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You knew I’d be back. So did I.

Now that I took a little break and have my mind working again, I feel better and I really need to say something. Get your coffee, it’s long winded.

Everyone is human and makes crazy mistakes. I can’t blame anyone else for not being perfect because I am far from that. I became so entangled with all the craziness from IG pictures and different opinions, when Sam posted his IG pic and his realization of confronting fear, I snapped. Anons can get you really pissed if you let them. I couldn’t take the analyzation of another picture. I saw it as MPC oriented and some others didn’t. So be it. Just know that my opinions may not be yours, but mutual respect in this crowded fandom, or the world, is more important than anything.

I may be wrong on this, but I see this whole week as a festival of manipulation. Whether Sam did or did not vacation with MM was planted in this fandom and the pot overflowed with innuendo and empty words. When your a child and even as a young adult you try to express yourself as best you can. You want those around you to understand your feelings and thoughts. For some of us it’s harder than others. Actors are great at getting across emotions, thoughts etc. When watching all the craziness this week I just could not accept the idea that a female actress does not know when she is purposely making statements through pictures. This is her business and she should be good at this. I’ve been in this world to long to not know when I’m being fed chicken, not steak. When Sam tried to step in, I saw it as an adult coming into a room of kids and saying knock it off. He didn’t deal with the issue at hand, just said it wasn’t happening. Move on. Having 10 cousins I’ve been through this same thing way to many times.

Everyone just wants to know what’s happening. Be it good or bad, depending on the outcome you want, you just want some straight forward honesty. If what we have all seen is honesty, I think the meaning of the word got lost in translation. Random sightings at airports, pictures of street scenes of who and what might be happening. Pictures at the same resort, but apart and different times. All of these things are like clues to an end game. We get to guess if Colonel Mustard did it in the library with a gun. We didn’t stop to think that these clues were randomly obtained from others than Sam. I know I got lost in this machination of things.

If this is a reveal of a GF, why do we have to go through all this game play to be told this. The reveal is indirectly fed to us through sources not involved in their personal life??? I don’t see this happening in such an intense way anywhere, but here. Oh wait, doesn’t the paparazzi do this for a living?

The frustration, confusion and anger this creates, as well as jealousy and the I still wannabe your best friend Sam (girlfriend too) attitude went off the charts. This is a repeat of the past. Just a few more pictures and this time we got sightings to go along with it all. We are meant to accept all of this without questions? Without doubt? Sorry, but we are women with brains and whoever thought this whole thing up forgot that. It wasn’t included in the equation.

I know my blog has been read, either by S, MM or the driving factor behind all this. Everything I have suggested or mentioned has happened. I would love to pat myself on the back and think I am so smart I figured all these things out. Nope. Sorry, to many coincidences for this to be accidental. Whatever it is. They need a new way of communicating with this fandom.

I really would be ecstatically happy if Sam and Cait are together. It has nothing to do with the show. From the beginning I always felt and saw something more to their relationship. Right or wrong, whatever they have or had between them has been both abused and used for the benefit of STARZ. Even the idea of them being together in real life is like asking the world not to spin. My interpretation of us being delusional or insane over this was the term GAS LIGHTING. That is why I posted the link that gave an explanation of the term and how this is used to manipulate people, especially women, and situations. We aren’t delusional, insane, or overly sensitive women. Not even close.

If they aren’t together the world will go on, but I think we all know we are disappointed in the choice Sam has supposedly made. Whenever you care about a friend, relative, child etc., you want the best of the best for him or her. We really don’t know if this is his choice. We only know the person presented to this fandom has shown herself to be way less than we would of wanted for Sam. Some see it as just not wanting him with ABC, but after this last week of blatant IG pics, I think we all know the person posting this stuff is shown as only very self serving. If you don’t want to be shown as such a person than don’t conduct yourself as such. Whatever happens it’s his life, his choice. We all hope he doesn’t take a nose dive off some mountain because of it. We can’t prevent that from happening. Only he can. We can hope. We are his fans. I will always have hope that SC will happen. I can’t in all good faith ship S and MM.

Is this still a TPTB staged show.? Deep inside I still see the signs of this being their work. It still smells like STARZ or their other sources. We were expecting another shit show and we got it. They certainly need a cleaning crew to sweep up their very unprofessional mess they made again, no matter who or what is involved.

I really hope and pray Cait wins this weekend at GG. If I ever wanted anyone to win that award it’s Cait. I really think she needs this. It will show her that all her hard work and effort is appreciated and recognized not only by her fans, but critics as well. I am praying hard.

I am still very raw and upset that all of these things happening have overshadowed her this week. I have a right to be pissed at those to blame. I am Cait’s fan. I don’t care about a wannabe actress who can’t make it on her own merits. Moving into a fandom you have no right to is just shitty. I don’t care who your with. No more of my time on this person. No more connection to her. Let her work for her recognition like Cait does, not through the guy she is with.

I know Sam had to be disappointed with the loss of the BAFTA award, we all were, but remember, this is not the only opportunity in his life for this. Hopefully Sam will have more than just Outlander in his life. More movies, tv shows. It’s not over till that fat lady sings.

I am now waiting to see what happens. I’ve worn myself thin on all the above subjects. No more. Whatever way this plays out, I am sure we will all be ok. There are to many good, strong, intelligent and absolutely beautiful women here to not be ok. Love to you all ❤

SAMCAIT IS DEAD…I THINK NOT! For all the people in the back….

Sam posts the pic with Cait at GG’S exclaiming his excitement for S3.

More IG posts, along with the one here, and clearly posted for a reason. States on MULTIPLE occassions that S3 filming has been “like a death in the family”, how he doesn’t enjoy it when he is not with her, and how it feels “right” when they are back together.

Sad Sam follows with Bafta’s, landscape pics, a trip to the NC mountains, the Kale aisle at the local grocery store, juvenile wanker tweets, and now the Scottish cheerleader of a football team.

Both Sam and Cait surface with some new interviews, more carefree tweets, Leanne visiting Scotland, and Cait confirming how they are about to start filming together again, and will be together from here on out. Also excited about filming in South Africa. And, Cait’s absolutely glowing and giddy interview about it all…wow!. And Sam posts more IG posts of Paris….now wonder why??😉

Is it any wonder that Sam is happy, and getting more jovial by the day?? I am sure we will get more fabricated BS, but for now, Sam’s imposed wake is almost over!

So, for those who think his evolving elation is coming from a ride on the miniature pasture ponies, think again!!

The real thoroughbreds are about to make an entrance, and as Sam himself said….excited for S3. Screencap that!!


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Will just throw this out there… Duncan was in London the same time as Sam and now he is commenting about the MPC crew on SM. Lotte was in the streets of Amsterdam the same time that supposedly Sam was. Finnie has been hiking in the same area that Sam just posted a pic in. We know Sam travels with MPC folks based on that NYC trip.

How are we so sure she is around? You can post a pic of anything and tag a location from anywhere. Who even knows if they hopped on the same plane in London. Or maybe she is apart of the MPC crew…

do u remember when sam posted a pic of a guy with his balls out and later when someone mentioned it he was like, o i didnt notice bc he had a college friend who always had his balls out or st?? only old skool tumblr crew remembers…


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Sam posted a pic from the hike yesterday on IG. Look at the legs! How could the ES ever think that the dude next to Cait was Sam? They look at nothing but Sam 24/7 and it's amazing how often they mistake random people for him. One would think watching all the naked gifs would pay off at some point for them. Doesn't seem to be the case yet.

But don’t you know? Every forehead, set of knuckles, and now calves belonging to Sam if tinhatting shippers say said parts belong to him, and no cat hair is needed. How else are tinhatting shippers going to keep their ship afloat? Oh wait, now there’s Psychic Anon who “feels” things. That’s all it takes nowadays for the SamCait ship to sail; faux calves, and a psychic.

Sail on sisters, sail the eff on, but don’t forget your floaties.

Alice 🐇


caitriona balfe + 2014 (insp.)

so uh, yeah,,,,,,,,

So this is the “smoking gun”?? Really??

I’m honestly confused as to how a picture of a scenic vista on Skye that happens to include a popular self catering cottage rental (it is not actually an “inn”, but a weekly rental that sleeps six) in the frame, which was supposedly posted and quickly deleted yesterday by Mackenzie Mauzy, is put forth on a certain blog as.proof that she and Sam had a romantic idyll in this cottage- or anywhere else on the island.

Sam posted a pic of Macleod’s Maidens, a popular destination on Skye, the day after his birthday- which he apparently likes to celebrate with solitary hiking and climbing in the Scottish countryside. Four days prior Mackenzie posted a pic taken near to the cliffs which overlook the Maidens and a certain blog proclaimed her the New Blonde in Sam’s Life, and much kerfluffle ensued. But that same day Sam was in a fan pic in Glasgow after having dinner with friends. Rather hard for Sam to be in two places at the same time, no? Now two weeks after her original post from Skye Mackenzie supposedly puts this one up??

And it is proof of what exactly?? That she thought it was safe to post more pics of her time on Skye now that the kerfluffle started by a certain blogger about her dating a certain Scottish actor had died down somewhat?? That she is back on Skye, or perhaps never left?? That a certain blogger has access to photoshop, stock pics of
The Isle of Skye, and has the ability to follow a four minute YouTube tutorial?? Who knows?? I certainly don’t- but I DO know that nothing about that pic, or the timing of its posting (if it even WAS posted by Mackenzie) suggests that it has ANYTHING to do with Sam Heughan, or that Mackenzie Mauzy is even trying to insinuate that it does!!