sam i giffed isaac for you


Sam: We don’t want to hurt anyone.

Chis: Then leave.

Dean: Why? Tell me, because  I really want to understand. We are hunters, right? We watch that kids, we need to know that people are not in danger.

Sam: And even if Adam dates Y/N why does it bother you?

Chris: *remembers Lydia said something was coming and claimed that Adam and his brothers were the reaon of it* Just tell your boy to stay away from Y/N.


Isaac: Is everything really that bad?

Chis: I don’t know. I’ll stay in Beacon Hills for awhile. Besides, Y/N… We can’t ler her know about this.

Isaac: Who is Y/N and why does everyone care about her so much?

Chris: You won’t understand. You haven’t met her.

Isaac: Maybe I will.

Chris: Meaning?

Isaac: I’m coming home.

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