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'Police are the most parasitic social grouping in society'

By Sam Marcy, Workers World Party founder: 

A worker is, above all, a producer. The policeman is a parasite who lives off what the worker produces. No truer word could be said! All the material wealth which is now in the possession of the capitalist class was produced by the workers. When a worker goes out on strike she is merely trying to retrieve a portion of the wealth which her labor power produced. The worker gets back in the form of wages only a portion of what he produces. The rest is what the capitalist class retains in the form of profit (really the unpaid labor of the workers).

What have the cops contributed to the production of this unprecedented amount of wealth? Nothing at all. In fact, their principal function is to guard the wealth for the capitalists, protect their monopolist profits from the demands of the workers. Even as the New York cops were out on strike, their emergency crews were busily clubbing the heads of striking telephone workers. That’s the very essence of a cop – to crack the heads of strikers and practice the most inhuman brutality against the Black, Latin and other oppressed communities.

A cop is a mercenary hired by the capitalist class through their agent (the city government to keep the mass of the workers and the oppressed in complete subjection. They utilize all the forces and violence at their disposal whenever the masses rise up in rebellion against the unendurable conditions imposed by the master class.

The police are the most parasitic social grouping in society. When they work – if that’s what it can possibly be called – their labor is directed against the workers and oppressed.

Graft, corruption, intimate collaboration with all sorts of underworld figures and enterprises such as gambling, narcotics and a thousand other shady businesses – that’s what cops are really engaged in.

They are utterly inseparable from crime and corruption itself. One could not exist without the other. Both a nourished and supported by the nature of the capitalist system itself. To put the police on a par with the workers is to erase the difference between the persecutors and their victims.

Such incidental operations of the police as traffic control and other related useful functions for society are deliberately tacked on by the government to police control when they in reality should be separate and independent activities of workers apart from the parasitic regular police functions.

- “The Year of the Pig: Should workers support police strikes?”, Workers World, January 29, 1971

initforthelutz  asked:

If you claim to Marxist-Leninst, then why your posts about Trotsky?

My organization, Workers World Party, has always considered Trotsky to be part of the Marxist-Leninist canon, and to have made valuable contributions to revolutionary theory and practice. 

We don’t identify with what is called the Trotskyist movement, which long ago degenerated into social-democracy and anti-Sovietism.

We have always worked successfully with revolutionary communists of different historical tendencies, including those who identify as various kinds of Stalinists, by focusing on the anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist objectives that unite us.

As our founder Sam Marcy said at the May Day conference of the Belgian Party of Labor in 1994

“It would be most unfortunate if the discussion [after the fall of the USSR] reduced itself to merely a defense of the positions of Stalin, Trotsky, Mao or others. Their importance in the historic evolution of the communist movement will not suffer if we proceed according to an evaluation of political and theoretical concepts, rather than the individual leaders who may stand for them. To do otherwise is not worthy of revolutionary communists who are seriously attempting to find their way out of the catastrophic predicament in which all socialists and revolutionary Marxist-Leninists in particular find themselves today.

"The name of Lenin is a kind of synonym for revolutionary class struggle. The failure to agree on that is in reality a line of demarcation between communism and social democracy, with its various hues.It would be a great achievement to be able to set aside secondary aspects and unite on the general understanding of the nature of our epoch and the tasks of the working class and the oppressed masses.”

Here is a more recent statement from WWP on the basis for socialist unity.


Sam Marcy - The Early Years of Bolshevism, Part 2

Sam Marcy, founder and chairperson of Workers World Party, speaks on the early struggles within the Bolshevik Party. This presentation was given at a Workers World Party class in 1993.