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SPN Season13 in the Galaxy not so Far Away, aka Supernatural vs Star Wars

We all know how important “Star Wars” are in the SPN universe, but I just had a revelation yesterday: we are now in the point of the story that literally just arrived at the doorstep of “a new hope”, and everything just fell into place. 

(To the fellow SW fans: I am drawing parallels here only to the first six movies, excluding everything else, because I realised this is a topic that you can write about for hours and hours - with this thought in mind, I have limited myself to the very basic character overview. If anyone wants to add plot analysis, philosophy, more future speculation or whatever else, please feel encouraged to do so!)

The classic “Star Wars” is a franchise that is an archetypical, medieval adventure/fairy tale/coming-of-age story set in space, with magic, romance, religion, philosophy, knights, dark lords, orphaned heroes, a princess, wizards and scoundrels, a quest, epic battles, a war between good and evil, love, choices and redemption. It also talks a lot about free will, nature vs nurture, found family vs blood family, the power of love, faith, hope, self-understanding, and self-acceptance.

It’s a perfect parallel to Supernatural. So, let’s have a look:

1) Lucifer is Anakin/Darth Vader. The one with amazing powers, the one who stood out among the Jedi/angels, who was supposed to be “the bringer of light”, but who was brought to the Dark Side due to hubris and hate, and to rules he didn’t agree with, the rules given from above. The moment love was gone from his life, Anakin/Lucifer went bye-bye, gave in to the power of evil, and became the Dark Lord. 

Once Luke/Jack came into the picture, Anakin/Lucifer started looking for him to lure him to the Dark Side, because Vader, just like Lucifer, doesn’t understand the concept of love above blood, and of free will that can steer our innate nature. Luke does not give in to the dark side, and in the end he manages to draw his father back to the side of light because of love and light he chose for himself - and Anakin dies redeemed. I’m not sure if this is Lucifer’s path, but since he “was not a villain” in his story either, we’ll see.

Anakin/Lucifer used to be the Chosen One, the one destined to change Jedis/angels, but he went astray. Luke/Jack is now the one set to repair the damage he has done.

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jensen & jared main panel AHBL8 summary

Q: which characters do u wanna interact with more? jared: sully, sam’s imaginary friend. jensen: lucifer, and john for jdm

Jared thinks if he wasn’t on TV he would have heaps of tattoos.

‘There’s a lot of nudity on that show.’ Jared Padalecki responds to audience suggestion that he & Jensen would be great in Outlander #AHBL8

jensen: i’d want us on the walking dead. jared: again…..their /final/ episode. because we’d kill all of the zombies

Jensen said there will be something “purgatory-esque” before the end of the season. #ahbl8

Jared is super proud of the work he did with soulless Sam. Jensen is really proud of purgatory Dean. This makes me very happy.

Q:what car would you drive? Jared: a Volkswagen Beetle. Jensen: 'The A-Team van’ Jared: 'The Millennium Falcon’ *proceeds the list the specifications*

Jared likes sitting in the pool with his kids ……and sending photos to Jensen. Jensen: 'I’m probably there!’ #ahbl8

Jared: when people tell me I saved their life, I turn around and tell them, no, YOU saved your life. YOU’RE the badass. #AHBL8

Q. What would you do to be alone with yourself? Dirty thoughts. Jensen face is the best thing ever  #ahbl8

Jared: 'Fake Ruby? Yeah! She just had her third kid!’ *smiles* *head in hands* *sobbing*

Jensen’s arguing w jared because he compared spn to star wars amd jensen’s like “we’ve never been to /space/ …….. SEASON 13”

Jared finds many similar personality traits in Sam Winchester and Luke Skywalker #AHBL8

Jensen: they wanted to cast the oddly tall younger brother first, and the handsome one second. #ahbl8

@JensenAckles 'there’s only one Dean. Dean Cain’ #ahbl8


jensen was talking about how he really loved to play alec in dark angel and jared DROPPED HIS MIC and started hardcore 'fangirling’

Thoughts on Magic in the Star Wars universe

I know that the Force is basically Space Magic ™ anyway, but entertain me:

Stormtroopers, casting in unison, chanting and moving, not knowing the theory or impact of their casting, but following orders. Finn, after getting out, with a brain full of magic that requires hundreds and hundreds of other people working in tandem to work properly. Someone shows him how to cast a charm on his own, and he is blown away; he had never thought that it was something you could do individually.

The pilots of the resistance, cockpits hung with good luck charms of hundreds of different planets and species. “This one was made during the alignment of the stars, which only happens once a hundred years” Pava says, knocking her fingernail against a star-strung chain hung from her headrest. “Oh yeah? Snap says, producing a small bag from under his flight suit. “Moon sand, from the first time the species achieved space flight, blessed by three different sects.” “Nice.” Pava says admiringly. Most of them are trinkets, cheap pieces of junk pawned to off-worlders. All the pilots know this.Most of them, if you asked them seriously, would claim it was all a bunch of garbage. But when a single screw up in your job means that you burn up in atmosphere, or get ejected from your seat at nearly light-speed, or collide with a meteor belt, you take all the extra luck you can get. They keep the bags fed, and ring the bells, and kiss the images; you never know what a little bit of an edge can do.

Leia is the last known practitioner of Alderaanian low magic. It requires ritual, and dozens of different plants that are now extinct, and the light of a moon now wandering lonely in an asteroid belt. It’s not something she is good at; she curses at her little herb garden as the plants refuse to grow, her braided charms fall apart even as she weaves them, and as a princess ‘magical education’ was the first thing cut when she needed to learn to shoot, and encrypt messages, and resist torture techniques. But when her son turns nine, for his coming of age she crowns him with the same flowers, woven in the same patterns that her mother made for her, and blesses him with everything that should come with the crown: Respect, power, and a legacy etched in the stars themselves. Her planet is dead, but her son received the same blessings she did. That is something; that is something.

Poe, given a pen and half a moment, can create runes in half a dozen different languages. He scrawls them up and down his arms before he goes out missions, writes them in get well soon cards, spray paints them on the side of hangers, and carves them into the side of his toolbox. He once spent a very productive dozen rest periods inscribing every rune he knew for ‘safety’ and ‘protection’ and ‘safe return’ into all the individual pieces of BB-8. The other pilots tease him about it, that he shows more concern for the droid than for his own safety. It’s funny, right up until it’s not.

Han, like many pilots, knows only a smattering of blessings and curses. His are all spoken things, minor magic without preparation and without materials. Hexes whispered out of the corner of the mouth to make an opponent trip, or panted under the breath to make your feet swifter, your aim truer, your dodges quicker than whoever was shooting at you. He doesn’t see the appeal of the fancy stuff, until he sees Leia, on what would have been Alderaan’s solstice hunched over a bowl of fragrant herbs, starlight and an undeniable sense of home filling the air. 

Luke knows folk magic, farmers magic, home grown on Tatooine. People expect it to be massive, flashy, larger than life, but it’s exactly life sized. Luke knows to rub a nail on a tooth and stick it in a tree to cure a toothache, to divine the sex of a baby with a needle and thread, to spit into the wind and tell you when rain is coming. He’s unnervingly accurate, but his magic is mundane, fundamentally. It’s magic intended for hearth and home, and for family, although it didn’t manage to keep a single one of those together.

Rey’s magic, much like Rey herself, is wild, untrained and deeply powerful. The force of her intent can floor everyone in a 100 foot radius, including herself. She can push herself for days longer without food or water than she should be able to, and everyone around her feels the same hunger, the same desperate thirst that she does. She has gotten into more arguments than she can remember where she has had to stop yelling to stamp the fire out of her wrap. Her fear causes ice inches thick to form on the interrogation chamber on star-killer base. Her joy, when Finn wakes, causes every flower in a three mile radius to spontaneously blossom. She is shakingly powerful, and unrefined;  standing near her when magic leaks out is like standing in the path of a tidal wave.


Holy shit, this is so lit, Sam I Am!


When we started casting, we had archetypes in mind, which were Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. We were really looking for Sam to be empathetic, kind, and likable, and really the audience surrogate. The person who the audience would most see themselves as and really carry the story through their eyes. And that required a really unique likability. For Dean, we were looking for Han Solo. We were looking for devil-may-care, charismatic, a little rough around the edges, a little edgy, says things that are not always the kindest thing, as long as they’re funny. And that was really what we started out with. - Eric Kripke

  • Me: *watches movie/tv show *
  • Favourite character: *appears*
  • Me: *places hand on desktop*
  • Me: hello from the other side