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“Hit Man” aka Jax Wellings || Age: 17 || Day Trotter || Member || FC: Sam Pepper

Bio: Jax has ADD. It’s not too bad, in fact he’s better then most kids with ADD but his parents couldn’t live with a kid like him. So, he was pushed into foster care when he was two. He went in and out of homes with other people. He didn’t mind too much because he got to meet a lot of different people, making it easy for him to get along with all kinds of people. In his last home Jax met Marcus who asked him all kinds of questions about being in foster care and told him if he ever was bored of going to new family he could be one of them. Several months went by and he was off to be shipped to his next home but he deiced not to go. He took Marcus up on his offer and finally stay in one place and settle down.

Personality: Jax can easily be described as one word: awkward. He’s the strange kid that does weird things such as dancing whenever he feels like, or blurting out the weirdest things. This is mostly because of his ADD, but he’s a good addition to the gang. Jax acquired his nickname “Hit Man” because despite his jumpy and weird personality he’s pretty skilled with a knife - he knows how to use it quickly and effectively.


→ Figaro Hirtzel ~ Drifter ~ 17

Figaro is quite a fiesty one, born right out of Switzerland himself. One observation and you can see very clearly that ‘kitty’s got claws’- never once stepping back on a grudge, never once regretting his actions, as Figaro fully agrees that all that he does is fully justified within reason. He grew up alongside the Woods, spending far too much time in Geppetto’s Toy Shop to the point where it was like he practically lived there. Around his 9th birthday, that assumption turned out to be true.

Like Pinocchio, he was given up for adoption, or rather orphaned (the other is just a better euphemism) and eventually Geppetto decided to take Figaro under his care. Since then, though his presence in the Toy Shop was even more noticed, he would come and go like nothing ever changed. He’d wander throughout the village and do something, anything to occupy his time. His relationship with Pinocchio was a little rough at first, Figaro always cautious of him for a reason Pinocchio wasn’t able to comprehend at first, but as the years grew upon them, they eventually grew close.

He often acts very childish and can be very immature and spoiled if he wants to be, but he has his redeeming moments and always loves to put smiles on faces. When it comes to waiting, he’d rather not as he gets impatient towards trivial things. Figaro loves attention and being noticed the most, perhaps why his original tension with the Pinocchio boy began- as Geppetto solely focused on his pride and joy. It didn’t bother him too much, at least as it seemed, so when Pinocchio left for Wishing Well Academy Figaro enjoyed that he could be alone for once. That didn’t last long, however, when he overheard conversations between Geppetto and Pinocchio and he eventually wanted to try the school out for himself. Though this want was earlier in the game, before Wishing Well turned Hell, and now Figaro is about to experience it on his own for the very first time.

At Wishing Well Academy, he was neither ecstatic nor upset to see Pinocchio there. They’d have their moments and sometimes they wouldn’t. Unlike most 'sibling relationships’, Figaro and Pinocchio are very low key about it. If they need the others’ help, they’ll ask for it but otherwise, they recognize each other but don’t need it to be any further than that. His first days proved that Figaro never quite fit in with anyone. He’d bounce from clique to clique and befriend on his own terms. No one minded because he was pretty fair company and has enough equal traits to be a part of all. Befriending all– or making enemies along the way.

He had sort of a love/hate relationship with little Cleo Foxwood. She was one of the first people he met upon arriving and he was both impressed and felt 'personally insulted’ with the finesse she emitted. He shrugged it off and was told to play nice by the head of the English Roses. All the while, he couldn’t quite place it but he couldn’t stand the Redden family. Perhaps it had something to do with that there was too much of them and he saw too much of them every single day. Nevertheless, he doesn’t use that as an excuse to be solitary. It all comes down to on whether or not people rub him the right way. Not that way, guys.

Speaking of people that rub him the right way, one of them would be Abu Viziri. The both of them are rather new to the Wishing Well way of things. Together, they act like complete idiots and have fun, when feeling adventurous, play a little prank or two. As a dynamic duo, they do what they want and have no regrets while doing it. On the flip side, he somehow fell into step with the college circle, enjoying the company of Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of their friends but only springing a rivalry out of one: Pluto. Right off the bat, their personalities clash and needless to say, you’d rather not have the two in the same room together.

School-wise, there’s nothing much going on for Figaro. Like everyone else, school isn’t the top priority as it apparently should be, but there is one specific class he enjoys: history. Whether it’s history or the teacher teaching it, does it really matter? Mr. Thomas O'Malley is kind of like that one teacher you have, the one that you respect personally and have no problem with. Surprise surprise– he mostly just loves to hear the stories of 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

Figaro is kind, a little catty at first before you get to know him, and in the end his one of the biggest hearts. For all he knows, New York is yet another adventure to begin. There was nothing left in Switzerland, so now it’s about time he leaves his mark on Wishing Well Academy, too. Tricky, funny, and always playful, Figaro is that one type of person you should meet at least once in a lifetime.

Faceclaim: Sam Pepper

Availability: Open

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