sam is dean's fbi partner as well as his brother

Wrong Side of the Law

A Supernatural + Criminal Minds Crossover

What would happen if season five-ish Sam and Dean ran into the BAU?

Words: 3300

Rating: General (Just violence)

You don’t need to be super familiar with Criminal Minds to enjoy this, but it would help.


“Give me one good reason that I shouldn’t end you right here,” Derek Morgan menaced, lip curling in disgust. He kept his gun trained on the nut in front of him, keeping a close eye out for the perp’s partner- it was well-documented that this guy didn’t work alone.

“Only one?” Dean smirked up at the man currently playing big, bad FBI agent. “Well, I could start with the fact that I didn’t do it. Or I could remind you that you’re a government agent, which means you aren’t allowed to shoot people.” He paused. “Or I could point out that my brother is behind you and-”

There was a thwack as Sam slammed the butt of his pistol against the agent’s head.

Dean shucked off the handcuffs, having picked his way out of them at least two minutes ago.

“Nice one, Sammy. Man, you really got him.” Dean nudged the fallen cop with his boot.

“Do you think we should leave him here?”

“Yeah, he’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. Come on.”

Sam glanced back at the agent as he slid into the passenger seat of the big black car, which quickly rumbled away into the night.

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Sometimes I want a Miss Congeniality AU where Dean is an FBI Agent who goes undercover in a gay beauty pageant that’s been targeted with bomb threats. 

And Cas is his sweet, animal rights activist, baton twirling, nuclear physician roommate who Dean falls for and stays in the pageant to protect. 

Hush, it’s my favorite cheer-up film and Dean in silly costumes, stealing donuts and using beating people up as his talent would just make my day.