sam phelps

I don’t know if it is because

they are british…

…or because of the way they express emotions with their beautiful faces…..

…But I really love these guys! ;D

Tom, Liz, the Phelps, Sam and the Lassiters

I think we will see that The Cyprus agency was not just to sow doubts in Liz’s about who she was, but also to sow the seeds of Tom’s story when placed with parents not prepared to a child who had suffered a traumaitic event, and who had very specific qualities.  Sam was better prepared, but even then Liz may have felt loved but even she says:

My colleagues call me “sir.” They think I’m a bitch. Like most kids who raised themselves, I can display narcissistic behavior. I can be withdrawn, disconnected. Uh I have a deep yearning to understand and relate to the criminal mind. I’m board certified in forensic psychology, and yet I operate under the delusion that I can rewrite my past by having kids of my own.

and then we hear:

in 1.02:

Your work, it’s been an inspiration. I wrote my senior thesis on your time in Kuala Lumpur. I was going through a very bad time.  And in some ways, I think you helped me through it.

and in 1.13 

Creel: Now, I see that you’ve been treated for depression and anxiety before.
In college, postgrad. I had, you know A rough patch.
You were hospitalized. I know this must be difficult for you.
I took some pills. They had to pump my stomach.
Was this deliberate or an accident? 
Kind of both. It’s not what you think. I-it’s not like I ever wanted to commit suicide. I took them in front of someone.

I had this boyfriend Ronnie. I was so young, - and he - Was cheating. I was such an idiot.

so Liz has also had episodes of wanting to hurt herself.  She felt she raised herself, like Tom thinks he was not loved.  She is narcisistic, highly intelligent and troubled. She went into a criminal streak, grifting, stealing.  

Ressler: I know this must be a shock. His name is Owen Mallory. He attended Harvard, claiming to be your son.Mr. Lassiter:  T-the therapist called it severe attachment disorder. Uh A-and there– there– there were many therapists, all kinds. We tried. I  know– I know how that sounds. But– but when Michael began threatening to hurt himself and– and us, then the doctors stepped in and felt uh for, uh For Michael to return to foster care.Mrs. Lassiter:  I’m sorry. What did you say his name is now? “ Liz: Now?  Mrs. Lassiter, do you know this man? Mrs. Lassiter: He was our son.Mr. Lassiter: The boy we knew was named Michael Shaw. And when we met him, he was 7 years old and in foster care.Liz: So you adopted him.Mrs. Lassiter: He was with us for 16 months. Charles and I– I mean, we knew Michael was troubled. But nothing could have prepared us forLiz: I’m so sorry. That must have been very difficult.Mrs. Lassiter: No, I’m sorry. It’s just, in many ways Charles and I blame ourselves. In hindsight, we weren’t ready. We …The marriage was troubled. We– we just weren’t equipped for a child.

Like Tom too. he was with a family and he felt never loved, like he never had a life.  He did criminal things.

So 2 children with highly traumatic pasts who finally feel like family with one another. 

Either they knew each other when they were children or at the very least are able  to feel at home with another person who had a similar  trauma and a similar parentage: spies.

Now that I am composed.

I really hate what Neal’s dad did.

First he conned his son to get information.

After Neal saved him and found out who he was Peter helped them talk.

Neal opened up to him, cried in front of him which is something we don’t see Neal do often. James also sees how close Neal and Peter are, how Peter and Elizabeth are like a family to him.

Second when Neal sees James can be in danger he sends him to a safe house just so he won’t get hurt. They do so much just so they can prove James is innocent when he was lying the whole time. It pisses me off that he hurt Neal because he doesn’t open to just anyone. He hurt the only family he had and that is what pisses off.

The gang did so much for James and he just screwed them up. I really hope that karma bites him so bad in season 5.


Peter: Did you ever wander what would happen if I didn’t make you my CI?

Neal: I would still be in jail, and you arrest rate  would be somewhere in the low seventies

Peter: High eighties.

Neal: Why did you take my deal?

Peter: I told you, your expertise.

Neal: That’s all?

Peter: I realized all those crimes you were committing they were never about money or greed.

Neal: What you think they were about?

Peter: The challenge that’s what we have in common. I love the challenge.

Neal: I know you do.

Peter: And after all these years of chasing you, decrypting clues, your late night phone calls from international numbers.

Neal: All the cookies and birthday cards.

Peter: I realized I like you. That’s why I took your deal.



Agent Furlong: I assume there is a immense trust between the two of you.

*look at each other meaningful*

Peter: Usually, but even when there is trust, there is always faith.

Agent Furlong: Faith?

Peter: that whatever the other is doing, it’s for a good reason

Neal: As long as Peter has faith in me, I’ll have faith in him 

*Big round of applause*



Yep that were my two favorite scenes! I don’t think I’ve ever fangirled this much about a non existing couple which I also don’t ship. And I’m not even going to mention how often I used the world adorable while watching this episode. It’s probably even more embarrassing as crying during Glee’s season premiere (But that last phone call was heartbreaking).

So that leaves me with just one question: Who is with me with the fact that they saw the fact that ‘Sam’ was Neal’s dad before it was revealed in the last few seconds?