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Team Free Will:  A Complete Beginner’s Guide, by Dean Winchester.

1.  This is Dean.  The star of the show. 

He specializes in being being heterosexual and kicking monster ass.

2.  There are three things Dean Winchester absolutely does not do:


Chick flick moments.

And dudes.

3.  He’s also always 100% honest with himself.

4.  This is Sam.  Also known as “the less handsome one.”

He specializes in having stupidly long, girly hair and being really tall.

5.  Dean absolutely does not project his personal issues onto Sam.

Like wearing women’s underwear.

Or being attracted to guys.

Or flirting with Cas.

6.  He’s a bit of a weirdo.

(But if you touch even one stupidly long hair on his head, I’ll skip rope with your entrails.)

7.  And this…is Castiel.

He specializes in being a weird, dorky little guy and having stupidly pretty, stupidly blue eyes with stupidly long lashes, that you just want to heterosexually drown in forever.   

Oh yeah, and then there’s the whole “angel” thing.

8.  Cas doesn’t really get sarcasm.  Or pop culture references (though he’s kinda gotten better at that last part.)

When he’s confused, he tilts his head to the side and scrunches up his eyebrows, and you kinda just want to heterosexually hold him forever and ever.

9.  And most importantly, Dean Winchester is NOT attracted to Castiel.

He doesn’t have wet dreams about the sound of his voice.

He doesn’t touch him just a little more than he needs to, and think about it for days on end.

He never thinks about what it would be like to cook for him, and cuddle up on the sofa, and watch chick flicks together.

I mean, yeah, he does occassionally fantasize about what it would be like to run his fingers through his hair, but don’t ALL straight guys do that with their platonic bro-pals?

And yeah, he has occasionally gotten a heterosexual boner while looking at him, but that’s only natural.  I mean, just look at the guy. 

So yeah, Dean Winchester is not attracted to Cas.  Because Dean Winchester is 100% straight.  

10.  So yeah , that’s Team Free Will:  one ex-bloody junky, a high school dropout and my boyf- my huggy bear- and CAS. 

And no, we’re not accepting any new admissions.

Imagine your Dad and Uncle Sam being worried when he found out you ran away from Cas with Charlie to decipher the Book of the Damned

“Call her again. NOW!” Dean shouted at Sam in anger, wondering how the hell his brother could allow you, his sixteen year old daughter, to get involved in this dangerous scheme to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm.

“She’s not answering.” Sam said quietly as he questioned the same thing.

“Then call Charlie!” Dean yelled.

Hitting buttons on his phone Sam called Charlie and held the phone to his ear.

“Sam, I swear to god, they better be okay. If anything happens to my daughter I will never forgive you.” Dean said in a dangerous tone.

Suddenly the sound of Dean’s phone ringing broke the silence in the bunker. Dean quickly grabbed his phone and as soon as he saw the picture of the selfie you “forced” him to take with you he hit the answer button.

“Y/N! Where the hell are you?” Dean asked in a concerned tone.

“Daddy.” Your scared voice came through the line.

“Y/N, baby what’s wrong? Where are you? What’s happening?” Dean questioned.

Dean could hear you trying to contain your sobs from the other end of the phone, “Dad we-we messed up.”

“Y/N what’s going on?” Dean pushed, he needed to know what was happening.

“They’re here Dad.” You told him before another sob broke lose, “They’re gonna kill us.”


The Team Night

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Pairing: The Avengers x Peter Parker x You

Request: I have another imagine idea! Maybe an imagine where Tony decides Peter is gonna meet the avengers (and like all the avengers, pretend that everything’s okay now? Lol) and he’s all excited to have a protege and then Natasha comes in with one (surprise) and tony and Nat start bickering but the reader and Peter only have eyes for each other? Thank you!!! (anonymous)

Word count: 945

A/N: I have gotten so slow with these requests and I’m so sorry about that! I just started watching Supernatural and I got instantly hooked… Oops. 

Anyway, I hope that this was what you were hoping for and that you’ll love it!

”So, Peter, are you nervous?” Tony asked while walking him to the compound. Tonight, the Avengers were having a team night and Tony thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce Peter to them. “A little bit” Peter confessed. “But I am very grateful for this opportunity Mr. Stark, to meet the Avengers. And not having to fight Captain America this time.” he continued with laughing nervously. “Don’t worry kid, you are going to be fine. The team is excited to meet you”. Tony assured him and the biggest smile spread to Peter’s face. “The Avengers? Were excited to meet me? This is the best day ever” Peter thought and tried to stop the ridiculously happy smile from growing to his face.

The elevator doors opened and the whole team was there waiting for him. Peter looked at all the superheroes in front of him and tried to fight the fanboy from coming out of him. He introduced himself to the whole team when he noticed that they were short one member. “Where is Natasha?” Tony asked before Peter could. “She is on her way. Should be here any minute.” Steve replied and turned his attention back to Peter “Oh by the way, good job at Berlin. You put up a good fight kid” He said with a proud look. Bucky and Sam gave each other unimpressed looks and gave a simultaneous eyeroll at Steve’s comment.

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The elevator doors opened again when Natasha finally arrived. Peter turned his gaze at her and the fanboy almost took over him but then he saw another person standing next to her. A beautiful girl who seemed to be his age. Peter couldn’t stop staring her. She was gorgeous. “Hey guys, this is Y/N my protege.” Natasha greeted everyone and introduced the girl. Y/N, wow that’s a pretty name, Peter thought. “What the hell Natasha?” Tony yelled at her. 

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Life isn’t easy, no matter where you are. You’ll make choices you think are right, and then suffer for them.” Sarah J Maas

◤sam’s looking at him like he’s damn near about to cry. his hazel eyes wide as he bites onto his bottom lip to keep from crying but dean can see the tears there building up, just waiting, threatening to fall.

and it’s really a bit ridiculous because sam doesn’t cry. alright, he doesn’t. dean honestly can’t remember the last time that he actually saw his brother cry. probably back when they were kids and dean told him that he couldn’t have the toy from the cereal box or some stupid shit like that but never because of this.

i can… i can go if you wa…want me to.” sam whispers, his voice wavering at the end and that hurts even more than seeing the tears.

it’s all because of him, really. because of dean. because he had to go off and freak when sam kissed him, fucking pushed him away like his brother was on fire or something and then, like the fucking jackass he was, proceeded to yell at sam about how… how wrong it was.

because they were brothers, man. brothers don’t do that kind of shit. they don’t kiss. they don’t cuddle. they don’t do… whatever happens after all that. they just don’t. they’re brothers.

and like the good little brother that sam was, he stayed as far away from dean as the room would allow, giving dean the distance to decide what he wanted to do with sam now that he knew the truth and he listened to dean yell at him without saying a word.

that was a little over four hours ago and neither brother moved until sam had to go off and say that shit.

like that was even a fucking option. for him to just leave. like dean wanted him to leave. because yeah, sam might have kissed him and dean might have freaked just a little bit (alright, a lot a bit) but that was only the natural reaction because how was dean supposed to react? i mean, really? how? never mind the fact that sam was giving him what he’s wanted in the dark for years.

but yeah, sam has to go off and say some shit like that and dean’s angry all over again for an entirely different reason.

sam’s already standing, hovering, just waiting for dean to kick him out. his hand is twitching like he’s prepared to grab his bag, save both himself and dean the humility of staying in the motel room for any longer than he has to.

except dean doesn’t say anything.

instead he stands from where he was sitting at the table, pinching the bridge of his nose, thinking about everything (because when sam winchester kisses you, you have to have some time to think because despite everything, it is life changing) and marches over to his brother.

before sam can say anything, before he can utter a word, dean fists his hands in the front of sam’s jacket and yanks sam down to his level and kisses him. yanks him down because dammit, there is no way that he is going to stand up on his tippy toes to kiss his brother. he’s the older one for christ sake.

you’re not going anywhere, sam.” dean growls against his brother’s lips, angry and possessive and sam happily bends down the rest of the way.◥


Androgyny was supposed to be about diverse-gender expressions and, consequently, diverse bodies. But instead it was a whitewashed, fat-erasing, curve-hating body ideal that almost no one could live up to. Women and men weren’t the only ones who needed body positivity; my community of genderqueer and androgynous folks needed a good helping of self-love too.

Sam Dylan Finch, My Trans Masculinity Has Curves, Fat, and Attitude, essay featured in “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls”

I’m so glad this essay was included in the book!

Discussion Question: How do you feel your experience with body acceptance and love is influenced by your gender and/or other people’s perceptions or expectations of your gender?

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The imagery on the covers of the Godflesh albums ‘Songs of Love and Hate’ and 'Love and Hate in Dub’ are taken from photographs by two different photographers, but both working for National Geographic: Sam Kittner (top image, November 1988) and Joel Satore (middle images, December 1989).

The images show the Holy Rosary Cemetery overlooking the Occidental Chemical and Union Carbide refinery in Taft, Louisiana - part of an area at the time dubbed the 'petrochemical corridor’ and 'Cancer Alley’.

In 1988, community activism led to the 'Great Louisiana Toxic March’, concerning principally the high incidence of miscarriages and cancer in the area, and the thousand or so tonnes of toxic waste being dumped into the waterways each and every day.

Today whilst the graveyard is still in operation, the 2000 census of the city recorded a population of zero. A recent shot from 2012 is shown in the bottom image.