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“Do you like her?” Dean asks, rocking back and forth on his heels in anticipation. He saw how Sam’s eyes glittered as he was hiding his face in her golden fur.

“Like her?” Sam asked, his voice filled with childish glee. “Dean, I love her!”

Sam looked her in the eyes, something that would be used as a way of showing dominance, but his look was so sweet and loving that the puppy licked his face.

Dean reflected Sam’s smile. “But you know the rules; no dogs in my car. You wanna take her someplace you better use another car.”

“Noted”, Sam said, his eyes never leaving the golden retriever in front of him.

“As long as she doesn’t steal you away from me, you can keep her forever”, Dean added. Finally, Sam looked away from the dog and stood up to embrace Dean.

“I’m afraid she already has”, he says, his face sinking into Dean’s shoulder. “Thank you Dean. For real. Thank you so much.”

Dean smiles and kisses his forehead, wrapping his arm around Sam’s waist. They pull apart —though Dean’s hand is placed strongly where it had found it’s spot— to look at the cheerful puppy that was chasing a dust ball.

“What are you going to call her?” Dean asks. Sam smiles mournfully.

“Mary”, he whispers. “I’m going to call her Mary.”


Izgubio sam te. Kao dlanom o dlan, nestao je svijet koji sam gradio sa tobom, mjesecima. Zapravo, osluškivao sam kako se komadić po komadić ruši, ali nisam želio da vjerujem u to. Imao sam nas. Vjerovao sam u nas, dok si ti komadić po komadić našeg svijeta odnosila negdje drugo. Negdje gdje će, vjerovatno jednog dana biti bolje, tebi. Bila si spremna da me nemaš, dok sam ja zadnje atome snage davao tebi. Odavno si prestala da vjeruješ u nas. Gledao sam kako se moj lik u tvojim očima briše.Otišla si. Kofer si napunila mojim snovima i neostvarenim željama.Mojim snovima da budem tvoj. Prijatelj, čovjek i muž,  otac tvoje djece. Zapravo naše. Sanjao sam da ću jednog dana imati porodicu sa tobom. Znaš, upravo onakvu kakvu nikada nisam imao, a uvijek sam želio da imam. Želio sam da te moj sin zove mama. Želio sam da imam kćerku koja će imati tvoje crte lica, želio sam da imam malenu tebe. Želio sam da te držim čvrsto za ruku dok koračamo ovim svijetom punim zlobe.Želio sam da te gledam dok spavaš, sa desne strane mog kreveta. Želio sam da prvu jutarnju kafu pijem sa tobom. Maštao sam o tome da mrtav umoran dolazim kući, u kojoj ćeš biti ti. Maštao sam da mi budeš žena. Žena za sva vremena. Maštao sam, a ti  si maštala nešto drugo. Sve moje ćeš jednog dana ostvariti nekome drugom. Nekome ko nisam ja. Možda poželiš da daš sinu moje ime, kao sjećanje na mene. Ne, nemoj, molim te. Prešuti me. Nemoj da spominješ svojoj kćerki kako si jednom voljela mene. Nemoj da shvati, da sam trebao da joj budem otac. Prešuti me. Pusti da me vrijeme komadić po komadić odnese u zaborav, baš kao što si ti nas.  I nemoj da zaboraviš da budeš sretna. Sretna sa nekim ko nisam ja. Otišla si od mene na put za srećom. Onda je barem i ostvari.

Forgive Me, Father, For I’m About To Sin

 Pairing: Sam x Reader

Tags: AU, Priest!Sam, blasphemy, smut, spanking, porn with plot, porn with feelings, fluff ig, priest kink(?), 

Words: 2468

Note: somehow this ended up having more plot than i intended it to have….enjoy!

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experiment sixteen (m)

pairing: reader x park jimin

genre/components: smut // jimin’s a rich boy with a kink; dirty sex in a classroom with an angel is a must

count: 3802 words

a/n: my first smut with bts l o l i hope you like it also recommended to listen to [ take me to church by hozier ]

Park Jimin liked to live his life peacefully. He preferred to avoid complications and confrontations, which was the reason why he tended to steer clear of attachments. Expectedly, he was the heir to the biggest corporation in Korea that monopolized a greater part of the economy, including electricity, water, technology, you name it. It wasn’t surprising either that he was the top-achieving student in the most elite private school in Seoul.

Polite, gracious, and forgiving, he was adored by students and professors. It was disgustingly cliché at times but nobody could really despise Park Jimin for his success. He worked his sweat and bones to reach that point after all. No tears though, because he never cried a day in his life. Not when his mother passed, not with his father’s absence. If heaven gave its blessing to anyone, it would’ve been Jimin.

Though, it didn’t imply that he was a complete saint.

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Sins of the Soul ~ Masterlist

@bloodysideofhell‘s A Week of Writing Challenge Masterlist.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings (through the entire set) : ABO, Smut, Fluff, Angst, erm I think that’s it

1. Pride

2. Lust

3. Greed

4. Wrath

5. Sloth

6. Gluttony

7. Envy

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Bucky/Darcy/Sam, Sloth

for @georgiagirlagain

“Stay in bed…” Sam’s voice was soft but insistent.  His hand encircled Bucky’s wrist, tugging him gently back into the bed.  

“C’mon, Buck…sleep in with us…”  Darcy practically purred.  Or at least it sounded like that to Bucky.  A purr, pleading…and he so liked giving both what they wanted.  

“Fine…” He allowed himself to be tugged back into the pile of tangled sheets and limbs.  “But don’t start complaining when I have a beer gut…”

Sam snorted.  “Complain?  I will pay money to see that.”