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It was supposed to be a quick hunt. Dean never expected to run into his very first love (and possibly the most real one) and he sure as hell did not expect to be locked up in hand cuffed by him.

Or the one where Dean falls in love with Castiel instead of Robin but has to leave to take care of Sammy, only to meet Cas again on an unexpected hunt.

Starring, A very Emotionally Stable Dean Winchester, A BAMF Castiel, A very confused moose, and Everybody’s favourite, Balthy

sound-board-controls  asked:

Match? I'm really ambitious, but sometimes my anxiety + insecurities get in the way. I love analyzing gothic literature + researching the history of microbiotics because I'm a dweeb™. I tend to hyper focus when I'm stress + I annoy people w/ my constant obsessions. I love to tell stories, both fact + fiction, and I laugh at my own jokes too often. I'm a bit of a compulsive liar, but I work really hard to tell the truth. I simultaneously have the best + wort memory ever. SPN, SVU & Avengers?

You remind me of…Sam, Sonny, & Thor

Sam because of your passion for analyzing and researching your areas of interest. While the specific areas of interest might be different but the overall focus on researching for knowledge is similar.

Sonny because of your hyper focus when stressed and your love of storytelling. Sonny has the same intense hyper focus when it comes to cases and he has the same passion for stories of all sorts. Your hyper focus and storytelling make the two of you similar in ways.

Thor because he too likes to tell stories and jokes. Thor doesn’t necessarily have the best grasp on the truth as well, preferring to keep elements hidden. Like you he tries to tell the truth when he can. He’s also similar in the sense that he would definitely laugh at his own jokes.


Sam: We had a good conversation tonight. I was on the hotel terrace. And he wound up out there, too. We both couldn’t stand the ballroom.
Sonny: Not surprising.
Sam: No. There was no pressure. I wasn’t asking him to remember. He wasn’t pushing me away. We were just able to talk… and even – even agree.