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Movies/play cast meetings are great by nature but also because they provide with stuff like:

  • Cool Slytherin meeting
  • Scorpius and evil great-aunt Bellatrix
  • Grandma Molly and 3 of her grandchildren
  • More Weasleys (with Fred II if you wish)
  • Malfoy boys: Nicer with each generation
  • Godfather and godson
I don’t know if it is because

they are british…

…or because of the way they express emotions with their beautiful faces…..

…But I really love these guys! ;D

Now that I am composed.

I really hate what Neal’s dad did.

First he conned his son to get information.

After Neal saved him and found out who he was Peter helped them talk.

Neal opened up to him, cried in front of him which is something we don’t see Neal do often. James also sees how close Neal and Peter are, how Peter and Elizabeth are like a family to him.

Second when Neal sees James can be in danger he sends him to a safe house just so he won’t get hurt. They do so much just so they can prove James is innocent when he was lying the whole time. It pisses me off that he hurt Neal because he doesn’t open to just anyone. He hurt the only family he had and that is what pisses off.

The gang did so much for James and he just screwed them up. I really hope that karma bites him so bad in season 5.

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Peter: Did you ever wander what would happen if I didn’t make you my CI?

Neal: I would still be in jail, and you arrest rate  would be somewhere in the low seventies

Peter: High eighties.

Neal: Why did you take my deal?

Peter: I told you, your expertise.

Neal: That’s all?

Peter: I realized all those crimes you were committing they were never about money or greed.

Neal: What you think they were about?

Peter: The challenge that’s what we have in common. I love the challenge.

Neal: I know you do.

Peter: And after all these years of chasing you, decrypting clues, your late night phone calls from international numbers.

Neal: All the cookies and birthday cards.

Peter: I realized I like you. That’s why I took your deal.



Agent Furlong: I assume there is a immense trust between the two of you.

*look at each other meaningful*

Peter: Usually, but even when there is trust, there is always faith.

Agent Furlong: Faith?

Peter: that whatever the other is doing, it’s for a good reason

Neal: As long as Peter has faith in me, I’ll have faith in him 

*Big round of applause*



Yep that were my two favorite scenes! I don’t think I’ve ever fangirled this much about a non existing couple which I also don’t ship. And I’m not even going to mention how often I used the world adorable while watching this episode. It’s probably even more embarrassing as crying during Glee’s season premiere (But that last phone call was heartbreaking).

So that leaves me with just one question: Who is with me with the fact that they saw the fact that ‘Sam’ was Neal’s dad before it was revealed in the last few seconds?


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