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Sam has posted 3 pics in a row of the only woman he has created a shrine for on his IG. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! 💙💚💋


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You know what occurred to me? The day after BAFTAs, Sam posted a pic of himself and Cait on his IG. Not of himself, not of Cait, the winner, not even of his "date". Just the two of them together. This was supposed to be MM's debut, yet there Sammy goes and pretends like there was no one else on his arm besides Cait. How dare he?!?!?! :)

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And CB is at the Stormers game with all the gang according to Sam's latest IG.

She certainly was. And though Cait was featured in a few pics of the group who attended the match, it was left up to Sam himself to post the pic that showed that both he and Cait had attended the game. It was left up to Sam, and Cait, to choose to either reveal or not reveal, the fact that they had once again spent time together outside of work.

None of the pics posted by other attendees show the two of them as having both been there. In fact Sam is not shown at all, except for the shot he himself posted. We only know they were both there because Sam himself chose to share that with fans. There is obviously a respect for their privacy going on here. And it is logical to infer that this notion that it is up to Sam and Cait themselves, and not to other participants, to reveal that they were both present at an activity has also occurred in other outings such as hikes, and perhaps even in some fan pics as well…

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I'd like to know your about that data lounge site and all those blinds about Sam and the last one involving MM aren't damaging Sam's well earned good image? Why someone so caring and protective with her love ones like Cait is allowing her partner in crime being the only one getting the heat? gosh! no one loves SH enough to stick up for him? I know he's an adult man but anyway.

Data Lounge is a large and well known internet site, true, but its still only an internet site and the vast majority of the Outlander, and Sam Heughan, fan base are not aware of its existence- or of the subjects discussed there. What they see is the stuff splashed on Just Jared or on other popular celebrity gossip pages. And that has, by design I think, been all about MM. So as far as the majority of casual fans are concerned Sam has a girlfriend, and a new movie project to add to his upwardly moving career. What’s not to like about that?

As to Cait not defending Sam? I see it very differently. There has been quite a united front from them lately, and it has been led by Cait too. The “belated bday” pic posted by Cait of a pic with Sam and Cait looking very much together, and MM standing there with the two of them but looking like any other fan taking a photo op with the two of them at a fan con, was very much a display of a united front with Sam the way I see it. And the recent pic Sam posted of the two of them smiling together as Cait flips the bird surely looks like a united front to me too. Sam’s caption says that he’ll let Cait tell the score for the both of them- and that hand gesture certainly does tell it, quite eloquently.

And then there are all the pics from the SA season of the two of them just going about life, together. That’s also a way to stand up for each other- it’s much more subtle, but also much more effective than calling out any rumours directly- just show the fans who are paying attention how it really is. Not gay. And not with MM either.

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I don't ship but, yesterday, Sam posted pic from NY in cleary europe time and now him confirm by him reply to the fan than he is in Hungary. So, sorry if I don't believe NY thing after all. Too much travel, too little time.

Yeah he definitely wasn’t in NY yesterday. Saturday maybe but I doubt it.