avengers x reader

Words- 1511

Tags- @mariah-notcarey17 @purplekitten30 @peanutbutterbuddyfan

Warnings - language



Bucky wandered the men’s section, looking through the racks but not really paying attention. He sighed and checked his watch again. It was twelve minutes since he left you. Shit.

He started walking back to where he thought you were, only to arrive to nothing.

The cart full of clothing was there. But not you.

“Y/N?” He waited for an answer, but when he got none his heart clenched. First time out with you and he already managed to lose you.

“Fuck, fuck, Y/N where are you!” He circled the whole section, calling out your name. He strained his ears.

But it was useless.

He went into the fitting room, that was thankfully empty of other women, and searched. Every stall was empty.

A frustrated groan left his lips as he brought his hands to his face.


“Okay slow down-”

“I can’t slow down Steve! I fucking lost her, how did I, what if somebody took her! What if it was that guy from before, oh my god I can’t do this.” Bucky started to feel light headed so he grabbed onto the nearest wall to steady himself. “I had one goddamn job Steve!”

“Okay Bucky listen, we’re going to find her okay. She’s most likely still in the store, and if not-”

“She’s not in the store Steve! I checked everywhere! I checked the bathrooms, the fitting rooms, the-“

“Whats wrong Bucky? Did you-”

Pressing end on his phone and shoving it in his pocket, Bucky waited.

That’s when he heard it.


Grabbing four pairs of bras that looked like they could fit, you made your way to the womens fitting room, only to find every single stall occupied.

Choosing to not wait for someone to finish, you left the fitting room, in search of another.

Turns out that there was only one Womens fitting room. So you had one other option.

The Mens fitting room.

Reaching the fitting room you could barely make out Bucky’s head from afar. His head was moving a little, then you noticed the phone against his ear. He was probably talking to Steve.

Stepping inside you noticed that every single stall was empty. Perfect!

Deciding to go into the biggest stall at the end of the fitting room, you hung the bras on one of the hooks and turned to lock the stall.

“Well hello there.”

Your hand immediately went to your heart as you jumped.

Sitting on the wooden chair shelf that was connected to the wall was a man in a red and black suit. His right leg was crossed over his left one, his arms behind his head while he leaned on the wall.

Your eyes went to the gun that sat to the left of his body. Who was this guy?

“Oh you don’t need to worry about that.” He picked up the gun and spun it in his right hand. When he saw your wide eyes he opened the gun. “I ran out of bullets anyways.”

He put the gun back down and stood up.

“My name is Pool, Deadpool. Or Wade, whatever you like. ” You stared at his right hand, which he held in the air waiting for you to shake.

“Y/N.” You spoke quietly as you shook his hand.

“Pretty name for a pretty girl! So what brings you here Y/N?”

“Uh the women’s fitting room was full. You know I think it might be empty now so I’ll just-” He waved his hands in front of you frantically, ultimately cutting you off.

“Oh come on we just met and you already want to ditch me! That’s not what friends do Y/N!” He turned to sit back down, and patted the area next to him. “I don’t bite, well unless you want me to.”

You laughed lightly and sat down next to him.

“So..” He started.


“What brings you here!”

“You already asked me that.”

“Yea and I don’t remember getting an answer sweetheart.”

“Well, shopping? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do here. Why are you here? Do you do all your shopping like that?”

“You ask alot of questions Y/N. Well for one, I’m actually hiding from someone who’s trying to murder me. And second, most of the time I wear my suit. Why? Do you like it, I made it myself you know.”

“I’ve seen better.”

“What! Like who huh?” He scoffed staring at you.

“Captain America’s suit is pretty nice. You know Falcons’ suit is pretty good too. Oh and-”

“Okay well that hurt. Are you shopping by yourself? You should be careful there’s a murderer around.”

“I’m with a friend.”

“Is this friend a boy.” He dragged out the word boy and poked your side.

“Yea,” his hands flew up to his face as he gasped, “but he’s like a hundred years old.”

“Why are you shopping with an old man Y/N that’s creepy. ”

“I don’t know, he’s an Avenger you can ask him, I still don’t understand it.”

“An Avenger you say? So he’s still here. Is it Captain America? That man is really something beautiful. It’s really great that they got Chris Evans to play him.” He sighed dreamily and turned back to your confused face eyeing him carefully.

“What?” His white eyes squinted in his suit.

“Never mind.”

“So you’re shopping for bras I see.” You nodded, then he swiftly got up and started walking towards them. You stood up quickly and rushed over to them.

“Hey these are mine.” You slapped his hand as it was reaching for the first one. He gave an exaggerated gasp.

“Well I am just hurt. I am just trying to help you pick out the right one! What else are friends for?” He reached for it again and you slapped it away, just as before. Slowly he retracted his hand back to his side. The fitting room became still.

Suddenly he shoved you backwards and grabbed the bras, then he quickly unlocked the fitting room door.

“You fucker!”

Quickly regaining your balance you dashed after him before he could leave the fitting room.

Diving down you grabbed onto his leg from behind, yanking it backwards. He squealed as he was slammed to the ground on his stomach.

Sitting on top of his legs you snatched the bras from his hand. He turned his head on the ground to look back at you.

“Well that was fun!” He laughed and soon, so were you.

You were about to get up when an exasperated sigh came from the entrance. Looking up you saw Bucky, looking quite disheveled and out of breath.

He started walking towards you and Wade. Getting up, you were about to meet him halfway when Wade spoke up.

“Well hello there. Might I just say that it is an honor to be in the presence of-”

He was cut off when Bucky grabbed him and held him up against the wall.

“Woah Bucky its okay! I’m okay, he’s a friend.” You stared up at him as you held onto his left arm. He tore his eyes away from Wade and looked down at you. He searched your eyes for any hint of discomfort.

When he found none he released Wade and stepped back.

“Thanks for not killing me old man.” Wade brushed off his suit and looked up.

“So what are we gonna do now?”

“We are going to finish shopping and then leave.” Bucky grabbed your hand and turned to leave.

“Can you give me a second.” He answered your whisper with a small nod, and went to stand outside.

“So I guess this is goodbye huh?” He sniffed.

“Wade I’m not dying.”

“You might as well be!”

“Shut up you big baby.” You threw your arms around his midsection and laughed.

He returned the hug and sighed.

“I really like the black one Y/N.” He whispered against your hair. You were confused for a second before you remembered the black bra among the four.

“I’m going to kill you Wade.”

“I love you too.”

He let go and turned towards the door. “Now go before your old man gets angry.”

Nodding you walked towards the door, giving him a final smile and wave. He returned it by blowing a kiss.

“I’ll come visit by the way!” You laughed and walked out, finding Bucky.


You and Bucky walked into the tower, both of you holding shopping bags. Bucky insisted on carrying most of them though.

“So how was it?” Steve popped his head out the kitchen.

“It was great! I made a new friend, he’s great!” He smiled at your overjoyed face and looked at Bucky who just shrugged.

“I’ll go put these in your room.” Before you could protest he grabbed the other bags from your hands and started for your room.

“So who’s this friend?” Sam was seated at the kitchen table sipping from a mug.


Sam choked on his drink, some of it flying out his mouth. Steve on the other hand looked like he’d seen a ghost.


Prank war

Request: Hey if your taking requests I would love a fic about Tony and reader having a prank war with Sam and Bucky. A sprinkle of making out and a heap of teasing would be great! 

Warnings: swearing

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   “Maybe you two would be winning this if the two of you would quit sucking face!” Sam yelled from the kitchen, smirking as he folded his arms over his chest.

   “Who said we aren’t wining?” Tony asked against your lips, smirking as he did.

   You and Tony were having a prank war against Sam and Bucky (it was totally their idea and the two of you had just been sucked into it. It had started weeks ago with Bucky and Sam ‘accidentally’ pouring itching powder all over Tony’s suit just before a rather important dinner party.

   Of course the two had been eager to admit that it was their fault that Tony couldn’t sit straight the entire dinner. Unfortunately that led to one of the most catastrophic prank wars in history, and unfortunately you had been dragged into the middle of it.

   The first week had been full of all sorts of pranks, you couldn’t even walk down the hall without one of the boys jumping you with some prank. The second week had been the same, the third week the pranks started to die down, the forth week they were nearly nonexistent, the fifth week they started back up again, and now for the sixth week they had died down again but you knew better, you knew the boys were scheming and trying to come up with a brilliant idea to end the war. Little did they know that Tony was doing the exact same thing, scheming and theorizing the most brilliant plan possible.

   “You four are still having this prank war, right?” Nat asked as she meandered into the kitchen, wearing nothing but her pajamas.

   “Yeah, and we’re winning,” Steve scoffs as he comes walking in as well, dressed in his workout clothes as per usual.

   “You two? Winning? I don’t think so. You two are probably the worse duo I’ve ever worked with,”

   “I bet if we joined we’d totally beat their asses,” Nat chuckles as she grabs some orange juice, not even bothering to grab a glass.

   “No, nuh-uh, we’d totally beat all four of you,” Sam argues, a look of contempt upon his face.

   Tony chuckles as he looks towards the four arguing, a slight smile to his face. 

   “Such children,” He whispers almost tenderly, as if he really were a father talking about his arguing children.

   “Tony, you’re literally a part of this too,” You laugh at your fiance, chuckling when he turned to glare at you.

   “And so are you,”

   “Yeah, against my will,”

   “You secretly love it,”

   “I secretly wish I could walk down the hall without Sam throwing some prank my way-”

   “It’s official,” Nat chuckles as she finishes the cartoon of juice. “Steve and I are joining this war of yours to prove you guys wrong,”

   “Fine,” Tony smirks. “The more the merrier,”

   “Then sure you wouldn’t mind if Vis and I joined? Brains against everyone else?” Wanda chuckles as she walks in, her hand clutched around Vision’s tightly. Everyone ‘ooh’s’, a small smile to everyone’s lips.

   “Fine, you two can join too, but we’re still gonna beat everyone’s ass,” Sam smiles as he looks around at the group, the ragtag team of pranksters.

   “Oh my god, no,” You whine, burying your face in your hands. “Two other people were bad enough, I can’t handle more,”

   “Oh you can,” Tony smirks as he removes your hands, his own hands taking your place. His thumbs rub soothing circles into your skin, almost making you forget that you were in the middle of the most memorable war in all of Avenger’s history. His lips press against yours and this time you really do forget, you completely forget that all your teammates are now pitted against each other in some kind of sick battle of pranks but that sweet ignorant bliss is stripped away when Tony pulls away, giving you an almost dangerous little smile. “And you will,”

Vanish in the Dark Pt 7

Pairings: None at the moment

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 1900+

Summary: Assassin’s Creed AU and Marvel AU crossover.  The Brotherhood has spent years hiding in the shadows keeping the Templars in line as the years pass on. When the Templars company Abstergo Industries strikes up a deal with Hydra, things have to change. The Brotherhood decides to step out of the shadows, reaching out for the help of the Avengers. What could go wrong?

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long to get put up, I had a lot happen all at once and finals weeks is next week so I’m getting ready for that. There’s not much going on in this part, kind of a filler. Things will pick up again! I promise! I hope you guys enjoy it.  ❤️

Once again, the gif is not mine, credit to the owner. 

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Part Six | Part Eight (Coming Soon)

Y/N pushed off the wall she had been leaning against, a slow smile of satisfaction spreading across her face. The SUV had skidded around the corner, tires screeching as they came to a halt right in front of the alley way. She could already hear Steve and Sam bickering with Tony about how unnecessary that was. All four doors swung open, and the group of the famed Avengers shot out of the car. Y/N had to keep from giggling, they sure did look pissed.

Y/N smirked, turning back to the insignia on the wall, giggling under her breath as the group all but charged at her. She covered the symbol with her palm, the hidden blade extending into the slot aligned with her wrist. There was a soft click, a familiar sound that always brought a wider smile to her face. The wall clicked open, all it took was a gentle push and the hidden door swung open. Y/N glanced over at the group before she stepped inside to the dark room, slipping into the shadows she had spent so many years learning to be a part of.

There was a curse from Tony before they entered the building, having lost sight of the woman who had been tormenting the past few days. He hesitates before he stepped inside the darkness, his eyes struggling to adjust to the darkness of the room.

“Sir, I have no reading of any heat signatures in the area.”

Tony snorted. “Of course, you don’t.”

The rest of the team moved close behind, everyone looking around the dark empty room trying to find any sort of movement in the room. A noise ahead of them caused their attention to snap in the direction. Warily they stepped towards the sound where they found a dark corridor, a slim light coming from a door at the very end.

“This doesn’t scream horror movie.” Tony muttered under his breath. Sam snorted, nodding in agreement. The silence was deafening, each trying to catch any sound of any movement from the room. Natasha reached the door first, tossing a look over her shoulder to the others before she swung it open.

“Jesus. Can you people be any slower.” A familiar voice called from the end of the room. Hood still pulled over her head, the woman from the café leaned against a metal table, grinning widely at the group as they slowly made their way over to her. She giggled when the group tried to subtly take in the larger room around them, finding it rather unnerving that the room was bare of anything beside the table, and old metal chair. A single light hung above the table, illuminating the room in a dull light. It looked like an old warehouse, dusty and grime covering the walls and floor. Another giggle pulled their attention back to the woman.

“You can relax.” She paused, glancing down at her fingernails. “If I was planning on killing you, I would have already done it.” Her smile was wicked as she turned her face back up, her eyes glowing under the dark hood. The Avengers narrowed their eyes at her, each of their hand slowly making their ways to their weapons. The woman simply rolled her eyes, and pushed off the table with her hip.

“Please, that’s not necessary.”

“Why should we believe you?” Steve spoke, his brows furrowed. The woman shrugged and shifted in place.

“Maybe because you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Tony barked out a laugh, rolling his eyes at the woman.

“That’s rich.” He started, but the woman raised a hand to stop him.

“Please. You and I both know that we’re past this cat and mouse game.” The woman turned to the table, sliding a laptop closer to the edge. “I know that boundaries have been passed that will make it difficult for you to look beyond that, but know that we have no reason to harm you or your friends.”

The woman opened the laptop, tapping on the keyboard quickly. She turned away from the screen, hitting a button as she went. A holograph appeared, video feeds, word documents and pictures pulled up. Five images were pulled up before them, the same five faces they were searching for earlier smiling widely at them. Names in bold were below each one, a detail description listed as well. They stared at the information with wide eyes, moving from the woman leaning against the table back to the images on the screen. Wanda was the first to step up, hesitantly at first.

The woman stepped aside after she pulled out the chair, motioning of the other woman to step up and sit. Wanda watched the woman take a step back warily as she slipped onto the metal chair. She didn’t move at first, watching the woman who was smiling gently at Wanda. A moment passed before Wanda relaxed, her hand reaching up to the keyboard.

“We know all about you. It’s only fair you know of us as well.” The woman said, turning her head to the others as they slowly inched closer to the table. Wanda began to navigate through the pages, all eyes quickly turning to the screen and the hologram.

Wanda flipped through screens, pulling up videos, reading over file reports from previous missions. With each word they read, with each video they watch, each could feel their stomach’s drop. How had they managed to miss so much? How did they Templar order manage to slip right under their noses for so long? There were so many famous figure heads that were a part of the Templars, government officials, charities that were fronts for the organization. It was almost too much to handle at one.

“Wait, Buzz Aldrin was a Templar?” Steve asked in disbelief. The names that continued to pop up made his stomach turn. The woman-Y/N nodded, reaching over to pull up a folder. List of mission reports from both sides pulled up, detailed schematics of the shuttles used during the moonwalk spread out on the screen. She typed a few things on the keyboard, and recent information from the Mars rover pulled up to compare.

“Everything you think isn’t true, most likely is.” Y/N said quietly letting them take in everything.

“Weren’t you the one who said something along the lines of ‘Nothings true everything’s permitted?” Tony shot over his shoulder. Y/N laughed and nodded.

“But its true, isn’t it? You would have been none the wiser.” Y/N tone turned from the light giggle to a solemn tone. “Separate, Templars and Hydra have their own power and influence. Together, they can become unstoppable. That cannot be allowed to happen. The Templars wish to control the public, they want the world in their image. Hydra has similar wants, and it was only a matter of time before the two grouped together. The only difference is that the Templars have turned from brute force to political power, while Hydra still uses force to control their people.”

Bucky’s jaw clenched, he was more than aware of what Hydra could do. Y/N had stopped to watch the two soldiers, their eyes tired and worn. She knew they’ve been in this much longer than any of them. She had no doubt they never thought the troubles from their past would grow into what it was today and to be manipulated into something ever more terrifying than before.

“The files have already been entered into your databases, you can consider anything you wish. I only ask you respect that we do not wish to be known to the public.” This caused Tony to turn and glare at the woman, his nostrils flaring.

“And why the hell should we keep quiet? After the crap you pulled? The things you’re showing us?”

Y/N didn’t respond, simply clicked on another folder that pulled up the file they had seen before. Tony frowned, ready to argue this wasn’t a good reason, but stopped short when he saw these files were altered. Instead of simply the names and cause of deaths under the diseased images, there were lists of the actions that individual had done during their life time. Their eyes lingered the longest on the words in bold: Human Trafficking, War Crimes, Human Test Subjects. Natasha felt her stomach turn, Wanda turning pale at the lists of actions under each name.

“We work in the dark to serve the light. The things these people get away with is unacceptable. If we were to be slipped into the public knowledge, then everything we’ve done, all the horrors that we’ve manage to stop from continuing will be for nothing. We might live our lives by taking others, but we do not take them without cause.” Y/N turned to give Tony a hard stare. Tony’s eyes couldn’t seem to leave the screen, recognizing several of the faces. He had invited some of these men into his home, welcomed them into his home. He turned slowly to Y/N, hollow eyes staring back at her.

“How?” Was the only word Tony managed to muster. Y/N sighed, looking away.

“The Templars have a way of hiding their skeletons in the closet. They make a pretty front to cover up the bad. Or they just feed certain places money to keep them quiet. It doesn’t matter how, just that they do. Anything to give them power.”

Y/N looked over each member of the group, noticing how tired they all seemed. This was a lot to take at once, and so much bad that only added to their own problems. Their focus returned to the laptop and the horrors that was pulled in front of them, each inching forward while Y/N stepped further aside to let them close in. Wanda continued to flip through the content, and Y/N saw it as a chanced to slip away. The group didn’t notice as she turned, didn’t even see when she silently slipped through the familiar halls. She ran a hand along the walls, smiling softly at the memories of these halls. It wasn’t until they pulled up the buildings blue print that they noticed her disappearance.

“This use to be your den?” Bucky turned to the where Y/N once stood. He stood tall, frantically searching around the room. “Where the hell-?”

Tony threw his hands up in the air. “Why am I not surprised? F.R.I.D.A.Y.?”

“I’m sorry boss, I don’t know how they’ve managed this. I still have no readings on any heat signatures.”

Before Tony could say a smart remark, a message popped up on the screen.

‘Go home, get some sleep. We will contact you when the time is needed.’

Tony would have made a comment, would have gotten mad, but everything that’s happened the past few days was quickly catching up to him, and he felt his whole body turn heavy. Slowly closing the lid to the laptop, he motioned for the others to follow, feet dragging with each step. One more time, he was going to listen to what they said. They all needed a good night rest and then maybe even a hard drink.

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I’m making a tag list

Okay, so I’m making a tag list for the following people so every time I post something about this character you can be notified! The list is:

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Little Sam in Winterfell

We all know that Sam will arrive at Winterfell in 7.07. Would it be too much to ask, to see Sansa interact with little Sam?

Like her holding him, playing peekaboo with him, or something like that? It would be so in character for her. Sansa has always wanted children, she loves children. I think that if D&D didn’t use little Sam’s presence, to show Sansa’s maternal side, it would really be a missed opportunity.

If someone writes a one shot fic on this, please send it my way.

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The start of Infinity War, probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of having shitty big brothers who pick on you, Peter~

Inspired by basically any interview starring Holland with Mackie and/or Stan :P

image description below the cut:

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civil war where everything is the same except team cap/team iron man are rivaling baseball teams!!! this was so fun to make like you guys don’t even KNOW, this was shamelessly inspired by sports animes

everyone gets along except steve and tony who take their rivalry too seriously

I don’t think Tom’s realized what he’s started 😂😂
Cc: Therealspideyman

Steve Rogers would want you to eat. Tony Stark would want you to sleep. Peggy Carter would want you to drink water. Bucky Barnes would want you to take your meds. Wanda Maximoff would want you to get back up. Thor Odinson would want you to be proud of yourself. James Rhodes would want you to have faith in yourself. Bruce Banner would want you to relax. Natasha Romanoff would want you to forgive. Sam Wilson would want you to walk with your head held high. Peter Parker would want you to dream. Clint Barton would want you to look on the bright side. Pietro Maximoff would want you to laugh. Vision would want you to understand. T'Challa Udaku would want you to calm down. Pepper Potts would want you to be resilient. Nick Fury would want you to be fearless. Sharon Carter would want you to be strong. Loki Laufeyson would want you to be smart. Scott Lang would want you to smile.