sam shin


I am a shadow, the true self.

So, OSAM just confirmed RSE villains to be ORAS… which makes no fucking sense and I just… how the fuck. So I instantly thought of Persona and that OSAM Maxie must convince SAM Maxie that they are truly the same being.

What a tragic yet hilariously bad outcome.

I will tag these fools, because we all cried and laughed upon the news… Mainly cried when it came to Maxwell.


Persona style is hard to replicate but totally neat to play with. Perhaps I will try it again someday.

Grandma Sam Shin said “It’s not a sin to fall in love”. Another theme of Goblin is love. Whether it be romantic, sibling/family, or friendship love. Seeing the blossoming love of the King and Queen was heartbreaking and endearing at the same time. It’s interesting how in present day, they both seem to be waiting for love. If it isn’t a sin to love why will one of they pay a heavy price? Will their love be doomed to repeat itself or will Yeo remember and be able to right the wrong he made and finally redeem himself.