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My Babygirl-Part Five


“Okay sweetheart, you ready to go bye bye?” Your uncle asked you while adjusting the straps on your car seat. Sam was trying to stay as calm as possible but you could tell something was wrong.

For seventeen months Sam and Dean had manged to live a normal life. They had managed to keep their dangerous pasts away from you; but they were fooling themselves if they thought they’d be able to escape the trouble that always seemed to follow them.

From the brief encounter Sam had with the three demons that had stormed into town, Crowley was dealing with a challenger for his rule over hell and this challenger thought the easiest way to prove he was the best candidate for the job was to do what Crowley never did; kill Sam and Dean Winchester.

Sam was able to escape and tell Dean what was going on, which immediately sent Dean into a fury; not only were these demons threatening him and Sam, their presence threatened you being in his life; hell they threatened your life.

So now Sam stood outside, rechecking your car seat straps for the fifth time while he waited for Dean and your mom to come out of your mother’s house. Both Winchester men agreed it was best that you and your mother left town while they dealt with the demons; however this meant telling your mother what was going on, which could cost Dean and Sam from ever seeing you again.

Sam was in the middle of rambling to you about nothing when he heard the front door of your mother’s house slam. Looking up Sam saw Dean carrying your weekend bag with your mother walking in front of him, a bag on her shoulder and a furious look on her face.

She opened the driver side door of her SUV before she launched her bag into the passenger side, causing you to jump and let out a fearful whine. Dean glared over at your mother, “Take it easy. You’re scaring Y/N.”

“Take it easy?” Your mother hissed, “There are demons here. Looking for you. What would have happened if they found Y/N first? I warned you Dean, I told you what would happen if you didn’t get out of the life.”

“-And I am out.” Dean whisper shouted back, “I’m going to handle this then everything is going to be go back to normal. I promise.”

“Do you Dean? Cause you promised you’d leave this all behind.” Your mom said exasperated.

“I know just,” Dean let out a sigh before running his hands through his hair, “Don’t take her away from me, okay? I’m going to handle this and I promise nothing will ever come near me, her….us, ever again. Just don’t take my babygirl away from me.”

Part Six

Can’t help falling in love (Part 2)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

A/N: Okay so here’s chapter two! Hope you guys enjoy, it’s longer than the last part and just a heads up that not everything is as it seems;)

Warnings: Swearing, make-out session, drinking alcohol?

Word count: About 3100

Sam x Reader

Part one

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Chapter two

Sam couldn’t understand why you were being so cold toward him, so he left to go to college big deal, you could have done the same if you really wanted to you were definitely smart enough. Tossing his bag onto the old motel bed Sam plonked down next to it and began running his fingers through his thick hair, okay so you were best friends before all of this he kind of understood why you were pissy, he did just up and leave with a half-arsed good bye after all. But it wasn’t just that, a couple of years ago Sam had felt a feeling toward you that you that he probably shouldn’t have, it was like butterflies and sweets all lovey dovey and Sam couldn’t point what it was. It felt so right that he was convinced it must’ve been wrong, you had been slow dancing to Elvis together, you had no idea what you were doing but Sam taught you the right steps to take, it made him feel as though he wasn’t a hunter, as if he was a just a guy dancing with a girl one nice evening to some classic tunes.

That was then, and this was now where Sam had no clue what do with himself, he partly left to have a go at a normal life but also partly left because of the feelings he felt spurring up for you, to Sam it almost seemed taboo in a weird sort of way as you had grown up practically as brother and sister.

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