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Looney Tunes (1994-) #236

Are you ready to open your heart and fall in love? All your favorites are, and they’re doing it on television as contestants on “Single Mingle,” the show that finds love for the super-attractive yet strangely available. Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam and Porky Pig have made it to the finals, but to win the bachelorette’s heart they’ll have to navigate dates, future in-laws and each other. - $2.99

1) Looney Tunes - Single Mingle - 8 pages
2) Tweety & Sylvester - Behind The Slapstick! - 6 pages
3) Elmer Fudd & Taz - Goin’ Native - 6 pages

Looney Tunes: Greatest Hits Vol. 2: You’re Despicable!

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Tweety Bird, and all your other favorite Looney Tunes stars are here in this grand slam collection of their wildest, wackiest, and dare we say LOONIEST comic book adventures! Will Wile E Coyote finally catch the Road Runner? Will Pepé Le Pew get the girl? Don’t miss the second collection of all the greatest moments from these classic characters!
Available on March 28 2017 - $10.99

Looney Tunes (1994-) #237

Duck Dodgers has always been the 24-½ century’s greatest hero—until today! His faithful partner, Eager Young Space Cadet, was just promoted to the rank of Commander, placing Dodgers in unfamiliar territory. As the new Commander takes the conn, their new mission is to go beyond Planet X to discover…Planet Y! Will they uncover the universe’s greatest secrets, or will Dodgers become the Uneager Old Space Curmudgeon and steer them off course?
Available on May 24 2017 - $2.99

Looney Tunes (1994-) #235

Porky hits the hilltop to be one with nature…until Daffy Duck moves in next door. Instead of peace and quiet, he gets heavy metal music and massive explosions from Daffy’s dynamite collection. Needless to say, th-th-th-that’s not all, folks! - $2.99

1) Porky Pig & Daffy Duck - His And Hermit - 8 pages
2) Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck - Barbecue Bunny - 1 page
3) Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck - Storm Warning - 1 page
4) Daffy Duck as Duck Twacy - A Vase In The Crowd - 10 pages

Okay, so here’s a recollection of the best day of my fandom life? #ECCC

I’m usually just here to make short, dumb, spazzy comments, so bear with me, because this will probably be long. However, I’ll try not to be too repetitive and remember the interesting parts. ;) Apologies if the pics are effing huge. I don’t do this posting thing - ever. hahah

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give me your forever or maybe just a while.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Kinda based on Girls Like U by Blackbear, semi, not really.

“Can we have one more chance at us?”

Genre: suggestive smut & other???? 

btw this is like hella long

“___, have you ever thought about not fucking around with boys?”, Eva asked me as I sat down with a sub in my hand. “Nope, why would I? I get sex and no relationships. Relationships fuck you over anyway.”, I told her as I unwrapped the sandwich. “I guess but what about when you wanna settle down?” “I’ll find a way, worry about your no sex streak for now.”, I joked. “Hey, my boyfriend’s only been out of town for 3 days.” “Yeah, totally out of town.”, I muttered under her breath.

“Yo, ___, party at mine tonight, you coming?”, Hoseok screamed from another table on campus, making heads turn. I gave him the thumbs up and turned back to my friends. “You coming too, Amber?” “Do you think I wanna miss out on one of Hoseok’s parties? They’re the best!” “What about you, Eva?” “I think I’ll pass.”, she muttered. “Boo!”, Amber and Isla screamed in unison. “Guys, I’m not feeling it, Sam’s out of town anyway.” “That’s why you should go! Have some company, have some fun with your gals!”, Isla told her. “Fine. But only if ___ doesn’t go home with anyone.” “Nope.” “Come on, ___, for us?”, Isla said as she shook my left arm which was holding the sandwich. “Nope. What is your obsession with me sleeping around, anyway? It’s not like everyday I’m at a new person’s house.”, I sternly replied before leaving the table. “Do you think she’s annoyed at us?”, Eva laughed. “Possibly. You know what she’s like when she’s annoyed, she won’t talk to us for a week.”, Isla whined as she plopped back down. “Go fix it then.” “You caused it, you go.”, Amber told her, giving her a death glare.

I walked over to Hoseok’s table, I usually did when one of my friends pissed me off. I know I’m a college student and shouldn’t be so petty but sometimes you gotta be petty. “What you doing here?”, Jungkook asked as I arrived at the table, still holding my sub. “Eva pissed me off, I’m chilling here for now.”, I told them as I sat beside Jimin and Hoseok. “Nothing new then.”, he joked. “You sure you wanna be here with Taehyung and all?”, Jimin whispered. “I can take him, don’t worry.”, I laughed as I turned to Taehyung who was already staring at me. “Hey babe. What you got there?”, he smirked. “ One. I’m not your babe, haven’t been for a year and a half. Two. A fuckin’ sandwich? Are you blind?”, Jimin giggled at my response to Taehyung. “Whatever I’ll see you tonight babe.”, he said as he stood up to leave. “Where you going?”, Hoseok asked the younger guy. “To Vanessa, she’s got notes I need.” “Are you sure you’re just getting notes from her?”, Jungkook joked. “Yeah, I am. She’s shit in bed, trust me on that one.”, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the conversation was occurring as I continued to finish my sub.

“___, come back to our table, Amber and Isla aren’t happy.”, Eva said from behind me. “Who’s this?”, Namjoon asked. “Dude, she’s in your lectures and shit, you know Sam’s girl.”, Seokjin told him. “Sam has a girl?”, Namjoon whispered to Seokjin, in the hopes that Sam’s ‘girl’ wouldn’t hear him. “I’m good.”, I bluntly replied not even turning around to talk to her. “You’re such a child, seriously just come back to the table.” “Nah.”, Jimin couldn’t stop giggling at my pettiness and Namjoon was still questioning the fact that Sam had a girl. “I swear he was single yesterday.” 

“Fine stay here with your fuckboy friends, you fit right in.”, she frustratedly replied. “Seriously, why are you so obsessed with my sex life? Is it cuz Sam doesn’t think you’re good enough?”, I replied as I turned to throw away my rubbish. “Take that back.” “I introduced you to him, he tells me a lot. But you know, it’s none of my business since it’s not my sex life.” “___, you can chill out with those burns.”, Jungkook chuckled. “I can’t believe you, I’ll be there tonight, without Sam or you.”, she said, storming off. “But Sam’s gonna be there?”, Namjoon questioned again. “Sam doesn’t think they’re an official thing, she does.”, I told him. “Ohh, that makes more sense.” “He just wanted to distance himself before ‘breaking’ up with her.”, I told him, spilling all the secrets about the ‘relationship’.

“You know, you really upset Eva.”, Amber told me as she got into my car. “Yeah but she has no business talking about my choices regarding sex.”, I told her. “She’s insecure about her relationship, you know that better than anyone.”, Amber sighed out of sympathy. “I’ve taken Sam’s side regarding that. Trust me, I know a lot more than I probably should.” “Eva’s your friend.” “And Sam’s my closer friend.” “Why can’t you two just get along? You guys always have some kind of bone to pick with each other.” “Dude, you know why. Besides I’m happy for you to walk yourself.” “Sorry.”

As soon as I arrived at the party I walked into the kitchen to grab my drink and mingle. “Sam!”, I half shouted to catch his attention. “___! Eva’s here?” “Yep, she and I argued this morning so I’m avoiding the shit out of her.” “What did you argue about?”, he chuckled before sipping his beer. “My sex choices and the fact that she’s not good in bed.” “You told her that?” “Well you guy aren’t even a thing in your eyes.”, I laughed. “Dude, I know but I still have to fake break up with this girl.”, he said, soon realising how ridiculous he sounded. “Can I crash at yours tonight? I’ve been over at Jimin’s for way too long.” “Knock yourself out, man. I’ll see you later tonight.”

Later that night I found myself in the bathroom with two people who were making out in the bathtub. “Do you guys mind if I pee? Like everywhere else is locked.”, I told them. “Knock yourself out.”, the girl replied. Just as I opened the door to leave and make my way back to the main room, Taehyung swung the door wide open. “I need to pee, move.” I moved out of his way but didn’t leave in order to admire his body and facial structure. “Why are you still here? Are you that desperate to see my dick again?”, he smirked. “In your dreams, I’m just gonna help you not crash into someone, you’re piss drunk, dude.” “And you’re cute, suck my dick?” “Nope, especially not after you just pissed.”

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kitten-mittens replied to your post “I’m in the mood to make someone cry but I can’t think of any angsty…”

Or wait, Tony/T'Challa set when the Arc Reactor is killing Tony: It’s killing him, the Reactor is literally killing him, not just in the reduced lung capacity can’t sleep comfortably oh-god-why-can’t-I-breath-it-hurts-so-much way that Tony is so used to, but actually poisoning him, and somehow, he’s got to tell T'Challa…or just be a jerk and make T'Challa hate him so he won’t be sad when Tony dies…

It wasn’t working.

Tony paced back and forth, wracking his brain to figure out what he could possibly do to make T’Challa hate him. So far, none of his schemes had panned out. He’d thrown temper tantrums. He’d let the press take photos of him in seemingly compromising positions with women and men. He’d shut down, refusing to take T’Challa’s calls for days.

Nothing worked. T’Challa took everything in stride, and in the end Tony was too weak to stay away. He was too weak to do what his husband needed him to do. And because of that, Tony was going to die and in the process break T’Challa’s heart.

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Sick Days

Summary: We all have sick days. It’s nothing to be embarrassed over.

Author’s note: Since it’s Most Wanted Week, I finally managed to get this thing done. It’s mainly fluff/pairing. I just couldn’t get the idea of a sick Dave Reyes out of my mind 😄 (sorry Dave).

Prompt: Round 27 of #ChoicesCreates: Anything Most Wanted

Tags: @holly-park @pb-choices

Anyways, here goes!

It was exactly 7am in Los Angeles and a certain blonde Deputy Marshal was impatiently tapping her foot on the floor of the L.A.P.D. precinct. Growing annoyed every time another minute went by, she groaned and pulled out her phone. Almost as if it were a second nature, her fingers quickly pressed the contact she needed.

It didn’t take long for a familiar voice to answer. “What?” He asked irritably.

Sam didn’t try to censor her frustrated tone. “Reyes, where the heck are you?”

“At home,” he answered immediately. It sounded like there was some type of running water in the background.

Feeling anger claw up her spine, she gripped the phone pressed to her ear and clenched her teeth. “Tell me how staying at home gets our job done, huh? Get over here!”

Dave only grew more ticked off at her comment. He soon spoke again in a tired, almost dead sounding voice. “Massey, I’ve been puking my guts out for the past five hours. That’s why I’m at home.”

She quickly snapped her mouth shut and dissolved any witty retorts waiting on her tongue. Feeling a little, very little, bit of sympathy, she softened her tone. “… You okay?”

“I’m fine,” he replied calmly. “Look, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I know me being sick isn’t helping our case. But I really don’t want to show up to work only to throw up all over Beckham’s shoes.”

Sam tried not to cringe at the mental image. “Yeah, can’t have that. You stay home and rest. I can take over today.”

“Thanks, Sam. I owe you one,” he said weakly before hanging up the call.

As she removed the phone from her ear and placed it back in her pocket, she couldn’t help but wonder if Dave was hiding how bad he really felt. He had a tendency to do that sometimes. But frankly, so did she.

Just before she could turn around and head into the forensics lab, Mirasol came out with a knowing look on her face. The woman’s hair was pulled back in that professionally neat looking bun and she wore a very narrowed gaze. She studied Sam carefully. “Were you talking to Dave?”

“Yeah,” she answered with a small nod. “He said he’s sick-”

“Oh, I know. He called me about ten minutes ago,” the criminal analyst interrupted as she stopped beside Sam and crossed her arms over her chest. “You should go check on him.”

“What?” Sam asked in slight shock. Shaking her head, she placed a hand on her hip and leaned into it. “No, I don’t have time. This case needs someone working on it.”

“Who do you think I am?” Mirasol asked with a small smirk. “Reza, Nikhil and I have got this. But mainly me. I can hold down the fort while you’re gone.”

Sam blinked, suddenly at a loss for words. She stood there with her mouth half open before snapping it back into the rhythm of talking. “Mirasol, I really can’t-”

“Are you planning on busting a killer today?” Mirasol asked smoothly, keeping her eyes sharp and tinted.

“… Not at the moment,” Sam answered with a slight uneasiness to her tone.

The forensic analyst smiled smugly once she knew she had proven her point. “Then you have time to spare. Go get in that rental car of yours and check up on our barfing detective.” She quickly pulled out a pair of keys from her pocket and tossed them to the Deputy Marshal.

Sam caught the silver chain easily and eyed them. “… Don’t tell me Reyes personally made you a spare key to his house,” she said with a raised eyebrow.

Mirasol shook her head. “No. But one time he let me borrow a pair and I decided to keep it.”
With that being said, she whipped around and walked back into the lab where Reza and Nikhil waited.

Feeling a little dumbstruck and uncertain, Sam found herself turning to head for the door before her mind could register the action. Before long, she was buckling her seatbelt and backing out of the L.A.P.D.’s parking lot.

She pulled to a stop outside the small but lavish house of Dave Reyes. Having been here once before, Sam vaguely recognized the exterior. One way to describe it would be to say that it was very ‘Dave’. The place practically screamed 'I’m a single man who’s prepared to mingle’.
Sam honestly didn’t feel like caring as she stepped out of her vehicle and walked up to the front door.

After studying the locked entrance and contemplating whether or not she should be polite and knock, her eventual decision was to just go ahead and walk right in. She did have the keys, after all. And besides, Dave could be passed out somewhere and not hear the doorbell.

The Deputy Marshal flipped out Mirasol’s pair of keys, twisted them in, and stepped inside. The door creaked as she pushed it open and walked into the house. Again, she had been here once before on a different case. So her mind was slightly familiar with the surroundings of the place.

Her green eyes scanned the area around her before spotting the stairs coming out of the kitchen. Assuming Dave’s bedroom was upwards, she headed in that direction and made her way to the second floor. A cracked, opened door stood against the wall, letting out some light from the windows inside. Sam could hear a little commotion coming out of the room.

'Bingo,’ she thought before pushing open the door and stepping inside.

A bed with dark, almost navy blue sheets sat against a wall so it was near the center of the room. A single nightstand was next to it along with a chair and desk aligning the other walls. Papers and folders decorated the table while some pens were scattered on top of those. There was a single door in the bedroom that led into a bathroom where a light was coming from.
It sounded like someone was rising their face off with some running water. Soon, the sink flipped off.

Before Sam could make her presence known by calling out to Dave, the detective himself emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but some boxers.

Immediately, he looked up and spotted Sam. “Jesus!” He exclaimed in shock, jumping and stubbing his toe against the bed. “Crap!” After cursing under his breath and wincing from the pain, he hopped on one leg to regain his balance. “Massey,” his voice breathed in pure confusion. “What- what are you doing in my home?”

Sam’s eyes widened as she studied his exposed muscular figure. Quickly realizing her gaze was lingering too long, she snapped it up to meet his face. “I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“Well, for God’s sake… knock next time. Or better yet, call me before you decide to barge into my house.” He narrowed his green eyes skeptically. “How did you even get in here?”

“Mirasol gave me her keys,” Sam answered as she held the silver chain up, dangling it in front of her face. Her gaze skimmed over his body once more, wondering if he was just going to stand there in his underwear the whole time.

Dave seemed to then remember what he was dressed in. “Dammit,” he mumbled in frustration and embarrassment before sprinting over to the dresser and pulling out a pair of grey sweatpants. Quickly, he slipped them on and turned to face his partner again. He brushed a hand through his brown hair in an attempt to calm his nerves. “Sorry about that, I… I was sweating and wasn’t exactly expecting company, so I just stripped down.”

Sam tilted her head with a concerned look on her face. “Do you have a fever?”

The detective blinked at the question and slowly shrugged. “I don’t know. Probably a little.”

“So you’re telling me you haven’t even checked yet?” Sam questioned in an irritated tone before stalking into his bathroom and rummaging through some drawers.

Dave tentatively walked up behind her and stood in the doorway. He leaned against the frame of the wall and watched as his partner dug around his sink area. “Massey,” he voiced. “What are you doing?”

Sam’s eyes were narrowed in focus as she continued her work. “Taking care of you since obviously you don’t know how to do it yourself.” Finally, her fingers enclosed on the small object she was looking for. Smiling triumphantly, Sam turned around and held up a white thermometer. “Open up, Reyes.”

Dave blinked again, this time in slight alarm. “Sam, seriously, I’m a grown man-”

“Stop complaining and open up,” Sam ordered in a very strict sounding tone. Her expression was cold and determined. “Now, Reyes.”

Not seeing another way out, Dave reluctantly obeyed and opened his mouth. But not with out a large eye roll to let her know he wasn’t enjoying this.

Sam reached up and slammed the thermometer under his tongue.

“Ow!” Dave mumbled as best he could with the long, stick-like object poking out of his mouth. “Talk about tough love,” he slurred.

“Shut up,” his partner snapped with crossed arms as she impatiently waited for the beep.
When the anticipated noise sounded off, she yanked the thermometer back into her hand and checked the results.

“Well?” Dave asked as he ignored his throbbing tongue. “Am I dying or what?”

“103,” Sam muttered with a shake of her head. “No wonder you were sweating.”

“Were?” Dave asked himself as he wiped a hand over his forehead and felt the sticky substance.

Sam followed his eyes and reached up to brush her fingers along the top of his head. Her hand skimmed the beads of sweat and just barely touched his messy brown hair. It was strange to see detective looking like this. Normally he was an image of calm and cool, everything styled and perfect. But right now he just looked like a straight up mess.
“You’re burning up…” she mumbled to distract herself from the lingering thoughts on her mind.

“Sure feels that way,” Dave agreed as he watched her expression. It was rare to see Massey in such a concerned mode. He guessed she could swallow her stubbornness and be motherly when she wanted to.
And if he was completely honest with himself, he actually enjoyed these once in a lifetime moments.

Snapping back into reality, Sam quickly tore her hand away and gestured to the bed against the wall. “You should lay down. I doubt all this standing is doing any good.”

“Yeah…” Dave answered before trailing off when he began to feel a familiar sensation come over him again. Groaning as his stomach started to churn, he quickly clutched his mouth and sprinted over to the toilet.

Sam stared in slight shock she watched her partner bend over and throw up multiple times. This had to be one of the only occasions she’d ever seen him look so unprepared. Dave Reyes was always prepared.
Feeling sympathy crawl up her spine, she slowly walked over and crouched down beside him. “Easy, Reyes…” she whispered. “Just get it all out.”

Dave managed to cough out a quick but strained reply. “This… this is just embarrassing,” he sputtered. “And to think I was trying to keep up a good reputation around you.”

Before Sam could comment on his words, the detective winced and went right back to what he had previously been doing.
She frowned and gently used a hand to massage his shoulders. As she did so, she could feel the tight muscles under his skin.
“We all get sick sometimes,” she said softly. “It’s nothing to get embarrassed about. If you want, I’ll never bring up this moment.”

“I’d appreciate that…” Dave muttered, keeping his eyes shut tight and his teeth clenched. After a few seconds of just breathing, he forced himself to sit back. “I… I think I’m good now.”

Sam nodded as she examined his sickly appearance again. “When was the last time you ate anything?”

“Yesterday,” he answered as he finally allowed himself to meet her green eyes.

Samantha shook her head a little. “I bet you don’t have a single fiber of energy left in you,” she concluded before glancing up to see his face. “Think you can stand?”

Dave almost scoffed at the question. “Of course I can-” he argued as he shoved himself to his feet only to stagger and lean against the counter’s surface. He gripped the object and desperately tried to balance himself out.
“Dammit…” he mumbled, cursing himself for not being able to even hold his own body upright.
'Come on, Reyes. You can’t let a little stomach bug make you seem weak in front of Sam.’ He thought bitterly.

The blonde Deputy Marshal softly touched his forearms and pulled him forward. “Here, let me help.”

“No,” Dave snapped back, tanking himself away from her. His eyes were narrowed and his expression filled with frustration. “I can manage.”

“Dave, you’re not strong enough right now,” Sam protested in a surprisingly nonchalant voice. “Put your arm around my shoulders and I’ll get you to bed.”

Still feeling awkward and determined not to seem weak in front of his partner, Dave shook his head and tried to walk forward on trembling legs. “I said I’m fine, Massey. I can walk on my own.”

Sam’s blue eyes hardened a shade after hearing his comment. She crossed her arms and gazed at him coldly. “I’m just trying to help.”

“Well, I never asked for your help,” Dave argued in a much harsher tone than expected. He whipped around to meet her firm stare and held it sternly. “You just showed up in my house and decided I needed you. News flash, I don’t. So you can turn around and drive back to the precinct. Let me handle my own problems.”

Sam’s eyes widened for a brief second. But soon, they darkened a shade and glowed in a strong, icy fire. Her stance was strong and furious. “You don’t want my help? Fine. I get it. A guy can’t break his manly rep and look small. But you know what? You do need my help, Reyes. Whether you like it or not, I’m stayin’ right here. We’re partners, remember? You’re stuck with me, and I’m stuck with you. So dammit, I ain’t about to walk away when you need me.”
After proudly observing his stunned expression, she stalked forward and practically yanked his arm over her shoulders. Not allowing him to protest again, she dragged him over to the bed and shoved his body down against the pillows.

Dave just lay there, shocked, and stared up at her. He blinked thoughtfully.

As she gazed down at him, Sam narrowed her eyes intently. “Well? Got anything charmingly annoying to say?”

To her surprise, he simply shook his head and got comfortable on the mattress. He kept his eyes locked with her’s. “No. You made your point. Maybe I do need you.”

Sam’s determined stance broke for a second only to be replaced by a less angry one. Letting her gaze soften, she sat down beside his feet and exhaled deeply. “… Good. I’m glad we finally agree on something.”

Dave nodded without saying a word and let his eyes fall on the ceiling above him.
A long, tedious silence passed between the two of them. Many unspoken words were said in those slow minutes. Things they could never bring themselves to say out loud.

Finally, Samantha broke it with a single question. “When was the last time you let someone take care of you?”

Shifting his gaze so it was back on her, Dave blinked as if he were sorting through memories. Then, he smiled a small, sad smile. “When I was seven years old.”

Sam immediately regretted ever voicing the question. 'Dammit Massey,’ she told herself. 'You knew better that.’
Sighing, she lowered her eyes. “I’m sorry, Reyes…”

“No,” he answered quietly, studying her face. “Don’t be. Sometimes it’s nice to remember my mom as the caring person she was. I guess I always find myself focusing on her face when…” he trailed off, lost in past emotions. “Well… you know.”

Green eyes flickering up to meet his, Sam scooted closer and reached over his legs to grasp his hand. She rubbed the warm fingers and kept her gaze locked with his. “I bet she’d be proud of the man you’ve become, Dave.”

Dave’s face seemed to lighten up briefly. His lips formed into a soft smile as he intertwined his fingers with her’s. “… Thanks, Sam.”

“Shh,” she whispered as she reached up to touch his warm forehead again. “Thank me when you’re feeling better.”

The detective rolled his eyes in amusement, his lips curled upwards. “Are you always this concerned over sick people?”

“Hey, I have three stubborn older brothers back at home. Someone’s gotta make sure they take their medicine,” she answered playfully as she retracted her other hand and stood up to grab a wet towel from the bathroom.

Dave watched her leave with that same smile on his face. Suddenly, his head wasn’t pounding quite as hard as before. Or maybe he just had reason to ignore it now.
“You should tell me more about Texas.”

Sam soon reentered the bedroom with a cold towel and placed it over Dave’s forehead. “Better yet, you could come back with me and I’ll show you Texas.”

“Sheesh, let me think about that offer,” Dave said with a small shake of his head as he relaxed under the wet cloth. “I don’t think I’d fit in very well in your hometown.”

“You’d stick out like a sore thumb,” Sam agreed smugly, sitting back on her spot beside his legs.

“Hey now,” Dave protested teasingly. “You didn’t exactly blend in when you first showed up in my city. I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long.”

Sam smirked a little, letting a fond smile form on her lips. She narrowed her eyes and pretended to study the man before her. “Hm. Oh yeah, I can definitely make a cowboy outta you. Throw on some Wranglers, boots and a hat…”

“Oh no,” Dave breathed, letting his head fall back. “What have I gotten myself into?”

Still smirking, Sam flipped her hair over her shoulder confidently. “This is gonna be fun. I’ll plan out your whole vacation.” Standing up, she tilted her head in his direction and changed the subject. “You thirsty? I’m sure I can scrounge up something in your kitchen.”

“You know, some ice water sounds pretty good right now,” he admitted, feeling the dryness of his throat. “Think you can manage to do that without breaking anything?”

Sam rolled her green eyes and started heading for the door leading to the stairs. “Very funny. Just for that I might decide to 'accidentally’ drop a glass.”

Dave chuckled a little as he watched her walk away, staring at the frame of her body and the way her blonde hair decorated her head.
“Hey, Massey,” he called before the could leave.

Sam turned around to look at him over her shoulder. “Yeah?”

'I love you…’ he said internally, biting his tongue and feeling flushed under her green eyed gaze.
“… Thanks. You know, for taking care of me and… everything.”

Her expression was warm but hidden. It looked like something was on her mind that she just couldn’t bring out. Instead, she nodded with a small smile. “Anytime, Reyes.”
With that being said, she turned back around and headed out of the room.

The End


Imagine: Sam holding you after a bad day.

(Sam x Reader : Fluff)

A heavy soul abiding sigh escaped your lips as you entered the bedroom. Your feet dragged across the floor, too weary to lift them up. Your shins met the edge of the bed. Your bag thumped beside your feet. Sam turned around from his desk.

“Hey, how was your day?”

You let your body fall forward, face planting right beneath the pillows. You let out a long irritated groan in response.

“That bad, huh?” You heard the creak of the chair as he rose and felt the bed sag a moment later as he sat next to you. “Wanna talk about it?”

You groaned, resting your head on your crossed arms. Sam’s thigh and hand were the only thing you could see. You muttered a negative. Sam’s lips pursed together. He wanted to ask, but wouldn’t push it. Instead, he rubbed your back gently. You sighed,relaxing under his large hand.

“Hey…” His voice was like honey in the sun, gentle, light, warm. “C’mere.”

You looked up as he shifted further back, leaning against the headboard. He waved you closer, so you dragged your body across the sheets and collapsed against his side. It was only a little bit exaggerated, but the added drama granted you satisfaction. Sam’s heart beat under your ear. It’s steady hard beat was almost painfully loud. He stroked the back of your head, fingers trailing in the stands of hair. His free hand rested on your upper arm, thumb dipping in lazy caresses. You sighed contentedly, the edge of the day slowly wearing off, replaced with pure comfort.

“Sure you don’t wanna tell me about it?” You smiled as his chest rumbled from the timbre of his voice.

You hugged him closer. “No, it’s okay. Maybe later.”


Your eyes naturally fluttered closed as if this position was the safest place in the world. Sleep never came, instead, a sweet rest slowed your breath and you simply existed in each other’s arms wrapped in soft happiness. Skin touching skin, hearts beating together, and warmth mingling.


Title: Home

Word Count: 2,613

Pairing: Reader x Dean but mostly Sam friendship

Theme Songs: Home by The Piano GuysLife Is A Song by Patrick Park 

**Imagine Sam getting a real home**

Your name: submit What is this?


“Dean, Dean! Turn right here, this is Selby Lane,” you said looking up from the map in your lap and consulting the hand written directions you’d scribbled on your last motel’s stationary. 

Dean let out a low whistle as he navigated the Impala through the winding neighborhood streets. “This is a nice area. What’s the address again?”

“We’re looking for 1218,” you replied, folding the map and looking around. Dean was right, it really was nice. The yards were well maintained, many with lush trees or gardens planted along the borders, dotting the green with bursts of color. The houses you passed ranged from moderately sized one story places to the larger sized two stories. It wasn’t cookie cutter, though; each house had its own distinct look to it. You smiled, it felt right.

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Lord of the Rings Reread: The Land Of Shadow

Still far away, forty miles at least, they saw Mount Doom, its feet founded in ashen ruin, its huge cone rising to a great height, where its reeking head was swathed in cloud. Its fires were now dimmed, and it stood in smouldering slumber, as threatening and dangerous as a sleeping beast. Behind it there hung a vast shadow, ominous as a thunder-cloud, the veils of Barad-dûr that was reared far way upon a long spur of the Ashen Mountains thrust down from the North. The Dark Power was deep in thought, and the Eye turned inward, pondering tidings of doubt and danger: a bright sword, and a stern and kingly face it saw, and for a while it gave little thought to other things; and all its great stronghold, gate on gate, and tower on tower, was wrapped in a brooding gloom.

Frodo and Sam gazed out in mingled loathing and wonder on this hateful land. Between them and the smoking mountain, and about it north and south, all seemed ruinous and dead, a desert burned and choked. They wondered how the Lord of this realm maintained and fed his slaves and his armies. Yet armies he had. As far as their eyes could reach, along the skirts of the Morgai and away southward, there were camps, some of tents, some ordered like small towns. One of the largest of these was right below them. Barely a mile out into the plain it clustered like some huge nest of insects, with straight dreary streets of huts and long low drab buildings. About it the ground was busy with folk going to and fro; a wide road ran from it south-east to join the Morgul-way, and along it many lines of small black shapes were hurrying.