sam is sweaty

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~Dirty Sammy Blurb Ahead~

That Damn Sweater

You knew what you were thinking was wrong. You shouldn’t be thinking about how hot and sweaty Sam’s abs were underneath all those layers. That damn Dad sweater on top of a button up. You just wanted to run your hands up under that sweater and shove it off of him, licking a long, wet line down the curves of his rippling muscles. 

You wanted to watch them twitch underneath your hands as you neared his cock as he watched you with his mouth slightly open, eyes lust blown, breathing heavy as you closed in on your target. 

You wanted to hear the groan punch out of him as you wrapped your small hand around his girth, your tongue sliding along the smooth member before swallowing him, letting his tip bump the back of your throat. 

“Y/N?” Sam asked, a smile spreading across his face. “Earth to Y/N!” he repeated, snapping his fingers in front of your face. 

“Shit,” you said, coming to and meeting Sam’s eyes, a blush rising on your cheeks. 

“You okay?” he asked, a knowing smile spreading across his face as he closed the space between you, his hand landing on your hip, his lips grazing your ear. 

“I’d be better if you weren’t wearing this fucking sweater, Winchester,” you growled, burying your face in his neck and inhaling deeply as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. 

His arms encircled your waist, lifting you easily off the ground, kissing your neck sweetly. 

“I’m pretty sure that can be arranged,” he whispered, setting you on the ground again and pulling away to look into your eyes. 

“Come on, Sam. I think Dean can wrap up the interview,” you said, biting your lip and dragging Sam to the Impala, the only thing on your mind was the dirty daydream and making sure every last bit of it came to fruition. 


Sun’s Out…

And The Burgess Buns Are Out!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Supernatural Imagine #9

You had been staring at him for a solid ten minutes. Eyes wide, cheeks flushed, and you were now holding the files in your hand tightly to your chest as you tried to work up the nerve to compose yourself. You had thought you were quiet, but then Sam let out a chuckle and dropped to the floor.
“See something you like?”
“I-I N-no! I just, I just…”
You’re words seemed to fade away at the sight of his muscles as he drew closer. Your cheeks went from pink to red as you looked up, only to see him smile. Busted.


Jared on the problems of ‘bad acting’ in The French Mistake (Nerd HQ 2011)

“I’m thankful here,” Dean mutters and touches his lips to Sam’s forehead.

Whiskey and pie make him comfortable. Sam is red and sweaty from too much attention and a few shots.

“Dean, enough for the night,” he smiles.

Not to mention he’s naked, at Dean’s request of course, and laid out in his brother’s bed.

“Shut up and let me be,” he slurs back.

Soft kisses to each of Sam’s fluttering eyelashes and his little brother sighs. More to his cheeks and then his chin.

“Always thankful here,” he murmurs.

Sam squirms at the tongue making its way along his neck, then the suckling kisses that’ll bruise him up. Dean pushes himself further down the bed, leaving more love bites as he goes. 

“So thankful for these,” he groans, dragging his tongue against perky nipples.

Sam shudders with an arch and hisses through his teeth. 

“Dean–Dean what about, Cas?” Sam worries, holds back from pushing Dean tight against his chest.

“He’s occupied with Netflix and leftovers,” Dean sucks his teeth.

Sam doesn’t answer and lets plump lips trail down to his navel while whispering praise. 

“Thankful for every inch of you,” Dean smirks as his ching bumps Sam’s dick.

He’s shamefully hard and can’t contain the choked off groan when wet lips place kisses down his hard length, aching for Dean. Sam is too shy to tell Dean he should be the one grateful for every inch when he catches a glimpse of the thick curve pushing against grey boxers.

“You don’t understand perfection,” Dean whispers into his right thigh. 

Sam cries out and grabs Dean’s hair, teeth sink into his inner thigh. Soothed with an apologetic kiss and Dean keeps going all the way up to Sam’s ankle, putting th leg over his shoulder.

“Look at me,” he commads in a deep voice.

Sam fights the urge to cover his hot face and looks up at Dean. Resting his right leg back on the bed, Dean lifts the left and starts in on that one too. Sam doesn’t shave his legs anymore. He can tell it’s bothering him at the moment, but Dean can’t care for that. 

A scar on the inside of Sam’s knee gets a longer press of lips, the softness of innner thighs gets bitten and marked. 

“Dean,” Sam swallows, reaching down for him. 

He takes both hands and kisses the fingertips, the large palm, the insides of wrists. Dean skips all the way up to Sam’s trembling mouth.

“Thankful and grateful for every part of you, Sammy.”

He presses his forehead to Sam’s and sucks two fingers into his mouth. 

“But I’m about to be real thankful for this spot,” Dean’s voice grates with a nasty look in his eyes, “right here.”

Sam almost swallows his tongue as spit-soaked fingers press into his hole. His body is just as grateful, pulling the fingers deeper into him.

“Want you so bad right now, baby,” Dean sighs into his neck.

He wraps his legs and arms around Dean tightly, he tries to convey how much he appreciates his brother too.

quick fic #19 [au]

“Dean, this is Cas.”  

The dimple dancing in Sam’s cheek should have alerted Dean to the situation, but Dean was way too distracted by the way Sam’s teammate looked in his navy blue kit.  He barely managed to swallow past the sudden knot in his throat and say, “Hey.”  How could a 30-something-year-old guy be so attractive in knee-high socks?

Cas lifted a hand in greeting and sent Dean a close-lipped smile.  He was remarkably unaffected by running around a field for 90 minutes.  Sam was flushed and sweaty after the two halves, but Cas looked as if he had barely broken a sweat.  The only indication that he had exerted himself was the way he guzzled water, his lips closing around the mouth of his bottle.

Dean licked his lips as he watched.

Sam, meanwhile, was smirking as he continued his introductions.  “Dean co-owns Winchester & Singer Auto a couple blocks away from here.  He’s also just started going back to school for his engineering degree.”

Dean flushed for a whole different reason.  “Sammy, the guy doesn’t need my life story.”

But Cas only looked down at his feet, then back up at Dean through his lashes.  There were two high spots of color on his cheeks.  When he spoke, he spoke tentatively.  “Especially not after he told me all of this two months ago.  …When he told me he wanted to set us up.”

Dean’s mouth dropped open in shock.  He turned to Sam, who was holding up his hands and suppressing laughter.  “I swear to God, Sam,” Dean said, embarrassment coloring his tone, “You’re so dead.”

“I agreed,” Cas interrupted quickly, placing a hand on Dean’s arm.  “If that makes a difference.”

Dean paused in his tirade.  He looked at Cas, at his startlingly blue eyes, sincere and apologetic, and then at his goddamn navy blue knee-high socks.  He felt his ears turn warm.  “The only difference it makes,” he said, with as much steadiness as he could muster, “is when I kill him.”  He took Cas’s hand and tugged him away from Sam, to his car.  “And I’ll kill him later, because right now you and I are going to dinner.”

Hot Cross Buns!

Gawd! I Love Rugby!

Sam Cross Gets More Than Dacked…

Woof, Baby!


Sam felt terrible. Sweaty and shaky and like his skin was just a tad too tight. He knew what this meant, especially when he discovered he had run out of suppressants. It just seemed to slap him in the face directly when he soon ended up in bed, clinging to a frozen water bottle to press against his face as slick started gushing out of him when his heat finally reached its swing.

Dean wasn’t going to be pleased when he found out the hunt might have to be on hold for the next few days…