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So me and @astarisms were talking about screencap redraws and because of this wonderful chat we are now on a mission

okay but consider this: archangel natalie

  • because of her huge role in the end of days, god appoints natalie in as an archangel after her death, being the first human to ever achieve that
  • all the archangels are down with it. they all adore her anyways
  • when she wakes up in heaven she appears as an 18/19 year old, heaven’s most significant time in her life
  • there are hugs all around when she wakes, and she loves her lil orange flower pendant
  • “wait!! since i was born an archangel today, does that mean i get two birthdays??? WHICH ALSO MEANS TWO BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!”
  • “no natalie”
  • she absolutely gets two birthday parties
  • nat’s role as an archangel is to be the bridge between heaven and hell. she acts as a messenger to the Fallen, a neutralizer to the angels, and she’s also a guardian angel to some humans. 
  • when satan finds out
  • ohhhhh when satan finds out
  • natalie never lets him live down that she’s “one billion percent positive” that she saw tears in his eyes oh my lord he’s floored and ecstatic
  • he asks if he could see her wings. he also wants to feel how fluffy they are. she gladly lets him, soaking up all the attention
  • she’s allowed to see lucifer as much as she pleases. she also sees her mother and (assuming she died at an old age) her brother and dad.
  • archangel natalie
  • archangel natalie

My poor Natalie bb is sick :(

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the things i do for you, natalie mcallister

summary: he wonders where he found his luck. — natan, au!futurefic

notes: i love natan so much and the recent chapters have destroyed me so i decided to write some wholesome fluff. i hope it satisfies ya’ll. dedicated to @shuu-xx​ (ur my favourite friendo)

it is officially half past three in the morning when natalie finally succumbs to sleep. stan rubs an eye, yawning. his wife’s cheeks are flushed and her hand is enclosed in his large, calloused palm. he sighs heavily. natalie will forever be a pain, he thinks. but you signed up for it! she counters in his head. he smirks, throwing a cursory glance to their intertwined fingers and matching rings. well, coordinating, at least. hers had girl inscribed on the inside of it (something he had called her since they had met, for no particularly obvious reason) and his read luce (something she had called him since they had first met, for no particularly obvious reason). same idea.

“luce.” a small voice shakes him out of his aimless thoughts. he groans inwardly. she’s awake again? “yes.” he says, quietly. “i know you’re tired, but would you mind getting me a glass of water and one of those leftover fish sticks on the stove?” he stood. “the things i do for you, natalie mcallister.” she smiled, green eyes sparking a little in spite of her small fever. “it’s wormwood, you know.” he grins before making his way to the kitchen

once there, he frowns. oh, crap. he’d thrown the leftover fish sticks away -  they had induced natalie’s last vomiting session. he curses himself (and natalie) before filling a glass of water and plodding miserably back to his room. this is likely to not go over well with his wife.

fortunately, she’s drifted back to sleep. he stands there for a second and bursts into laughter. (granted - it’s quiet laughter, but laughter nonetheless.) he watches her shift a little, her arm draped over her growing belly. his laughter dies slowly, and a foreign warmth begins to bloom in his chest. not foreign as in he had never felt warmth there before; but foreign as in it was a different kind every time. but it was all a good warmth, always a soft warmth, a warmth that says home is where the heart is.

luce has his past and he has his present, and while his future isn’t certain, he’s going to try his absolute best to make sure that natalie is there for every moment. no matter what.

this woman is the love of my life, he says to himself. and he knows it.



“yeah? i already brewed coffee for you.”

“yeah, but - where are the fish sticks?”