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Umm can you maybe please please if you feel like it continue the dean truth spell ficlet thanks ily

(you caught me pre-coffee and super sappy, so I dictated this into my phone. it’s short but I hope that you like it!)

[Part One]

Dean and Sam arrive back at the bunker that afternoon. Dean is restless, cleans out Baby. Prepares too much food for him and Sam–it’s a feast. He can’t keep busy enough. Sam sits up with him until pretty late, but he finally turns in after he’s nodded off for the third time, and Dean channel surfs until four in the morning. When he goes to bed, he feels this nervous energy through every part of him, and he can’t sleep, even though he’s exhausted.

Cas arrives early afternoon. Dean feels his throat tighten, his stomach drop out, when they hear the knock on the door. He stops moving, like he’s rooted in place, like his legs have forgotten how to function. Sammy opens the door. “Hey, Cas,” echoes down the stairs, followed by a polite, “Hello, Sam.” And then two sets of footsteps coming toward him.

Sam gives them their space. Dean can’t look Cas in the eye, but he grumbles something about his room, so Cas follows him. Cas looks excited and a little apprehensive, but Dean is terrified, like a spooked horse. He keeps a hand on the doorknob.

Cas approaches him, takes the hand Dean has balled up at his side and gently uncurls his fingers. “You’ll hurt yourself,” he says quietly. Dean is shaking. There’s a hurricane in his gut. He can’t do this

But Cas kisses him. Once. Softly. It’s a question. It’s a promise. I won’t hurt you. I won’t leave you. Every part of Dean quakes, but Cas hovers at his mouth, waiting.

The world doesn’t end. No lightning comes down from up above. Cas is still Cas, and Dean is just Dean. He kisses back. Cas crowds him up against the door and holds him and whispers things no one has ever whispered to him before, and Dean realizes that he can have this. They can have this.

Imagine taking Sam and Dean to Paris

“We have to go to The Louvre,” Sam insisted, pulling his GPS up on his phone so you could make your way there, “We’ve got to see the Mona Lisa.”

Dean rolled his eyes, “You’ve seen pictures of it. It’s just that chick with the non-existent smile. You wanna see that, look at Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes back at him, “Thanks a lot, assface. We can go there if you want, Sammy.”

Dean tutted and folded his arms, “It’s just going to be full of people like you guys.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean,” Sam sighed, turning to face his brother.

“I mean,” Dean smirked, “It’s going to be full of nerds.”

“Well we can’t just stand here and check out pretty little french things,” you sighed, “I brought you all the way here so we could see things, Dean.”

“I know,” he nodded, “But I’d much rather be seeing them.”

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I know I’m late for a reaction post to the latest spn ep and…

and I know you are all probably like:


What are you a pimp?”:

 "When you betray us, I’ll be the one to carve out your heart.“

"Oh Cas, such a flirt.”:

Crowley calling out “Shotgun!” and then him and Castiel getting into the backseat:


 When the woman’s hands covered in blood picks up the dog’s bowl:

How fucking pretty Cecily was:




“Fine. While I’m gone, hands off the suit.”:


“I’m dead, yes I know. I love you too.”

“So WHAT?! I was willing to die.”

*Castiel concerning look*:

“Just go.”:

The impala parked next to Castiel’s car… I AM SHIPPING TWO CARS TOGETHER WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME:

Basically this ep left me like this:


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Forgotten Stars (Sam Wilkinson Fanfiction) Chapter 3

Previous chapters here Im so so sorry for the delay, I have tons of things to do for school so yeah basically. ily

Chapter 3

We decided to have dinner on the beach as a first time welcome or something. We stretched several beach towels on the sand and charged some flashlights just in case it was too dark outside. The guys went outside to get some hamburgers and Cass and I just set some dishes and glasses on the towels.

“I love this house” Cass said as we sat down.

“It’s pretty great”

“The place, really, I mean it gives me positive vibes”

“What are you now? A medium or something?” I laughed and she punched me.

The guys returned pretty fast, and when they were ready we all sat down. I gave a bite to my hamburger. The sky was so pretty over here, it was a deep blue, which almost got camouflaged with the ocean horizon. But the best thing, were the million of glistening stars. It was incredible how far away they were but how shine they could bright. It was really breathtaking.

“How are the scrapes?” Jack asked mockingly

“Fine thank you cheaters” I said. I was a bit exaggerated about my bruises and stuff, but literally my legs were scraped a bit and they burned like hell.

“I’m so sorry babe, it wont happen again, but now you have to do something for losing” Sam said raising his eyebrows. Johnson had lost against my brother, so summarizing everything, Samuel and Jack won.

“What?” Johnson stood up, “We never agreed that the losers had to do something”. I laughed; he was such a bad loser all the time. But he was right, ne never agreed to this and I definitely wasn’t going to do something to make Sam satisfied, no way.

“Those are the rules, they don’t need to be said actually” Cass exclaimed as she took a sip of her drink. I was a hundred percent sure she said that because she had a crush on my brother, and would of course be on his side instead than on her best friend side. I looked at her nastily and everyone laughed.

“But I don’t have nothing right now, do you Sam?” Jack asked.

Sam shook his head, “Nope, I guess we’ll have to save this for later” I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway, do you guys like the house?” Johnson asked

“Yes, it’s perfect” Cass replied clapping her hands.

“It’s really big” I exclaimed and Jack nodded,

“It is”

“Perfect for parties” Sam said happily

“You always have your mind on that, don’t you?” Cass giggled.

“Yes I do dear Cassie, and anyway, Gilinsky did you bring weed or we have to go buy it?”

“Did you really think I wouldn’t bring some douche?”


Let’s say they were like obsessed with getting high, they did it almost all the time and whatever, I really didn’t care. They were much more fun to be around when they were stoned. I looked at my right and got lost in the sea; it was so relaxing the sound of the waves crushing against the shore. I closed my eyes.

“What the hell are you doing?” My brother asked laughing

“Getting relaxed and enjoying the divine act of Mother Nature” I whispered and I could hear everyone laughing. “Let me be” I giggled and elbowed him.

We stayed there other couple of hours until 1.30 am, and decided it was time to go to sleep if we wanted to enjoy the beach day tomorrow. After Cass and I cleaned the dishes, the guys took the towels to the laundry.

“Hey tomorrow we have to go to the grocery and stuff, if we are going to survive in here, at least we’ll have to keep the fridge full” Cassie said.

I nodded, “I’ll go with you”


I tossed and turned repeatedly trying to find the better position to sleep. This was one of my problems, I always had difficulties to sleep in a bed that wasn’t mine, well at least until I was used to it. I stood up and decided to go downstairs to drink something. I put my fluffy slippers on and tiptoed my way down the stairs and tried to make the less sound as possible. I looked at my phone: 3.30 am. Great, tomorrow I would be dead literally.

“Oh Jesus Christ, holy shit” I exclaimed with a hand on my chest while I tried to recovered from my mini heart attack. Sam was sitting in the living room couch watching some sports on TV. “Of course you have to be here” I rolled my eyes. Everywhere I went he had to be there to annoy me, even if it was 3 am.

Sam laughed, “Nice pajamas though” I was wearing a surely not long short and a tight white t- shirt.

“Shut up asshole” he just shrugged and smirked while I went to fetch a glass. I had water because it was literally the only thing in the fridge apart from beer of course. I sighed as I sat down beside him, as it was the only thing I could do.

“Did you really hurt your legs? Or it was another of your lies to have everyone’s attention?” he asked almost teasingly after of some second of silence. I rolled my eyes as anger started to form inside me.

“It’s not a lie pretty boy and for your information it hurts like hell” I said putting my feet up the little table in front of the couch, showing the red scraps.

He put his hand on my tight and smirked, “Maybe I can heal it somehow” he whispered in my ear.

“You are disgusting.” I laughed taking his hand off my body. “Like for real”

“I’ll get you to admit you want me” he said giving a sip of his beer bottle, which was the only thing apart from water in the fridge.

“Oh, yeah, sure you don’t have an idea of how much I want you” I laughed.

“You are laughing now, but I’m telling you, you will eventually fall for this” he exclaimed pointing himself. 

I chuckled while I got up and headed to my room. He was definitely out of his mind. There was no way in hell I was going to have any affective interaction of any kind with Samuel Wilkinson.


Request- Could you do a Sam imagine where the reader is really shy and oblivious to Sam’s flirting. She’s so naive when it comes to the topic of romance and flirting, she doesn’t even had her first kiss. She is not a flirt and when she does flirts she isn’t even aware of it. And like she doesn’t wear dresses and doesn’t hunt but is a very common person among hunters who asks for help in cases :) could you make it like a long fic so i never have to go back to harsh reality :D thank you (ily btw)

A/N- Oh god! This one came out long without me trying. Holy crap this might never happen again! haha Okay so uh I don’t think there’s much flirting and stuff so I’m soo sorry about that. It is long though so I hope it came out alright. Let us ever return to reality! Also sorry it took long. I have a bruise on my knuckle and its feels very uncomfortable when I’m typing! Tell me what you think! x) Yay Sam x Reader!

Sam x Reader

Word Count- 3558 (Whoa! That’s a record!)

“Hey pretty little thing” you heard someone say. “Can I buy you a drink?”

You freeze, slowly turning towards the man who spoke and smiled nervously. “Um-” you mumble. You pick up your beer to show him you have one already have one, but it was empty. “Uh- sure” you answer smiling.

He smirks, sits next to you, and orders you both a drink. You both talk as you drink, well him more than you, but never in a million years would you have known his motives and it would take a million more for you to understand. Let’s just say you were one who wasn’t completely in tune with the part of your life. Things like love, flirting, and being interested in someone in general, you were never very aware of them. All that was in your mind were books, lore, and well more books. You were the researcher for all hunters.

“So since you’re in this bar, can I assume you’re a hunter.” he said, his eyes never leaving yours.

You had to look away though. Can’t help but feel embarrassed every time you tried to hold eye contact with someone. You take a swig of your beer and smile, “Nope. Not a hunter.” was all you could say without stuttering.

“Oh is that right?” he chuckled. “Then how is it that you’re in this bar?” he asked.

It was a fair question. He was new, it was his first time in this bar. Everyone knew it. Every hunter occasionally looked over to the pair of you and couldn’t help but laugh at the poor man. They knew how you were, a bit if not completely oblivious.

“I’m more of a researcher rather than a hunter.” you answer.

“Ah- I see” he smirked, “How about I give you something to research back in my motel room?” he asked placing a hand on your shoulder.

You look at him and smile. “You need help with a case?” you asked excitedly.

He frowned for a second but smiled again, “Uh- yeah a case…” he said.

You were about to stand but another hand found itself on your other shoulder, making you sit back down. You turn and find a familiar face.

“Hey Y/N! How are you?” he said.

“S-Sam!” you smile. “Hi, I’m great. How are you and Dean?” you asked.

“We’re good, well as good as it gets, you know.” he responded. You both turn your attention to the hunter you were talking to before since he cleared his throat. “Oh hi. I’m Sam and you are?” he asked, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. Purposely ignoring the fact that your body stiffened.

Which is explainable. He knew it wasn’t because you thought there was more meaning to the gesture. For all you know it was a sign of you two being friends. Which of course you are, but for him it meant something else. You though, you were thinking about how others would think weirdly. ‘Would they think that I’m too friendly to work with? I’m not fit to work with hunters? I can’t handle myself?’ these were your thoughts. You were shy but in this line of work you were too afraid to show it. You had to appear confident for hunters to trust you. You are trying to save lives after all.

“Bryan,” the man said, not before his eyes flicked to Sam’s arm around you. “I’ll be taking my leave then. It was nice meeting you Y/N.”

“Wait! Don’t you need help on a hunt?” you asked.

Sam sent him his famous bitch face, “N-No uh. I think I just uh- figured it out.” he said before walking away quickly.

You so badly wanted to stop him but second guessing a hunter? No, not exactly good for business. Most hunters don’t exactly like being corrected. You sighed in disappointment. Sam also let out a sigh, but his was out of relief.

Sam sat next to you, “So what new creature are you researching?” he asked, noticing the books in front of you.

Your eyes lit up like a kid given candy, “Empusa. She’s a demigoddess that lures young men by seducing them. Before she drinks their blood and eating their flesh.” you say, showing him the picture on the book.

He smiled. He just loved it when you went on about lore. Sam was quite the researcher himself but you always look so excited, so happy when you go on about what you recently learn. “And how do we kill an Emp-”

“Empusa” you finish for him. “I haven’t quite found that out yet.” you chuckle, “But I find it interesting how she only likes drinking blood of young handsome men. You’d be in trouble for sure.” you add, not really noticing what you said.

Sam’s eyes were wide in surprise. This was the first time he’s heard anything like that from you, but he saw you weren’t aware of it. He smiled, “I would only be in trouble if she was like you.” he said.

You laughed, “She’s way better than me, I’d bet. Plus-” you started going on and on about facts. Totally not catching on to what Sam meant.

From across the room Dean was watching his little brother in his endless and unfruitful pursuit. Although he loved teasing Sammy about his crush on you ever since they had met you, he so desperately wished you would take a hint. Or in this case the hints. The many many hints. The flirting. The looks. The slight touches. Every attempt Sam would make. Dean wants his brother to be happy. In this case his happiness is you.

In fact they came to ask you for a favor. That was mostly the reason behind this whole encounter. The demon they were after found himself quite the rich meat suit. He already spotted Dean but he doesn’t know about Sam. Dean didn’t want him going alone, there weren’t many hunters around that they know and trust enough to ask for help.

The pros to this would be that you know more about demons than anyone around, you aren’t a hunter therefore you don’t look like as suspicious as one, and more importantly Sam would have some more time with you.

Cons? Well there’s the fact that the perfect opportunity to kill this son of a bitch is at a gala it’s hosting. Now that may not sound like a con but… well you were against everything uncomfortable, and it being a gala requires you to wear a dress. Which for you is uncomfortable.

Sam was trying to find a way to ask you. Which wasn’t that easy. He loved your rambles. He really did. He couldn’t find the right moment.

“Well enough about that. You need help on a case?” you ask as you straighten out your notes and close your books.

His face scrunched in confusion, “How’d you know?” he asked.

“Well after years of helping out, you kinda pick up on the hints.” you answer.

Sam chuckled at that. How was it that you can pick up on that and not the constant flirting and obvious amorous looks. “Well we were hunting a demon.” he started. “He spotted Dean already so he won’t be able to go, we were wondering if you’re willing to go with me instead.”

“That’s slightly vague. Where exactly do you want me to accompany you? I mean you’re one of the best hunters I’ve had the pleasure of working with and a simple demon should be no problem for you Sam.” you say.

“The demon isn’t exactly a simple one. This one is possessing a very rich guy. His security guards are all demons too. They’ll be on the lookout for Dean. Uh- he’s having a gala tonight-” he trailed off.

“Oh. Okay no problem. Tonight right?” you ask to confirm.

He was confused but nodded all the same. “Uh- wait what? I thought you didn’t like wearing dresses!” he questioned.

“Oh no I won’t be wearing a dress.” you say only adding to his confusion. “I found a spell kind of thing that makes it so everyone sees you wearing whatever you want them to see you wear. I haven’t been able to try it out. It’s the perfect opportunity don’t you think? Where are you and Dean staying? I’ll get the stuff ready and meet you there.” You were so excited and didn’t even wait for an answer, only spit out more questions.

He answered everything. You gathered all your books and in your excitement you hugged Sam, to thank him for the opportunity. He was beyond shocked at your gesture but figured this might be his only chance so he hugged you back, with the widest smile he’s ever had. Earning cheers and whistles from the hunters in the bar. You of course paid no mind to the cheers or Sam’s slightly flushed face.
You arrived at their motel room and rushed inside.

“I have all the stuff.” you walk and place everything on one of the beds. I just need help on one thing.” you say taking out your phone.

“What is it?” Sam asked.

“Since I’m not big on dresses so I’m not sure which one to pick.” you say showing the boys the dresses you narrowed it down to on your phone.

Dean snatched your phone before you had any chance react. He scrolled down and stopped, “This one.” he said giving you back your phone.

“Okay, thanks.” you tell him before mixing up all the ingredients. You look at both of them and felt a bit weird so you used the bathroom to do the spell. Sam was a bit skeptical. What dress did Dean pick? You never bothered showing him. You place your phone on the sink so you would still be able to see the dress. You breathed in and out, closing your eyes before sprinkling the mixture over your head, picturing the dress.

You opened your eyes and look down at your clothes. Nothing had changed, but you looked up and you were wearing a dress in your reflection. It was black, the sleeves were laced, and from what you could see parts of the dress were adorned. It looked just like the picture. Even your hair was done. You screamed excitedly about this knew discovery.

Sam hearing your scream rushed to the door, “Y/N Are you okay?!” he shouted.

You opened the door, “I’m totally fine.” you answered, “I just can’t believe it worked.” you add smiling at them.

“You clean up nicely” Dean commented.

Sam just stared at you. He didn’t know what to say. Well he did but the words couldn’t find their way out. Not until Dean cleared his throat. “Uh- umm- you-you look beautiful.” he said finally. Although he did think you looked beautiful, what with the dress hugging you in all the right places. Dean picked just the right dress to favor you. Even though he thought that, he couldn’t help but feel like you weren’t suited for them. Not in the mean way but he just preferred you in how you normally dress, in your regular cloths, in the clothes you felt comfortable in.

Seeing as the men were still staring at you, you couldn’t help but feel weird. Your cheeks began to redden. You then remember something. “I wonder if this’ll work on demons though,” you whisper to yourself. “Cas,” you call. You had met Cas on a case a few years ago. Of course it was only because of the Winchesters.

The stoic angel appeared before you, he tilted his head a little, “Y/N… you look,” he paused to think of the right word, “nice.” he ended up saying.

“So you see the dress?” you question. You suddenly had a pen and a notebook in your hands.

Castiel nodded, “Yes. Is that not what you call what you are wearing?” he was confused.

“YES! Awesome!” you shouted and started jumping around, completely forgetting people were looking at you. “It worked! Sam look it worked!” for some reason you felt the need to tell him even though he already knew. He nodded and chuckled at your excitement.

“I do not understand. What worked?” Cas questioned.

“Ah right.” you straightened up. You spread out your arms, “I’m wearing regular cloths. I just made it so it looks like I’m wearing a dress. Since I don’t like them this’ll come in handy from time to time.” you started rambling about what you could use it for. At one point you remembered you were with the boys, “Ah! S-Sorry. Uh… Thanks Cas. Sorry to have bothered you. I needed to check if you could see through the spell. You being an angel and what not. Let’s just hope demons can’t see through it either.”

He nodded in understanding and left. It was now Sam’s turn to get ready. Since Dean wasn’t going, he didn’t have to suit up. Sam went into the bathroom, clothes in hand.

“So Y/N I was uh wondering, what do you think of Sam?” he tried asking as casually as he could.

“Sam? Mmm” you thought about it, “I like him.” you started and Dean smiled, “He’s a great hunter and I don’t feel shy around him. From what I know he’s really nice, but serious when he has to. He hot which is a bonus. I have lots in common with him. Which I like cause there’s not enough of people like that amongst hunters. Ah- well- I think you’re a great hunter too.” you added.

Dean’s smile faded, ‘Of course. What did I expect.’ he thought. “Is that all?” he was going to get through to you if it was the last thing he did. Which he hopes is not the way he goes down.

“I guess? Am I supposed to say something else?” you question.

Dean laughed at your naivety. The only way he can get through to you is probably being blunt, which he had yet to try. “I meant… in a…” he stopped himself. This was weird, like explaining it to a child except you were a fully grown adult. “Romantically?” he questioned whether that was the right word to use.

“R-R-Romantically? Wh-what? Well I-I never uh- thought about it… He’s never hinted he would like me in that way. I-I’m not sure.” you answered, heat slowly but surely rising in your cheeks.

“Never hinted huh?” he chuckled placing a hand over his face. “Well that’s a start…” Dean whispered to himself.

You both sat in a comfortable silence while you waited for Sam. When he finally came out he was fixing his tie. Forgetting all about the conversation you had with Dean, you stood up and walked over to him to help fix it.

“I’ve seen you in your FBI suit but this looks way better on you,” you mumble as you straighten his tie.

He couldn’t stop his mouth from forming a smile. “Thanks,” he said, letting you have your way with his tie. His eyes fixed on yours. Which you noticed once you were done with his tie and looked up.

For some reason you didn’t want to look away, but after the longest two minutes of your life, you looked away. Still not being able to hold eye contact with anyone for so long. “W-we should uh get going…” you manage to say.

Dean drove Sam and you there but stayed in the car in case you needed back up. Walking towards the entrance you remembered the very crucially important fact that you weren’t a hunter. Making you slow your pace until you were just standing there.

Sam noticing this stopped and turned around, “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Sam… I’m… I’m not a… I’m not like you… Will I be able to help you like this?” you respond, looking into his eyes with your sad ones.

“You’re helping just by being here.” he answered.

“Really? Are you sure? I mean won’t I just be in your way? I’m not tall, hot, and muscular like you.” you look down a defeated look on your face.

“You may not be as tall as me but you don’t need to be. Your brain is all the muscle you need. Hot? You so much more than just hot.” he told you. He showed you his arm and you took it, wrapping yours with his. How could you not feel confident after hearing that?

There were several people hanging around, talking to others, some were even dancing.

You felt eyes on you, making you keep your head down. Sam noticing this, “Shall we dance?” he asked half bowing to you.

You chuckle, and manage to curtsy, “We shall.” you answered.

He led you to the center of the dance floor, placing a hand around your waist. You placed your hand on his should and kept the other connected with his. Slowly moving to the rhythm of the music. From time to time he’d twirled you around and you would unsuccessfully do the same. It was fun.

Back to the task at hand, Sam would occasionally look around. Keeping an eye out for the demon you were all here for. “There he is.” he whispered.

You subtly look over and see a very well dressed man talking to a group of people. As you stared at him he looked up and caught your eye. In your panic you smile at him to avoid suspicion. Which you highly doubt worked. Not only because you were sure you smile was obviously nervous but also because he was walking towards you.

“S-Sam… He’s coming over here…” you whisper nervously.

“Don’t worry-” he started but you already had a plan coming in, you always did.

“Uh Sam. I need you to lure as many of them here, to the dance floor.” you tell him. He was going to question it but you looked so sure of yourself.

“May I cut in?” the demon had walked over to you.

Sam looked reluctant but agreed. You were now… dancing with the enemy.

“You know there are many beautiful ladies here tonight, but you were the only one to catch my eye,” he smirked.

“Oh? Is that so? What about me caught your eye?” you asked, for a second you forgot he was seeing you in a dress.

“I wonder that myself?’ he answered.

You continued your talk with him, occasionally looking to see if Sam had gathered the remaining demons. After a couple of minutes you spot him walking very fast towards you. Followed by several security guards, no doubt they were demons.

The one you were dancing with turned to see what the ruckus was about. Once they were all gathered around you, you took something out of your jacket pocket and threw it on the ground. It exploded taking the every demon around with it. The rest of the guest were frightened to say the least. Who could blame them though? You just vaporized their host and several others. You took out the powder from earlier and sprinkled it on you, picturing yourself in a magician’s outfit. After several seconds of debating whether it worked or not, you just went with it.

“T-tada!” you shouted. “Our dearest um… host decided to uh- retire to his room. But he wishes for all of you to continue in his place.” you bow.

One by one they started clapping, completely believing that it was all a magic trick.

Sam ran up to you. “What was that?” he questioned.

“Oh uh- I had Kevin show me how to do a demon bomb. I had the stuff for it so I thought it’d be easier to just blow em up.” you respond.

“You had that all this time? Why didn’t you do it earlier?” he asked.

“Cause I was dancing with you…” you mumbled.

That was it… Sam couldn’t hold it in any longer. He leaned in, placing his lips on yours. You of course were completely shocked. This was your first kiss after all. You suddenly remember the conversation you had with Dean. How do you feel about Sam? Maybe all this time you actually liked him.

Sam rested his forehead on yours, smiling. “I’ve been wanting to do that for so long” he whispered loud enough for you to hear.

Your cheeks were red and that little comment only sent them more ablaze. “Y-You have? What?”

Sam chuckled. ‘You would react like that’ he thought. He stood up straight again and grabbed your hand. “Come on let’s go for a celebratory drink.” Maybe all this time Sam had to be straight forward with you. No flirting. No subtle hints. Just his words and blunt actions.

You only nod and let him lead you back towards the impala.

Dean saw your hands entwined from his rear view mirror. He smiled, hoping that it meant what he thought it meant. When the both of you were inside the car he couldn’t help but ask, “You two together finally?”

You were shocked. If this continues your cheeks would be red permanently. “Uh…” you turn toward Sam, “Are we?” you asked not so sure yourself.

He looked back at you, then towards his brother, and finally faced forward. He nodded and smiled, “We are.”

Hope you like it! x)


This imagine is for Romy, romymaliksworld I hope you like it 💖 If you want an imagine I’m always taking requests and I promise I’ll have it out! Thanks for reading Ily 💖

You slowly opened your eyes as the bright sunlight shined through the room. You looked at the clock which said 9:44 a.m. Or the longest that you have slept in a while. You turned over to see your boyfriend Sammy still here, he was supposed to be at work almost four hours ago. “What are you still doing here?!” You asked. “I decided to call out, I wanted to spend my time with my Romy, is that too much to ask?” He said with a big cheesy grin. “No.” You said. “I’m was thinking cuddling, cuddling, and more cuddling.” He suggested. “Sounds good, but first I’m hungry.” You said getting out of bed followed by Sammy. Every time you tried to cook something it would always burn so Sam was in charge of the cooking. He put a few pieces of toast in the toaster while he made eggs. He came over to where you were sitting on the stool by the counter. He pushed a few strands out of your face behind your ear “God your so beautiful.” Even though you and Sammy had only been dating for a couple months, you really loved him. Neither of you had said it, but you both knew you felt the same. After breakfast Sam suggested going back to bed which you gladly accepted. He plugged his laptop into the tv and brought up Netflix letting you make the selection. He got back to bed pulling you to his chest. You were watching the show but then Sam started talking and you didn’t pay much attention to what was going on. He started telling you about the tours that he has been on and the many different crazy fan experiences that he’s had. They made you laugh harder than you have before. “Romy, I love spending time with you. And I hope you feel the same. But I just wanted to say I love you.” He said. “You what?” It was hard for you to hear, you always said it in your head but hearing it out loud made it so much more realistic. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too Sam.” He smiled giving you a kiss on the lips. “You do realize that today has been the most un productive day in history. We have done absolutely nothing.” You said joking. “Yeah but you got to cuddle with me all day so I mean that’s pretty productive.” The two of you skipped dinner and ended up just watching more Netflix not leaving the bed. You both slowly began dozing off when Sam said “Goodnight Romy, I love you.” Okay I hope you liked it. I don’t know how I feel about this one. But requests are always open. Thank you for reading Ily 💖

anonymous asked:

Hey, I read a fic ages ago where Dan and Phil go to dans family's for Dans birthday and Dan has an eating disorder (I've looked though the eating disorder tag and I can't find it) im pretty sure Dan self harmed as well and nobody knew I till Dan fainted in a cafe and had to go to hospital and then Phil lied to the hospital so Dan could go home and then Phil helps him through it. I know it's pretty vague but if you could try and find it is be rlly grateful and thanks for everything you do ily xxx

Anybody know this fic?

- Sam