sam pepper

So I was unsure on whether I should upload this or not because I didn’t want it to seem like I was relighting an old fire as Sam Pepper was outed long ago - but it infuriates me that people are still supporting him and even defending him when he’s a twisted, disgusting, pathetic excuse for a man and people need to see what he’s capable of.

I recently recovered an old Facebook account which was hacked and was looking through my old messages when I came across Sam Pepper. I knew I had spoken to him but had forgotten the explicit details of the conversations until I re-read through them and honestly, they made me sick. I am not comfortable with sharing the full conversations but I’ve added a photo of when he asked how old I was and said I could send him a ‘cute picture’ because I ‘looked older’. I was 13 years old and we was aware of this. Here in the UK, that is 3 years under the age of consent and 5 years under the legal age for nude photos. Holding nude photos of somebody under 18 classes as child pornography.

I didn’t see a problem with what he was asking at the time. I remember excitedly telling my friend that Sam Pepper had been messaging me and my heart racing every time he replied because I saw him as this famous guy and I thought I was so lucky that not only he had chosen to speak to me, but thought I was attractive.

I was 13 years old.

The other messages are frankly disgusting but we can’t stop talking about this topic because it is important to make people aware of what he’s done and what the internet makes so easy for people to do. Keep the conversation going and let’s not forget what an utter scum bag Sam Pepper is.