sam pepper

How could you fucking do this to someone? How could you literally do something so fucking terrible to someone that they break into hysterical, raw tears because they can’t react to what the actual fuck is happening? This is absolutely sickening. I don’t give a fuck if “I don’t have PTSD guys don’t worry I’m ok”, what I care about is that people have the nerve to practically torture a kid by murdering his best friend in front of his fucking face just for a fucking prank. I don’t care if there’s a camera or not, this is absolutely cynical. His “everything”. I don’t give a shit if you think this is just a video that shows “true friendship”; it’s fucking cruel and I don’t know how you could honestly sleep at night knowing that you found this funny. Imagine if that had been you and your best friend or significant other; wouldn’t be so fucking amusing now would it? I don’t know how to feel about them right now, I hope that Colby doesn’t think that any of this was ok because it wasn’t at all. You don’t EVER make someone feel like absolute shit and this literally made Sam sound like he wanted to fucking die because of Colby being dead. Fuck you. I’m done.

No. Cause when a person is crying his hearts and sockets out and screaming and saying “he’s all i have”… that’s when you turn the camera off and stop filming.

I don’t know what got into Sam Pepper’s head to make him think that “killing your best friend” is a good prank.

Sure, maybe he wants to make a point but… traumatizing someone and even act a felony is just wrong. In any way it is wrong.

Although i will not sign the petition because it would be extreme but YouTube should at least make him take the video down and make legal acts against Sam Pepper.

He made wrong decisions in the past. He sexually assaulted women, had accused of rape, and now this prank. Smh.

I pity you Sam Pepper. I really do.

Who to fight - youtuber edition
  • Markiplier: honestly you could fight him and you could probably win. but you’d feel majorly guilty afterwards. he’s just doing his best.
  • AmazingPhil: why on earth would you fight him??? he’d probably cheer for you even if you were punching him. honestly he’s a ray of sunshine and doesn’t deserve that. also you’d have to deal with his enraged boyfriend. don’t fight phil.
  • Tyler Oakley: do it. I dare you. he may not act like it but he could kick your ass. honestly it’d be an honor. fight tyler.
  • PewDiePie: DO NOT. do not fight felix. he could beat the living hell out of you and then offer you ice cream afterwards. do not attempt this.
  • Troye Sivan: really? Troye could probably take you, but he won’t want to fight you. be nice to him.
  • Jenna Marbles: she’d welcome the fight. have fun. (you’ll lose)
  • Sam Pepper: please beat the living shit out of him.
  • Danisnotonfire: do it. please fight the meme. do it jsut f cking fight dan.