sam in a sweatervest i just

anonymous asked:

I was just wondering, what are your favorite Sam outfits (other than the rusty bacon shirt or the lovely blue/white/gold shirt in your background)?

Yo anon sorry for the SUPER late reply on this! I have been very busy…but thank you for the opportunity to answer this question! <3

1) So first and foremost amongst all Sam outfits really has to be the Purple Dog Shirt. I mean LOOOOOK it’s just SO CUTE and weird and did I mention CUTE and just looks oddly really good on him. (And in my headcanon it was 100% given to him by Jess because they are both dog loving dork faces):

2) The soft blue v-neck Sam wears in Free to Be You and Me. The OBSCENE way this shirt hangs loose over his stomach and hips because of how broad his shoulders are and how good his chest muscles and just GUHH! HOW IS ONE MAN ALLOWED TO LOOK THIS BEAUTIFUL???? Also bare feet and tracky bottoms….I’M SO…..NO.

Also I feel like this might be the same shirt and there is something about it being covered in hellhound blood that is……idk….but good….~~

3) Sam with his man bag! I’ll admit that a good proportion of this is just how Sam clutches it in this REALLY adorable shy little butterfly way but also that is a very nice tie!

4) ANY AND ALL HOT PROFESSOR SAM. But in particular this variety, I just really love that coat and the red sweatervest combo <3