sam never gets to be the big spoon so

Birthday promise

For Sam’s birthday, Dean gives him what he’s always given ever since he was born: his unconditional and eternal love.

Sam was sitting in the library, again, lost in his own thoughts and research. Dean thinks he probably doesn’t even remember what day it is. With a worried, but fond smile, Dean walks towards his brother and wraps his arms around Sam’s shoulders, closing his eyes and rubbing his nose on the line of Sam’s jaw, just below his ear. Sam makes a purring sound and Dean smiles bigger.

“Happy birthday, little brother.” Dean whispers. From the corner of his eye, he sees their initials carved in the wooden table, his heart still beating faster with the memory of what it means, what he and Sam mean.

Sam turns his face so his and Dean’s cheek can touch, his eyes closed. He was still making the purring noise, the adorable sound Sam makes when he’s tired, but happy. “Thanks, Dean. I got lost in research, completely forgot it was today.” Just like he always did. That’s where Dean comes in.

“Well, I’m feeling particularly generous today, so I’ll even let you choose where we eat today. I’m willing to eat as much rabbit food as you want me.” Sam laughs and turns to face Dean.

“Seriously?” Dean nods and Sam thinks about it for a second. “Can we order a delivery and then tuck in for the rest of the day? I’m not as young as I thought I was a minute ago. Just wanna spend the day with you, away from the world and the people we have to save.”

Dean looks at the table again, he knows what Sam means. Between Lucifer, the British dicks and the cosmic consequences Billie left waiting for them, their lives have been in constant red alert. That knot on the tip of his stomach, that never leaves when he’s worried about Sam’s safety is always present. They’re both too old for this, so Dean doesn’t blame Sam for wanting to guarantee their safety at least for today. Not that Dean minds being tangled with his brother on the bed all day.

“That’s what I consider a good day.” Dean reassures him, kissing Sam’s cheek before reaching for his phone.

They order all the healthy food Sam loves so much and sit on the kitchen to eat. Dean teases and make faces to his food, because he knows that’s what Sam is expecting him to do, and because he never gets tired of seeing Sam’s little ‘you’re an idiot, Dean’ smile. It’s Sam’s birthday, after all, he should give all of his smiles, and Dean is eager to see them all.

After lunch, Dean opens the fridge and shows his home made birthday cake to his brother. Three layers of three different types of chocolate.

“When Sully paid us a visit last year and prepared that diabetic table of food for you, I recognized one of the cakes as my official birthday cake for you, when we were kids. I remember baking it for you when you were six, and I remember how excited you got. You ate too much and threw up.” Dean smiles with the memory, but Sam looks almost sad. Dean knows him enough; he knows Sam is just affected by the surprise. It’s almost as good as watching him smile.

“Thanks, big brother.” His voice is low, so full of emotion. It never stops getting to Dean, how much his brother loves, how innocent he can still be sometimes.

They eat just one piece. Dean sits next to Sam, their legs tangled together in their need to always touch the other, and they feed each other with spoons full of cake. The sugar isn’t nearly as sweet as having Sammy smiling at him the whole time.

When they finish eating and walk back to the library, Dean pushes Sam on top of the table; their initial carved just beneath them, and kisses him slowly, one hand cupping Sam’s cheek and the other stroking his hair. It’s loving, intimate and Dean takes his time getting small, soft sounds from his little brother. I love you so much I can’t stop touching you, I wanna make you happy, I love you. Dean sends his message to Sam through movements of his tongue and the way he touches Sam, like he’s too precious, too good to be real, which is exactly like Dean thinks he is.

When they break apart, Sam keeps his eyes closed for a few seconds, licking his lips and searching for what’s left of Dean on his mouth. Dean does the same. Sam opens his eyes, looking almost sleepy, and smiles again. Dean smiles back, victorious.

“You know, there’s other thing, besides eating, that we could make like rabbits.” Dean gives a suggestive smile and Sam laughs loud, Dean’s favorite song since he was a child.

“You make sure to keep that in mind for later.” Sam reaches for Dean’s mouth, locking their lips. Sam’s hand pushes Dean on top of him again, but they only kiss. Kissing Sam is one of the few miracles of Dean’s life, and he would never get used to it; it was like destruction and creation, like pain and pleasure, a feeling of wholeness, but a constant wish for more. Always more. Being around Sam, loving him so completely, like Dean did, was always overwhelming. Sam deserves nothing less.

“So crazy for you, little brother.” Dean lets out, between sticking his tongue inside Sam’s mouth and biting his lower lip. “You’re the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

Sam nods eagerly, his eyes closed and his breathing coming out a little unstable. “I’m nothing without you, Dean.” Sam whispers and it sounds like a promise. A promise that breaks Dean’s heart, but makes it beat more alive than ever.

Dean moves his mouth to the line of Sam’s jaw, sucking slightly on the soft skin of his neck. He brushes his tongue from Sam’s neck to his earlobe, biting at the tip. Sam is breathing hard.

“Okay, I think we can fuck like rabbits right now.” Sam huffs a laugh.

Sam guides Dean to his room and lock the door. Not like any of the British dicks would be able to interrupt Dean from loving his brother if they break in the bunker, but it shows just how serious Sam was about wanting to be alone with him. Sam stands next to the bed and starts undressing, his look locking Dean on place, watching him. Sam speaks while taking his clothes off.

“34 years old, amazing I’ve lived this long.” Dean opens his mouth to say he will make sure Sam lives to see his hair growing white, but Sam doesn’t let him. “If I’m alive today, Dean, it’s for you. And because of you. There’s not one piece of me that is not connected to you, and it’s been like this since I was a baby.” Sam is naked, he closes the space between him and Dean. “For 34 years, I’ve been yours, Dean.”

That causes Dean to react, kissing Sam like it was his death wish. It might as well be. Dean pushes Sam on the bed and takes his time giving Sam all the pleasure he can, all the pleasure he deserves. Every broken sound that escapes Sam’s mouth goes straight to Dean’s heart. When Dean’s finally inside his little brother, both of them forget how to breathe, so they kiss. Giving the oxygen they need to live, each other.

When it’s over, Dean lies with his legs stretched and Sam’s head on his belly, his brother’s gigantic body shrunken in a fetal position. Always the baby brother, Dean thinks. Sam’s fingers are playing with Dean’s belly button, tickling just a little. Dean’s fingers brush through Sam’s hair, massaging his scalp just the right way Dean knows can make Sam sleep in minutes. He always worries about his brother’s terrible sleeping schedule, so he always gives him all the comfort he can.

Dean looks down and laughs, looking at the only grey strand of hair on his brother’s head.

“Age is finally coming your way, baby boy.” He shows the strand to Sam. “Soon I’ll be brushing my fingers through a sea of grey hair.” He teases.

Sam seems to consider it for a moment. “We really are growing old together. You should start looking for reservations at a rest home, soon.” He smiles to Dean, with hopeful eyes.

“Consider it done, little brother.” Dean says and reaches to kiss Sam. If growing old together is what Sammy wants for his birthday, then that’s exactly what Dean will give to him.

Road trips with Sam, Steve, and Bucky would include...

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  • You and Sam fighting over shotgun
  • You always getting shotgun after the first trip
  • “Can you put your seat up?”
  • “No.”
  • “Can we listen to something other than the Trouble Man soundtrack?”
  • “No.”
  • Cliché road trip car games
  • “Punch buggy no punch backs!”
  • “Why in the hell do you always use your metal arm!?”
  • Rapping Monster with Sam and always slaying Nicki Minaj’s verse
  • “Language!”
  • Going to every diner you see and Sam always asking for a coloring book and crayons for Bucky. Bucky gets revenge by giving the middle aged, fake tanned cougar his number.
  • You and Steve taking turns driving
  • Singing along to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy just to see Bucky and Steve’s faces light up
  • “Hey, Steve, remember that time when we were kids and you got so scared you-”
  • “Don’t.”
  • “Come on, Stevie, it’s a classic-”
  • “Bucky.”
  • All four of you sharing a room in a mildly sketchy motel
  • Catching Sam and Bucky cuddling in their sleep (Sam is always the big spoon)
  • Always saying that you’ll never go on a road trip with the dorks again, only to do the same thing every weekend
Dating Dean Winchester would include...

A/N: I’m making another one of these whilst my fic is being written!! Some of these might be OOC but yeah!

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  • ok first of there is a reason why Dean doesn’t ‘date’ and that’s because he’s scared of commitment
  • but there’s something about you that he can’t quite put his finger on ??? 
  • he obviously tries to flirt with u in a bar and it works but u don’t fancy a one night stand with a guy YOU JUST MET
  • he’s respectful of that 
  • he takes your number and he debates whether to ring you again for drinks because THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT HE LIKES
  • he would be so thoughtful and kind to you
  • your arguments would be bad though and he would say things to you he would later regret 
  • and things that would hurt you
  • he doesn’t want to hurt you and he would never do it deliberately
  • you would be so close to Sam and Sam would loVE you and the fact that you are the reason Dean gets up in the morning !! SAM WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL
  • the sex would be ???? out of this ??? world
  • the groaning of your name and the way he’d make bruises on your hips
  • thE LOOK he would give you before he eats you out is my aesthetic tbh
  • him not being much of a cuddlier first but getting used to being the big spoon and having u close to him at all times 
  • him just generally being in love w you
  • being scared by that thought
  • but coming to grips with it
Flash Fan Fiction Challenge- Insomniac

I was tagged by @abaddonwithyall to do the “Flash Fan Fiction Challenge.” Hers is super amazing- check it out here!!

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It was quiet.

You sat on the kitchen counter, marveling in the silence and stirring a mug of hot chocolate.  Shivering a little, you brought the warm drink to your lips and let the taste linger on the tip of your tongue.  The one good thing about being an insomniac was that you had more time to enjoy the calm moments.

Of course, your shoulders were tense, your lower back hurt, and your very bones felt like they were shaky.  You couldn’t get any sleep and you felt like you were going crazy.

At least you got to drink hot chocolate.

The hair on the back of your neck prickled and you glanced up, the hunter in you looking around for what had set your senses off. To your relief, Sam’s face popped around the corner.

He yawned, then grinned, making his way over to you. “Looks like someone’s having a late night.”

You shrugged, taking another sip. “Can’t fall asleep again.”

He didn’t hesitate.  “Do you want to come sleep with me?”

Normally, when he offered, you said no.  You knew the extent of your feelings for the Winchester and you didn’t need to get your hopes up any more than they were. However, this night, you were exhausted and you needed someone.

“Okay,” You answered, smiling a bit to yourself before setting the mug down on your counter and following him to his room.

He plopped onto his bed and pulled the thick covers over himself, eyeing you expectantly.  In return, you crawled in gently, hovering as far away from him as possible.  To your surprise, he pulled you closer, spooning you from behind.

“I’m always the big spoon,” He murmured, sleep slurring his words.

“I figured,” You answered, unable to keep the smile from your face.

Finally, you felt the pull you had been longing for and felt your eyes droop shut.  Maybe you would finally get some sleep.

Before you escaped into your dreams, you felt Sam’s lips press a soft kiss to your temple, and you smiled.  You had never felt so at home.

anonymous asked:

Hc: About the height difference between you and Sam, what would y'all have to do different to kiss or to have sex and other things like that

for the smols ::

* lots of tippie toe kisses and forehead kisses

* lots of you riding cowgirl

* Sam has to change all the lights and reach into the high cabinets

* You’re always the little spoon

* His shirts are like nightgowns

* Sam has to take all the selfies so no one gets cut off

for the tols ::

* High Heels bring you right up to his level, sometimes taller

* Piggy back rides

* Walking with his arm around you is never awkward or uncomfortable for either of you thanks to proportionate height

* He loves to kiss you when you’re sitting on the couch and he’s standing behind it cos he knows it makes you feel smol

* You’re usually the big spoon

* You can wear some of his clothes

* Lots of shower sex