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The Nightingale’, directed by Jennifer Kent goes into production

Set in Tasmania in 1825, “The Nightingale” follows a 21-year-old Irish female convict who witnesses the brutal murder of her husband and baby by her soldier master and his cronies. Unable to find justice, she takes an Aboriginal male tracker with her through the hellish wilderness to seek revenge on the men.

where have all the good men gone

Every time I read about a writer or filmmaker or any other person in a storytelling medium complain: “It’s so hard to write good guys.  They’re so boring!” I feel the need to smack them upside the head with the following examples:

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Steve Rogers

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Benton Fraser and Ray Kowalski

(Ray only pretends to be a ‘bad boy’ but he’s actually a GIANT DORK WHO NEEDS ALL THE LOVE)

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Sam Wilson

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T’challa (Look, he had so many minutes of screentime in Civil War but we already know he’s a good man and a BAMF)

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Clark Kent

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Bucky Barnes - was never a ‘bad boy’.  He’d been a good friend, a good soldier and a good man that HYDRA took and tried to break.  They never quite succeeded because they needed a goddamn Steve Rogers lookalike to tell him he was doing the “right” thing.

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James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy and Spock (ToS and the Kelvin Timelines)

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Hikaru Sulu

But basically.

If you tell me you can’t write a “good guy” because you think “good guys are boring” then you’re a fucking hack who can’t write for shit. 

President Porpoise is Missing! - final storyboard

written and storyboarded by Kent Osborne & Sam Alden

supervising director - Andres Salaff

storyboard supervisor - Erik Fountain

timing director - Don Judge

storyboard revisionists - Erik Fountain, Julia Srednicki, and Polly Guo

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Avengers Chatroom: Vibranium

Requested By Anon

Pairings: Steve x f!Reader

Scenario: Tony decides to play matchmaker.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Steve.

Steve: What is it, Tony?

Tony: No hello? I am shocked.

Steve: You’ve been bugging me the whole week.

Tony: And I will continue to do so until you tell Y/N how you feel about her.


Tony: I have to sit and watch you two have eye sex all the damn time.

Tony: You undress her. In front of everyone. With your eyes!

Tony: I fear for my innocence.

Tony: Who knows when you and her will pounce on each other?! In front of me!

Tony: I am living in fear.

Tony: I can’t take it anymore.

Tony: The team can’t take it anymore! No one can!

Tony: Nothing to say? Because I’m right? I’m always right.

Steve: I don’t have time for this.

Tony: Too busy daydreaming about Y/N?

Steve: I don’t like Y/N. Can you drop this?

Tony: What are you? 12? It’s so obvious. Just tell her already!

Tony: Or I will take matters into my own hands!

Steve: What are you going to do?!

Tony: Last chance! Tell her or else!

Steve: I doubt she even likes me!

Tony: You jump out of planes without a parachute. You’re scared of rejection?

Tony: You know what, enough talk. I warned you.

Tony has added Y/N.

Tony: Y/N I have something to tell you.

Steve: Don’t you dare!

Tony: Bucky likes you. So does Sam.

Steve: What?

Y/N: Eh? No they don’t.

Tony: Yes, they do. Oh and Steve? You missed out :) I did give you a chance.

Y/N: What did Steve miss out on?

Steve: Nothing.

Tony has added Bucky, Sam.

Bucky: Hey Doll.

Sam: Hey beautiful.

Y/N: Hey guys.

Sam: What are you doing tonight?

Bucky: We could go out.

Steve: Actually Y/N has to help me with some mission stuff.

Y/N: No I don’t?

Steve: Yes you do.

Y/N: Can it wait?

Steve: No.

Bucky: C’mon, Steve. Let Y/N go out with me.

Steve: Maybe another time.

Sam: Ditch the old guy. We’ll take you on the best date ever.

Y/N: Am I dreaming? A date? With the two of you?

Bucky: I must be dreaming because I’ve never seen someone so breathtaking before.

Steve: Don’t you have work to do, Buck?

Nat has joined the chat.

Nat: Why is Y/N blushing so much?

Nat: Ah, I see.

Steve: She’s blushing?

Y/N: No I’m not!

Sam: Cutie <3

Nat: She’s as red as my hair.

Bucky: Do we make you flustered, Doll?

Tony: If you want, you can borrow my private jet for your date.

Sam: That would be great.

Steve: She didn’t agree to go on a date with either of you!

Tony: Quiet.

Bucky: Did you receive my flowers, doll? They should have delivered by now.

Y/N: Yes, they’re beautiful! I don’t know where to put them. So many!

Steve: Trash them.

Y/N: No! Why would you say that?!

Steve: Well… You go on so many missions. Who will look after them?

Nat: I think if I roll my eyes any harder they’ll fall out.

Sam: Y/N, can I have directions?

Y/N: To where?

Sam: Your heart.

Y/N: That is so cheesy! But cute.

Steve: Okay you know what? I am banning you from flirting with her. Same for you Bucky!

Y/N: Are you my dad? You can’t do that.

Steve: I’m the captain. My orders. It’ll throw you off your game. You can’t be distracted on missions.

Tony: Honestly, what

Sam: Why should we listen to you?

Bucky: Yeah?

Steve: Because I like her!

Steve: I like you, Y/N. A lot. I should have told you sooner.

Y/N: I like you too, Steve!


Sam: Damn I thought he’d never confess.

Steve: Wait what?

Bucky: Tony made us flirt with Y/N so you’d finally tell her how you felt.

Tony: And my plan worked. I am a genius.

Clark has joined the chat.

Clark: Hello, I am Clark. A journalist for the Yearly Comet. Is it true that you are dating Captain America, Miss Y/L/N?

Y/N: … Tony you need to update the chatrooms. This can’t keep happening.

Nat: And your stalker is back. Let me assassinate him, Y/N.

Y/N: No!

Nat: I’m joking…

Bucky: We could make it look like an accident.

Clark: New headline: The Black Widow threatens innocent journalist. The Winter Soldier is back to murdering people.

Sam: Man shut the hell up.

Clark: What can you say about your latest debacle? Must be a shame. The Falcon, thwarted by a cat.

Clark: Mr. Rogers, what do you have to say? Are you in a relationship with Miss Y/L/N?

Nat: Don’t tell him anything.

Clark: Miss Y/L/N is quite the beauty. If you aren’t dating her then is it okay for someone else to snatch her up? Say, me?

Steve: You know I was trying my best to contain my temper.

Steve: But no more.

Steve: Y/N. You. Me. Tonight. Dinner. I’ll pick you up at 5.

Clark: I’ve been told I am quite strong, like steel. You don’t scare me.

Steve: You know what’s stronger than steel? Vibranium.

Steve has left the chat.

Nat: Where is he going?

Y/N: I have no idea.

Bucky: I know. I’m going to go help him.

Sam: Me too.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clark: Seems like he’s standing down. Mr. Stark, is it true that you stalk your ex, Pepper Potts, on social media at 3 in the morning while listening to ‘I Will Always Love You’?

Tony: Who told you that?!

Clark: I’ve been informed that you are friends with Loki. Were you his accomplice during the New York incident, Miss Y/L/N?

Clark has been disconnected.

Steve has joined the chat.

Steve: He won’t be bothering any of us anymore. I’ll see you tonight, Y/N.

Steve has left the chat.

Y/N: … What did he do to Clark?

Tony: Does it matter?

Y/N: No. I just don’t want my future husband to go to jail.

Nat: He would never ruin his chances.

Y/N: Well, I have to go get ready. Bye!

Nat: I’ll help.

Nat has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Tony has left the chat.

Clint has joined the chat.

Clint: Why is Steve’s shield in someone’s car? The car is ruined. And why is it in a river?! Am I the only one who watches the news here?!

Clint has left the chat.

Clark has joined the chat.


Clark: Oh they all left.

Clark has left the chat.

Marvel & DC:Hogwarts Houses
  • Marvel:
  • Tony Stark: Slytherin
  • Steve Rogers: Gryffindor
  • Bucky Barnes: Gryffindor
  • Thor Odinson: Gryffindor
  • Clint Barton: Hufflepuff
  • Sam Wilson: Gryffindor
  • Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin
  • Bruce Banner: Ravenclaw
  • Pietro Maximoff: Gryffindor
  • Wanda Maximoff: Ravenclaw
  • Vision: Hufflepuff
  • Scott Lang: Hufflepuff
  • Loki Laufeyson: Slytherin
  • Peter Parker: Gryffindor
  • ~
  • DC:
  • Bruce Wayne: Slytherin
  • Clark Kent: Gryffindor
  • Hal Jordan: Gryffindor
  • Barry Allen: Ravenclaw
  • Diana Prince: Gryffindor
  • Victor Stone: Gryffindor
  • Wally West: Hufflepuff
  • Shiera Hall: Slytherin
  • Karen Starr: Ravenclaw
  • Dick Grayson: Gryffindor
  • Barbra Gordon: Ravenclaw
Preference #5: The First Date

Included in this preference is: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Tony Stark (Iron Man), T’Challa (Black Panther), Sherlock Holmes, Barry Allen (The Flash), Clark Kent (Superman), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel.

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This whole family seems to have a big problem. I remember Jodi telling the farmer that she regretted to get married too early and she didn’t want to let the farmer make the same mistake. Also Sam mentions sometimes that he asked his mother if she’s really happy with her life but he also said that she hid away some kind of pain. And Kent? He’s been through some shit.

Considering that my life has been taken over by this stupid game, it was inevitable that I would draw something for it.

So, I married Sam in the game and there’s some dialogue that happens with his family, which would be normal if I wasn’t married to him, that just makes me either giggle or face-palm. This particular one just wouldn’t leave me alone until I drew it. There’s a couple more that I could do, but we’ll see if I get around to sketching them out or not. I also have another piece that I really need to finish….

Sorry the file is so small. I didn’t realize that it may be hard to read until I was basically finished….I’ll try to make the file bigger next time if I do something like this again.