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Black Eyed Monster - Year One

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Summary: After a breakup between the reader and Dean, she makes a drastic decision…

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Pairing/Characters: Dean x Reader, Dean x Demon!Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel

Word Count: 2089

Warnings: angst, language, violence, drinking, mention of sex, mention of torture, violence 

A/N: haven’t done anything original in a while. This will be a nine part series based on the hours of the demon cure. Tell me if you want to be tagged in this series! Will be updating the masterlist, frequently. Hope you guys like it :)

Pain. That’s what I felt as I drove away from the bunker. Tears streamed down my face and I felt like my heart was going to fall out of my chest. A fight was what broke Dean and I apart.

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Sam Cooke, the American soul singer behind the iconic A Change is Gonna Come, was shot and killed just 11 days before the song was due to be released. Bertha Franklin, a motel manager said Cooke attempted to rape and rob her while she worked a night shift, although this has never been proven. Police found the 33-year-old singer’s body with a single gunshot wound through the heart, his last words were recorded on the phone call of Bertha Franklin to police; In the background Mr. Cooke can be heard sobbing “Miss, you shot me. Why’d you shoot me?”. The crime has been widely disputed as being premeditated and racially motivated, following Cooke’s powerful criticism on the racial tensions of 1960s America.

Dean was yelling at Mary, telling her about how he hates her. And he keeps using examples including his brother’s struggles.
Sam lost the girl he loved.
Sam was tortured in hell.
Sam was possessed by Lucifer.
Sam lost his soul.
And then I realized. Dean was abused and traumatized and broken down so many times. He knows that what he went through is fucked up. He might not recognize the severity, but he’s not stupid. He knows his life was never fair to him.
But he’s still more angry about Sam’s trauma than his own. He still thinks Sam is more important. To his mother. To the world.
That makes me really sad.

Angel’s Wings

Characters – Cas x Reader, Sam, Dean

Summary – It takes a near death experience for the reader to find out why she can see an angel’s wings.

Word Count – 5,983

Warnings – Canon-type violence

A/N – When I hit my 500 follower milestone, I did drabble requests. I only received two, so I am turning them into full one shots instead! This one was from @trinityjadec: “OH MY GOSH CONGRATS YOU DESERVE SO MANY FOLLOWERS!!! Could I have Cas and something with his wings? (still have an unhealthy obsession) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK”

Here you go, Trinity!  I hope you enjoy it and I’m so sorry for the wait! 

Also written for @percussiongirl2017’s I’m Finally Legal Birthday Challenge.   I got #37: Why can I see your wings?  And the song “If I Died Today” by Tim McGraw

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You would never forget the first time you saw Castiel.  You were sitting in the bunker library with Sam, discussing a possible vampire case up in Omaha that you’d been trying to research for several days, when the front door opened and Dean began descending the stairs with another man you’d never seen before.

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Okay… after crying for half an hour, I forced myself to rewatch the scene. I noticed that after Lucifer killed Cas, Sam’s face was one of disbelief but Dean’s was full of absolute anguish.

Both Jared and Jensen are amazing actors so I don’t think it was an accident. Sam lost his friend, but to Dean it was more than that.

Jensen reacted like Dean had his soul mate taken away, and whether or not you ship destiel, that’s pretty much what happened.

He lost that “profound bond” he shared with Castiel and you can clearly see the pain on his face.

Even though this episode tore me apart, I have to applaud the writers and the actors for such a heart-breaking, but amazing, episode.

(Also, I don’t know how people manage to get gifs so quickly so this was the best I could do, sorry)