sam moores

what if

what if Sam got the mark of Cain

what if Sam was the knight of hell

what if it was Dean that had to get him back

what if Sam unleashed the darkness

what if Sam had the connection with Amara

what if Sam was the walking soul-bomb

what if the person Amara brought back was Jessica…

what if we learnt more about Jess’ family background

what if she grew up like Sam did

what if she moved to Stanford to get away from it all

what if she’d been having the dreams too

what if she was too worried to tell Sam for fear of him freaking out

what if she told him it wasn’t his fault

what if he believed her

what if Sam got his soulmate back

what if

season 13 wishlist

- sam being happy
- sam being appreciated more
- dean being happy
- cas getting more recognition
- sam finally getting a girl that doesn’t die
- jess coming back (please!!)
- charlie, kevin, bobby, etc… returning
- less crying
- more smiling

- destiel

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November 2nd

11 years ago, Sam Winchester watched his girlfriend burn on the ceiling.
33 years ago, John Winchester watched the same thing happen to his wife. Sammy began infected with the blood of pure evil. Dean Winchester carried his baby brother out of his burning house in his arms.
43 years ago, Mary Winchester made a deal with a demon to save her fiancées life. She lost her mother and her father in the same night… And that’s where it all began.