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Tu ed io abbiamo fatto un giuramento, nel bene e nel male. Non posso credere che tu mi abbia deluso ma la prova è nel modo in cui fa male.
—  Sam Smith

(playlist by Nikki)

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  • ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5
  • 'Anna Sun’ by Walk The Moon
  • 'La De Dee’ by Cody Simpson
  • 'Say My Name (feat. Zyra)’ by ODESZA
  • 'Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift
  • 'We Move Like The Ocean’ by Bad Suns
  • 'High Five’ by Fox Stevenson
  • 'Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift
  • 'Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap
  • 'Home’ by Phillip Phillips
  • 'Electric Feel (Sped up 10%)’ by MGMT
  • 'Young Volcanoes’ by Fall Out Boy
  • 'La La La (feat. Sam Smith)’ by Naughty Boy
  • 'The Big Bang’ by Rock Mafia
  • 'What About Today’ by Lewis Watson
  • 'Safe & Sound’ (Tommie Sunshine & Live City Remix) by Capital Cities

PHOTO CREDIT | Anthony Michael Hall & Molly Ringwald browsing in record shop during break in shooting location of “The Breakfast Club” May 1, 1984.

sentiment playlist


1. Holes in The Sky by M83 & HAIM | 2. Retrograde by James Blake | 3. Two Weeks by FKA Twigs | 4. Permutations by Lo-Fang | 5. Youth by Foxes | 6. Adore You by Miley Cyrus | 7. Tough Love by Jessie Ware | 8. The Knife by Kyla La Grange | 9. Touch by Shura | 10. Nirvana by Sam Smith | 11. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac | 12.Elastic Heart by SIA | 13. Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith | 14. Take Shelter by Years & Years | 15. KIng by Years & Years | 16. Walk by Kwabs


ALL hair sets drawings I’ve made since 2011 chronologically? I’ve tried (the change of quality tho)

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to be continued??


Nell Jones looking at her ”boyfriend” Eric BEALE / In 06X18 of NCIS LA

Kensi Blye looking at her “boyfriend” Marty DEEKS / In 06X14 of NCIS LA

it is ladies and gentlemen sparkling eyes of two loving and happy women, who need only the person who makes their bright eyes and such persons are appointed Eric BEALE and Marty DEEKS, thank you to them SINCERELY 

another tag thing (feat. music!!)

hallo! i was tagged by the lovely @lilacslester (who u should follow bc she’s a cute Meme)

rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your music on shuffle & list the first ten songs & then tag ten people

1. i don’t care - lany

2. this must be my dream - the 1975

3. strong - one direction (aw throwback)

4. paper crown - alec benjamin

4.5. spotify ad - my fav, spotify (Spotify Premium For Everyone 2k17)

5. u - h.e.r.

6. la la la - naughty boy, sam smith

7. them girls be like - fifth harmony (cries)

8. leave a message - gnash

9. settle down - the 1975

10. capsize - frenship, emily warren

i tag, @thesourraindrops / @ae-pathy / @fabihatalksalot / @medicinal-whiskey / @k-is-not-amused / @you-are-more-than-a-friend / @demons-lights / @manyandanyaesthetics / @autumn-sapphic / @feeling-ghosty

S A Y  M Y  N A M E

For being smart enough to know when to run, good enough to leave the darkness behind, and kind enough to be welcomed to the other side with open arms.

I mean, mostly. There was a little tasing involved, but we’ve put that behind us and are turning over a new leaf.

Hero Family Of The Year // La La La Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith // Chains Nick Jonas // Escapism Fallulah // I Need Maverick Sabre // Bloody Shirt (Bastille Remix) To Kill A King // Do What You Gotta Do Fallulah & Cody // Runaway (U & I) (Gioni Remix) Galantis // Spectrum Florence And The Machine // I’d Love To Change The World Matstubs feat. Jetta // Ritual MMX // Heading For Nowhere Jets Overhead // Broken Hymn Brett Detar // Going On Gnarls Barkley // For A Better Day Avicii



Busy Earnin’- Jungle // Lone Digger- Caravan Palace // La La La Ft. Sam Smith ( white Panda x Gazzo Remix)- Naughty Boy // Good Grief - Bastille // Sincerely - Stephen // Waste of Time - MO // Cherry Boy Riot - TeddyLoid // Be Together Ft. Wild Belle(Liohn Remix) - Major Lazer // The Hills- The Weeknd // Cry Baby - The Neighbourhood // Guillotine Ft. Travis Mendes - Jon Bellion // Prey - The Neighbourhood // Pork Soda - Glass Animals // Crossfire - Stephen // Disarm You (Ft.. Ilsey) - Kaskade // Drop the Game- Chet Faker & Flume // Pilgrim - MO // Holiest Ft. Tei Shi- Glass animals //


The signs as songs that make me sad for weird reasons
  • Aries: Nothing Lasts Forever - Maroon 5
  • Taurus: U.F.O. - Coldplay
  • Gemini: The Fear - Lily Allen
  • Cancer: Persian Rugs - PARTYNEXTDOOR
  • Leo: Sierra Leone - Frank Ocean
  • Virgo: I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
  • Libra: Swing Tree - Discovery
  • Scorpio: Undo - The 1975
  • Sagittarius: (One of Those) Crazy Girls - Paramore
  • Capricorn: Crawlersout - Purity Ring
  • Aquarius: La La La - Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith
  • Pisces: Blue - Marina and the Diamonds
  • (Applies to sun and moon signs)

NCIS LA Team [HUMOR] - Season 6 

Yet another non-shippy video that will not get views

A mid-season review of the funniest bits of NCIS: Los Angeles’ sixth season. They’re just “one big happy dysfunctional family” ;)

Song: Tighten Up (Instrumental version)
Artist: The Black Keys

Idk if I"m going to do a part 2 when the season ends. Right now, I’m just really in the mood to play around with the humor bits of the show…and eventually mix in more of the action with it. 


New cover of LA LA LA by Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith on my channel!

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