sam knows how much it means to dean

Can we talk about how great it was to see Sam lounging on Jody's couch?

He was clearly so comfortable there. He felt safe and at home, and he was happy to just be there with Jody and Dean, eating pizza and having some down time.

He was practically lying on that couch, he was so comfortable, resting his pizza on his tummy.

The little grins he kept sharing with the two of them were so great to see. I know the scene was short, but it means so much to me to see them like that.

We haven’t seen this side of Sam in weeks, months, and I love that we were given it, no matter how short it lasted.

Sam knows a code word when he hears one. Hell, he and Dean have about a hundred or so words and phrases and hand gestures that they’ve accumulated over the years to make a language all of their own. It’s not hard to figure out when something means something else entirely.

Which is how Sam finds out about Dean and Cas’ “secret” relationship. 

The first time Dean asked Cas if he wanted to “play Scrabble,” Sam didn’t really think much of it. Dean and Cas disappeared to do random shit all the time. They were, after all, best friends and pretty much attached at the hip.

But then Dean asked again a couple days later. Then Cas asked. Then Sam realized.

They would disappear into Dean’s room to “play Scrabble,” and then they would come out two hours later looking angry or exhausted or smug or any other emotion to describe that they had just fucked.

Sam elected to ignore it. He didn’t really care if Dean and Cas were secretly fucking as long as they were happy. If things got serious, they would tell him.

That is, until one day Sam walks into Dean’s room without waiting for a “come in” and finds Dean and Cas–

“What the fuck are you guys doing?”

They both look up at him with wide eyes. Dean holds a little wooden letter in his hand and responds, “What does it look like we’re doing?”

“It looks like you’re playing Scrabble.”

“Yeah. Didn’t you hear us say we were going to play Scrabble like an hour ago?” Dean puts his letter down, and Sam sees the word “bullet” written on the board.

“So…that wasn’t…a code word?”

Cas answers this time, “Why would Dean and I need a code word at home when it is only the three of us here?”

“Because you’re–you’re–never mind.” Sam slams the door behind him before they can say anything else.

Muffled through the door, he hears Dean say, “Oh my god, dude, I think Sammy thought you and I were having sex.”

Sick, Yet Not Sick

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 777

Summary: The reader has been feeling sick, and it’s got Dean worried. 

This was written in honor of @soaringeag1e‘s announcement a few days ago. :) Love you, Megan!

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Few notable things from “First Blood”
  1. Just how genuinely worried Cas was that he had literally been counting the number of days & hours the boys have been missing
  2. Dean dialed Cas from a random dude’s phone, which means he knows Cas’s number by heart
  3. The fact that Cas fucking stuttered when he heard Dean’s voice
  4. The Destiel hug and how freaking relived Cas looked
  6. The ‘wtf have you done Dean’ look Cas gives when Sam says “It’s time”
  7. Cas’s torn look and “You don’t have to do this”
  8. Cas’s speech and the fact that he was in the verge of fucking crying
  9. The way Dean looked at him when he said “You mean too much to me”


And before ya’ll send anons about how it isn’t canon, yes, I know that. I also know it probably never will be. But this ship makes me happy and I shall continue to ship it peacefully, without hurting anyone’s feelings

cas’ monologues have been getting more and more elaborate and emotional and personal. by the rate he’s going, come 12x15 he’ll be proposing to dean  

12x09:  “This sad, doomed little world, It needs you. It needs every Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won’t let any of you die. And I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me. To everything.

12x12: “Knowing you has been the best part of my life and the things we’ve shared together have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you.

see also: how at the end of cas’ speeches he’ll say something super personal, then he’s like wow shit that’s too deep and intimate. “dean, will you marry me? ….all of us? will you marry all of us? sam get the ring.”

Let's go home

I’m pretty sure that Dean saying “let’s go home” to Cas will be on my top favorite moments between the two. Whether you ship them romantically or not, you know how much those words mean in reference to this show’s story. Home is such a huge aspect to this show, because home is wherever the other brother is. But it’s not just Sam and Dean anymore. They have Cas. And Cas - this beautiful but incredibly lost angel - has lost everything, including his home. So for Dean to tell Cas for them to go home, without breaking eye contact is absolutely beautiful. And the fact that he doesn’t break eye contact (something Dean tends to do when he says his emotions, also puts a lot of depth to this microcosmic moment).

Drink framing (Some thoughts on 12.11)

If Dean drinks milk anytime in 12.11, that faint screaming you hear will be mine. I promise this will make sense by the end… at least I hope so.

Adults drinking milk in western movies and tv pretty much always means something and the context of it can be really fascinating. I can’t remember if Sam or Dean drink milk any time during the rest of the series but if Dean does during this next episode, it will say a lot about how they are trying to frame the reversion of his memories. 

In fact, if either of them ever drink milk in the series, expect it to mean something. I don’t know a single movie or show where this has happened where it didn’t hold significance. It was even something I was taught in film school.

Some examples of films that use this trick to frame their characters:

A Clockwork Orange
Inglourious Basterds
Mad Max: Fury Road
Catch Me If You Can

Seriously, there are entire essays by film people, psychologists, etc about this. If Dean drinks milk in the next episode, it will mean something. Filmmakers pretty much never give milk to an adult actor unless they’re trying to say something. In fact, pretty much every drink in film means something:

When Finn and his family sit at the dinner table in the first episode of Stranger Things, everyone at the table, including his dad is drinking juice. Except his mother who drinks wine. This says something about her character and how the dynamic of this family works.

I doubt this will happen, but this would be the perfect episode for it and it would be a very simple device to convey how they want Dean’s experience read depending on the context of the scene.

The moment Sam realizes someone else matters to Dean almost as much as he does.

Dean: “I was with him when we learned this place was under attack, we drove              like a bat out of hell.”

Sam: “How come? I mean…”

           “ don’t care for these guys, you didn’t even know that I was here…”

           “… Right, of course.”

Dean: [to Mary] “When I thought something might have happened to you…”

           “…nothing else mattered.”

-Supernatural 12 x 14: “The Raid”

Here it is, canon, that Sam is shocked when it dawns on him that, for the first time since their father died, there’s another person on this planet who matters almost as much to Dean as he does. She matters enough for Dean to set their conflict aside and hightail it across town to save her, even though she betrayed and hurt him deeply. The implication of this is crystal clear: As far as Sam is concerned, up until now, no one (other than Sam) has mattered that much to Dean – it seems to go without saying that this “no one” would include Castiel. Not that his friendship with Castiel isn’t important to him; but it will never be as important as his relationships with his closest family members.


Ok. So everyone is basically saying that Cas saying “I love you” is directed towards Dean and that him saying “I love all of you” was partially directed to Sam because like no homo and stuff😂. But, I was just thinking that “I love all of you” could have an alternative meaning than that he loves the Winchesters like family. I mean, I’m sure he loves all of them like family and that means a lot to me. But, I was also thinking, could the “I love all of you” was also intentionally directed towards Dean? I mean, we know how much crap Dean has been through and how much shit he carries on his shoulders and how he still blames himself for a lot of things, some that wasn’t even his fault. Cas knows this. He has known this since the day he met Dean when he looked into his eyes and said “You don’t think you deserve to be saved.”. I think that Cas knows how much Dean relies on his family to forget the weight he carries within him and that his death will impact him much more than it will impact Sam. Cas knew that when he dies, a little part of Dean will die with him and he will revert back to his cycle of blaming, hating and purposely destroying himself. 

So in one of his last moments, Cas was trying to tell Dean that he loves him. He loves all of him, even the dark edges that came from years of hunting and losing the ones he loved. He loves him despite all his mistakes and despite all the things Dean constantly blames himself for. Even when dying, Cas had to ensure that Dean will go on. Dean will live. His number one priority is Dean and not himself. It has always been Dean since he rebelled heaven for him and gave up an entire army of angels for him. He was trying to ensure that Dean knows how much Cas loves him, every little part of him before his death. 

That’s love, bitch.

Im going to go cry in my room now. Destiel *sob*

cornerbackcastiel  asked:

Reading through your response regarding Sam and back-to-back hunts and it kinda hit me like a "show vs tell" thing contrasted with Mary. In 12x12, she was telling Wally about how much good they've done (# of vamp nests, etc). In 12x15, it's like Sam is showing dean "see how much good we're doing?" Though Sam also knows how well the talking went over (ending with "there's the door"). Sam "saw" but I'm still not sure how seeing that epic fuck-up = convinced to join (rant for another day lol)

I know… it’s frustrating. :D

I mean, most of the time he’s at the MoL headquarters in 12.14, he’s basically got one foot out the door. Their intel sucks, their overall genocide plan sucks, the people they’ve recruited are… less than stellar.

Sam was Not Impressed.

But then he saw the Colt. And yeah, the circumstances in which Mary had stolen it from Ramiel’s were still a bitter discovery for him, but…

Despite their lackluster or outright wrong intel, their sketchy motives and goals, their comparatively incompetent staff (despite the lady having 3 phd’s that didn’t actually help her when it came down to an actual monster fight), and their questionable “toys,” somehow these imbeciles ended up with one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

A weapon that used to belong to Sam and Dean. A weapon that symbolizes A LOT of their family crap, and is very deeply personally connected to Sam. I think the majority of his decision to work with them revolves around that gun.

Because if they have the Colt (yet had no idea how to even USE it), what other surprises might they have lurking in their cupboards like that?

I think part of his decision to work with them was that Mick DID prove he was competent at some things (he whipped up that bullet, silently worked out a plan to get it to Sam, and then delivered it to him in a way that enabled him to load the gun before the Alpha noticed… I mean, that was pretty commendable.

(and really, if that plan hadn’t worked, Sam still had Plan B which at least would’ve gotten him and Mary a deal out of there…)

But Mick pulled off the thing, so Sam’s not ready to just write him off entirely yet. Not only might the MoL be a resource, but they’re ALSO potentially dangerously armed, in a “loose cannon” kind of way that, as long as they’re settled down in Sam’s Territory. In some ways, they do get results. They’ve been finding these good hunts.

I don’t think Sam’s eagerly jumped aboard and is all RAH RAH MOL! GO TEAM! But I do think he sees the potential there, with their resources, and Sam’s instincts and experience and intelligence.

I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of reasons he felt it was something he needed to do.

Plus, they paralleled Sam’s reason for having been there in the first place with Dean’s reason for coming running when he and Ketch learned where all the vampires had gone… hunting the hunters. Mary.

Dean hadn’t even KNOWN that Sam was there too, but he did know Mary was there, and in danger. Despite their disagreements, when it came down to it, he’d defend her life. Apparently, so will Sam.


Supernatural Hiatus Creations | Week One
“you know what? we are home.”

The impala has so much history that goes beyond the boys, but none of that compares to how much this car means to Sam and Dean. It is their home; filled with memories and stories of their life. Other than each other it’s their one constant in life. 

The Morning After (Rob Benedict x Reader)

Summary: You and Rob have sex for the first time, your first time, and he wants to make sure you know how much you mean to him. 

You woke up with a soft grown, the light from the window shining in your eyes. Taking in your surroundings, thoughts from last night came back to you. 

Are you sure?” asked Rob, as he lay on top of you, careful not to crush your small figure. 

You reached up and kissed him, nodding your head slightly. You were ready, you trusted Rob more than anything. 

Rob nodded, pushing himself into you slowly. You grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight. He squeezed back, not daring to let go. 

Smiling at the memory, you zoned back to where you were. Rob and you laid in bed, completely naked, his arm wrapped around you as you had your head laying on his chest. Your arm was wrapped around his torso. 

You squeezed him tighter and pressed a kiss to his chest, loving the moment. Loving him. 

“Good morning, beautiful.” said a groggily voice. You looked up to see Rob’s bright blue eyes, now awake. 

“Good morning.” you said. You could feel your face turning red as you realized how close and intimate you two were in this moment. 

“Last night was-” Rob cut you off. 

“Amazing.” he said. You reached up and kissed him, smiling through it. 

“Was, was it ok? Were you ok?” asked Rob shyly. He knew how much last night meant to you. You knew how much it meant to him that you had trusted him enough to let him see you. All of you. 

“You underestimate yourself, Mr. Benedict. Perfect, that’s what it was.” you said, your head still on his chest as you squeezed him again. 

Rob laughed slightly, rubbing your back with his hand. He kissed the top of your head. 

The two of you lay there quietly just taking everything in. You didn’t think it was possible to feel this content in your life. 

“Y/N?” asked Rob, breaking the silence. 

“Hmmm?” you glanced up at him. 

“You know how much I love you, right?” 

You nodded, staring at him with love and concern mixed into one. Where was he going with this? 

“I’m in love with you.” 

Your body went sort of stiff as you took in what he just said. No one had said that to you before and he knew it. 

“Rob I-” 

“Wait, let me finish?” asked Rob. You could hear the anxiety in his voice. You nodded, implying for him to continue. 

“You’re beautiful, Y/N. So beautiful. You mean so much to me, you don’t even know. Every day when I wake up in the morning. I’m so glad to know it’s your face that’s gonna greet me by my side. You’re my best friend, and I’m the luckiest man in the world to be able to call you my girlfriend. And last night? Last night is one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve never felt more connected to anyone in my entire life. I thank God it was with you.” 

You could feel the tears escape your eyes as Rob said these words. Happiness. That’s all you could feel. 

You slipped more on top of him now, your bodies pressed together. Rob’s face aligned with yours as you rested your hand on his cheek. 

“I’m in love with you, Y/N.” said Rob softly, his hands caressing your back. 

You leaned down, kissing him as passionately as you could. 

“And I’m in love with you.” 

A/N: I wrote this yesterday when I was supposed to be doing my APUSH homework and I post it today as I’m supposed to be doing my APUSH homework. Full circle. 

Also, this is my favorite one show I’ve written. I hope you enjoyed it. 


“I’m sorry,” Sam says straight away here (11x20), “I didn’t mean it.” But clearly he’s terrified; we saw that in 11x16, too, when he was relieved to learn that it was his dead body (and not Amara’s, I guess) that Dean had seen sprawling on the floor of the nest (“comforting” is the word he uses). The difference between them is that whereas Dean will tell Sam when he has doubts about his capabilities (“I just don’t believe any more… in you,” 5x18), Sam tries all the time to show Dean that he has faith in him (“You will never hear me say that you - the real you - was anything but good,” 10x23). I think what this moment makes clear is that this attitude of Sam’s isn’t automatic or careless: it’s a choice. He knows how important it is, when you’re desperate, to believe that somebody you care about believes in you. And so, because he loves and cares about his brother, he chooses to believe in Dean, even when his gut is telling him that Dean will fail.

If I were Dean I’d be extraordinarily grateful. Although it’s less obviously flattering, it seems to me that this kind of deliberate faith means much more than an unthinking childish confidence in ‘big brother’ would do.


“’Got the balloons, think you can keep Sam in the dark a little longer?’ What the hell does that mean?” Sam asked, scrolling through Dean’s texts. Dean grabbed his phone back, shaking his head.

“For a smart guy, you really are an idiot, Sammy,” he grinned, tapping out a reply. Sam clenched his jaw, staring his brother down.

“What’s going on with you and Y/N?”

“Nothing!” Dean laughed. “She’s trying to plan a surprise birthday party for you and she’s going to kill us both when she finds out you know now. Why the hell do you think I’ve been dragging you with me everywhere and keeping you away from the bunker so much? She’s doing everything.” Sam’s face softened and he sat back, looking contrite. 

“She’s planning a party for me?” he asked. Dean’s phone chirped and lit up on the table and he looked to it, laughing softly to himself.

“I told her you were an idiot. Just in case she hadn’t figured it out yet,” Dean explained, looking at his phone still.

“What did she say?” Sam asked hesitantly.

“She said she knows. And then she tacked on one of those heart-eyes smiley faces. Girl’s a little crazy about her emoticons, Sam, I’m just saying,” Dean said, shaking his head, but Sam was smiling now, not listening anymore.

Unusual Series – Pt. 6

Title: Not A Deal Breaker

Summary: Katherine could taste her long desired freedom. Eve being dead didn’t meant she wasn’t in danger or wanted anymore. This story takes place on season 6.

Autor: deanwinchester-af​

Pairings: Dean x OFC

Characters: Dean Winchester, Katherine Pierce, Sam Winchester

Words: 1.7k+

Warnings: Angst & Some Low key Fluff. Mention of blood loss. 

A/N: I had some really good feedback with last chapter. Y’all don’t know how much that means to me. This story is my baby, like seriously… I’ve thought it so many times and it makes me happy there’s people that enjoy it. ♥

Parts: 00, 01, 02, 03, 0405


Katherine’s eyelids slowly fluttered open, her hands chained against the stone cold wall. She dropped her head backwards, trying using her strength to break free but she wasn’t strong enough. She heard lightly steps approaching her cell, she slowly rose her glare, breathing deeply and looking at Crowley.Katherine sensed something stronger, she sensed her knife. 

“Wakey, wakey,” Crowley sang as he played Katherine’s knife on his hands..

Katherine’s eyes landed on Castiel, she opened her mouth to talk but instead a agonizing grunt escaped its way out. Crowley himself had sliced open several parts of Katherine’s body, making her to lose blood and strength. She would generate it with time, if they don’t use all of it for the ritual.

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A Collection of Love

SPN Writing Challenge | @marrieddorks vs. @sis-tafics
prompt: “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri
pairings: Weecest/Wincest
word count: 461
tags: serial killer!Dean, poetry, blood, dark!chesters, murder, obsessed!Dean

Sammy was a serial killer, that much Dean knew.
The sad part was that he didn’t mean to be one.
No, it was always an accident.  
They moved from town-to-town, ya’know,
And in every town there was a girl or boy who fell in love with Sam.
Dean didn’t blame them –
How could he when he’d been in love with Sam since forever?
– But he saw them; he saw them all.  

Sammy may be the serial killer, but Dean was crazy.
He wasn’t the smartest guy in the room, but he was always watching.  
He watched as Maria, the class president of the freshman class,
Flipped her hair, fingers curled in the long strands, while she talked to Sam.
He watched as Patrick, Sam’s partner on the academic quiz team,
Shoved playfully at Sam’s shoulder, bottom lip pulled in and eyes wanting.
What he didn’t watch was the news the last days they were in a town.
It was pointless to read the headlines; they’d be leaving soon.

Pikeville Class President Murdered
            - Pikeville mourns after brutal murder of student.
Soon-To-Be Graduate Killed At Home
            - Lorain County officials on a search for the killer.

Sammy was a serial killer, metaphorically anyway.
Dean made all the kills, but he did it for Sam.
That makes Sam just as bad as him, right?
Because if Sam wasn’t so damn lovable, Dean wouldn’t have to kill.
Because if Sam wasn’t perfect in every way, Dean wouldn’t have to kill.
Because if Sam wasn’t Dean’s everything, Dean wouldn’t have to kill.
But Sam was all those things: lovable, perfect, everything
And Dean had to keep him and he had to keep him close.

Okay, so maybe Sammy wasn’t a serial killer,
But he was a serial killer’s love, his muse.
Dean thought of him each time he stalked late at night.
Dean thought of him each time he muffled their screams.
Dean thought of him each time he plunged a knife deep in someone’s heart.
And when Dean stabbed them, he always went for the heart.
And he didn’t do so to speed their death;
No, he did it so he could carve Sam out.  

Sammy had this way of getting under people’s skin.
And after that, he’d get into their heads and, ultimately, their hearts.
Dean had to get him out, ya’see.
They didn’t deserve to have Sam be part of them.
(No one did, not even Dean, and that’s why the murders were so out of control.)
Dean did what he had to and if that meant taking a knife to their chests
And cutting Sam out, letting him wash over Dean’s hands in the form of blood
Then so be it.

Dean was only collecting what belonged to Sam and, in turn, himself.

Dean Winchester-Forget me not

Title: Forget me not

Pairings: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1260

Summary: Okayyy so I’m feeling mean today MWUHAAAAAHHHA, I figured let’s get them in the feels again so here’s a sad Dean reader one shots, sowwiiieeeee (Let me know if you like it and please don’t stab me) xxx

A/N: The ‘She’ is also a creature I made up so don’t get confused or fact-y on me XD xxx

Dean had never been happier. 

Ever since you came along all he could do was smile, his cheeks actually hurt from how much he smiled. Sam had never seen him happier either. Dean was used to the empty, lonely feeling he got as he guzzled down a stupid amount of alcohol but not any more. 


‘’Hey’’You whispered, closing your eyes as you wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head on his toned back. 

‘’Hey, hey, no’’He whined, putting down the spatula and turned to face you. ‘’I was gonna make you breakfast in bed’’He pouted, looking a little distressed and gutted. 

‘’I didn’t see anything, I was never here’’You yelled as you held a hand over your eyes and walked back to your room before bumping into the door frame. Dean grinned like an idiot, chuckling as he shook his head. 

‘’Man I love that woman’’He mused to himself before beginning to whilst and flip the eggs. 

Sam came prodding into the room, yawning and stretching before double taking on Dean be up and perfectly fine, no bed hair, no grumpy face or sticky coffee. Sam made a amused face before snatching for some toast. Just as he was about to eat it Dean quickly stole it back before narrowing his eyes at a startled Sam. 

‘’no. This is for (Y/n) so keep your big bear paws off’’Dean scolded as Sam rolled his eyes. 

‘’Wow, you’re actually doing something for someone else, shocking’’Sam provoked, grumpy he didn’t get his eggs. It was Dean’s turn to roll his eyes before flipping the bird to his younger brothers. 

‘’Yes, Sammy. It’s called Love’’Dean grumbled but there was hint of a blush on his cheeks. Sam rose both brows, grinning slightly but held his hands up in defence. 

‘’You love her?’’Sam smiled. 

‘’Shh!’’Dean glared, leaning on his tip toes as he peeked out the door. 

‘’You love her?’’Sam repeated in a whisper. ‘’When are you gonna tell her?’’He asked nosily. 

‘’Soon. But not yet. I’m planning on telling her tonight’’Dean grinned as he tried to shake off his nerves. 

‘’Ahh, so that’s why you’re buttering her up’’Sam chuckled. Dean once again flipped Sammy the bird before putting everything on a tray and walking into your shared room. 

‘’Good morning, Princess’’Dean called out, watching as you faked stirred. 

‘’Oh my! Breakfast in bed! I’m so surprised’’You said dramatically. Dean laughed, sitting beside you as he placed the tray on your lap. 

‘’Thank you baby’’You cooed, kissing him lovingly. ‘’Eugh, if only we could just stay in bed all day instead of stupid hunting’’You moaned, biting into the delicious egg. 

‘’I know, as soon as it’s over though I’ll run you a nice bath with some candles and then we can watch some whatever you want’’Dean mumbled as he eyed your lips. 

‘’Okay, what do you want?’’You asked with a raised brow. 

‘’I already have everything I want’’He chuckled. 

‘’So cheesy but so cute’’You sighed before kissing him slowly. He rubbed your cheek with his calloused thumb, sighing against your lips before pulling back. 

‘’C’mon, eat up before we go’’


The three of you stalked towards the building, eyeing up the old debris before loading your weapons and heading up. 

‘’Alright, we’ll all split up, Sammy you go down that one, (Y/n) that one and I’ll take the last’’Dean instructed. Sam nodded, making his way down his chosen hall before Dean caught your elbow and spun you around. 

‘’Dean… what’s wrong?’’You asked in concern. 

‘’Just be careful, okay. You know I’d die if you got hurt’’He chuckled but their was real worry and fear laced in his gorgeous green eyes. 

‘’I always am’’You winked, pecking him quickly before heading down. Dean stared after you, running his fingers through his hair as a bad feeling rumbled in his gut. He shook it off and started heading down his way.


‘’Stupid ‘I always am’ Why’d you let her go alone, shut up, she’s a damn good hunter, better than you… why am I talking to myself’’Dean groaned, kicking a rock under his foot. 

He clenched his stomach as he felt the bad feeling twinkle about before he shook his head and decided to just go with his gut and check it out just to put his mind to rest. 

He began to trek back, heading down your path as the feeling got worse and worse. 

‘’(Y/n)?’’Dean called out. 

Dean stopped, sighing a huge relief when he saw you turn around and smile at him. He flung his head back, realising he had just been too worried and anxious. He laughed, about to say something when you dropped. 

‘’(Y/N)?!’’He screamed, alerting Sam who instantly came running. Dean sprang into actions, his knee’s almost buckling from how fast they out ran him. ‘’(Y/N)!’’He cried out, dropping to his knee’s as Sam whizzed past him to get the She. 

‘’Cas! Cas! Help me! Please!’’Dean screamed, pulling your body into his. Castiel didn’t answer which only resulted in Dean crying harder. He whipped out his phone, calling an ambulance as he sunk to the ground and weeped into your shoulder. 


‘’Cas! Dammit Cas where are you!’’Dean growled which turned into a slight whimper at the end. Sam looked up at his pacing brother, watching him with tears in his own eyes as the doctors tried everything but obviously they had no clue what was slowly killing you.

Cas suddenly appeared, Dean slamming him against the wall as Sam jumped up. 

‘’Where the hell was you! (Y/n) is dying!’’Dean screamed, getting looks from people but Sam quickly yanked him off. 

‘’I’m sorry I wa-’’

‘’Cas can you heal her’’Sam interrupted, watching his brother sob unconditionally. He had never seen Dean like it. 

Cas made a grave face, one the brothers didn’t like. ‘’I can…’’He added slowly. 

‘’What’s the catch?’’Sam whispered, sensing his dull tone. 

‘’She won’t remember anything’’Cas mumbled solemnly.

‘’What? Well that’s good isn’t it, she won’t remember being hurt’’Dean rushed out quickly, his voice sped up and panicked. 

‘’No…Dean… she won’t remember anything at all’’Castiel repeated. Dean’s face dropped as well as Sam who looked over at his brother. 

‘’Even me?…’’Dean whispered, his face distraught. 

‘’Yes. Even you’’Castiel sighed apologetically. Everyone was silent for a moment, Dean lowering his head as tears slowly dripped down his cheek. 

‘’Do it’’


You stretched your arms above your head, hearing them crack as you laughed, talking to the strange man beside you. He called himself Cas and he explained that you had a bad accident and didn’t remember anything. 

The door creaked open, a man shuffling in. A very handsome man.

‘’Hi’’He whispered deeply. 

‘’Erm…hey’’You coughed nervously, glancing at Cas who gave you a reassuring smile. 

‘’I’ll leave you two alone’’Cas smiled before walking out and making you glare after him for leaving you a lone with a very strange man. 

‘’I-erm… I’’He seemed lost of what to say. 

‘’Do I know you?’’You asked softly, flinching when his face dropped. 

‘’No’’He shook his head, crying but you were unsure why. ‘’No you don’t’’He whispered. 

You nodded, confused and startled as he made his way back out. 


‘’I’m so sorry, Dean’’Sam whispered from over Dean’s shoulder. Dean said nothing, just nodded as he looked at the ground before saying a goodnight to Sam and shutting the door. 

Dean climbed into his side of the bed, running his fingertips along your pillow before he closed his eyes and let a few tears escape. 

‘’I love you’’

Giggling pt. 2

A/N: Thank you to everyone who liked/reblogged/commented for part 1! You guys really have no idea how much it means to me! Here is part 2! I’m not really sure how I feel about it, so let me know how you guys feel!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: a little blood, violence, dead bodies? (not anyone major), swearing, angst, fluff

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It had been about four months since you had decided to leave the Winchesters for good, and you had been doing just fine on your own. Well, if fine is constantly hunting and hooking up with random guys in bars. You hoped that it would make you forget him, and it did, until you woke up in the morning hung over in a motel bed with a guy who wasn’t Dean. It made you remember that it never was Dean and it never would be Dean that you were waking up to.

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