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Bridge House

A narrow house form, spans over the creek. Glazing each side opens the house to views in both directions, giving the feeling of living amongst the trees.

Two steel trusses forming the primary structure, were fabricated off site and erected by two men and a crane in two days. They were anchored by four small concrete piers, poured each side of the creek. Spanning between the trusses is a concrete floor slab on steel decking with a layer of rigid insulation. The “box” walling and roofing is plantation pine.

Architects: Max Pritchard Architect
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Consultant: Engineers Pocius & Associates
Constructed Area: 110 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Sam Noonan

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Seeing Nathan’s latest IG post in the theatre made me want to share a couple of special moments I had there

These were my seats for the last four performances of the show. Pretty good, eh? Those front row seats were inches away from the stage. 

The first night, Thursday, I sat in the one centre block third row back. As the show progressed towards the climax Nathan appeared in the audience, stood behind the seat (front row on your left) and delivered his lines. I forget his words as anticipation was growing already for the following night’s performance; that front row seat was my seat!! 

Friday’s performance, which I attended with @debfitz11, arrived and a little bird had told us that Nathan would have liked some audience participation in his political address scene. Always happy to oblige we planned beforehand to shout out ‘No’ at the appropriate moment. Deb was sitting in the identical position to me at the other side of the stage; the moment came and we shouted. The minutest of pauses but un-phased, Nathan smiled (a wicked little smile) and ad-libbed within the context of his speech to the audience’s delight, pointing to the audience, saying “You, you and definitely you” - first one aimed in my direction and the last one definitely aimed at Deb.  

We did this, ably assisted or should I say encouraged by @hysydney for the following two performances. I think he was prepared for us by then.

Back to the scene where Nathan dashes into the audience by the side door. (I should say that the seats to my right and the ones behind them were covered over so no-one was sitting in them). Spotlight on Nathan (and me) as he stood immediately behind me and delivered his lines to the villain on the stage. It will come as no surprise that I can’t remember what they were.  I snook a quick glance behind - on a level with his midriff. Nice. Turning quickly back to the front I suddenly felt and saw his hands clasp my shoulders !!! Oh joy Oh rapture!   I am going to be a bit presumptious here and say he knew it was me….by all accounts he hadn’t involved the audience before, but whatever, he did then. I wish I could have seen behind me at the same time as I was looking forward. Perhaps @debfitz11 can enlighten me. 

Chatting to the couple next to me afterwards they said they bought their tickets because of the publicity and that they hadn’t enjoyed a show as good as this for a long time. They asked if I was part of the show ……. 


Bridge House, Adelaide, Australia, 2008

Max Pritchard, architect

“An idyllic site of winter creek, billabong, large river red gums, dense wattles and rocky banks called for a house that would "touch the earth lightly”. The solution, a narrow bridge-like structure spanning the creek providing the experience of living amongst the trees in an almost untouched beautiful setting.“

Photos by Sam Noonan