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  • Person: *Doesn't capitalize something that is supposed to be capitalized in a fanfic*
  • Me: Nope! That's it! I used to like you, but now you have TOTALLY lost my trust. I mean, your plot is great, everyone is in character, it is the correct point of view, you're a nice person, but you didn't capitalize a name. We. Are. Over.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Laff:</b> ladies, my accent is cute, no?<p/><b></b> *Ladies giggle*<p/><b>H.M:</b> ladies, unlike him I'm not fashion blind<p/><b></b> *Ladies giggle*<p/><b>One girl:</b> what about him<p/><b></b> *Points to John who's ordering drinks*<p/><b>Hamilton:</b> *way too loudly* HES MINE HANDS OFF!!<p/><b></b> *At bar, John is bright red*<p/><b>John:</b> maybe I'll have a pint extra Sam Adams<p/></p><p/></p>
18 Insane True Crime Conspiracy Theories That'll Scare You Shitless
By Anna Kopsky

Dean: Still no job?

Sam: I found this @buzzfeed article…

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Sam: It’s a list of conspiracy theories about real-life crimes.

Dean: Sam.

Sam: Dean.

Sam: *starts reading list*

Dean: Go back to #6. Demonic possession in an elevator?

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