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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester  ∞ SPN 04X07

Commissioned by @jemariel

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Supernatural: The Movie

1. Crowley comes back.

2. Chuck & Amara come back from Vacation

3. Bobby comes back.

5. Gabriel comes back.

6. Kevin comes back.

7. Benny comes back.

8. Charlie comes back.

9. Ellen comes back.

10. Adam is let out of the cage.

11. Castiel: I love you.

12. Dean: I know.

13. Sam finds his shoes.

14. There is pie.

The end. 

(Post Credit Scene: Jo comes back and Lucifer is an Olympic Figure Skater)


A restful few days in the Bunker since the argument with Mary, then (!) (12x14 sneak peek)


Favorite Moments from every Season >>> Season 1

Have You Tried Seducing?

Anon Requests: Do you think you could do something like Reader is only wearing Cas’s shirt and they’re in the living room or kitchen or some place like that and Cas thinks it’s Sexy so he decides to fuck reader and they break something, which wakes up in the Winchesters and the Winchesters walk in and Reader get’s embarrassed but Castiel don’t stop fucking until he’s done? Thank you! AND How about a cas x reader where cas has been in love with reader for ages but never acted on his feelings/urges because he’s an angel and it’s a sin for an angel to be with a human(it’s forbidden). The reader overheard cas confess his affection for her to the Winchester boys and she decides to seduce him because she’s always liked him too but felt he hated her(but he was just avoiding temptation). So he just cracks and some really good smut follows and then some cute fluff 🤗 love you btw ✊🏽

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: smut, a little bit of dirty talk, language, nsfw gif further below the cut!!

A/N: I decided to combine 2 requests for this one. hope thats alright!


3 weeks.

It had been 3 weeks since you had overheard Castiel confess his love for you to Sam and Dean.

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AU where Mick pulls two guns out of his jacket and shoots Hess and Ketch first


ah yes. the pre apocalyptic era where everyone in heaven still got along. good times.

(or the one in which i just really want to draw gabriel and cas in teeny weeny robes) (also apparently i cant draw a platypus) (im so sorry)

Will Supernatural‘s Sam and/or Dean have a romantic interest in Season 13?

“I don’t think this is that show, honestly,” executive producer Andrew Dabb tells TVLine.

“Neither of them is looking for love, let’s put it that way. Sam has been in love multiple times, and Dean has had his own relationships… There was a time when Sam and Dean, and particularly Sam at one point, thought they could have a normal life and walk away from the fight. I don’t think either of our guys look at it that way anymore. They know they’re going to fight until they can’t fight anymore, either until they win or they die. 

When you’re committed to that fight, the idea of bringing someone into that and being like, ‘Hey, let’s get married’ [doesn’t compute]. I’m not sure either of our guys is really looking for that at this point in time.”


I’m still waiting for Cas to rock up in one of these. Dean would be all ‘Dude……What the hell?’ Sam would be sporting that knowing little smirk, fully aware of what Cas was up to. Cas would be all ‘I wasn’t fond of the new attire gifted to me by The Empty. The leather of this coat reminded me of the interior of Baby. I know how much you love that car Dean……’
*Dean chokes on his beer*
*Sam fails to conceal a snigger*
Smirking, Sam says ‘Well Cas, I think you look great. And I’m positive that Dean does too……..don’t you Dean?’
Sam grins mischievously at his brother as a blush gradually creeps up Dean’s neck.
‘Umm, err……uh’ Dean runs his hand down his face in a fruitless attempt at regaining some composure. He keeps his eyes firmly on the floor, trying to conceal his embarrassment. When he finally glances up, he’s mesmerised by Castiel’s hopeful, cerulean eyes boring into him.
‘Yeah Cas, uh…… I think you look awesome.’
Castiel’s perpetually chapped lips spread into a big gummy smile, his eyes glistening with happiness before they duck back down to a very interesting mark on the floor.
‘Thank you Dean.’
‘Yeah, you’re welcome….. Angel’.