sam makes the best faces


“I was just showing Y/N–”

Dean maneuvers his face on screen, grunting exaggeratedly. Sam mimics him with a silly expression of his own. 

You burst into laughter at the sight of them. These video chats, though few and far between thanks to your schedules never aligning, always make the stress of school that much more manageable. 

“God, I miss you guys.” 

“Miss you too, Y/N.”



Sam: Come on. Nothing? Not even a smile?

Y/N: I’m sorry, I just… *sigh* I guess the job is just wearing me down. You know?

Sam: Yeah…I do. But, we just work through it and focus on the good that we do with it.

Y/N: Like what?

Sam: Like…take last week for example. You saved that woman, without you her daughter wouldn’t have a mother and her husband would have become a widow. We just have to remember that. Yes, we do some bad things but we also do good.

Y/N: You should stick to talking, you’ve really got a way with words…Plus,  those faces were getting old.

Sam: Oh come on, my silly faces are the best. *makes one and you smile*