sam is allowed to be angry

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i dont want claire to die but i do want a story where cas for once gets to express his anger at dean. the narrrative always allows dean to be angry at cas ( like s6) to be point of ending their friendship even or even be pissed at cas when he knows cas is no at fault ( the naomi arc and being pissed in 8x22. the moc/demon was meant to be his dark arc just like cas had his but dean got nothing unwavering support from sam and cas.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I guess it’s harder to portray Dean as being in the wrong and other characters (especially outside of Sam) expressing justified anger at him, because he’s been the number one protagonist for so long, the viewer stand-in, our identification object. I think the show has tried to move away from that, but it seems hard, it’s like they’re scared to really go all the way with it. His (exhaustingly long) dark arc started with Gadreel, where he made a wrong choice which made Sam angry, and then a bad choice to take on the Mark of Cain which mainly just made Sam and Cas worried. But after that Dean’s mostly just been compelled. He was compelled by the MoC/First Blade, he was not himself as a demon and he’s being mind-controlled by Amara. So as dark arcs go, would you say they’re kind of half-assing it?

I was super angry with him on Cas’ behalf after the end of season 10, but Cas forgave him right away apparently. Cas doesn’t hold grudges, especially not against Dean. We may have to just accept that it’s not in Cas’ nature to express anger towards Dean. 

But if Claire died because of something Dean did? Hooboy. Then we might see some anger. 

Spoke too soon.

Okay, so maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe I overreacted. Okay, so I definitely did. I am invested into this show and I love those boys with all my heart. And yeah, I’m bitter because of the whole Amara thing. But…then again, what Sam said was also true. We can’t judge Dean because it just isn’t his fault. We can’t be upset or angry because he doesn’t want it anymore than we do. I realize that maybe I’m allowing my love and devotion to Destiel cloud my judgement on Dean and Amara and Cas.

This episode has redeemed itself in my eyes and made me realize that my bitterness and complete dismissal of Dean and Amara unfounded.

Admittedly, Amara, on her own and with creeper love interest for Dean aside, is kinda awesome. She’s a great villain and all she wants is to find her brother, also known as God, the guy we’ve all been wondering where he was. I like Amara and her character because she is a mystery and we don’t know where it’s going to end up.

So yeah, maybe we are all craving Destiel and dislike the whole Dean/Amara thing but we can’t let that fall onto the characters standing alone. I mean, come on, if you were Amara, wouldn’t you choose that sexy man, too?

Anyway, I did speak too soon and I’m grateful that the spn writes slipped that little bit with Sam in the end there. Kinda felt like a little nod to us, you know?

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❤ ☼ ✎ for nikolai and kaja

☼ - opinion of the Chantry

Nikolai- Believes that the Chantry went wrong when they allowed the Templars to oversee the mages, and is very (though quietly) angry about that fact. He hates the fact he lost 20 years of his life locked away in a magical prison.

Kaja- Believes that the Chantry is good for Thedas, especially when it comes to mages, who see believes are dangerous if unchecked.

✎ - literacy (can they read, write, what languages, etc.)

Nikolai- Can read and write common, and can read Orlesian.

Kaja- Can read and write common, Antivan, and Nevarran.

❤  - marital status (married, unmarried, estranged, widowed) 

Nikolai- Unmarried

Kaja- Unmarried